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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha . Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'I teavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter ;he New Abbe of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained charmers , The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age .'Throughout the man y thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover ffor yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Members of Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newrcerer . . . . .THE TIDE BEGINS TO TURN WILD

The Awakening of the Masses


SPREADING (C,A .C. Reading given

May 8,

7.979 )




( The Retreat of the Beast Begins )

Paul Shockle y Trance--Interpreter

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Awareness, we're here for a couple of general questions pertaining to some momentary happenings . Does Awareness have an opening message? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness has a message for the general membership, which may be duplicated and passed on t o others. This Awareness indicates that the response in terms of the letter writing campaign, in terms of the Bete r parties, in terms of the SPIRAL activities----this Awareness indicates the response and concern for what i s occurring throughout the masses of people within this hemisphere, within Europe, within various countries i n South America and Asia--this Awareness indicates that these concerns Abroad, and within this nation, and th e response to messages from this Awareness, and from those other sources which are attempting to awaken th e mass mind as that which is now beginning to have its profound effect upon the sensitivity feelers–the finger s of the Beast . This Awareness indicates that the Beast is becoming aware of the peoples' awareness . This Awareness indicates that this is that which shall begin having a . type of catalytic effect upon the consciousness of the Beas t itself, whereby it begins to look at itself from the mirroring consciousness of the masses . This Awareness indicates that the mass movements as having begun turning the tide from destructive, enslaving power, to tha t which may become clear honest and humanitarian relationship between the elements of the Beast and th e masses of consciousness, apart from the Beast . This Awareness wishes entities to remember the fairy tale o f Beauty and the Beast, whereby Beauty, in close contact with the Beast, did change the nature of that which appeared as ugly, and assisted in discovering the Beauty behind the Beast . This Awareness indicates that Iikewise the masses of consciousness, in responding through true relationship , clear communication–without hostility, without violence-scan also create a change, a transmutation, in th e Beast energies of this earth . This Awareness wishes entities to continue in their present action of informing each other, of writing, o f duplicating information, of carrying on the flow of communication regarding that which this Awareness ha s given over the past eight months, and prior to that time . COPYRIGH IT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction, however is permitted .

This Awareness wishes entities to continue discovering current information listed through those source s which this Awareness has suggested, as well as the controlled press . This Awareness indicates that there are now certain information sources which are beginning to allow leaks into controlled press media, to give more factual information—that which would in previous months have been restricted . This Awareness indicate s that the sources which this Awareness has previously mentioned be considered as valuable sources for information which cannot be found elsewhere, but also that this information be questioned and sorted through fo r the gems of truth . This Awareness indicates in particular the US Labor Party paper, New Solidarity . This Awareness indicates that there is much within this which is priceless in terms of its information, yet there i s also a coloration, particularly in terms of those opinions and viewpoints related to the pro-nuclear stance o f this organization—that these entities do not fully have information regarding the alternative energy sources— this organization as withholding certain information regarding solar energy and other alternative energy source s --for this organization is promoting nuclear fusion and fission . This Awareness indicates that this as related unto certain interests involved in these areas which are assisting in the financing of this newspaper . This Awareness indicates also that in terms of the US Labor Party's stance against any form of metaphysics--this also a s that which is being promoted from a position of lack of information regarding the higher consciousness levels . This Awareness indicates these entities as highly evolved in terms of the rational, political, and scientific mentality, but in many ways fails to sec the symbolic implications involved in metaphysical concepts . This Awareness indicates that these entities also tend to have certain colorations and favoritism which they promote as opposed to colorations and disfavoritisms, which they deny . This Awareness indicates this in particular i n regard to political parties and personalities . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the Dr . Beier information, there are some areas which are exaggerated, some areas which are honest mistakes . This Awareness indicates this relates unto his sources and thei r evaluations . This Awareness suggests, however, that generally the information this entity releases as being app • roximately 90% accurate . This Awareness indicates that the controlled press as that which can give much back ground coloration to your understanding of what is occurring . This Awareness suggests that by looking at thes e sources which have been given, along with the controlled press, entities can begin to sort out a deeper under standing of what is occurring . This Awareness suggests also that entities may value greatly from short-wav e radio broadcasts ; by receiving these_ broadcasts from foreign countries, that you will receive much informatio n in this manner which will not be given from your own controlled media . Letter--Writing Campaig n is Freaking the Beas t

