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Top 3 Benefits of High-Resolution CCTV Camera

Megapixel cameras are high-definition security cameras. These cameras can take pictures with more than one million pixels, or a megapixel There are many different megapixel surveillance camera models available on the market right now, including 2-megapixel, 4-megapixel, and 4K CCTV cameras.


Continue reading to know the top 3 benefits of a high-resolution surveillance camera

1. Able to see more details

When it comes to legal matters, high-resolution CCTV cameras may be particularly helpful for identifying a person's face, number plate number and details as such. This is incredibly helpful for legal proceedings or other scenarios

2. Placement flexibility

With a high-resolution cameras surveillance that can see well across the street, you actually have more options for where to set it For instance, you can place the camera high up or locate it far without sacrificing the quality of the footage.

3. It’s cost-effective

With high-resolution IP camera wifi, you can now see a wider area, therefore fewer cameras will be required to cover every corner of your property Additionally, fewer cameras equals cheaper installation.

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