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Jane Pauley

2010 Women’s Conference - 10.21.10

Fat Loss: Safely, Effectively and Permanently


National Domestic Violence Month

For the Faithful! National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Caring for an Aging Loved One


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Richard Law Firm Taking A Stand for What We Believe in AND Who We Believe In! This month, Richard Law Firm honors The Wise Generation. We will make sure that everything that you have worked hard for is protected!

Richard Law Firm recognizes

Domestic Violence Month.

Love Should Not Have To Hurt! We are here to help you and see to it that you are safe. Knowledge is power! We recognize and honor all survivors of Domestic Abuse.

Calcasieu Council on Aging Program Information I was recently asked to write an article on the services Calcasieu Area Agency on Aging/Council on Aging provides in Calcasieu Parish. In a nutshell, it’s all in my head, we provide the standard services such as home-delivered meals to the homebound elderly, information and assistance to those who are inquiring about services needed by their loved ones. Typically, no one knows about us until they need us… which is very normal in most circumstances. As I listened to this past Sunday’ s sermon so well articulated by our Deacon Bennett McNeal, his well written sermon definitely caught my attention. It was about Lazarus lying outside the rich man’s gate, being unnoticed or invisible, missing Lazarus’ begging, his sores, and his hunger. So many times we simply choose to ignore and not pay attention to those who are in need. The definition of elderly, according to “Your Dictionary” is “somewhat old, past middle age, approaching old age, quite old, aged, not current or outmoded”. The older population, persons 65 years or older, numbered 34.5 million in 1999, representing 12.7% of the United States population or about one in every eight Americans. By 2030, there will be about 70 million, more than twice their number in 1999. People 65+ will represent 13% of the population in the year 2000, and are expected to grow to 20% by 2030. In addition to these facts, keep in mind the older population itself is getting older, living longer lives. Having given all these facts, how does this affect me? Please allow me to elaborate a little. After 26 years working in the aging network, I have learned “a little compassion goes a long way.” We all can learn so much from the

experiences of others. Our aging population in Calcasieu Parish is a dignified, proud, and independent population. As stated before, “you only know us when you need us”, Calcasieu Council on Aging receives an average of 25 calls or more per day with someone needing assistance. Aging clients in Calcasieu Parish recognize Calcasieu Council on Aging as the focal point of aging services. It is the sole purpose of the Calcasieu Council on Aging to assist older adults in order to remain independent in their own homes. We provide services such as Home Delivered Meals, Homemaker Services, Information and Assistance, Legal Assistance, Medication Management, Utility Assistance, and Caregiver Services. We also have 11 Congregate Meal Sites throughout the parish, as well as 6 Senior Centers offering a variety of services such as Recreation, Wellness Activities, and Nutrition Education. We are also an Adult Disability Resource Center (ADRC) which serves those 21 years of age and older with assistance, whether it be speaking to a counselor about resources for seniors and adults with disabilities and caregivers, or finding the support you need to live independently at home, or finding affordable or free prescription medications, and receiving counseling regarding Medicare Part A,B,C, and D, and we are also a Medicaid Enrollment Center. Calcasieu Council on Aging is a one-stop shop for independent living. There are no simple answers to all your questions; however you can gain a clearer picture of your options. Calcasieu Council on Aging is funded through the Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs, United Way, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and also local funding. Southern Home Health recently sponsored a Senior Prom

for Calcasieu Council on Aging bringing awareness and additional funding towards our Home Delivered Meals Program. Waiting lists will always be there when the services being provided are so important. As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. Calcasieu Council on Aging staff members are well trained to be able to handle any given situations. They all maintain a generous heart, kind speech, and live a life of service and compassion to the elderly in Calcasieu Parish. Ghandi once said, “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Generosity and Giving is nothing new to Calcasieu Parish, as this parish is truly a Giving and Generous Parish to live in. We all know of someone who is elderly and is possible being ignored like Lazarus. Lets look around in the wonderful community we live in and you decide what action you will take to lessen the distance between you and someone you didn’t see before. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Norman Vincent Peale, “When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal powerreleasing factor!” For more information on Calcasieu Council on Aging, please call 474-2583, or 1-800-223-5872. Thank you, Debbie Duhon, Calcasieu Council on Aging, Program Manager

Compassionate Adult Day Services

Our services provide:

Our Team:

• Daily Health Services • Nutritional Counseling • Social Services • Activity Programs • Religious Services • Transportation Services • Monthly Birthday Parties • Senior Fitness (AFAA Qualified) • Educational Programs • Great Noon Meals with Snack Daily

Rn • LPN • LDN • MSW • Qualified Transportation Drivers • Certified Activity Director *All staff members are First Aid and CPR certified*

We believe that healing can be enhanced by caring professionals in a comfortable environment

“A Home Away from Home”

337-474-2878 ADHC • 337-474-0562 LT-PCS 2120 Oak Park Blvd. • Lake Charles, LA • 70601

Attention Wise Generation! Educate yourselves on all of the area community programs that are available for you!

Calcasieu Area Agency on Aging Calcasieu Parish Voluntary Council on the Aging, Inc.,

Programs: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Information and Referral Medicaid Enrollment Center Homemaker Congregate Meals Home Delivered Meals Nutrition Education Legal Assistance Medication Management Ombudsman Program Medical Alert/Emergency Response System Recreation Utility Assistance Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) Telephoning Wellness National Family Caregiver Support Program SenioRx/ADRC (Adult Disability Resource Center) Senior Housing

Information & Referral… Provides access to Calcasieu Council on Aging services and other services in Calcasieu Parish. Medicaid Enrollment Center… For 60+ who may be eligible for Medicaid services. Homemaker… Service is provided to high- risk clients who need assistance with daily cleaning. Congregate Meals… Provides nutritious noon meals, recreation, and socialization, Monday through Friday, at eleven (11) meal sites. Home Delivered Meals… Are delivered to homes of at-risk clients, Monday through Friday, throughout Calcasieu Parish. Nutrition Education… Promotes better health by providing accurate nutrition, physical fitness, and health information. Legal Assistance… Provides legal advice, counseling, and representation by Southwest Louisiana Legal Services. Medication Management…Screening and education to prevent incorrect medication and adverse drug reactions.

Ombudsman Program… Works to assure that residents receive the best care, are treated with respect and dignity, provides advocates and visitors for persons in long term care facilities. Investigates complaints, provides education in communication skills, forms new friendships, and helps make a difference. Medical Alert/Emergency Response System… Are provided to and installed for clients who request them for a fee. The client is responsible for the monthly fee paid to Acadian on Call. Recreation… Provides activities that promote social interaction and well being. Utility Assistance… Is a fuel fund provided through Entergy, CLECO and Centerpoint to help clients who are having a financial crisis with their utility bill. Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)… Provides information and counseling to anyone who needs assistance regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, Medigap Policies, and we also assist seniors with the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, as well as, the various Prescription Drug cards. Telephoning… The contacting of individuals by phone on a routine basis to determine physical status and to provide comfort and help. Wellness… Provides activities such as health screenings, exercise, etc., designed to support and improve the older person’s mental and physical well being. National Family Caregiver Support Program… Provides services to the Caregiver. Caregivers can now receive In-Home Respite, Personal Care, and Sitter Services for their loved ones. PDI of the South currently is the provider for these services. CCOA will continue to educate the public, provide I&A, Material Aid and Caregiver Support Groups. Senior Rx/ADRC (Adult Disability Resource Center) A one stop shop for Senior Citizens and Adults with physical disabilities who are 21 year of age and older to help find the information you need to improve your health, independence, and quality of life. Prescription drug assistance available all within a six parish area including Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis and Vernon. This program includes the MIPPA (Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act for assisting in the information and enrollment process for the LIS (Low Income Subsidy, MSP (Medicare Savings Plan and Medicare Part D. October • 2010 CSN


Scripture of the Month

October • 2010 • Issue 22 General Information:

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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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A “Word” from the Publisher Be A Lamp To Our Feet not only transformed her and saved her soul, her children’s life, and redirected their paths; but transformed the thinking of the whole Samaritan Village.