This Awareness wishes to see the continued. movement of this information throughout the coming year, for as this continues to be duplicated and , ;' spread, the power to cause these: intensities diminishes . This Awareness indicates that already the Beast is feeling the concern regarding the public r, awakening . This Awareness indicates that as this grows stronger, the Beast will become defensive and attempt to remove any form of activity that wou k indicate to the public that this is indeed happening .

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This Awareness indicates the intensities which have been discussed previously are still in motion—that th e movements toward potential nuclear war are still present, but that the letter writing campaign has begun t o have an effect on certain levels which have a great potential for ending this insanity . This Awareness indicates that the information has been released and is spreading across this land like wildfire—there arc groups springup here, springing up there---duplicating the SPIRAL information, the other information, copying, writing , and spreading the word . This Awareness indicates this as that which is causing great concern by the Beast . This Awareness indicates that the recent visit by the Secret Service to C .A .G . office regarding this information revealed the breadth and scope of the effect of the letter writing . This Awareness cautions entities not :d threats or implied threats in the mail, for this can lead to trouble for entities or for your organizatio n to and activities . This Awareness indicates that the concern is to awaken entities, not to threaten entities, Thi s Awareness indicates the action toward those entities mentioned previously in power, who are moving thi s nation toward war, is not to threaten these entities, but to awaken them to reality—to the insanity of thei r process . This Awareness wishes entities to continue in this movement in ever-growing, ever-expanding movement of making each other aware . A Blockage in Flow of Communications Could Occu r

This Awareness now wishes also to explain to entities that there can become a blockage in the flow of communications from this source, but that the ball is now in your hands to continue this action . This Awareness indicates that the Interpreter, through which this message comes, may be hindered in delivering any furthe r messages of this nature—the interpreter may be stopped in this delivery—yet there are already enough mess 2.

ages out—there is enough information out that the Interpreter needs never again give a message of this type , and there would still be the awareness of what is occurring . This Awareness suggests that all entities out ther e who have received this information are now aware—all entities who are aware are duplicating this informatio n and making others aware—and there needs no longer be an Intel p reter for this Awareness to continue givin g messages, for the story is out . The information is out . This stoppage of the Interpreter from allowing this Awareness to speak further on this topic is likened unt o locking the door, hammering the door shut, after the horses have all left the barn . This Awareness indicate s the horses are out—are moving—are racing across WKLV country—carrying messages from one place to anothe r --and locking the door at this point would be useless .This Awareness indicates that to the members of Cosmic Awareness Communications and those who receive these messages that the Interpreter and the officers o f C .A .C . need no longer involve themselves in releasing this type of informative information, if it appears thi s cannot be released further without hinderance and threat to them . This Awareness suggests that entities no t expect too much more rather than a winding down--a reflecting back on what has been released . 5

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This Awareness indicates that the ball--the entire information–is now in the hands of an informed publi c informing other members of the public by duplicating, by passing this information on, by writing letters, by writing books, by calling talk shows, and by speaking in groups and listening to tapes, and holding parties or discussing this on television shows . This Awareness indicates that as entities continue in this action, the potential for nuclear war, the potential for having freedoms taken from the public, the potentia l for great violence and terrorism diminishes . This Awareness indicates as this is spread, the potential is for a harmonizing— a great awakening to the Oneness of humanity---a dialogue between the pro and con forces o f the mass-mind on any topic . This Awareness suggests that dialogue, communication—these are the element s which can lead to a new golden age of love and harmony . who is busy

