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July/August 2014

Canuck Entertainment Sets SL on FIRE!

PARADISE LOST | MONTH OF GAMES : LYBRA, DEAD DOLLZ, E-CLIPSE | Rockers Night Club 1 Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Hair- UW.ST Sunglasses- Snow Bristol Necklace- Redgrave Trunks- Vero Modero

CTM Publisher’s Note: Let me start off with a quote that I follow as a mantra in my own Second Life®, as well as Real Life. “We all deserve a chance…” - Junior Seau That quote right there by Junior Seau simply puts it in how I try to run this magazine and make it work. We truly all deserve a chance, and in this vast virtual world, sometimes it can be hard to give someone that chance. We become influenced by our friends, family, and peers in who we are, or how we judge someone. As you read this issue, I want you to think about how you can give someone a chance at something that you may have not granted to someone else in your past. I bring this point up because if it were not for giving all of my staff at Cultured The Magazine the chance they deserve, we would not be here releasing issue three. Look through this issue and really look at the blood, sweat, and tears they poured into the articles and photography. They never cease to amaze me each issue with the hard work they put in. I gave them the chance to prove themselves and they continue to exceed my expectations every issue. So I challenge you take this time to think about giving someone a chance! You never know what could be the result from it.

Zephyr Windgate

(Zephyr0090 Resident) C.E.O & Publisher

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


Hair- Action Makeup- L’O Outfit- Overhigh NecklaceTres Blah 18 Cigarette- Yohar

CTM Editor’s Note: I always wanted to go to London, and I think I really will do it someday. Maybe seeing my avvy there will inspire me to make it happen. Who knows. I am at the point in my Slife, where it’s go big or go home. I’ve spent 4.5 amazing years wandering this vast virtual landscape, and I have finally found a place I can call home in Cultured The Magazine. My staff has been so exceptional and I am so so proud of them. I am confident about the amazing team of people that is Cultured, and feel like they really are like family, each with different talents that amaze me every single day. This is my life. This is my passion. We are Cultured The Magazine, and we all run off of passion, it’s not money, it’s not fame, it’s a passion and love for what we do. We all have a taste for culture and arts, and are able to put puzzle pieces together to create something we truly love. Someone once told me that she was not inspired by Cultured, I say to her now, WE are inspired because we truly love what we do every single day we log into Second Life and isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about? Rome was not built in a day, and I WILL build Rome if I have to haul each building block and piece it together myself, but I know that’s not the case. To the readers, the supporters, the friends, and family, thank you again for never stopping to believe in what we do. We have some amazing things in store, our new HQ, with our music venue we are having more fun events at, that everyone is always welcome to come hang out with us at, and a new website to visit This issue is our Rock N’ Roll issue! Canuck Entertainment graces the cover, with a special feature of Steven Jaimz! We cover Rockers Night Club, a very old club now back on the grid, Paradise Lost, a review on a Venice sim, as well as a review for weapons in SL plus so much more. This has been an amazing journey so far, to watch it grow from a idea and a handful of Lindens to something we truly love. Take this piece of advice to heart. Stop saying I can, and start saying I WILL! “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs


in s r Ka

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


Staff & Contributors Publishers Zephyr Windgate Cali Karsin Editor-in-Chief Cali Karsin Layout Director LovelyMiwako7399 Menna Cover Photo Polly Elan Photographers Achilles Jefferson Alon Alphaville Brie Helstein Cali Karsin Bear (Jackson Redstar) Writers Cali Karsin Jemma Bonne Pete Profaci (Peteinca Resident) Prisilla S. Avro Sarahelisebeth Brenham Models Cali Karsin Danity Mynx Flora Raven Ivyana Zong (ivyana.szondi) Kramer Snookums Prisilla S. Avro Widelmina Zeminoba


Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014






CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT Swept Away with Paradise Lost The Month of Games Designing with Double A Art of War: Weapons of Mass Destruction Romance in the Air with Venice at Prada

30 38 50 58 64

MUSIC COVER STORY: Canuck Entertainment Sets SL on FIRE! 70 Club Spotlight: Rockers Night Club 78 Into the Entertainer’s Mind with Nance Brody 82

ARTS Imagination is Real With Aakriti Arts 92 Stepping Stones of Maya and Sunny George 98


50 82


CONTENTS Letters to the Editor Got something to say? We would love to hear your feedback! Send in your letters to the editor by August 15th for your chance to voice your opinions in the Letters to the Editor page. Keep the word count up to 250 words, and email your letters to Keep in mind, although we are unaware how many submissions we may receive, it is not a guarantee we will be able to fit every letter in. However, if your letter is relevant to future issues, we will keep it on file for the future. Sincerely, Cultured The Magazine