Don’t be timid about reaching out to someone that is not like you. Jesus, the Jew, He did – He sat at the well with a sinner, a woman, and a Samaritan. Jesus picked a person that was different from Him in every way possible. Jesus was not ashamed of His decision to reach out to this person and allow this woman to serve Him water from the well and He did it in the daylight. And look how this small effort of Jesus TRANSFORMED the woman’s whole village – She had a testimony that

Say this out loud with all of your heart --- I AM THE HANDS, FEET, LIGHT, and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ on Earth. The lost unsaved soul looks at my actions to understand what it is to be Christ-like. I choose to live in the Image of God. I am love > like the Great I AM. I extend forgiveness to everyone and everything that has caused any hurt or pain in my life. I am blessed to be a blessing to others. I refuse to gain the world and lose my soul. I am Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. Make a commitment today to reach out to someone that is very different from you for the sake of His Kingdom and His Righteousness.

Christian Star News

Unify... Reach... Gather... The vision of CSN is to UNIFY all believers through printed media. We provide a forum for the Body of Christ to REACH out to the Church, the community and the world. We accomplish this through GATHERING encouraging news and uplifting stories that strive to make a difference.

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God Sends the Rain

How many times do we try and change things in our own strength or fix things with our own resources before we turn to God in prayer?

Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Victims It’s amazing how domestic violence impacts the children that are witnesses to it. Everyday I am still uncovering and recognizing


Caring for an Aging Loved One


Education is the Key


Planning for your loved ones’ care before they become incapacitated is the key to caring.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In an effort to bring awareness to our community, in this article I will discuss

Youth in America


Defining Destiny


Obesity has struck American youth like a plague. The preservative and hormone loaded foods, along with sedentary lifestyles...

What is “God given destiny”? I quoted the Scripture Jeremiah 29:11 in my first article.



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Letter to the Editor: I am writing this letter to the Editor in reference to the article you have in CSN Magazine. I’m writing to tell you how my family feels about church here in Southwest Louisiana. I moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana 1-year ago from Florida due to severe devastation. My current husband is from Southwest Louisiana, so that’s why we ended up here. I want to start by saying I was never raised in church. When I became an adult, I was taught about the love of Jesus and He became my Lord and Savior. I’ll never forget that wonderful church I found or should I say that the Holy Spirit lead me to. The church’s name was the “Glory House” in Jacksonville, Florida with pastors Jeff and Candy Martin. They were inspiring to me and my family. They truly loved my family with the love of the Lord. I felt this was a place I was growing in the Word. I was getting blessed because Jesus knew my heart. I remember going to the alter and bowing down and the pastor saying the Lord will give you the desires of your heart as long as you are following the Lord. Well, I knew I was true in my heart and I asked God right then for a habitat home and a month later I was granted the home. Everything was going great until the day my pastor said he had been called to become a missionary. At that point, I didn’t know what to do. I started visiting different churches and just didn’t feel at home or spirit lead and at the time I was dealing with a violent ex-husband and I had 6 children. The police and social services were involved for the kids because of the abuse that I was getting. I sacrificed the one thing I truly was blessed with and that was my habitat home. A year later, I met my current husband and we had 2 more children. I have a total of 8 children. We now stay in Westlake, Louisiana. I want to say my family has never felt so segregated in all our life. We feel the tension in the church and outside church. When my husband and I first arrived here, I met a white lady with whom I made friendly conversation. I asked the lady if she went to church, she said yes and that it’s all white, but that there is a colored church down the road. Right at that moment, I knew I wasn’t at home; it hurt me very bad. Instead of inviting my family to her church, I was directed to an all black church. I’m not use to prejudice behavior. How did this lady think that I wanted an all black church? I want to be where the Lord Jesus Christ is. I visited 2 other churches in Lake Charles and both were 98% all black. Why is this? What is really in the hearts of these people? Is there an

excuse for this? Do you love Jesus? You say you love Jesus, but you have no love for people who look different from you. I wonder what Jesus would say if He saw what I saw? I’ve noticed even schools are somewhat segregated. My daughter was attending S.J. Welsh Middle School where black kids tell other black kids “don’t get into any problems with fellow white students, they will put you out.” My child was sent to jail for a fight in school in which she was “DEFENDING” herself; mind you my child has always been an Honor Roll student, which is most helpful in Florida. Things changed here after my daughter got out of jail, which is crazy. I was told about Molo Magnet and they said she would do great there, so we were excited only to go to the school and guess what, all black, not that it’s a problem, but why did they want here there? It’s just a shame to be so segregated in 2010. I then went to a church where the majority is white. The lady looked scared when we went in for information on the services. I pray God will send me to a “True House of Worship” where there are “True Worshippers”. I’m very sad here and I am thinking of moving my family back to Florida. Since I’ve been here, more than one person has said it’s all about who you know out here. I never really knew what they meant by this, but I see now. My husband has applied for more than 20 jobs and been denied every one of them. (My husband is black and I am Puerto Rican and all of our children are bi-racial.) We feel as though we are not welcome here. I always feel unwelcomed. If I could only find a church like the “Glory House”- full of love and teaching the gospel. I’m so desperate to grow in the things of the Lord because I want to know God. I feel like it was not by chance that I picked up this magazine up from Market Basket. After reading the article about “how do you feel about church,” I felt the need to write and express my concerns. My children are 1 to 13 years-old. My oldest child does not want to go to church here. She says, “They act fake mama.” It really hurts this child who loved going to church. My family feels as if we have been judged here and we feel as if there are many false teachers here that we have witnessed. I know God can move in any situation and I pray for Lake Charles, Louisiana that the hate leaves and the spirit of segregation be NO MORE, AMEN! Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. October • 2010 CSN


GOD Every morning I walk from a parking lot a half a block away from my work place. On the way I pass three large pots with flowers in them. As I passed them morning, lunch and early evening during this past week I noticed that the flowers were droopy. They were beautiful little flowers not quite able to lift their little faces to the sky; their leaves curled together and folded down due to the heat and lack of rain. I thought to myself “I wish I had some water to water those poor flowers.” Every single time I passed them I had this same thought but no water in tow. Finally, on the third morning it struck me that I was not going to remember water so I needed to pray. God could do what I could not remember to do. For the first time I prayed for those little flowers to receive rain. I prayed a simple little prayer “Lord, you can bring a shower for these poor little flowers. Please bring them refreshing. They need water.” That very afternoon showers came, bring-


Sends the Rain

ing life-giving water and refreshment to those little wilted flowers. The next morning when I passed the flowers were rejuvenated, their little glorious faces lifted high to the sky. Their little leaves were spread wide and uplifted as if in praise. Like Jesus said of the flowers in Matthew 6:29, “But I say to you, that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these.” To me, the rejuvenated flowers were a truly beautiful sight to behold. This brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes as I thought of the faithfulness of God and His willingness to answer my simple little prayer. Through this experience God has shown me some things that I need to share with you. First, how many times do we try and change things in our own strength or fix things with our own resources before we turn to God in prayer? How many times do we let prayer to God be our last resource to a situation? The Bible tells us in Phillip-

ians 4:6b “but in every thing, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God.” This led me to the following thoughts: God answers prayer. However, not always in quite the way we expect. God could have brought those little flowers’ plight to my mind before I walked past them and reminded me to bring water. But, He choose to wait for prayer so He could move strongly by bringing the rain in His perfect timing. This revealed His glory in the situation and I learned a lesson in the process. I probably couldn’t have brought enough water to satisfy those big pots anyway. His shower did far more than I ever could have with the little jugs I might have passed with each morning; this reminds me of Ephesians 3:20 which says, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

