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Dave brings to you 38 years of valuable experience in transportation, management, business and compliance. Dave has driven in every condition across North America and overseas as military, police, company driver to owner operator to now Publisher Editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine. Truck Shows, let the fun begin! One of the things I like best about spring and summer is the Truck Shows. If you are a new driver and have never been to one or a silverback that have not been out for a while. Here is fun for the entire family! Weather you are a trucker, a truck fan or in transportation or just love a good afternoon outing, truck shows are the way to go!

Stirling is the first stop in June for me on the fathers day week-end. Loads of fun for the family there with a lot to see. Last year a couple even were married at Stirling which really added a festive spirit to things. The Stirling and District Lions Club proudly put this event on each year so you know it is good family entertainment and trucks. As always I will be there, eating, taking in the events and looking forward to seeing you there.

This will be followed to Dryden Manitoba to the Dryden Show is being organized by the Chair of Entertainment/Ways And Means, of the Ladies Auxiliary, Legion Branch #63. This is close to my heart being a 29 year member of the Royal Canadian Legion and a proud Veteran. If you are going through Dryden June 24th, 25th and 26th or have that time to go to Dryden it will be great to see you there and have your support. In July is the Fergus Truck Show in of course Fergus On. More to talk about that one in my July edition. At all of these I will have the table set out with current copies of your favorite magazine and maybe some giveaways. I know at the Stirling Show I will again have a HERD Bar that is worth over $3,000 but worth more than that in prevention of damage, down time or worse!

This year in Stirling and Fergus my friends and favorite place to shop The Source has come up with some banner prizes! Prizes really do add what I think is a good thank-you for participating or just enjoying a great truck show. I am going to list a few here that you can pick up in person.

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I started commercial driving in 1973. Yep 1973 some 38 years ago I had to find addresses and make deliveries. I used a map,and learned quickly to spend the money on a good one and new one each year. After 38 years on the road, it is really hard for me not to know how to get to a drop anymore, at least to the city or town where the drop is. I would bet this is the same as you. When these GPS units first came out, I saw a lot of newbes with them stuck to thier dash and pealing trailer tops on bridges in Chicago or ending up in dead ends with no place to turn.My comment was get a map, make it a good one and learn how to read it. Driver if you are going to Chicago, get the low bridges map located at any truck stop around the windy city. But just last year even my eyes opened to GPS. Now the rest of this is going to sound like an info commercial. One that won’t put you in a lake or end up in a brick wall, The horror stories are out there my friend and are true. These units are not cheap, but that is because they work. You can buy a $80 unit, but don’t use it for trucking.

The GARMIN NUVI 465LMT Trucker GPS is one of the prizes you can pick up at Stirling and Fergus Truck Shows. More information and a special CTM discount price can be found on page 31 in this months Edition. Remember you must use the CTM special Promo Code when ordering this unit or my prefered GPS the DEZL 560 LMT Trucker GPS.

My next favorite prize will have to be the SIRIUS STARMATE 6 Satellite Radio with complete vehicle kit! SIRIUS has long been an advertiser of your favorite magazine and my fav to have in the truck and car. I like listening to what I want where ever I am, be it in the mountains or driving city to city without searching for stations. Siriusly Folks, try this unit from The Source, you don’t have to run around and find it, just fire up your lap top type in go to the tab GPS & TRAVEL down to TRUCKING and bingo, toys for the trucker. These are just a sample of the prizes you will find at my booths. CTM is never hard to find at these shows, as I always try to stand out for you. Just walk into the show, look for a booth right there with copies of CTM and you will see me!

How can you not love the Stirling Truck Show where even the slogan is “Where friends are made”. Watch for the July Edition where I will have pictures and reports from the Dryden and Stirling Truck Shows. Now I want to target Manitoba Truck Drivers or Drivers that might be in the Winnipeg area in September for the WORLD’S LARGEST TRUCK CONVOY FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS! If you have never been part of a Convoy of Trucks rolling around the perimeter highway of Winnipeg with full police escort, no stopping, air horns blasting and raising money for a great cause Manitoba Special Olympics. This September fill that bucket list, way sit at the truck stop or at home when you can be a part of something this big! If you are not an owner operator, I am sure asking your company to use the truck for such a cause won’t be an issue. Start now and you can get a pledge form and bring some much needed cash to the table as well.

Don’t forget to thank my advertisers here when you use thier products or inquire about employment by telling them you saw thier Ad in CTM. I have three stellar trucker companies supporting the magazine this month. CTM is not a job posting magazine so not any old company can advertise for divers here. If you see them in CTM they are worth checking out. So many drivers job to the first company that will hire them and end up in the same boat not happy, till you settle with a pay check and just putting up with it. Just putting in the time is not the way to enjoy your profession driver. Interview a company you want to be with. That’s what I said, the company has what they want and make sure to get a clear picture of that. What they want, where they go and what they expect of you. Then be straight forward and say what you are looking for and see if you have a match! That is how you find companies worth being with and proud to drive for and they are right here in CTM.

Happy Trails,,,,,,,Dave



15 See CTM on Face Book & become a Fan, Enjoy the Web Edition John Lyle ARMSTRONG 47 Years old at time of disappearance Height: 173 cm; 5’8” Weight: 73 kg; 161 lbs Hair Colour: Red-Grey Eye Colour: Green Date Last Seen: March 21, 2009 Place Last Seen: Calgary, Alberta File# 09098801 Calgary Police Service (403-266-1234) Information: ARMSTRONG left his home and said he was going for a long walk.