Cultured The Magazine is owned and operated by Zephyr Media Productions. Online issues: culturedmagazine Website: Visit us inworld at secondlife/The%20Centurion/113/202/22 For all the latest updates, events, and promotions, join our inworld group at secondlife:///app/group/5f7661c4-42d2fd53-1591-6efecd67752f/about Ad Queries: culturedmagazine@ Advertising Requests: Cali Karsin or Zephyr Windgate (Zephyr0090 Resident) Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014




Swept away by

Paradise Lost Writer Cali Karsin Photos by Bear & Cali Karsin

Some of the things we love most about Second Life®, is how we really do have the capability now to be captivated and swept off our feet and brought into another world inside of a world when it comes to SL theater. There are so many diverse and uniquely wonderful shows taking over the grid from any genre you could possibly imagine. But what makes a show great? Is it the cast? The set? The costumes? The lighting? For us, innovation, and doing what has never been done before is what truly makes a show great, and that is why we are truly captivated by Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost is a fully immersive theatrical performance in SL taking over the grid ran by Harvey (Crabsticks) and Becky (Canary Beck). They own a theatrical performance company and sim named Basilique Club & Performing Arts Company, and run different shows each season like Romeo & Juliet, and this season, they have brought Paradise Lost to SL. Paradise Lost is based off of a poem by John Milton, where the main plot encircles biblical type stories with

a twist! Imagine all the classic biblical stories you have heard either growing up, or perhaps may have been educated on about Christian cultures, and imagine Satan a more important figure that carries the story. On the biblical stories found in Paradise Lost, Beck states, “They are presented in the poem as visions that Michael shares with Adam mainly to give him hope that his original sin will be one day redeemed.” Now that we have a basic idea of what the show is about, let’s discuss the actual experience of attending the show. Expect to see many detailed set designs, quick costume changes, moving and emotional music to sweep you away, and breathtaking dances performed by the actors to leave you on the edge of your seat. But wait...often there is no seats for the audience members during the show, because as the show goes on, the seats disappear and you as a viewer are brought physically into the show with a set of dances you perform with the other audience members, and the costume you are expected to wear to the show switches Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


colors between an angel and devil theme throughout the performance. This is what sets them apart from every single other theatrical show out there, that they can truly involve and immerse the viewers, and could be a contributing factor to why the show has become immensely popular. What is even better about Paradise Lost, is that they give 50% of all ticket sales, sponsorships, and tips to the World Wildlife Fund towards adopting a baby mountain gorilla named Ihoho. Ihoho lives in Gowanda, among only 700 left of the world’s population of this type of gorilla. The money also goes to pay for the rangers salaries. Beck informs, “In many ways we saw the plight of the gorillas as evocative of Paradise Lost. The gorillas are losing their paradise, right now the difference is, we can help them.” Crabsticks adds, “Their existence or extinction is totally in our hands, we just have to decide to do something about it.” What is even more unbelievable about them, is the fact that all of their shows in SL are sold out for Paradise Lost this season. But have no fear! You can begin planning to book your tickets for the newly renewed season of Paradise Lost starting all new in August! They are very proud of the response of the SL community, with over 75 reviews of feedback from audience members, as well as the 75 blog posts by generous bloggers, plus the many sponsors who help tremendously for Paradise Lost to happen. 32

When asked what their favorite scenes were in the show, Beck replies, “The scene at the end of Act 2 - Lacrimosa - in my mind, it is a turning point, the combination of the music, the lighting, the mood, the raw emotion in the scene with Adam and Eve so desperate, and the Son of God so angry, then becoming overcome by grief and regret, it moves me every time.” Crabsticks added, “The second half of Lux, Adam comes down from the mountain, having been shown the visions, and he dances with Eve as they walk off together into the future. It is optimistic, hopeful, and a beautiful way to end the story.” When asked to describe their show in three words, Beck says, “Love Conquers All,” while Crabsticks says, “Love Each Other.” If you are not convinced already, this is why you need to come see this show at least once in your Second Lives, “SL is not a spectator sport, if you want to dance like a devil, fly like an angel, weep like a human, while watching one of the most important stories we’ve ever come to know, then come and watch our show,” Beck finishes powerfully. Currently, The Basilique Theater is reviving their Romeo & Juliet show in their smaller theater this summer, with plans to bring Paradise Lost back for 12 more shows starting in August. Buy your tickets at the Box Office link below, and follow their blog to keep up with all the latest information from The Basilique Theater.

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Siren Productions:

Month of Games

Writer Cali Karsin Photographer Cali Karsin Models Cali Karsin, Danity Mynx, Flora Raven, Ivyana Zong (ivyana.szondi), Kramer Snookums, Prisilla S. Avro, Widelmina Zeminoba

Cali Karsin had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with four designers from The Month of Games, all new from Siren Productions, coming July 12th through the 31st. Let’s see what Lybra Rage and Natzuka Miliandrovic of Lybra, Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz, and Thetra Blackheart of E-Clipse Design have to say!