God Sends the Rain - continues He wants to show His glory. He wants to send His rain, His refreshing showers. These thoughts lead me to thoughts of us; you and me. Sometimes our lives are like those little flowers. We are in our own little “pot,” our own little situations and circumstances. Life is oftentimes difficult, hard, lifeless and dry. We feel as if no one cares and no one sees. We are all alone in our little “pot.” We think to ourselves “When will the rain come, when will the refreshing come?” Sometimes we despair. Inside we are wilting, our hands hang down; our praises have become weak. Our countenance begins to fall and we look down at our circumstances instead of up to God from “from whence my help shall come.” As I passed those little flowers each day I did notice them. I noticed their plight. I saw the flowers and I did care about them. I wanted to help the flowers but I failed to give them what they needed to survive; refreshing water. How much more does God see you? How much more does He care for you? How much more does He want to bring refreshing, hope and life to you? How much more does He want to help you? You are special, you are His and He loves you. The rain, those life-giving waters that brought refreshment to those flowers are a beautiful picture of what God’s spirit can do as He pours refreshment into a tired, hurting and wilted life. Just as those flowers were revived and they lifted their little faces and leaves once again to the sun, so we too can lift our faces, hearts and hands to The Son as He pours His life giving Spirit into our hearts and situations. He can turn any life around. He can turn any situation around. He can bring hope where there is no hope. He can turn mourning into joy. Jesus was sent to “comfort all that mourn; to give unto them a garland for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of Jehovah, that he may be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3 He sends the rain so that all of life can be refreshed. He sends the rain of His Spirit so that our lives can be refreshed;

so that we can bring joy to others, so that we can bring His comfort to others, so that we can be beautiful in His kingdom, so that we can be a testimony to His faithfulness and His grace in our lives and that He will be glorified. Like those flowers we need to lift our face to Him, we need to lift our hands in praise to Him and give our lives to Him. Even as those flowers were wilting, they were still bravely trying to hold their petals out toward the sun; their leaves had given up but their little petals were trying so hard not to curl and give up. That’s how we need to be, always looking to our God no matter what life tries to bring. Life brings us to difficult, hard and dry places. It brings us to those places so that we realize our desperate need for God and our desperate need for His life-giving Spirit in our lives. It is He alone that will bring hope, refreshing and restoration. It is in those places that we come to know Him, His grace and His hope in our lives. It is in those places that we learn and experience just how great His love is toward us. It is in those places that we learn to trust in Him. It is in those places that we learn to lean on Him. One final thought; remember that when you think that no one sees your troubles and cares, God sees and God cares. Just as He moved my heart to compassion toward those flowers, how much more does He put compassion in the hearts of His people toward you? He moved on my heart to pray for flowers, how much more does He move on a heart to pray for you? Yes, He loves all His creations and He takes care of them, but you are of far greater value to Him than all of his creation [Matt 6:25-33]. He hears our prayers and He answers our prayers. He sends His rain to refresh and restore. Look to Him… He is your hope… He loves you… Yes, you… You are special and he wants to “water your pot” and bring refreshing today… My prayer for you is for God to: “Bless you, and keep you: May God make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: May God lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-25 Copyright August 2006 Michele LeDoux Abshire October • 2010 CSN


Caring for an Aging Loved One Providing care for an aging loved one can be a daunting task, and for some caregivers it is a pleasure. You are probably asking yourself “how can caring for my aging parent be a pleasure when they are confused all the time, asking me the same question over and over again, and wandering around the house all hours of the night?” The answer is simple, P-LA-N-N-I-N-G. Planning for your loved ones’ care before they become incapacitated is the key to caring. Too often I see families scrambling when their loved one is being discharged from the hospital, and their condition warrants they have 24 hour supervision. This is not the time to try to figure out what to do, or where to go. Planning should begin when that loved one is able to make decisions regarding their own care. Ask them what they would like to do when they are no longer capable of providing care for themselves. Once you have discussed their choice, began your research for all of the services that are available to those who would like to grow old in the comfort of their own home. Services such as Home Health, and Personal Care Services, provide care in the comfort and convenience of your home. Hospice is another type of service provided in the home for those who are at the end of life or have a diagnosis in which their condition worsens with time. (i.e. Alzheimer’s) Once you have all the information at hand, begin planning their care. If there are siblings involved ask them what role they would like to take in providing care. Too often I have experienced families who have a large number of siblings where only one or two may be interested in providing care. If you retain anything from this article please remember this “EVERYONE IS NOT A CAREGIVER”. Some people become squeamish at the smell of an unfavorable body odor or faint at the sight of blood. So don’t get upset because a particular sibling “just can’t take care of mother”. Yes, they love mother, but they just can’t provide the care she requires. It takes a special person to be a Caregiver. In closing, caring for an aging loved one need not be disastrous or stressful. Don’t wait until the storm comes and try to build a boat in the midst of the storm. Build your boat early by educating yourself on what is available and involve the person requiring the care in the decision making process. This will make caring for an aging loved one pleasurable and rewarding. Julie Guidry, RN


Tending to Our Elderly We are living in a time of what has been called the Ababy boom generation@where our population is aging and there are a great many people getting gray. It also seems that we have a younger generation that has or shows little or no respect for this older Agraying@ generation. Yet, the Bible teaches very plainly that we are to have great respect for those who have been blessed to live many years. We must remember that, with living many years, one generally acquires great wisdom from the ups and downs of life. There is a sweet, elderly lady that I attend church with named Sister Doris, who I respect so much and look at as a grandmother figure. I often go visit her and will seek advice from her. Ms. Doris also knows that she can call me anytime she needs anything. I also call and talk to my mother and father several days per week to check on them and make sure everything is okay. The Bible unequivocally pronounces, ARise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am Lord.@ (Lev. 19:32). Even Solomon, David=s son and King of Israel, who God gave great wisdom, honored and showed respect for his aged mother. The Bible says, ABathsheba went to King Solomon to speak to him for Adonijah; the king stood up to meet her, bowed down to her and sat down on his throne. He had a throne brought for the king=s mother, and she sat down at his right hand.@ (1 Kings 2:19). Do we show this kind of respect to our parents and/or grandparents? We should!! The Apostle Paul understood the value of mothers and grandmothers, when he discussed how Timothy was taught proper instructions by Eunice and Lois, who advised him of the Holy Scriptures from Timothy=s youth (2 Tim. 1:5; 3:15). We must always honor our elders, whether they be your relatives or not, because the Amultitude of years should teach wisdom@ (Job. 32:7). Similarly, King Solomon, who has been given credit for writing some of Proverbs, said, AListen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.@ (Pro. 23:22). Do we listen to their wisdom? The elderly deserve to be given a place of honor and respect in our lives. Our culture tends to worship and give honor to the wrong people and for the wrong things: youth, size, beauty, vitality, and vigor. All these things may be desirable, but the Bible reminds us that none of them will last and that we are to respect our elders. Age brings wisdom and people who have gone through many years of life experiences, including the Great Depression, deserve respect from those of us who haven=t been through all of these life experiences yet. Now, before you think that I=m just writing what some older individuals want to hear, let me also tell you this: while younger people are supposed to respect their elders, you who are older also have some responsibilities, too. Ecclesiastes 11:8 says, “However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all. But let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many.” I think that Scripture captures the dilemma that exists, for those of you who are aging begin to experience chronic, serious health problems, or experience pain or sickness much of the time. These unfortunate things are inevitableBdeterioration is part of the human aging processBhowever, you must be able to enjoy the life that you have now and not let the “days of darkness” (your troubles or problems, etc.) overwhelm you. Those of you who are older need to try hard to enjoy the later phases of your life as much as you can. But, more importantly, share your vast knowledge and wisdom with the youth and younger generation that surround you. (1 Kings 12:6

