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End By Pater The time is here, the end is near, I know all things for a reason, each thing will happen in its season. See the pain of suffering voices, it is plain and struggling noises. What I do is all the same, for insanity is in my brain. Words untold remain but hidden; we are bold in our treason. Strong I am and power fills me, yet wrong I can do and it kills me. Why do I feel so much stress, when in fact I heal and bless. The world is not real, this for you I will reveal. The truth is so surreal; this for me is not unreal. The dark of the night, will in me shine bright as the light. Wars beaten over beliefs, all our sons will fall like leafs. The world is evil and filled with danger, within me, the upheaval comes as a stranger. Tears of children cry for salvation, they live in fear of termination. What we do is bad creation, as such we enter desperation. The forces of might rule with delusion, from horses to oil, they cling to the illusion. Soon comes the peak, as one, it will make us all weak. Consumption of wealth, makes the rich obscure and stealth. We are all addicted to money, for us, it tastes sweet as honey. Abundance is good, yet for most, it is misunderstood. The secret of ancients stands in time, assassinations, terror and vengeance by flipping a dime. Terrible acts by mankind have been, yet for most it is all still unforeseen. The power of few will purify the earth, come zero hour, she gives birth. Weapons of might of steel they make, devastation I can feel and take. Brothers and sisters, they all are in arms, twister winds and others will slay them in harm. Make no mistake, this time its make or break. For I am a man of sorrow, such a burden you may not borrow. Like me still, this is a thrill. Do my will and know me know, or maybe pray unto a holy cow. I am a man with a plan, one who will reign, in the future and slain with pain. I am a savior of old of long gone lost, this is an issue of behavior, I keep close for no cost. My conscious is clear, the fabric of life I can tear. Find the comfort in a soul mate, or live alone and make fate wait. See the rising of sun rays, be a dad as your son says. Mind you not, I will destroy, all the workings a kind of joy. Firm foundations I will shake. You space and time is still and fake. Angry sense I do prevail, in my suffering I am old and frail. Looking and wondering about advance, while I still must take a stance. Shallow graves await the dead; the views explode inside my head. Until the end I will stand and fight, my love to you I keep close and tight. Politician still unbought, such a rarity not yet thought. Anger, violence such the age, soon I enter on the stage. Oppressed as minority they seek no fame, stressed out as me, my priority is blame. Opposed and beaten I turn my cheek, this day I have eaten but my hands still tweak. I will set a target oh so great; I’ll go to heaven a find a gate. Silent whisper I can hear. The sons of greatness I hold dear. Can I beg you to be kind, to have your way and make your mind? What is paid does have its charm, so your reason to hold my arm. Be not because of me afraid, this I promise I will not fade. Sovereign, mighty and great I am, believe this not, it is no scam. Soon I will unleash my wrath; if I find you on my path, now ill let you do the math. Terror, terror I will bring, a song of change I will but sing. For the day until I come, peace and quiet just for some. Who I am I cannot tell, for my words are safe and well. Pandemics coming like a boom, I see death, disease and doom. In my mind I hear a voice, raging warfare I have no choice. Why I can’t release this pain, remains a mystery but I will reign. Icy rocks fall down from space, I’ll meet death with warm embrace. Earthquakes, droughts and floods abide, the grand ripper is by my side. All of these are stories told, once it happens will be alone and cold.

Anguish and hate fills the nations, young and old seek liberations. For as much as I can say, my words and truth they will prevail. Far and deep my will can grow, eternal sleep will start to flow. See I live in a northern town, and its here I will get my crown. I come from a heritage sacred and obscure, such a life only I endure. Why should I, alone save your life, I am no one, a slave in strife. Know you not I’m from above, must ‘I tell you all with love? Hence I am coming fast as the ending, so as one will come on clouds descending. I am one with the universe, this fact is my act as you read this verse. I will not ever meet defeat, all of you I will rightly treat if I stand still on my feet. I tell you this and its bliss; I have a name as I make my claim. Faith in miracles makes within, prey for glory snakes of sin. Final emanations from me break, when I meet God for your sake. Go in peace and tremble not, cause for me you’re a mere dot. The end is upon me, this clearly I see. The wonder is the duration, have no time for contemplation. Now I will live and learn, for my dwelling within, there is nothing more to earn. To be continued…


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