This Awareness suggests that there is an element of danger to the entity known as the Cosmic Awarenes s Communications organization, in that certain efforts may be put forth to block this organization by labelin g the organization as politic:l. This Awareness indicates that a political organization in terms of non-profi t religious organizations is one which becomes involved in lobbying for or against certain issues which may . be presented to Legislature for lawmaking purposes, or one which engages in the campaigning for or against a politician, one who is seeking office . This Awareness indicates that neither of these actions has occurred . Thi s Awareness indicates that a religious organization is allowed to influence through ideas—is allowed to promot e certain concepts which influences the thinking of the masses---that this influence can occur in any topic s o long as it is not an action which is generally considered alien or opposed to public decency and general civilized standards . This Awareness indicates for example, a religious organization could not advocate human sacrifice, and expect this to be covered by freedom of belief, for this would be opposed to normal sense of decency in a civilization of this type . This Awareness indicates however, that an organization is allowed to promote concepts and attitudes of a humanitarian nature—is allowed to discuss human rights and freedoms—this organization has been concerne d with the very survival of the masses of people within this nation . This Awareness indicates this is not a political issue--this is a humanitarian issue--a concern for the culture, for the culture of humanity . This Awarenes s indicates that regardless of the fact that this organization has been, and remains, non-political, but religion s in its character, there may be an element in society working from the energies of the Beast, which will attemp t to hinder the efficiency and activities of C .A.C . by indicating . or by accusing it of being, a political organization . This Awareness indicates that in court this will not be judged as a political organization, and Cosmic Awareness Communications will be allowed to receive back its exemption, even if such court action occurred . This Awareness indicates however, that this could hinder the organization for a period of time, to block it s flow of communication ; as indicated previously, this likened unto closing the door after the horses have bee n released . This Awareness suggests that in the event WKDW Cosmic Awareness Communications is blocked, this Awareness suggests that the people who have this information continue to spread the information in the name o f humanity, decency, and concern for future generations . D (G V1RWF IRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRQWKHVRXUFH $ZDUHQHVVUHFRPPHQGV SOHDVH UHIHUWR 5HYHODWLRQVRI$ZDUHQHVV 1R . 7 9 7KH*DWKHULQJ6WRUP  DQG1R ,ORZWR.HHS,QIRUPHGLQ6SLWHRIWKH Controlled 3UHVV . $2 .00 IURP& $ .( : .


(From PLAYBOY Magazine )

" ' hike il! Its ari il! 11'11 vivo vow a es!' '

Editor ' s Note : The Beast is at bay, there is no mistake about this . It appears that those who would violate humanity are being take n off this plane—this happening behind the scenes as indicated in Dr. Beret's latest Audio Letter No . 45 . Those with th e power to push the button that would ignite nuclear war are being removed and replaced with those whose concern i s with humanity and the survival of the billions of entities upon this planet . This is a small price to pay compared wit h the magnitude of atomic holocaust . The United States Secret Service has been to the C .A .C . office this week, also at th e home of the Interpreter, Paul Shockley . They have confirmed what Awareness stated in this reading--thousands of letter s arc arriving in Washington D .C . and many of these being turned over to the Secret Service by those receiving them . They ar c concerned because some of these letters contain ` implied threats ' —( WKH\ could produce none that contained actual threats) . We must again remind our membership to please do not get overzealous in your letters, do not make any kind of threat o r implied threat . Our job is to awaken these people ro the awareness that nor everyone in this country is asleep . Our job i s not to threaten, but to awaken these entities . There in no law against writing letters (even the US Secret Service admits this) . However, their job is to protect the President and other officials and if threatening letters arc written to these people, the y will attempt to track the letter-writer down and talk to him or her . Please cooperate on this . It will not only save you som e !made, but it will help to rake some of the heat off of this organization . in a short time this will all be over—the Beast will be transmuted and its evil plans will transmute along with it . There is a brilliant light on the near horizon—the heaviness of th e readings of the past six months or so will lighten, and once again your communications will be concerned with more spiritua l matters, for the need to alert the masses to the urgency of the moment will have passed and we need never bring up thi s subject ever again .

REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications P .U . Box 11 i, Olympia, Washington, 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .

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