CK: What sets Lybra apart from the thousands of other stores out there, and why should we shop at your store? NM: What sets Lybra apart is the principle that generated the whole concept that lead us to open a store, both of us have a deep passion for hand painting and that’s how we first met and started to talk about design, we love to work with colors and ideas taking our inspirations from real life artists. Every piece you find in the store has its own story behind it, because we develop every idea together, every time you see a new release in-store, you can be sure that for that one 38

piece we spent hours discussing, testing and often arguing about it because the both of us want to deliver the best to our customers and make the money they spend on our products really worthy. I think that what makes us different is the passion that we put in every piece and that we have in working together, all our creations are the result of a work of love, for us as a couple and for our costumers and followers. CK: At one point in your careers at Lybra did you realize you ‘made it’ in the fashion design industry? Tell me your overall reaction. LR: Did we make it? Because if it is like that, you better tell Natzuka so she stops driving me around like a slave. Honestly, I don’t think that anyone really “makes it” in SL. Every day it has a new challenge and a new target, we are always working to refine our skills and try to stay updated with customer’s wishes. Online life and trends run fast and we need to follow just as fast, sometimes it happens that I can feel we made it for a day but then the next it is a whole new world and challenge. CK: What can we look forward to seeing at The Month of Games this year with Lybra, did you do anything new for these products?

A new style? Technique? Pattern? LR: For The Month of Games, we are preparing all brand new pieces, so yes everything you will find at the event is created exclusively to fulfill the theme we were given and to satisfy, and why not even surprise our followers. CK: Can you give me any clues for what Lybra has in store for fashion coming into the start of fall and winter? What can we be excited about to look forward to in the upcoming months? LR: The Fall collection is already in the making, but at this moment I cannot reveal any details. CK: Tell me about your lives outside of Lybra! Hobbies, interests, who is the real Lybra Rage and Natzuka Miliandrovic? What do you want the public to know about you and your brand? NM: I am not really good in talking about myself, but I can tell you who is the real Lybra Rage, he is a talented artist and a creative mind, he never stops to challenge himself with new things, new projects, the man you see in SL is just a little part of what he is in RL. I spend hours looking at him working on his projects and I often ask myself if something he cannot accomplish truly exists. LR: I will tell you about her, she is smart and clever for some aspects and for some others she is very naive, she has this idea that I fell in love with her cause she deceived me making me think she is smart when she is not.Truth is, that she cannot hide who she is when she is with me and I always knew her strengths and weaknesses.

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Flora Raven- Scarlet (left) Kramer Snookums- Professor Plum (Third from left) Widelmina ZeminobaMiss White (Second from left) Ivyana Zong (ivyana. szondi)-Miss Peacock (Fourth from left)

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


E-Clipse Design Cali Karsin- Black Bishop (Right) Danity Mynx- Candyland (Left)

CK: What in your own words was your vision for E-Clipse for The Month of Games this year? TB: First I must say that the theme has been instrumental in the choice to join this event. The idea of creating ​​ the costumes for games which we almost all played, the curiosity to see how I worked out, and watched with my own eyes; the characters intrigued me a lot. The vision that I wanted to take was to imagine myself as a player/character. How would I view myself immersed in the role? What emotions would play in the choice of that vision? How would I have drawn it? CK: What was your vision for E-Clipse in the beginning when you created your store, do you think it has worked out how you wanted? Did you move into a new direction from the beginning of your designing days? Tell me about your beginnings! TB: E-Clipse was created just for fun and to be honest, I have not given a precise direction, my 42intent was and is still experiencing, to

