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Well the end of the year is almost here and the winter has come to the Edmonton area with a vengeance, the tow trucks have been busy, so busy that I barely have time to write anything down. Soon after a storm has passed and the sun comes out the temp. warms up a little we tend to get a little heaver with the foot but remember there is ice in the shadows like a evil creature ready to gobble you up , so don't let your guard down compliancy will kill.


Water will melt from overpasses and settle under them where there is usually no sun so watch for that. Also when your running the mountain rock faces and snow sheds that block the sun will result in icy patches so when you coming into that corner on that nice sunny day with the cruse on and radio blasting

it happens that sick silence and life goes into slow motion as you try to keep the truck and trailer pointing in the right direction. Sound familiar most of us have been there, the rest will be there soon . I guess any one that has been following my stories probably think by now i don't like cruise control. That is not the case at all, every thing has a place and time, you don't use tire chains on dry roads and you don't use cruise in slippery conditions . I love cruise control,I wish I had it back when we ran the winter roads in the NWT. We would spend up to 3.5 hrs crossing a lake at 35 kmh , and no, the lake ice was not slippery it was so cold it would be almost sticky. We would improvise back then and use out thermos bottle wedged on the throttle for cruise or the old style cable throttle . But all of those came with there own set of problems. There is no replacement for common sense but sense is not so common some times.All of the new technology is great but it was never intended to replace us from using our heads nothing is fool proof keep your head up and the rubber down.


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