12). The Elderly have a very important part to play in our society. The aged can be positive role models for and teach their children and grandchildren (Tit. 2:2 8) how to take time for others, how to be generous givers, how to be good spouses and how to help others win in life. They can show us how important it is to love people as they areBnot as they would like them to beBand to enjoy the life we have and, most assuredly, trust in our gracious and powerful God. We must all have the right attitude. No matter what your age, we must remember that there is no retiring from the work of the Lord. We must always be looking for an opportunity to share God with others and to serve others. Let me put this very clear and, some may say, harshly: it would be a great help if those of you who are aged would live in such a way that it would be easy for us to show you honor and respect. Sometimes you make it more difficult than it should be by the behavior and attitude you display. In addition to showing proper respect and honor, we must take care of and look after our aging parents, grandparents and other elderly individuals. We are instructed, AIf anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he had denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.@ (1 Tim. 5:8). This instruction applies to our church family as well. In Psalms 71:9, we are told ADo not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.@ We are also told, AReligion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.@ (James 1:27) Too many children have forsaken their parents/grandparents when they have gotten old, sick or in poor health. In our churches, we have also too often ignored our elderly brothers and sisters. This behavior is in defiance of the commands of God. We must make sure the elderly have food to eat, clothes to wear, and shelter over their heads, as well as visiting them and encouraging them to share their wisdom. If you are a member of the aged group we call the”Baby Boom Generation” or older, please realize that most of us younger people really do want to show respect and honor to you. Let us do that; help us do that. Also, let us look to you for advice; but you be willing to share your knowledge and wisdom to the youth. And if you believe that at some point we are not showing you the proper respect, please do not hesitate to simply say, “When you speak to me like that, you hurt my feelings; please show me the respect I deserve.@ Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned person can be a bit insensitive. Proverbs 16:31 says, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” Those people who don=t have gray hair yet need to treat those who do with the proper respect, honor, and authority. But those who wear a crown of gray need to remember that they are still supposed to be good examples for others to follow. We look to you as role models, mentors, and friends. Lead by example. Help us to honor you by living godly lives. The elderly can look to the Bible for examples of how to live out their final years. Close to the end of his earthly life, the Apostle Paul said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day C and not only to me,

but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” (2 Timothy 4:7-8). Getting old is not something that many people generally look forward to. However, unless the good Lord comes and takes us away while we are alive, death and taxes are inevitable, as they say. We have no say or choice in the matter; however, we do have a choice in how we face it and in what happens to us after we die. How we finish this race we call “life” is much more important than how we began it. My parents are aged 69 and 74, respectively. They are very active doing things together and with their friends. I do hope and pray that when I approach their age, I=ll have their energy and vigor. But whether I live to see 90 or die before my 60th birthday, I want to be able to echo Paul=s words, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.@ Moreover, I want to be known for the people lives that I=ve touched and not for the items I possess. I will never forget what a friend of mine told me once: AKnowledge is learning from your own mistakes; wisdom is learning from someone else=s mistakes.@ Also, we need to remember that, when compared to eternity, our time here on this Earth is but a small fraction of our life; so it=s silly and unproductive for us to fight, argue and not get along over trivial matters. It is also ridiculous for us to be too busy to help others.

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Education is the Key October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In an effort to bring awareness to our community, in this article I will discuss the definition of domestic violence, facts about domestic violence, signs of an abuser, and what you can do to help put an end to this deadly crime. Domestic or intimate partner violence is a pattern of cohersive and manipulative behavior in which one person takes power and control of another person. Abuse can be psychological, emotional, financial, sexual, verbal, and physical. It is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States. Every 9 seconds a woman is being beaten in the U.S. If that isn’t alarming enough, note that the State of Louisiana ranks # 1 in the nation for women abused by their partners or spouses. One of the facts I want to bring out about domestic violence is that it is not confined to any one socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, racial, or age group and knows no geographic or educational boundaries. It also occurs within teenage relationships and among same sex partnerships. Domestic violence is a topic most people will shy away from due to embarrassment, religious or cultural beliefs, and fear. The fact is that once a woman decides or attempts to leave her abusive partner, it is the most dangerous time for her. More women are murdered after they have left their abusive partner. However, we still believe that a woman can escape to safety, but she needs to know of resources such as the Calcasieu Women's Shelter and other battered and abused women shelters. What are the signs of domestic violence? If you believe you or someone you know may be in an abusive relationship, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Have you ever been physically hurt, such as being kicked, pushed, choked or punched by your partner or ex-partner? 2. Has your partner ever used the threat of hurting you or members of your family to get you to do something? 3. Has your partner ever abused or injured your pets? 4. Has your partner ever destroyed something you care about? 5. Has your partner ever tried to keep you from seeing your family, or going to school, or doing things that are important to you? 6. Does your partner control the money, transportation, activities, or social contacts? 7. Have you ever been forced by your partner to have sex when you did not want? 8. Is your partner jealous and always questioning whether you are faithful?



Does your partner regularly blame you for things you cannot control, or his/her violent outburst? 10. Does your partner regularly insult you? Are you afraid to go home? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should call our domestic violence hotline at 1-888-411-1333 and ask to speak to an advocate. There are other signs of domestic violence an observer might see in a relative or friend who is in an abusive relationship. 1. Being prone to “accidents” or being repeatedly injured. 2. Having injuries on many different parts of the body, such as the face, throat, neck, chest, abdomen, or genitals. 3. Showing signs of depression. 4. Using alcohol or drugs. 5. Attempting suicide. 6. Having wounds in various states of healing. 7. Having bruises, or wounds that are shaped like teeth, hands, belts, cigarette tips, or that look like the injured person has a glove or sock on (from having a hand or foot placed in boiling water. If you recognize any of these signs, contact your local law enforcement and Calcasieu Women's Shelter. (1-888-411-1333 or 337436-4552.) We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If someone tells you they are in an abusive relationship, believe them. Let them know that there is a safe place for them to go. Give them a shoulder to lean on; give them support. In the case of an emergency call 911 or your local law enforcement agency. If you are not in immediate danger, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-Safe (7233) which provides crisis intervention and referrals to in-state or out of state resources, such as women’s shelters or crisis centers. Yvonne Manning-Smith Calcasieu Women's Shelter Community Educator and Trainer




Raised by one, instead of two. But the sun still shines and the sky is still blue. O’Miracle Worker what can you do? To change the things that I’ve been through. A man he was and strong I hear, too. The bruises on her face – it can’t be true. Enough, she said and fast she did flee. But pride took over a future he couldn’t see. Rage then produced and one leaped out. How can a man kill his own spouse? If that wasn’t enough he aimed at himself. And all of our dreams were put on a shelf. Their children stood by filled with fear. One not old enough to shed a tear. But then HE stepped in, we felt his power. “Satan, this family you shall not devour.” “Trials and tribulations they shall see. But in the end they belong to ME.” HE said to the woman, “Get out of that bed and raise My children,” as all mothers have pledged. The young one grew up and became a man. To have his own family and take a stand. With God’s good grace I will survive. No matter how bad I refuse pride. So lift up your voices, praise and sing. For the stain in my family can no longer be seen. Derrick J. Singleton 2/1/2006 Brother of Publisher

Domestic Violence:

The Forgotten Victims by Monica Singleton Soileau It has been 31 years ago since “The Incident” and I still go through periods where I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt that is not mine to bear. About a month ago, I started thinking about the book that the Holy Spirit led me to write for my healing and to share with my daughters and how I wanted to go back and rewrite it now that I have more experience in writing. As I ponder upon the material of the manuscript, an overwhelming sense of guilt gripped my heart. I felt as though I had betrayed my father and let his secret out. Then I had thoughts that I did want to go back and set the record straight, that he was a good man when he was not having an episode of rage; in fact, he was a great father. It’s amazing how domestic violence impacts the children that are witnesses to it. Everyday I am still uncovering and recognizing some of the effects that it has had upon me. It is hard for even me to fathom that in only 7 years of my life that these events could play such a critical role in my life. I am a born again Christian, I am healed by His stripes, and I

know that my latter shall be greater than my past and it is; however, what you do to and in front of your children that will have an impact upon them for the rest of their lives. You can choose to have a positive or negative impact upon them. The choice is yours. For those of you who do not know my story, my father was both physically and mentally abusive to my mother. There is no excuse under the sun for anyone to put their fist upon another human being’s face - just walk away. There is no good reason to take someone’s daughter’s life, someone’s mother’s life, or someone’s sister’s life. However, after many years of abuse, many times of threatening to leave, leaving and coming back, my mom finally left. By this time, I had been traumatized and I lived in fear of not knowing when my father was going to come home and something was going to set him off. After several months of legal separation, he drove out to the country where my grandparents live and was trying to pull my mother into his car. He then put a gun to her head, shot her, turn the gun to himself, and took his life. My mother did survive, but with many hard

years of recovery ahead of her. We are still working through the after effects of the gunshot wound. As the Publisher of Christian Star News Magazine, I receive prayer requests daily. Today, I ask all readers to stand in agreement with me and pray for my mother that the surgery she is preparing to undergo will stop all seizures in the mighty Name of Jesus. I pray that God takes a hold of the Surgeon’s hands and leads them, guides them, and directs them. Complete healing and a restoration of everything that the enemy has taken. It is done, Amen!

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Christian Community Discipleship Training Center From Editor: We would like to make a correction to the beautiful spirit-filled Mrs. Irma Robin. We incorrectly listed her name in our September Edition. Mrs. Irma Robin is the Founder and Leader of "Irma Robin Ministries - Discipleship Center" in Lake Charles, LA. Christian Community Discipleship Training Center was birthed as a result of a deep desire for many years now to see God’s people wholly committed in their relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and with our heavenly Father and His precious Holy Spirit and to see our lives truly transformed into what Jesus says in Jn 13:35 - “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” This ministry is open to all Christian denominations who just want to come together as the body of Christ on a weekly basis to live out that verse. We study the word together, encourage one another, help one another, pray together, and serve God together in our community and beyond. Our ministry has touched and touches not only our community, but Mexico and Belize. At the end of this year we also will include Israel. To God be the glory!


We will celebrate our second year of ministry in October, and my have we come a long way! We presently have 7 different denominations represented in my classes, which by the way anyone can join at any time even though we do use a curriculum. God made it very clear to me to not shut anyone out because classes are already in session; because those that come, come because He is the one sending them. I believe that we are definitely living in a day and time where we, God’s people, have to not only be prepared, but stationed where He wants us stationed to help prepare those that are coming into the kingdom and help establish them in the faith so that they know how to overcome in life and live victoriously, and train them to do ministry and to share their faith - in essence, making true disciples. We accomplish this by not only teaching, but making opportunities for them to serve through local community projects and international mission trips.

God has also put a desire in my heart to pray for an awakening and revival here locally, so we come together on Mondays and pray for all local Pastors, their families and churches, for our city and leaders, and for our nation. People do not have to attend classes to come and join us in prayer. My heart’s desire is that God’s people of any denomination will just have such a desire to see a move of God that we will begin to lay aside all our differences and come together in the unity of the spirit for one purpose only and that is to seek our God so that He can restore our passion for Him once again and refocus us to His agenda and not ours. Do I believe this is possible? With God all things are possible! After all, that is the one thing unbelievers are waiting to see in those of us who call ourselves Christians love and unity and demonstrating it by gathering together to seek God and fellowship with one another - that is what will totally disarm Satan, then and only then will we be able to plunder his kingdom! BUT IT’S UP TO US TO HUMBLE OURSELVES AND DO WHAT GOD IS REQUIRING OF US, HIS BODY, TO DO. PASTORS HAVE TO LEAD THE WAY! God help us to truly grasp this! I truly believe that I have God’s heart in this task - as I am seeing Him grow this ministry and take me into arenas I never thought possible. We all have a God dream on the inside of us, and my encouragement to all you reading this is don’t let anyone steal or kill your dream because in doing so, Satan has robbed you of your purpose. I think of how scared I was when I first considered launching out; the one thought Satan kept throwing at me was “you really think people from different denominations will come together in your place to study the word and fellowship and pray?” Well here we are - and still growing! TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY!

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4. Ephraim and Manasseh 5. Rehoboam 7. Hezekiah 9. Moab 11. Nimrod 12. Obed 15. Joshua 16. Esau and Jacob 17. Jesus 18. Isaac and Ishmael 19. Samson 21. Joseph and Benjamin 23. James and John, The sons of thunder


1. David 2. Jonathan, Merab, and Michal 3. Cain and Abel 4. Simeon Peter 6. Samuel 8. John the Baptist 10. Absalom and Solomon 13. Rachel and Leah 14. Shem, Ham, and Japeth 20. Jehoshaphat 22. Jesse



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BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH The Walk Story I was always a super shy person - married since I was 19, had two wonderful sons, and had lived on a rice farm and cattle ranch. I have been married to the same man for 53 years, so now you know how old I am. After I had breast cancer 25 years ago, I was asked by my friends in Houston, who had been walking in a walk with my name on their backs to go do this walk with them. I went and was so moved by the people who participated that I wanted to do something different. I know that research is something we need, but I also know the hardship and feelings that go along with having breast cancer. I decided to do a walk in our own town, which is near Lake Charles. I live 20 miles south of Lake Charles in Cameron Parish. No one really knew me, so I asked the Y.M.C.A. if they would help me. I would give them publicity and people would know that this event was what we said it would be. The 1st. walk was held at the Lake Charles Civic Center, and I would have been happy to have 100 Participants. We had around 600 people show up there. All people who helped me were doing so with only thank you received. No money is paid to any help. Food and other things are mostly donated. The money stays in two parishes. We have had 6 walks since we started. With the help of volunteers, a wonderful board, and local sponsors we have helped over 275 patients. This year has been hard for finances. We are hoping that we have a large turnout again. Last year we had over 3,000 willing participants. This walk is put on for the sole purpose of putting a smile on a beast cancer patient’s face if only for a few moments - That’s all. I know, because I am a survivor. We would ask that more of our local businesses help us with putting the walk on so that we may be able to continue this endeavor. What started out for me as a dream about a small walk has now become a yearround work plan. So, we really need help. We want to give encouragement to those who are going through some of the darkest times in their lives. There is nothing greater than to see them smile. I am living proof that there is life cancerfree. Each time I have been in the office of a doctor and he or she goes over my charts they used to say, “Oh, I see you are in remission”, I quickly correct them and say, “You are wrong I am not in remission, I no longer have cancer.” Your attitude is half of the battle; keep a winning attitude and you too can have a long wonderful life ahead of you. I won’t say there won’t be other battles to win, but when my husband, both sons, and mother were diagnosed with cancer, I could help them. For more information about the walk or to make a donation, call Ethel Precht at 905-0327. You can mail donations to ethelbreastcancerfoundation 165 West. Rd. Bell City, La. 70630. The event this year will be at the Civic Center on Oct 16. Please plan to come. We are now also a non-profit foundation.


