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Deck The Halls

Decor for Selling During the Holidays!

If you find yourself selling during the holidays you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain, however, a few simple suggestions can help you successfully LIST and LIVE during the holiday season!

Although the holidays are typically not considered prime selling season, you can often capitalize on buyers who are feeling a bit more generous.

The best news for sellers, it will be a less competitive market since many sellers will be waiting until Spring to list. Another plus is the influx of out-of-town buyers, most of whom are typically more serious when they have limited time to make a decision and want the home to be ready in time for their next visit. So how can you make sure you still enjoy the holidays while your home is on the market? Decorate and celebrate, but keep it simple by using a neutral color scheme such as whites, golds, and silvers instead of bright red and green, or blue. Keeping the decorations neutral will complement your home decor without detracting or overwhelming potential buyers during showings.

Attempt to decorate in a way that makes the potential buyer feel at home in your festive environment, a place where they can picture themselves celebrating with their own families in the future. Outdoor holiday lights will help further set the festive mood while complementing your home’s beautiful exterior and landscaping. Again, keep it neutral with beautiful white lights adding a warm glow for the holiday ambiance.

Decor for Selling During the Holidays! with expert Michelle Graci

Remember, buyers need to see the beauty of your home through the decor. It may be di cult to put away some of the nostalgic decor Grandma is expecting to see displayed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it next year!

If you have young children or a tendency toward brighter decor, I suggest keeping a sizable, decorative basket with a lid in each room. is way, if you have a showing with short notice, you can have your agent place all the bright items from the rooms in the basket prior to their arrival and then easily put your items back on display after the showing.

Last but not least, make sure the house smells yummy! A vanilla candle, fresh baked cookies, cozy blankets, and soft white string lights will create an ambiance that will entice any buyer!