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



create what I feel at that precise express, without goals and clear boundaries. I let the wings take me where the wind blows. CK: What is your favorite hobby when not designing, and where do you pull most of your design inspiration from? TB: My main hobby is painting, oil paint on canvas and I prefer the figurative, I also love to read a lot but I think my inspiration is determined largely by the music I listen to, like when I paint, notes accompany me. CK: Tell us the secret to success, or some words to live by in order to reach the top! TB: I do not know the secret to success, the only thing I can say about it is that if you put passion and love into the things you do, people perceive it, we insert a good dose of humility and desire to evolve in knowledge and feeling. 5. Tell me about your most rewarding experience at E-Clipse Design, what did you have to do, and how did you do it in order to reach your goals and how was this different from previous experiences? I remember with great affection the experience of the claim the fame I had three years ago. It was the first major competition that I have participated in SL. I was challenged to create the theme of two complete outfits, man & woman, per week. This lasted two months. I think the competition put a strain on all of us participating and I gave way to understand my limitations and to overcome the anxiety of not being able to develop the theme, the stress of the time limitation and competition with fabulous opponents has made it really special. Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Dead Dollz CK: If you had to sum your store up in only for days. SL lesson learned, never try to have three words to be able to sell your products in honest conversations with dishonest people. The Month of Games, which three words would CK: Explain some more on your new products you choose? for The Month of Games, what sets you apart KO: I would only need two words, the same from the other vendors, although many are fabulous too, how do YOU stand above and ones that define Dead Dollz, Haute Couture. beyond? CK: Tell me about the most exciting moment in your career at Dead Dollz versus the most KO: There are so many designers out there that I deeply admire, who realize stunning horrific moment and explain what happened? creations that I would never dare to consider KO: Well I must say I have been extremely myself above and beyond any of them. But I lucky with Dead Dollz, as it is my pride and do contribute to making fashion in SL fabulous joy and allowed me to live so many special and so there is one thing I can assure to you and to happy moments, from being Miss Fashion Best all the ones who will visit the Month Of Games Designer in 2013, to being chosen as judge for event, high quality dresses and unique designs the incoming Miss Virtual World’s Live Castings. is what you can expect from Dead Dollz. I’m But the most exciting moments happen when I in the middle of an avant-garde/extravagant receive a note or an IM from people I have never phase, I’m experimenting with shapes and met who tell me how one of my dresses is special colors, so expect something unusual and out of to them or was part of THEIR exciting and happy the ordinary. moment, and that is the fuel that keeps me going. CK: Tell me a funny story that happened to On the other hand, being a fashion designer in you during your time at Dead Dollz that the SL exposes you to being victim of content thieves, readers would enjoy learning about you. it happened to me a few times and the first time absolutely was the most horrific moment of my KO: Funny things happen to me everyday, the SL career. Following my nature, as soon as I’ve funniest unfortunately involve naked people been informed about the theft I contacted the so can’t really be told here! But I could write copyright infringers and asked them to remove a book named “Customers from Outer Space” the stolen item from their stores. Not only did telling all the hilarious things that happened in they refuse to do so, but they started insulting my store. From the guy who grabbed the wrong me and harassing me via notecards and IM’s LM and was convinced he was in a brothel, Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


to the girl who kept gifting me money because the vendor in my store said “pay me” and she thought she had “me”. From the woman who asked to get a dress for free promising she would come back for more purchases to the guy who not only bought a dress, but got pics and blogged it on Flickr. This store attracts a large variety of characters and getting to know them is a true blessing! CK: When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer? How did this epiphany go? Tell us the story of your start/ beginning with Dead Dollz! KO: Oh well....I usually answer this question with a fascinating, “I started this career because I’m deeply in love with fashion and art and I wanted to try and bring in SL the feeling of slipping into a couture dress”... but I want to be honest with you so... I actually started this career because I did not want to spend money for clothes that I did not actually like... so I found this tutorial and created my first minidress... black, short, sexy, I was more urban/neko oriented back in the days, it was 2007, have mercy! I think I’ve grown up along with fashion in SL and I developed a different taste for clothing. I realized that I wanted to create things that were unique, detailed, something that could make a woman feel like she has no equals...and couture was the answer. 48

Prisilla S. Avro- The White Rook

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Aphrodite Summer Garden Chair Aphrodite Summer Red Flowers Potted Aphrodite Summer Joy Brunch Set Aphrodite Summer Yellow Flowers Potted Kuro Spring Shower Blue Studio Skye Ancient Olive Tree

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


[kusshon] Singapoure Pavilion With Candle Lamps StoraxTree Feline Treasures Naptime - Ginger Tabby [kusshon] Singapore Chair 1 [kusshon] Singapore Side Table [kusshon] Singapore Chair 2 [kusshon] Singapore Side Table Fruits54

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



PRIME Tub of Hibiscus PRIME Tub of Yellow Hibiscus PRIME April Candle lantern 1 PRIME April Cafe Table ISPACHI - Love to Decorate Group Gift (Burger Meal) PRIME Tub of Red Hibiscus Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Shutter Field Hidden Patio Fence and Steps Shutter Field Wooden Planter With Pansies - Blue & White Shutter Field SF Country Courtyard Chair - White Shutter Field SF Country Courtyard Table - Gingham Shutter Field SF Coffee Pot Roses Shutter Field SF Country Bucket of Flowers - White Shutter Field SF Wagon Wheel 59 Planter - White Carnations Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014




Weapons of Unrealistic Destruction Writer Pete Profaci Photographer Brie Helstein

I love SL Combat. I really do. So do not take the upcoming commentary as anything but constructive criticism of some of our Second Life® Military Community brothers and sisters as anything but that.

warfare be more realistic and therefore more fair? Another seasoned combat sim has a list of rules so long that you are bound to break one just by being there. Yet they have high speed robots running around shooting at you from every conceivable angle, from the ground and from the air. Yet, they do not allow simple World War Two type planes with guns and bombs. Does this sound logical?