October is ALL About PINK Jan Rider Newman is a five-year cancer survivor. She is a published writer, wife, mother, and grandmother who began serving on the board of the Ethel Precht HOPE Breast Cancer Foundation in January 2010. She is vice-president of the Bayou Writers Group and editor of the group’s newsletter, Gator Talk. Cancer is many things, but never a blessing. Yet one can be blessed through the experience of dealing with cancer, in oneself and in one’s family. Breast cancer first entered my family through an elderly aunt, my father’s sister. My father died of bladder cancer in 1996. Two weeks after we buried him, my sister got her diagnosis of breast cancer. I don’t have adequate words to describe her struggle, how hard she fought to stay alive for her husband, daughters, grandsons, and for our mother. But some things aren’t meant to be. My sister’s brave battle lasted four years, until April 2000. In spite of all our prayers, in spite of a pilgrimage I made with my husband to a sanctuary in Chimayo, New Mexico, she died. I also don’t have adequate words to describe the grief and anger I felt at her death. In the months and years that followed April 2000, I asked my sister’s spirit why she waited so long to see about that lump in her breast, the lump she knew was there but neglected till it was too late. That was a big part of my anger. I also demanded to know why God took her away from us. He listened to me patiently and kindly. The only answer I got is the only one there is on earth to questions like that: God doesn’t send us our sufferings, but he helps us through them. He helped me by letting me lay my anger and pain at his feet, where eventually I was able to let it go. My first clue that cancer wasn’t finished with me yet came in March 2004, when I noticed my left breast had developed a puckered spot. I’d been doing monthly self exams but never felt the lump – nor had my gynecologist on yearly exams – until my family doctor found it at the pucker site. Yet the needle biopsy result was negative, which raised my hopes. The surgeon still wanted to remove the lump, though, and thank God he did. After the whole lump was tested, the malignancy showed up. I won’t forget the day the doctor’s office called at work to give me those results. My hope dashed; I sat and sobbed there at my desk, prompting a coworker in the next cubicle to come in and try to comfort me. Even harder than hearing my diagnosis was telling my mother that her second daughter, the only child she had left, also had cancer. She took it about the way you’d expect, and then she found in herself those reserves of strength and faith and prayer which already had seen her through many hard times and many losses. She and my husband were rocks in my life at that time, as they always have been. More surgery followed the removal of the lump, plus chemotherapy, then radiation, and through it all countless hours in doctors’ offices in Lake Charles and at M. D. Anderson, with many miles on the road between Lake Charles and Houston. I was blessed in my choices of surgeon and oncologists. Thanks to their skill,

we got rid of the cancer, and I’ve been free of it since January 2005. I didn’t have to fight as hard as my sister, and my outcome has been positive. Looking back, I recall very little anger at my own bout with cancer. In the middle of fighting for my life and the restoration of my health, I was too busy leaning on God’s shoulder to demand to know, “Why me?” Why not me? Am I a better person for having had cancer? I don’t know about that. But I know this: if the kindness, thoughtfulness, and love my husband, mother, friends, and coworkers showered on me during the surgeries and treatment ordeal failed to make me a better person, it is my failure, not theirs. The excellent women I worked with at the time prepared meals for me and my husband, gave me cards and gifts every week I had treatments, and told me I looked wonderful when I knew very well I looked like warmed-over slop. And my bosses tolerated every hour and day of work I missed without a single complaint and never gave me more work than I could handle when I did show up. These experiences reaffirmed what I had learned during my sister’s illness, that when people know you’re in trouble, most of them put themselves out to help, whether you ask or not. The mercy and help of others is one way God manifests himself and helps us get through the worst times, even when cancer reared its head yet again, in my husband this time. He is a colon cancer survivor since 2008. My blessings continue through this day. I walked my first cancer benefit in Lafayette in 2004, just before I got the big news. A friend and coworker who’s a breast cancer survivor invited the other women in the office to a Susan B. Komen benefit walk. Getting together like that with survivors who are at every diagnosis, treatment, and survival stage is a painful yet uplifting experience, one I’d recommend to anyone who has or has had cancer or whose family member or friend has had cancer. Banding together creates a positive, healing energy. My friend soon found out about a Lake Charles area organization, and so began my participation in the Ethel Precht HOPE Breast Cancer 3K walks, which benefit only Calcasieu and Cameron area survivors. I walked in Lake Charles in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Unfortunately, I missed the 2009 walk, but my friend called me around the end of the year and asked me to be on the board of the Ethel Precht HOPE Breast Cancer Foundation. Since I had been bugging her to get me involved in the organization somehow, I jumped at her offer. When she called, I heard God asking me to serve a very useful and productive cause. This is my first year on the board, though I hope not my last, and I hope to be of more and more help as time goes by. As I said, I might not be a better person for having had cancer, but I’m a more humble and grateful one. I wasn’t blessed with cancer, but I was blessed with a loving family and friends. Through their faith and prayers, God fed and sustained me during one of the worst periods of my life.



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As a Personal Trainer, the number one request I get from clients is fat loss. Since fat loss is something almost all of us need to do at some point in our lives, I’m going to cover the Top 10 things you can do to lose fat – safely, effectively and permanently. You’ll only get tips from me that will provide lasting, long-term results. I’ll cover the first five today and the last next issue.

into 3 pounds of lost fat. That equates to about a pound lost per month. When people are looking for immediate results, they often don’t have the patience to wait!

It’s interesting to note that these days the general public is more health-conscious and the availability of low and no-fat products has increased dramatically and yet, our population continues to get fatter. In fact, the average adult weighs 8 pounds more than just a decade ago!

Here’s the Top 10 Tips for a Fat Loss program that incorporates exercise and healthy eating that will ensure you reduce your body fat safely, effectively and permanently:

Carl Comeaux

So why do we continue to gain weight? Some researchers have estimated that our population expends 500-800kcal less per day compared to a few decades ago because of labor-saving devices like escalators, elevators, remote controls, computers, and urban transportation. We don’t even have to leave the house for fast-food! If we do go out for dinner, Valet Parking cuts out the few blocks of walking to our vehicle. We’ve got to face it – laziness rules! We also live in a society where food is in abundance. Portion sizes tend to be huge and processed foods fill our cupboards and fridges. Some researchers have suggested we consume 100-300kcal more per day than a few decades ago. Expending less energy, consuming more food and a society where exercisers are a minority results in a society that is getting fatter! So what can you do about it? You’ve got 4 choices: diet, exercise, both or liposuction. The first option will definitely result in failure. Ninety-eight percent of people who go on diets gain the weight back. It appears that losing the weight in the first place, is not the hard part. In fact, people successfully lose weight all the time. It’s keeping the weight off that’s the hard part. The problem is that when you diet you lose valuable, energy-burning muscle tissue which drops your metabolism making it easier to put the weight back on. And secondly diets are, by nature, a short-term phenomenon. You often feel deprived during the diet-stage and thus, once you’ve lost the desired weight you return to old habits and patterns and the weight is quickly regained. The second option to lose fat is exercise. This is a good choice but unfortunately, for many people, exercise by itself is a painfully, slow process. A fat-loss exercise program may exhibit a 2% change in bodyfat over a 12-18 week period which would translate


The third option is to exercise and diet simultaneously. Research has found this method to be most successful at reducing body fat and, most importantly, helping to keep it off. The final option, surgery/liposuction, is a costly choice. Furthermore, if the diet and exercise habits of the individual are not altered, the individual will eventually get fat again. Even though they may have less fat cells, the fat cells they still have can get bigger!