Rene Lynn GUNNING 19 Years old at time of disappearance Height: 157 cm; 5’2” Weight: 50 kg; 111 lbs Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Brown Date Last Seen: February 18, 2005 Place Last Seen: Edmonton, Alberta File# 2003-6950 RCMP Project KARE (1-877-412-5273) Information: GUNNING was last known to be leaving West Edmonton Mall in hope of hitchhiking back to British Columbia.

Kevin Glen PURDY 31 Years old at time of disappearance Height: 183 cm; 6’0” Weight: 75 kg; 166 lbs Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Brown Date Last Seen: August 22, 1999 Place Last Seen: Red Deer, Alberta File# 99-20693 RCMP Red Deer City Detachment (403-343-5575) Information: PURDY was last seen leaving his home in Red Deer. His vehicle was later located north of Red Deer.

Amber Alyssa TUCCARO 20 Years old at time of disappearance Height: 155 cm; 5’1” Weight: 65 kg; 143 lbs Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Brown Date Last Seen: August 18, 2010 Place Last Seen: Nisku, Alberta File#20101010799 RCMP Leduc Detachment (780-980-7200) Information: Amber TUCCARO was last seen at the Nisku Place Hotel. She has not been in contact with anyone since that date.

Any information in regards to any missing person you are asked to please call the investigating agency at the numbers provided or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


Sandy Long - Women in Trucking May of 2007 Ellen Voie founded the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) with a dream of making the industry better for women and all drivers. After four years, WIT and Ellen Voie have come a long way. With over 1600 members comprised of both drivers, carriers and others in the trucking industry, WIT has become a ‘go to’ association for people to contact for information about driver’s issues, obstacles facing women in the trucking industry and about the increasing role of women within trucking. Ms Voie has met with FMCSA’s Anne Ferro, DOT’s Ray LaHood and NTSB’s Debra Hersman among others in Washington D.C. and is working with the Department of Justice on getting a crisis line in place for drivers in trouble with trainers or who have other major issues. This year brought the second annual Salute to the Women Behind the Wheel event in Louisville KY at the Mid American Trucking Show. NTSB Chairperson Hersman was scheduled to speak at the event and Ms Voie was implemental in Ms Hersman making the journey to Louisville by truck, some driven by WIT members. During the event, WIT’s driver advisory committee, along with America’s Road Team met privately with Ms Hersman to talk about highway safety from the driver’s point of view.

WIT’s mission statement is “Women In Trucking was established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry”; Ms Voie is using the current interest in women’s issues to address issues faced by all drivers. After years of work and research, Ms Voie recently completed a white paper about training protocols for WIT’s corporate members concerning abuse by some trainers of their trainees of both genders. What is next for WIT in the future? Under Ms Voie’s capable leadership, the sky is the limit, but be assured that she will continue taking WIT forward to put faces to the women who work in the trucking industry and to assist in any way the association can to remove obstacles facing women who want to advance within trucking. Ya’ll be safe out there! Sandy Long is a long time truck driver who is also very active within the trucking industry. She was a long time writer for, is a life member of OOIDA, member of the WIT and owner of two websites: Trailer Truckin’ Tech, a yahoo group dedicated to the education of new and prospective truck drivers and for women truck drivers.





lic and spectators are invited to attend. Following the championship, a private awards banquet will round out the day. Last year, nearly 50 drivers in six classes competed in the championship. In addition to first, second and third place awards, the MTA also awarded trophies to the best first-time entrant, highest scoring team and the Grand Champion.

Planning for the 2011 Professional Truck Driving Championship is in full swing for the annual contest, held this year on June 25th at Peterbilt Manitoba. Each year, the best Professional Truck Drivers in the province register to match wits and skill at the daylong competition, which is comprised of written and pre-trip inspection tests, as well as an obstacle course. The winner in each class will represent Manitoba in the national competition, held this year in Calgary. “The Manitoba Truck Driving Championship is a great opportunity for our industry to celebrate the skills of these very talented drivers,” says Professional Truck Driving Championship committee chair Darcy Olson. “It’s a great event because of the competition between the drivers to see not only who is the best in Manitoba, but also the opportunity to go on and compete to be the best in Canada.” The road-test portion of the championship will take place at Peterbilt Manitoba, 1895 Brookside Blvd. The event is open to the pub-


2010 Manitoba Grand Champion Howard McAfee The Manitoba Trucking Association hosted the National Professional Truck Driving Championships last year, taking place at Canad Inns Stadium and Canad Inns Polo Park. The Manitoba Trucking Association exists to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for our industry members. For more information contact: Bob Dolyniuk Executive Director Phone: (204) 632-6600 E-mail


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Drivers not out of a sack for your 95 cent heart attack! So many good places and I will try to always steer you right. Pictured above is Glorias in Chillawack BC where Gloria will make sure you never leave hungry. Clearwater BC at Wells Gray Inn great food at a very good price and Angie said the best milkshakes in Canada. Legendz Diner 1405 N Trans-canada Hwy, Golden, BC a must stop! OUTPOST Grill in Winkler MB at the COOP, great food, clean showers and very Driver Friendly! The Cat dealer on route 90 & Inster in WPG MB 2nd Flr, breakfast under 6 bucks

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