When engaging in battle, I’ve always come from the school of thought that there should be some semblance of reality somewhere within the rules. Granted, Linden Labs does grant you an unlimited amount of lives when you are shot or blown up. Your avatar does not vanish, it On the flip side, there are some simply dies for a moment, then teleports magnificent scripters within the SL military back to your home, to fight some more. If community. Some of the weaponry at your disposal include replications of the only RL were as forgiving. world’s finest conventional weapons from But when it comes to the actual weapons, simple handguns and rifles to grenades or in my opinion, it’s better to lean towards even tanks and planes. reality, rather than scripting something so far off the charts that it leaves people The Tunguska Tank was a spec order by shaking their heads. Do we really need one of my former armies. It is not only to control lightening bolts and have them an armored vehicle with excellent vision electrocute people on various parts of the and reaction to commands, but has guided sim? How is there any kind of defense anti-aircraft missiles as well as an armor to such an attack? Wouldn’t traditional that is realistic in that if you hit it with Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


anti-armor shells, it will suffer damage. This is not to be confused with some of the tanks that are out there, in which it would take one all day long to destroy. This is very realistic and authentic looking as well. M41A rifles are available in many vendors throughout the grid, and most of them not only perform admirably in combat, but the look is authentic. They do not feature exploding bullets or any kind of ridiculousness. It is a great and realistic weapon that most armies can get their hands on. There are several versions of the Apache Attack Helicopter readily available. They’re excellent birds to attack tanks or ground troops but vulnerable to anti-aircraft or planes. Again, SL imitates RL in this instance. It’s refreshing to work with weapon systems that do not turn the user into a combat invincible person. For if we do not base our combat in reality, there is really no point to fighting if you cannot lose. You may as well go fishing with a shotgun. CSF-Apache-454C-Boxed/5911339 M41A-mesh-version/4132208


Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Romance in the air

Writer Cali Karsin Photographer Bear (Jackson Redstar)

It was a lively and beautiful afternoon. The weather was perfect temperature, and the soft breeze ruffled through my hair. I peered across the table to my date, and watched him smile warmly at me. My date is my partner in crime, and good friend. I reached for my steaming cappuccino, loaded with frothy whipped cream, and took a big gulp, as he laughed at something I said. He looked over at me with a smirk on his face, seeing the whipped cream that the cappuccino had left behind. As always, he had a funny comment about the goofy things I do before he reached over and wiped the whipped cream away with his thumb, not ashamed at all, as he placed the whipped cream that he got off of my face, into his mouth. We’ve not known each other for long, but we’ve gotten pretty close, so doing something like that doesn’t bother us one bit. I gave him a smile, and then began to turn my head, seeing the Grand Canal as though it was for the first time. Every time, I feel like a child at their favorite candy store. Watching as it flowed, I held my breath as I always did because of its beauty. I guess you could say it’s breathtaking. It is something that never gets old, but gets more and more amazing every time you see it. Reverting my eyes back to my date, I was just in time to see him take a drink of my cappuccino, while I sighed and acted as though I saw nothing. I began to laugh and berate, “You’re such a dork.” Giggling, I peered once more behind me to take in the grandiose Rialto Bridge...welcome to Venice @ Prada Sim! The location in Second Life® is a very amazing destination for many reasons, first being, there are so many fabulous 66

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



photography opportunities available to you here. Second, you get to check out many intriguing landmarks like the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, Campanile di San Marco, and Doge’s Palace, which are both educational and enlightening to you if you cannot go to Venice Italy yourself. With lots of areas to explore, romantic spots to discover, the sounds of the sea and city, and the smells of the water, every detail of the sim will all take you to an entirely different world. With loads of carefully crafted architectural structures, canals, tasteful bridges, and fun shops to give you that retail fix we all need from time to time, this is one place you truly don’t want to miss. It’s perfect for an outing with friends, family, loved ones, and anyone else you can imagine sharing a special night out. There is all sorts of romantic places to hide away with your date, take a gondola ride, sit by the water and eat pizza and cappuccinos, shop, photograph, and meet new friends; the possibilities never end at Venice @ Prada! See for yourself, and take that special someone with you to Venice Italy in SL, enjoy a romantic night out while exploring the grid, and have a blast! Stay tuned for our next issue’s Romance in the Air, as we roam romantic landmarks and destinations all inside SL! Prada/119/86/30

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Canuck Entertainment:

Sets SL on FIRE! Writer: Jemma Bonne Photographer: Bear

The Who band member Pete Townshend once said, "Music is important to people because it allows them to escape this crazy world. It allows them not to run away from the problems that are there, but to face up to them, but at the same time, sort of dance all over them." One person in Second Life速 who understands this is Canuck Jetcity of Canuck Entertainment. His group is responsible for presenting professional musical performances in SL for over four years. Band covers, tribute concerts, DJ services, and even a partnership with an RL musician named Steven Jaimz are among the types of entertainment they provide all over the grid. Canuck Jetcity started out in SL as a rock music DJ, spinning lively tunes and packing dance clubs. When reminiscing about his earliest days, he said, "I always have seen myself as an entertainer, not just a DJ." Therefore, he began thinking of innovative ways to involve the crowd by having his listeners participate in trivia competitions and stump the DJ games. While doing one of the DJ gigs, the club Canuck was working at put on a tribute show, and he was hooked! He got a job with that tribute company and worked for them for 11 months putting on Rush tribute shows. One day he said to himself, "If 72