#1. Aerobic Exercise: The American College of Sports Medicine recommends aerobic exercise 5-7 days/week for 20-60 minutes each session to maximize fat loss. If you’re just starting with exercise you may want to take a couple months to progress slowly into this 5-7 days/week range. Aerobic activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, fitness classes, hiking, cross-country skiing, stairclimbing and rowing will do the trick. These activities expend a lot of energy and will burn up a lot of fat and thus, should be a focus of your exercise program. The intensity of your aerobic workouts should be within a 5-8/10 on the rating of perceived exertion scale. This means you should be able to work up a sweat, feel your heart pumping and be breathing more rapidly. We also encourage you to split your weekly aerobic workouts into easy, moderate and hard days to vary the intensity and train all energy systems. High intensity interval training will definitely get you in great shape fast allowing you to burn more calories overall during each workout translating into faster fat loss. #2: Resistance Exercise: Regular strength training workouts are also critical to maximize fat loss. Muscle is an energy-burning tissue and therefore, if you have more of it, your metabolism revs at a higher rate making it easier to burn fat both during and after exercise. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the weight room. Pick exercises for all the large, major muscle groups and perform just one set of 8-15 reps. You should be able to get in and out of the weight room in 30-40 minutes two to three times per week. These short muscle-conditioning workouts are sufficient to achieve the results you’re looking for and are the best way to actually sculpt your body. #3: Eat 5 small meals and snacks each day. Studies indicate that when people eat more regularly

throughout the day, they are less likely to overeat or indulge in less-healthy choices. Food at regular intervals also maintains a more balanced blood sugar level which keeps your energy levels higher throughout the day. Try to consume smaller meals or snacks every 2-3 hours during the day. Be sure to include protein and high-fiber foods at each meal/ snack to help keep you full longer. #4: Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Our body is 50-60% water and when we are dehydrated, our body and its organs and systems don’t function at their optimal level. This limits your ability to exercise intensely and ultimately, will affect your ability to burn body fat. Many scientists also suggest that headaches, minor aches and pains, low energy, sleeping problems and injuries may be a result of dehydration! Eight glasses of water each day will replenish the fluids you lose throughout the day as a result of normal human respiration. #5: Focus on what you should be eating instead of what you shouldn’t be eating. Ensure you consume 5 vegetable and 3 fruit servings every day. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and water-content and low in fat and calories. It’s much more difficult to overeat when your diet consists largely of fruits and vegetables. If you fill up on your fruits and veggies, you’re going to have less room for the highfat, nutrient-poor foods. Stay tuned for the last five tips next month! Visit our website for Success Stories, Carl Comeaux, M.S. Owner/Fitness Specialist 337-853-2122

“Don’t be a couch potato, take action today!”

YOUTH America in

Obesity has struck American youth like a plague. The preservative and hormone loaded foods, along with sedentary lifestyles, have become more popular in recent years. The ease of “to-go” combined with the convenience of frozen foods is directly responsible for the dramatic decline in health among our youth. When we do we say, “Enough”? When do we get tired of looking at the over-whelming statistic that constantly tells us how obese our teenagers have become? Are High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) and quick fix foods the only factors leading to childhood obesity? Why does a mother sit in silence when she knows her children’s eating habits have gotten out of control? On the other hand, why does America as a whole continue to sit in silence while its future is becoming dangerously overweight?

Adam Stelly

Personal Trainer e: m:

Parents, convey to your children at a young age the importance of living a healthy life style. Set a workout

schedule with a series of different types of workouts both you and your kids will enjoy. As the weeks go by be sure the workouts become more intense, because our bodies have the ability to adapt to all workouts. In order to keep your kid’s bodies fine-tuned, let’s be sure their fitness regimens stay interesting and intense. Religious and cultural backgrounds aside, we are each given one body that we must keep fine-tuned in order live a life of vitality and longevity. No longer will we dwell on the latest statistics concerning the obesity in our youth, nor will we mope about our battles with own weight, but let’s instead make a decision. Let’s make a conscious decision as a national family, as people of the human race to stop the growth of obesity in the midst of its attack, on our American Youth. To Your Best Health, Adam Stelly and Appear Fit, LLC


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Adult Bible Quiz: 1. How many years did the first three kings of Israel serve? 2. Where were followers of Christ first called Christians? 3. Who was King David’s best friend? 4. How many days did Noah and his family stay on the ark? 5. Which book of the Bible talks about an animal that closely resembles a firebreathing dragon? 6. What was Amos’ occupation before God called him? 7. What island was John on when he wroter his final epistle? 8. What does the word “holy” mean? 9. Which one of these is not a name of God? 10. Which religious group in the New Testament did not believe in the resurrection? 11. Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes? 12. Who rejoices when a sinner repents? 13. Which of these was not one of the Old Testament judges? 14. How long is the 70 weeks of Daniel?

1) 40 Years each, 2) Antioch, 3) Jonathon, 4) About a year, 5) JOB, 6) a fig farmer, 7) Patmos, 8) set apart, 9) Jehovah-Pasah, 10) Sudacees, 11) Solomon, 12) GOD Himself, 13) Barak, 14) 490 Years



Defining Destiny by Peggy W. Lester

What does it mean to fulfill your God given destiny? I have shared several incidents that have made an eternal impact in my spiritual walk. Maybe by now you have questions about your destiny. I thought I would share a few things that might help you understand “destiny”. What is “God given destiny”? I quoted the Scripture Jeremiah 29:11 in my first article. “…‘for I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” God had been silent for many years because His people had turned away in sin. In Jeremiah, it says God called him before he was formed in the womb of his mother. (Jer. 1:5) Then God commissioned Jeremiah when he was very young to be a prophet to His people. In simple terms this is “destiny”. God knows us before we are born and He has a call on our life. Psalms 139 confirms this as well. The conception and birth of John the Baptist is another example. Also Moses was spared because of the call on his life. I believe you can say that Hadassah (better known as Esther) had a divine destiny for her life also. She was chosen to intercede for God’s people, so they would be saved from annihilation through an enemy’s hand. Now, you may be saying, these are all famous Biblical characters. You must realize these are men and women just like us. They were not super heroes. It even says in James 5:17, 18 “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain; and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. And he prayed again and the sky poured rain, and the earth produced its fruit.”

There was nothing special about Elijah in the human sense. He believed God and responded in obedience. God’s calling on my life has developed in stages. He desires to use us all in His Kingdom work. I was a stay at home mom until our sons went to school. I then got a job working at a bank. After several years, I left the bank and went to work in an attorney’s office. Then I left that office and went to an adjoining county to a larger firm. Up until that time our family was just position holding, church attendees. Don and I had grown up in church but we did not know the Lord personally. I was now working in an upscale law firm; exposed to different lifestyles other than my small country upbringing. I was exposed to some worldly behaviors and made some bad decisions at that time. No excuses, just reasons. After several years of the Lord dealing in my life and His gentle but firm calling to me, I came face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ at a revival one night. No, He didn’t tell me I would become a missionary at that time; that would have been too much since we had the two young sons at home. All He did was call me unto Him. My destiny would unfold a little at a time as I was able to digest and embrace it. You must first listen for the call of salvation. Answer that call first and He will then reveal His plans for your life to you, a little at a time. Jesus said He came to seek and save the lost. Once you are found, then you can discover your destiny. October • 2010 CSN



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rescriptions with E.J. Kemper III

The Problem: Change Have you been praying for a change in a certain area of your life? Do you have dreams that are unfulfilled? Well….here’s your word: It is not all of the time that we are WAITING ON GOD - sometimes it is that God is WAITING ON US. There is a wonderful story told in Mark 10:17-22. This is the story of the rich young ruler. This young man seemingly had it all. He had youth, money, and power. But something was missing in the life of this young man, given the fact that the Bible says “there came one running and kneeled to Him….” Many of us are like the rich young ruler; we seem to have everything that we need, but deep inside there is a change that we desire. When Jesus then presents the young man with a way to receive that which he desired but did not have, he refused to do that which was necessary to receive the DESIRED CHANGE. And so it is with many of us. Change is inevitable. If we allow our vehicles or houses to go without necessary maintenance, change will happen. But it will not be the desired change. If we are to receive the change that we desire then we must make the choice to do that which is necessary. The Prescription: Change is a choice that requires faith In reading the story of the rich young ruler, we see that it was faith in God that he lacked. If God has placed a dream, purpose, or desire within your spirit then we must trust that He too will place the necessary components to

