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Camden People’s Theatre Winter 2008

Winter Season How It Ended Tues 8th - Sun 13th Jan

Exile Tues 15th - Sun 20th Jan

The Scene Pool Tues 22nd - Sun 27th Jan

Paperweight Tues 29th - Thurs 31st Jan

À Corps et à Cru Fri 1st - Sat 2nd Feb

2007 was undoubtedly a difficult year for the arts. Every day it seemed like there was another story of a company loosing its funding, a venue in danger or wholesale raids on the funding pot. Like many we felt the pinch hard and all seemed bleak. But towards the end of the year things here began to change. Since October CPT has been in receipt of regular funding from the London Borough of Camden, and in late November we received funding from The Arts Council of England for 2008. What does this mean? Firstly it means stability and the ability to plan for the future. Most noticeably it will enable us to work with selected emerging companies on the development of their work through the re-launched Tonic scheme. Over the course of the year we’ll be working with up to eight companies developing new pieces of work. You can catch a first glimpse at our new monthly Starting Blocks night, where companies have opportunity to share the initial stages of ideas and works in progress - have a look at our website for more details. So what can we offer to brighten the gloom of your winter nights?

Snap Dragon Tues 5th - Sun 10th Feb

Leaving Tues 12th Feb - Sat 1st Mar

The Scene Pool Tues 11th - Sun 16th Mar

Hampstead Road Wed 26th - Sat 29th Mar

This season is a mixture of new faces and returning friends. Amongst the new we’ve got You Need Me, Footprint Project, Split Soul Dance Theatre and Mercurial. We’re delighted to have new work from Indian Runner whose previous work, Trailer, was developed though Tonic in 2006. Also returning, following work in progress showings last year, are Top of the World whose (almost) wordless comedy Paperweight has been developed at CPT. I can’t describe these works to you because, like you, I haven’t seen them yet; nobody has. That’s what makes CPT a special place. We take risks, back a hunch, believe in an idea. I’d ask you to do the same. Don’t wait to hear about it from someone else, follow your instinct. Get in at the beginning. Take a risk you might just be blown away. I have a good feeling about 2008.

Mixed Routes Wed 2nd - Sat 5th Apr

Matt Ball, Director Briefing Tues 8th - Sat 26th Apr

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

How It Ended You Need Me Tues 8th - Sun 13th Jan, 7.30pm £9/£7 The debut piece from You Need Me, an international company of actors with a strong physical background, How It Ended is a tender and tragic exploration of marriage in an era of uncompromising expectations. Staged in the round with live music, the cast play with traditional storytelling techniques to explore a true story of cultural alienation and loneliness. The focus shifts from Wales during the Second World War to France in the immediate aftermath of liberation, keeping at its centre the fierce fading of a wartime romance. A hauntingly intimate story of love in decline. Devised by the cast. Conceived and directed by Emily Watson Howes.

Footprint Project Tues 15th - Sun 20th Jan, 8pm £8/£6 Exile is an experimental performance devised by five international actors and based on the experience of exile. In the Exile world, new languages are created, suitcases are boats and human beings live in sellotape islands. The piece incorporates visual theatre, story telling, poetry, live music, dance and film projection. Directed by Gaël Le Cornec Post show discussion with Amnesty International: Thurs 17th of Jan, FREE Workshop with the company: Sat 19th at 2pm, £15



The Scene Pool P.I. Network Tues 22nd - Sun 27th Jan & Tues 11th - Sun 16th Mar, 7.30pm & 9pm two double bills (four shows) per night £6 A week of energy-driven performance. The Scene Pool - the latest dynamic initiative from P.I. Network. Theatre makers have 20 minutes to try out work, experiment, get feedback and get seen. The Scene Pool puts the vision and risk back into theatre performance.

P.I. Network supports the theatre artist to create and produce performance. For details of all our initiatives visit:

Paperweight Top Of The World Tues 29th - Thurs 31st Jan, 8pm £10/£8 Paperweight is an absurd story of two men trapped in mindless jobs. As the pressures of work and the ever-present threat of the telephone ringing increase, chaos descends. Will they escape the tedium and discover the world behind the water cooler? An (almost) silent comedy, Paperweight explores the feelings we have towards our working environments, and asks about our need for stories that provide an escape from our lives. Top of the World is Jamie Wood, Sebastien Lawson & Tom Frankland. Their collaboration draws on elements of surreal humour, visual poetry and arresting storytelling to present a bold and uncompromising theatrical experience.

“An impressive, virtuoso performance” Three Weeks

À Corps et à Cru Indian Runner Production Fri 1st - Sat 2nd Feb, 8pm £10/£8 I can paint when I please, I can eat when I please, if I feel for doing so I can go down and smile at any pretty waiter that I please... Now when something enters your life no matter how frivolous or small you now have a tie to it. Now if it is frivolous and small, you can cut that tie as quickly as you made it and it is no longer part of your life. But if it is in fact something quite large, quite influential you not only make that tie stronger but you will also make several others. Indian Runner Production received the New Discovery Prize at Mimos Festival 2006 for their previous show Trailer. This piece was commissioned by the Centre Choregraphique National de Nancy and was developed with support from Camden People’s Theatre.

