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In early March our staff began preparations for the ministries we would offer this fall. As we prayed and discerned what God was calling us to do, two items of note became apparent. First, this would be the first time that our entire campus was available for ministry use in three years, and second, this was the first time our ministries could resemble anything close to what they were pre-pandemic. Our staff dreamed and envisioned opportunities for the congregation members to grow in their relationship with God through study and practice of the Christian faith. We dreamed of ways we could use our facility, resources, staff, and most importantly the congregation to reach out to the community and invite people in to journey alongside us as we grow together in faith, community, and life. The end result is what you will discover in this magazine, on the website, in the weekly Happenings, through ministry area specific emails, and in the worship bulletins – Every Day for Everyone.

This theme speaks to what we believe God is calling us to do right here on 5th Street and your street – provide an opportunity to grow closer to God and practice one’s faith each day of the week for all of God’s children. The Church is partly its building and its organizational/ ministry structure, but more importantly it is the community of believers. This year we are especially intentional in the ways Centenary offers physical space for ministry to the community, in the program ministries which discover God’s love through classes and connection groups, and in the missional, hands-on ways to share the love of God with those who need it most. We are offering a ministry opportunity each day for each one of us. I am excited about what this will mean for our church and community as we know, grow, and go with active discipleship.

As for the everyone part… this includes all of us. Each of these ministry offerings are designed to engage our congregation from the youngest to the oldest. But these are not just for our members. This is for the whole community. We have something wonderful to offer the world. I encourage you to think about who you know would benefit from what we are offering. Think about who would make a great addition to our church family. Think about who would find joy, assurance, compassion, or care within our midst. Invite them to be a part of what is happening at Centenary. They are just who we are looking for because that is the kind of church we are – a Church for Everyone.

Every Day for Everyone – what a beautiful dream for a renovated church.