have them realized. The Bible says “and he was sad…..and went away grieved: for he had great possessions.” Here we find three things that hindered this young man from attaining that which he truly desired. By examining what kept him from his DESIRED CHANGE, many of us will see what often keeps us from ours. (1) FAITH BEYOND OUR FEARS. This man feared losing what he had. But as “cliché-ish” as it may sound, you cannot get what you want and keep what you have. Our faith in God must be greater than our fear of….failing….failing again….criticism…..the unknown…..loss….or the future. Many of us have yet to realize the paralyzing effect of fear and worse, the powerful effect of faith in Christ. (2) FAITH BEYOND OUR FAMILIAR. This man’s assurance was in the familiarity of his surroundings. He was comfortable with his power. He was complacent with his position. He was content with his possession. And sadly he did not have a faith strong enough to part with what was familiar. How can we desire promotion in life and not expect change? (3) FAITH BEYOND OUR FOCUS. This man could only focus on the present state of his circumstances. Through faith we learn to focus on Christ. In the dream that God gave Joseph, He did not show him the pit, pain, or prison. But Joseph had enough faith in God to keep moving toward his dream in spite of his surroundings. My friends, if we are to receive the desired change in our lives we must make the choice of FAITH IN CHRIST! Amen Send your feedback by visiting

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We want everyone to know about an upcoming event hosted by area high school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It's called Fields of Faith and will take place all over the United States at local high school football stadiums on Wednesday, October 13th. Southwest Louisiana FCA has 6 scheduled events in the area. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Barbe High - 1st year to host one Iowa High - 1st year to host one Sam Houston High - 1st year to host one Sulphur High - 2nd year DeQuincy High - 2nd year DeRidder High- 2nd year

Below is a brief explanation about what Fields of Faith is. You can learn more at

Fields of Faith is a peer-to-peer ministry event. Students invite their own classmates and teammates to hear fellow students share their testimonies, be challenged to read the Word of God and follow Jesus Christ. An athletic field provides a neutral, interdenominational rally point where a community can come together. Students combined with a leadership team will work together to run the event. The leadership team will work to form partnerships with churches in the area regardless of denomination and help plan their Fields of Faith event. Fields of Faith follows the method used by King Josiah. Most modern rallies are built around entertainment with professional speakers and this tends to create a separa-

tion. Fields of Faith highlights local students in the program creating a powerful connection. The success of this event is rooted in its simplicity: 1. Bring many people together at one time. 2. Read Scripture and share personal testimonies. 3. Be challenged by fellow students to read the Word of God and to follow Jesus Christ If you would like more info you can also call me. Denise Sanford Administrative Assistant Southwest Louisiana Fellowship of Christian Athletes 337.540.3976

FOOTBALL OFFENSIVE WOES Well, another week has passed and all the promise that was envisioned for the LSU offense seems to have faded to reveal something very similar to what we are accustomed to seeing from last year’s squad. Of course, there are some signs of hope and we can see some improvements in the LSU’s attempts to muster an offense that’s not as inconsistent as the 2009 team. One bright spot has been some improved offensive line play so far this year. After 4 games, these guys have only given up 5 sacks and that alone is a huge improvement from all the sacks that LSU gave up last year. Of course, it’s good to remember that the linemen are not solely at fault when sacks are given up. The quarterback can be equally responsible if he holds the ball too long or rolls right into the oncoming rushers. The receivers can tote some blame too if they cannot get open in a reasonable amount of time. If you want to give your punter plenty of exercise during a game, just continue to give up one or two sacks per half and see where that nets you. So who’s to blame? One favorite pastime of sports enthusiasts is figuring out who to pin the rap on. The head coach? The offensive coordinator? How about the quarterback? If you are one of the LSU faithful, I think you have seen all of the above mentioned in the context of doing an ineffective job with the offense. With Les Miles, being blamed for the pathetic drizzling of offensive sparks comes with being the head coach. He gets elected to bear the brunt of the fans’ disgust simply because he’s in charge. He’s supposed to “fix it” and “fix it quick.” Gary Crowton came into the LSU program with a lot of fanfare when LSU won the


2007 national championship with him calling the plays. A funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 season though. The wheels seem to have come off of the offensive wagon and they’re simply coasting to halt. They seem lost and totally inept at times, particularly in the passing department. Jordan Jefferson must surely feel like the loneliest guy in Tiger stadium at times. He came into the season with a good deal of promise as he had another year under his belt as the starting quarterback. He was also blessed with three 5* wide receivers, although the extremely talented Russell Shepard is still learning the position since moving over from the failed runningback/quarterback/wideout/ slot/wildcat experiment of last year. So just where does our passing offense stack up against the rest of the SEC teams? Not too hot. Right now LSU is only averaging about 110 yards/ game, with only 2 passing touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Ouch! Statistically only Vanderbilt ranks lower in passing yardage and passing touchdowns. At the other end of the spectrum, Arkansas and Alabama seem to be much better at their aerial attacks. Right now the one coach who is not getting much heat from the fans is defensive coordinator John Chavis. He has the defense playing lights out even though they only returned 4 starters from last year. The defense is loaded with youth, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They’ve got speed on defense and they will flat out hit folks! Coach Chavis is widely known for his development of linebackers and it is already showing with the tigers. This defense can be scary good by season’s end and they can also carry a lethargic offense along

for the ride for now. But as LSU begins to hit the meat of their SEC schedule, the offense has got to come along for the ride also. The running game appears to be fairly solid, but if you think you are going to have great success in the SEC against the likes of Alabama and Florida by only running the ball, you’d better have Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker in your backfield. The first part of dealing with this kind of problem is to recognize it early and to understand what your identity is going to be with your current personnel. It surely didn’t help this team with Zack Lee heading out to baseball wonderland with all his newly acquired millions, but honestly I don’t think he would have helped this year’s squad at all. So what we see on the field now is what the coaches have been looking at all spring and summer. They had time to work with this crew and “coach em up.” There is potential with this offense, but the staff needs to figure out what they want to do and drill it into infinity if that’s what it takes. If it means the tigers run 5 plays all game long, then so be it. But run them to perfection and don’t beat yourselves. One area that the tigers are leading the SEC in which shows part of the problem with the offense is they are leading in penalty yardage. That’s one title they don’t need to own. There appears to be nothing FUN about the way the offense is playing. You can see the pressure mounting on the players as the woes continue, and you can see the frustration building also. Right now you are probably seeing one of the most apologetic 4-0 teams in the Top 20. You can see the potential on both sides of the ball and that’s why most fans are shaking their heads. But beat Bama this year and all will be forgiven.


McNeese State: October Slate Here’s a quick look at the upcoming schedule for the McNeese Cowboy football team: October 2 – Northwestern State October 9 – Stephen F. Austin October 16 – LSU October 23 - Southeastern Louisiana October 30 – Nicholls State McNeese currently stands at 1-2, with its most recent loss coming at the hands of Cal Poly here at Cowboy Stadium by the score of 4014. The Mustangs were in full control in the first half of this game and outrushed the Pokes to the tune of 350 yards to a paltry 52 yards rushing for the home team. Turnovers were the major culprit here as the Cowboys had 2 in-

terceptions and 2 fumbles. It doesn’t get any easier coming down the road this month as the Cowboys will be traveling to Baton Rouge this month to finally combat the mighty LSU Tigers. There will plenty of fans from the Lake Charles area in town to see this one. No one really expects McNeese to pull out an upset, but if they will just compete to the end, that will be enough for many of us. That’s not selling the Cowboys short. It’s just acknowledging the Cowboys are a pretty good team, but the LSU Tigers are 12th ranked in the country at this time with a rock hard defense to keep their house in order. Of course McNeese has some other interesting games this month against, Northwestern State and Stephen F. Austin, but nothing quite sparks the interest of fans in southern Louisiana like the matchup with Les Miles’ crew. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a long relationship for many years to come.

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