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By Tammy Pollock

“Accept my prayer as incense offered to you, and my upraised hands as an evening offering.” Psalm 141

On the afternoon of September 2, I found myself flat on the floor, weeping, praying, crying out to the Lord, in the middle of our beautiful Prayer Room on the 4th floor of our Central Building. The weight of what had happened less than 24 hours earlier at Mount Tabor High School was more than I could bear. Our precious babies were marked and changed that day, for the rest of their lives, amid violence, death, uncertainty, and disbelief. Our church was wide open for people to gather and pray in the Sanctuary or the Chapel, and yet, I found myself in the quiet little Youth Ministry prayer room. That is where we would find some of our youth and parents wandering in and out that day, but also, it is where I knew our church babies have prayed countless prayers, lit candles, made music, and sat at the foot of the cross. Even if they didn’t gather in person that day to pray, that is where they have left their fingerprints and hearts. Since that day in early September, I have found myself up in that prayer room many times. Our youth built a prayer wall one Sunday evening at Youth Group with the names of all our schools in our community. That is where my eyes wander to as I sit and pray quietly over each of them.

All of us have a sacred space to sit at the foot of the Holy. Quiet, undaunting, centering, peaceful. Whether it is a sanctuary or a chapel, the mountains, or the ocean, in your bed or out walking in the sunshine, we all have that place. A place that draws us to the heart of God. The beach is that place for me and so is this little prayer room on the 4th floor.

Prayer is one of seven tenants of our Youth Ministry at Centenary. Inviting our young people to watch closely to the rhythm of Jesus’ life and the way he prayed, who he prayed with, when he prayed. For Jesus, his desire was always to be at complete union with God. Prayer can be out loud, quiet, read, still, with words, music, art... you will find invitations prayer can be out loud, quiet, read, still, with words, music, art... for all prayer in this little prayer room. My prayer is that you will visit this holy space sometime. It’s not just for our youth (although they inspired it years ago) it’s for anyone who comes seeking time in prayer with our Jesus, our Lord, the Holy One. The One that knows all things, hears all things, knows all things, but wants us to tell Him anyway. 

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