they can do this, I can do this!" He left that company, and Canuck Entertainment was born. His love of music has led them to perform tributes of over 40 bands in SL including AC/DC, Journey, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, and Chicken Foot. If you ever hear about a CE Tribute show, you definitely don't want to miss it! They're known around the grid for the high quality nature of their tribute band performances. They strive to provide top notch costuming, original stage builds, lighting and pyrotechnics, and sound. The sound aspect is where Jetcity's RL experience really makes a difference. He started off as a bass technician for rock concerts and worked his way to being the head sound guy for many amazing bands. He utilizes this knowledge to search out the best live music recordings he can find and digitally remasters them to make them even better. One staff member is Joni Villota, CE's General Manager. Her job is to oversee the staff, interview and hire new members, and fill in at show performances if needed. About her job she says, "I enjoy working for CE because for one, they're one of the best tribute companies in SL. Also, I meet a lot of interesting people

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



along the way and the money's great. Honestly, I wouldn't trade the opportunity for working for CE since they're the best at what they do." One recent exciting addition to CE's entertainment services is their partnership with RL recording artist Steven Jaimz. He is a heavy metal musician who gained endorsement from the RL company BC Rich Guitars through the help of Ortho Vargas at OD Designs in SL. He has been writing, performing, and playing guitar for 26 years and plays various styles from acoustic ballads to thrash metal. SL performances appealed to Jaimz because he found he could play live for people around the world and do so from the comfort of his own home. Therefore, he formed his own band in SL called the Steven Jaimz Project (SJP). After seeing several of Canuck Jetcity's shows, Steven asked him if he wanted to team up to help with his SJP performances. About this partnership, Steven says, "It is very important and a blessing. It has allowed me to continue to produce quality big stage shows while performing live for people all over the grid." Canuck Entertainment has helped fulfill Steven's vision of creating his own stage show instead of playing on other people's stages. There is even a sci-fi show which involves band members dressed as cyborgs while they perform surrounded by an exciting light and pyrotechnics show. Jaimz says, "If you want to hear quality live metal and see an insane stage show... come see SJP...The fans are why we do what we do." So, how do you attend or book a CE show? First, you can join his group called, "Canuck Ent. Rawkerz" to keep up-to-date on the latest performances. Second, you can IM Daydream Savage (daydream.irelund), CE's marketing manager, for more information about bookings. They are booked every weekend now until July, so you can also use the search feature for events to locate an upcoming show. In addition, they have future plans to offer even more types of bands including country and pop. The next band coming out in a few weeks is The Runaways. All you music lovers should get out there and see a CE or SJP show! As Canuck Entreatment's motto says, they are "Setting SL on Fire... Flyin' High on CE-Force One for SL's Best Tribute Experience!"

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014




Club Spotlight:

Rockers Night Club Writer Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photos Cali Karsin

Many problems exist in society. While it would be too tedious and boring to talk about all of them, I would like to highlight one, and that is paranoia. Why am I mentioning this problem? I feel this a major issue for every facet of society. Places that provide psychological counseling should be the first location to visit for all problems that effect you emotionally and/or mentally. But I feel that there should be spaces that are safe for people to visit while they are either receiving treatment, just having a bad day, or simply just want to have a fun night. I do have one place in mind and the best part about it is that you can go there at any time of day. Intrigued? Read on. Rockers Night Club, originally owned by Riker Anabuki , debuted on March 9th, 2012. Anabuki and Cara49 Resident built Rockers Night Club in hopes of being THE place for people to come together to make friends and introduce them to the many flavors of rock music.

As soon as you step into this establishment, you immediately feel that you have found the hottest joint in Second Life®. With its black walls and floors with red accents, this establishment would be a cool place to bring your special someone to a fun and unique date. It’s no secret that chasing a dream takes a ton of work and dedication. For Anabuki, he decided that his energy would be better served in a different avenue, so the decision was made to close Rockers Night Club, after a few months of operation indefinitely. This is where the story takes a beautiful turn. You see, after Anabuki closed his establishment, he went to work for other clubs. During this time, he met his partner Cara49, who could see that he wasn’t happy with the businesses that he was employed at and encouraged him to reopen Rockers Night Club. Anabuki celebrated the grand reopening of Rockers Night Club on April 25th, 2014, with his partner and now business

