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Premier Splendid Inn: Now officially open for business

Premier Hotels have addedBloemfontein as their latestmajor city in South Africa to theirportfolio. Premier Splendid Inn,located in Zastron Street amidsthistorical landmarks and all majorbuildings in the city, is now officiallyopen for business.

Formerly the old Stanville Inn hotel site location, the property had a R95-million refurbishment programme. The hotel offers five floors and a state-of-the-art conference facility, with modern accommodation in line with the demands of the growing city, within walking distance from the main government buildings, Mimosa Mall, City Hall and local municipal offices, and hospitals. The 88 rooms, comprising 20 double rooms, 50 twin, 13 king, three executive and two disabled bedrooms, are complimented by a stylish restaurant, reception and lobby/lounge area – as well as the new rooftop conference centre overlooking the iconic Naval Hill and sports stadium which can accommodate up to 150 people. The Premier Splendid Inn Bloemfontein offers dinner, bed and breakfast with a breakfast buffet and a la carte menu, room service, banqueting venues, a shuttle service to and from the airport and laundry services. The open plan kitchen, located behind a buffet area, offers a vibrant and interactive cooking experience. The menu provides options including Durban-style lamb curry, vegetarian, chicken or beef gourmet burgers, mixed grill and pasta dishes, as well as Halaal-friendly meals. A specialised coffee selection accompanies a cocktail menu to complete the dining experience. The hotel chain founder and managing director, Samuel Nassimov, said: “Our long-term plan is to increase our presence in all key cities across South Africa and this is another great step in that direction for the Premier Hotel Group.” The Premier Splendid Inn Bloemfontein is now open to locals, tourists and business people alike. Due to the current worldwide COVID-19 health crisis, the Premier Hotel Group has taken extraordinary precautions in offering guests, visitors and staff advanced health and cleanliness protocols, as recommended by World Health Organisation.