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Thank-You Driver

Or why you can go out to the Canadian Tire Store and buy your kids something fun. Or The grocery stores to fill your homes with food. Fuel stations all over Canada and the US can sell you fuel for your


Here is a shout out to all the Canadian truckers running up and down the roads this December. Thank you for all the time you spend taking care of your Rigs, and the countless hours in the winter nights you spend getting them loaded and unloaded. Not to mention the hours on end you spend crisscrossing the country in Canada and the United States to delivery our goods. Thank you for being so professional each and everyday. Seeing to it that our country's can enjoy their holidays. Why do you think Tim Hortons can serve coffee and splendid donuts.

sleds and ATV's not mention your pickup and cars. So the awesome crops the farmers have raised can find their way around the world to feed us all. Yes I think you all should find a Trucker and thank them for what they do every day for you. They work hard, long and lonely hours. You depend on them each day and without them our system as we know it would completed shut down.

Pictures are courtesy of Ian Spanier


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