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


partner, Ms. Resident. I admit that I can’t truly capture the beauty of this part of the tale, so I’d like to share this section of the story in his own words. “She was the one who encouraged me to re-open Rockers and I couldn’t run the place without her. She does a great deal of the work around here when I’m not online and she deserves a lot of credit for any success we will have,” he informs. So now that the club is back up and running, let’s now talk about the people that spin the melodies! You will find the likes of Heidi Volare, Portia Lytton, Naydee McGettigan and Jayson Yardley, playing tunes, currently Wednesdays through Sundays, with three events per scheduled day. The times for the occasions are: 4P.M. 6P.M. and 8P.M. SLT. Knowing that new elements had to be added to the club in order to make it popular again, Anabuki and Ms. Resident decided that they will introduce a concert every other weekend that will feature tribute bands, as well as a radio station. If all of those things weren’t enough to have a fabulous time at this wonderful establishment, there is more! When an event isn’t going on or the music is getting a little too loud, take a break and play a game of Greedy or Cards Against Humanity. I have to admit that this is my favorite part of the club. While I do enjoy to go dancing, I usually prefer to do an activity that engages my mind. Yes I am a nerd. So the next time you’re looking for a place that has friendly people, great music and fantastic games, give Rockers Night Club a try! I know you won’t be disappointed! Island/193/191/22 82

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



NancE Brody:

The Road Traveled

Writer Jemma Bonne Photographer Brie Helstein

Singer, musician, and songwriter Nance Brody's melodic journey began as a young child as she was born into a musical family surrounded by pianos, guitars, banjos, and mandolins. She refers to this journey as a well-traveled road that tells her own story, but one which she hopes others can identify with through being open and honest about who she is. Who is Nance Brody then? First, she's adamant about how Second Life速 is not a game to her. She IS the person behind the avatar and is a believer in treating other people in SL with respect just as she would for those in her real life. This philosophy also branches out to her listeners, fans, and friends alike in SL. She truly sees each and every person sitting behind the computer and is grateful for the time they give to come to her shows. Her fans and friends are important to Nance and as real to her as she is to herself. If you've ever been to one of her shows, you know these ideals really come through her music. The first leg of the road began very early on. Around the age of four, Nance often could be found using a little red broom as her first guitar while pretending to perform in front of a large crowd, thus further fueling her to save up for her first guitar. As time went on, the road turned, and Nance began performing covers for audiences until one day someone told her to just try writing her own songs. Although she wasn't sure songwriting was for her, she decided to give it a shot and found writing to be a pleasant 84

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


surprise. She says, "I learned by doing. Nothing is impossible when I just go ahead and try to do something, but to learn how to write songs by reading what others have done, well that wasn't going to happen. So I just sat down and started to write to see if it fit. I guess it did because I have not stopped writing songs since 1990." Thus began her journey of writing and performing her own original songs. Eventually, she began performing online through different voice chat programs and made her way into SL through friends of hers who encouraged her to perform there. Nance has genuinely loved doing shows in SL and describes it as the "perfect platform" for her because SL performances allow her to enjoy the two worlds most important to her... family and music. She also appreciates how she is able to reach a much wider audience and meet wonderful people from all over the world. Along the way, Nance was drawn to musicians like Cat Stevens, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Anne Murray, and Willie Nelson. The musician she most admires is Cat Stevens due to his voice, his message, his lyrics, and depth. He wrote about what was deep inside and this was very inspirational to her. She herself found lyrical inspiration through her own heartfelt experiences with people, events, obstacles, and heartaches along her path. Songwriting has become her method of emotional expression. Nance says, "Writing is the way I can say I love you, let that bubble out so others can hear how I feel about them. It's the way I can say I am sorry or tell someone that they have hurt me. It's my way of expressing. Writing motivates me, it helps me to move on sometimes, move past obstacles that might keep me stuck in an unhealthy pattern or it might motivate me to make changes that I might not have the courage to change." She says her writing has healed her in many ways, and for that she is very thankful. If you'd like to hear Nance's music, you can do so in several ways. First is her main website. She also has a soundclick site where you can purchase her music as well. Finally, she has several shows a week in-world and can often be found at her own venue called My Delight. 88

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


CTM: ARTS Imagination is Real With:

Aakriti Arts Writer Prisilla S. Avro Photography Achilles Jefferson

Imagination is certainly center stage at Aakriti Arts. Upon arrival, you are greeted with a sense of calm. The structures are widely spaced, and nothing about the sim crowds you. It is quite the nice retreat from the hustle and bustle many second lives can be. Sim owner and real life artist, Ranadeep, was inspired to create Aakriti in 2012 when he started working in fractals. He explains, “Fractal Art is a form of algorithmic art. It is created by calculating fractal objects and displaying the calculation results as still images or animations. It is a sub-set of digital arts, an artwork, created essentially with the help of digital technology, a Digital Art.” Ranadeep reflected on the creation of Aakriti Arts. “In 2012-2013, I decided to show my works in Second Life®. I planned on opening a gallery jointly with someone, and it was taking shape well. However, due to certain conflicts of personal interest, I had to discontinue there. In November 2013, when I started exhibiting my works in SL, I decided to start off Aakriti Arts as a place to hold my personal works, to be my personal gallery. However, one thing led to another, and from a small mainland parcel, Aakriti found its way to a bigger parcel in a homestead sim, Amadora, where it is now situated. In January 2014, I decided to open Aakriti Arts officially with two galleries displaying my 94

