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Ghoul-Friends Gathering

A fab and glam-filled Halloween dinner party, with a colour palette you'll be wanting to use again! By Natalie Mayhew.

Every year I host a Halloween dinner party for my best “ghoul” friends. Last year it was a dark, black and gold Masquerade. This year I decided to go for a softer, more whimsical Halloween color palette. The pink, purple, blue, mint color palette was inspired by a set of candles from Ember Candle Co. Once I saw them I couldn’t get them out of my head, I had to have them. They have been in my studio for months, (not so) patiently waiting for Halloween to arrive!

Once I had decided on this key element I started to pull together the rest of the party décor. I’m loving how the 80’s trends are making a strong resurgence. Pairing this pretty palette with black, silver and geometrics gives a strong 80’s vibe.

The Dessert Table

I sprayed a grid wall lavender to give the backdrop geometric grid lines. I also used this to hang a pretty tassel banner. Glam Fete made a custom tassel banner to match the color scheme.

At each side of the backdrop I hung geometric light fittings painted mint. To the side of these, large pastel pink balloons with matching tassels and a Trick or Treat decal applied to them. Every party needs a pop of fun right…which side do you play for? Trick or treat?

On the table I used a mix of faux and real pumpkins. There are some beautiful pastel pumpkins available right now. Small geometric skulls on modern acrylic stands tie in the pastel skull theme to the dessert table.

I couldn’t go past a soft, frilly cake from Confection Deception as the focal point of the dessert table. I love how it looks almost ghostly. I asked my fabulous friends at Atomic Kraftworks to custom cut a 3D skull for me, I love how it turned out and used it as a cake topper.

The Table Setting

Down the center of the double size table I used a pale grey chiffon runner to soften the edges of my “coffin” centrepiece. I had a lot of fun creating this, it was originally a terrarium! I sprayed the bottom half grey stone creating a modern geometric and glass coffin centrepiece.

I then filled the coffin with delicious and ever so pretty, pastel sweets and ghostly cookies. At one end I sat a pink geometric skull on a small mint cupcake stand.

At the front I placed a fabulous genuine grave marker. This was such a great find at a vintage store here in Portland. It originally comes from Salem (Oregon, but hey…Salem!) and I won’t lie I bought several to use for this year’s front of house graveyard.

To each side of the coffin I used the original inspiration for this party, the pastel candles. Placing them on candlesticks of varying heights. I used clear glass to fit with the glass and acrylic elements in other areas of the party.

I also used glass skull candy holders as vases filled them with BRAINS! (well Celosia Cristata, but it looks like brains, right?!)

The Place Setting

I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted the unique coffin shaped plates from Daydream Society….with skulls! They were perfect for this setting. I paired them with a pink plate that pops against the black and a fun, unexpected mint stripe.

These are placed on top of a gothic, glam placemat with a surprise skull in the center. I then added matching black cutlery, wine glass, shot glass and cup for water. I used a mint acrylic drink stirrer for a pop of color. Then finally, I folded the napkin into a coffin shape, a fun detail to tie the setting into the centerpiece.

The table is set, pull up a “ghost” chair and dig up the coffin for a treat!


Styling and Concept Fern and Maple Events

Tableware Daydream Society

Custom cut 3D lilac acrylic skeleton head (used as cake topper) and acrylic drink stirrers Atomic Kraftworks

Pink Cake Stand Amalfi Décor

Pastel Skull Candles Ember Candle Co.

Ghostly Ruffle Cake Confection Deception

Candy for Coffin Lolli & Pops