“Indian Runner Productions’ surreal, allegorical tale of trailer-park desperation is an intensely sexual show that is bursting with ideas and originality.” The Stage on Trailer

Snap Dragon By Tim Blackwell Tues 5th - Sun 10th Feb, 8pm £10/£8 On stage it’s murder - but off-stage is where the real drama begins! Christmas 1950; a theatrical digs in Camden Town... Between the matinée and the evening performance, Audrey and Gavin must face the facts about love, acting, Father Christmas and the purpose of life! Snap Dragon is a crackling new two-hander, drawing flavours from Agatha Christie, Edward Albee, J.B. Priestley and British films of the 1940’s and 50’s. Do come along - and enjoy!

“...a very talented writer, with a distinctive narrative voice...” Lee Brackstone, Faber & Faber

Leaving Split Soul Dance Theatre Tues 12th Feb - Sat 1st Mar, 8pm (6pm Sundays) £10/£8 Leaving, by Sarah O’Hanlon, follows stories from the lives of four women - a dancer, a chess player, an asylum seeker and a mad woman - all of whom are balancing their passions with their realities. As they explore the subtleties and extend the boundaries of femininity over the last two centuries, the connection between their seemingly disparate lives becomes apparent. Photo: Matthew Duggan

Leaving combines physical theatre and animated scenography to illustrate its poetic text. Rose Lewenstein directs Julia Barnett, with scenography by Eva Liparova, an original score by Max Perryment, and choreography by Split Soul’s own Sarah Way.

Hampstead Road Orley And Brass Wed 26th - Sat 29th Mar Free (check website for opening hours) An immersive installation with sound inspired by the history of the site.

Photo: Elinor Brass

Where there were once extensive verdant tea gardens, there are now busy roads, high-rise buildings, railways and underground tunnels. As the area around the theatre continues to be developed, and the buildings across the road are demolished, artists Elinor Brass and Emily Orley will create an evocative sculptural environment documenting all the pathways (both real and imaginary, public and private) that have ever crossed this corner of Hampstead Road, bringing an intricately layered network of memories to life.

“The cast have formed a fluid bond with each other... the freshness and vibrancy of the piece hint at the promise this young company show.” Sara-Mae Tuson - UK Theatre Reviews (‘Shoebox Complex’ 2006)

Mixed Routes Pan Intercultural Arts Wed 2nd - Sat 5th Apr, 8pm £10/£8 Mixed Routes, three original pieces written and created by women who are enriched by being heir to multiple heritages, whose very being contains many routes and roots. Stepping out of conventional boxes the stories are multi-layered using a variety of media. Trolley Talk invites the audience to enter the everyday realms of a supermarket where the idea of being ‘truly super-duper British’ is questioned and the layers beneath the surface are peeled away. The search for identity is investigated in the struggle to uphold Chinese traditions from a western viewpoint in Mamma, mobilising cultural objects and imagery to unravel an inner conflict. Escape To Paradise is a holiday of a lifetime. A journey into sun, sea, sand and psychology. Welcome to Guantanamo Bay!

Briefing Mercurial Productions Tues 8th - Sat 26th Apr, 8pm £12/£10 What if you found yourself between worlds, unsure of which was real? When a man wakes with no memory of his past, all he has left is the increasingly urgent feeling that something is missing. And that perhaps everyone is asking the wrong questions. That it may be less important to find out who he is than what he is. And why it is vital he remembers the reason he is here. Based on Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing’s Briefing for a Descent into Hell, Mercurial Productions presents an original piece of devised physical theatre, using objects, bodies and imagination to explore magical changes in space, and a classical chorus re-imagined for the 21st century.

“The cast have formed a fluid bond with each other... the freshness and vibrancy of the piece hint at the promise this young company show.” Sara-Mae Tuson - UK Theatre Reviews (‘Shoebox Complex’ 2006)

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camden people’s theatre 58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY. Admin: 020 7419 4841 Box Office: 08700 600 100 (24hrs) Fax: 020 7813 3889 Email: Office Hours: 11am - 6pm, Tues - Fri

GETTING HERE Tubes: Warren Street, Euston & Euston Square Buses: 24, 27, 29, 30, 73 & 134 Train: Euston Parking: Free on-street parking after 6.30pm Access: Full wheelchair access to the auditorium. Adapted toilet facilities.

Camden People’s Theatre is dedicated to the creation of new work and new ways of working. Both in programming work from visiting companies and in developing work in-house, we place special emphasis on movement, gesture and visual impact, recognising that these are integral in making our work accessible on a cross-cultural basis. “Very well-spent evening. Lovely intimate venue. Very friendly, relaxed place. The performance was f***ing brilliant!” Recent audience feedback

BUYING YOUR TICKET On the web: By phone: 08700 600 100 (24hrs) In person: At CPT from 45 mins before the show. When collecting tickets from CPT, please do so 30 mins before the performance. Refreshments: Fully licensed bar available.

The information in this brochure is available in large print on request.

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Brochure for Spring 2008

CPT spring 2008  

Brochure for Spring 2008