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



works. However, I felt the need to promote and motivate new artists in SL, and soon Aakriti Arts expanded to cover the full homestead, adding 4 spaces to host a group exhibition of guest artists and also a space for Quan Lavender’s gallery shop.” The word aakriti is a Hindi/Sanskirt word, meaning shapes, forms, and structures. Everything about the sim, from the build to the art and houses, truly captures the sentiment of the word aakriti. Gallery one houses a very large collection of Ranadeep’s personal real life artwork, all of which is for sale, should you wish to take some of this very unique digital art home with you. He comments, “Presently, it displays a wide range of my artworks created in different moods, with different methods portraying different styles. This gallery will be, over time, used to exhibit abstracts and fractals created by various artists’ as well as my own works.” Not too far from there is the Gallery Shop, curated by Quan Lavender. Here you will find an impressive collection of art for sale by various artists on the grid along with their bios…a very nice touch! Just outside of the Gallery Shop are four separate galleries hosting different SL artists. Presently, MayMay Matova, Polly Elan, Em Warden, and Noni Abeyante are displaying their original art there, all of which is available for purchase. There are also intimate sitting areas, a meditation space, and an area for dancing. Presently, events that take place in Aarkriti Arts are associated with openings of the group exhibitions, but Ranadeep plans on hosting regular music events like live musicians and DJ’s. The Aakriti Arts group can easily be joined upon landing on the sim, and in it you can stay updated on all the latest events and activities. The group not only promotes what is happening on Aakriti Arts, but also with other galleries and artists around the grid. Ranadeep welcomes all visitors to Aakriti Arts and is open to feedback on your experience there. He has big plans for the sim and wants to be sure to hear from visitors so he can plan with them in mind. “Feel free to indulge in arts, music and relaxation, you are always welcome at Aakriti!”

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



Stepping Stones

of Maya & Sunny George

Writer: Cali Karsin Photos: Courtesy of Maya George (foxx.pawpad) and Sunny George (sunnygeorge)

What do you get when you are able to combine your passions all into one? For Maya George (Foxx.pawpad) and Sunny George (sunnygeorge), it is possible for them to consider that to be Stepping Stones, a beautifully landscaped haven that can be considered to be both serene and peaceful and just perfect for those gorgeous nature shots. In my personal time there, I enjoyed a nice stroll around the sim, visiting the horse field, walking the curving mysterious paths through an overabundance of greenery, and stopping to read my book on the quiet dock overhanging the lake with a fabulous view of the spectacular mountains that lay before me. With the sun setting over the mountains, and the luminous sparkling lake water surrounding, it was a breathtaking moment in time. So what was Mr. & Mrs George’s intentions for visitors while wandering the vast landscape that is Stepping Stones? Mr. George says, “Different people have different perspectives; for some this will be a quiet tranquil place. For others, this will be a picture-taking place, for some this might be a romantic one. Bottom line, it should trigger a feeling in them. If it does, we think we succeeded in what we did.” Among their other projects, they do have an on-going landscaping business, Picturesque Landscaping, and are 100

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



happy to take on clients to challenge their abilities in creating a unique place in Second Life®. Mrs George goes on to explain more in-depth how she got into landscaping. “I had spent forever trying to learn how to do landscapes like the ones I’ve visited. But I could never get it, maybe I was trying too hard to create things when I first came to SL, so I gave up. Then I decided to let someone else do it, the price was so outrageous, but I paid it. So I started thinking to myself, why so much? I stopped being afraid of failing at doing it and eventually overtime it got easier,” she finishes confidently. One of the larger projects Maya and Sunny George partake in that can be recognized around the community, is their photography, Photologix Studio. Shortly after meeting one another, they were inspired to push each other to become better photographers. With Photologix being born only a year ago, they have achieved so much in such little time and have done thousands of client single photography pictures, photography for store vendors, and event photography for SL events. When asked what sets them apart from the thousands of other unique photographers out there on the grid, Mr. George said, “We take each shoot as priority and respect their time, we don’t make them wait for months. We have attained a certain amount of quality in our photography and even if we are extremely busy and do three shoots in a day, we can cover nine in three days. We respect individuals and don’t

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014


act as demi-gods because we can edit some pictures in Photoshop.” They grace us with some advice to future photographers, with Mrs George saying, “I will also say to anyone who wants to learn, check Youtube along with website searching, there is so many tutorials out there.” Mr George informs, “For new photographers, I only have one thing to say, make a benchmark and have an intent to learn it. Nothing in Photoshop is impossible. However, you need to be patient and keep trying.” Check out Stepping Stones, and pick up more information about their photo studio while you are there. Don’t forget your camera because you will feel your creativity come out as you explore the vast landscape, and if you’re lucky, you may even get greeted by Maya and Sunny George themselves who are often spotted roaming their sim, enjoying their work before them. Shores/146/35/109 104

Cultured The Magazine - Issue 3 - July/August 2014



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