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Spring is hair for Cathal O’Gara

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If you’ve been near a television set in the past few years, then you’ve likely heard Joshua Radin’s music. The Ohio native and New York resident has found his songs featured in episodes of Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters and One Tree Hill among many others. Following on from his early success, Radin was set for the release of his second album, yet showed a seldom seen bravery in the music business when his record company wasn’t happy. “I was with Columbia Records and I made this record with them. I turned it in the way I wanted it to turn out and they said, “We love it, but we want one big hit on it.” I said “No” because I don’t really want the Top-40 hit because there is so much pressure to follow it up. I prefer the organic and honest slow-build.” “I just feel like that’s a better way to craft a career these days. So, I gave them their money back and put it out myself with this new indie label. When it went to number one on iTunes, it was definitely some sweet vindication. You’ve got to do it the way your heart tells you to do it.” Radin is a rare breed, a down to earth musician bereft of a overblown ego, something which might owe something to the fact that his introduction to music came later than normal; “I started music real late. I always dreamt of being a musician, i started playing music at 29, very

The Siren 20.04.10

Frontman of Scottish Indie veterans Idlewild takes some time out of touring preparations to discuss music in the modern age with Jim Scully For anyone who has ever listened to Biffy Clyro and trembled at the knees at the sound of Simon Neil’s simultaneous aggression and gentle emotions, and thought his Scottish charm was beautifully original have obviously never heard Idlewild. Favourites of BBC Radio 1 stalwart Steve Lamacq, Edinburgh’s Idlewild were not so long ago one of the most highly regarded British bands on the circuit. Regarded by critics and fervently followed by fans, the band were once at the centre of all that was fresh, young and original in the British scene. Today though Idlewild seem to reside a little further off the map than they once did. A less than frequent touring schedule has left the band out of the focus of the mainstream music media, but the more relaxed live seems to suit the Scottish five piece as they move towards a more matured lifestyle. Speaking to frontman Roddy Woomble seems to echo the bands acceptance of a place in the music world a little out of step with the rest – something which he seems to think has always applied to the band. “You can only do so much. There’s so many bands. And the emphasis is generally speaking on the new bands - from a point of view of publications and gigs. You kind of have to take what you get.” “I don’t think we ever have really (fitted in), we’ve always kind of done our own thing. We never really belonged to Britpop or any other thing we just kind of went and did our thing. Maybe that’s one thing people like about the band.” But regardless of the way in which Idlewild step into the more shaded area of the spotlight,

their ticket sales at gigs remained persistent, their fans loyal throughout. “We’re quite lucky because we have a devoted loyal fan base, albeit not a huge one, but one which sticks by the bands and comes to concerts. And that’s what allows us to exist in the independent way we do. The irony is that the reason we have this fan base is because we spent eight years signed to a massive label touring the world and having money spent on us to make people aware of us.” Perhaps if the band were appearing in this modern age the same money would not have been spent on promoting the band, and the same success would not have befell them. Woomble himself is only too aware of this; “I think at one point people are going to realize, most of the bands who rely on gigs and a little bit of record sales for a living wont be able to do that anymore, they won’t be able to concentrate on their music. So you’ll see a lot of new bands in that middle ground between new band and million sellers and sort of have to do half the stuff they used to do to because they have to make a living as well which will be a real shame, because a lot of bands you probably listen to fall into that category.” “I think quite often the assumption is ‘well I’m not paying for that because musicians have got loads of money.’ Most the musicians I know are not like that. Not to be all doom and gloom.” Of course not, and how could he be as the band prepare to mark their eager return to Irish soil, “I’ll be looking forward to getting back to Ireland because we haven’t played for three or four years. It’s always been quite a good place to play.” Idlewild play The Academy on Thursday April 29th.

A rare breed Philip Connolly catches up with soap soundtrack superstar, Joshua Radin about sticking it to the man and doing it his way

quickly I felt like I was meant for this. I’m able to cope easier, and as a writer I have more to write about, I’ve lived more.” While the timing of Radin’s into to music is unusual, the catalyst

behind it is not, “a break-up with a girl, I didn’t know how to say it so I put it in a song.” Despite not being long in the business, Radin has played in Dublin before with the night

ending with an impromptu after party. “Last time I played in Dublin I invited the entire audience to the pub afterwards; we ended up getting locked in. I can’t remember

the name of the pub, but it had about five people in it and then a couple of hundred showed up, the pub was very happy.”

The Siren 20.04.10


The Gaslight Anthem


American Slang

Jim Scully Cutting their teeth in New Jersey’s blue collar punk scene, The Gaslight Anthem, quickly learned how to get an audience hot under the collar. Doing so in a sweaty club as local heroes to armies of teenagers is one thing, but pulling the same trick two years later appearing on stage in front of thousands with their hero Bruce Springsteen is another. Gaining the seal of approval from New Jersey local Bruce Springsteen with their second album ‘The ’59 Sound’ seemed enough reason for the mainstream to take notice, which is funny as for me, it was a highly calculated album which lacked much originality, and one got old really quick. However, once reserved for the scarcely read pages of punk and alternative periodicals, suddenly institutions such as The Guardian, The Irish Times and NME were putting their name in print in time to be able to herald the next big thing. But before all the hysteria and Springsteen comparisons, this band were making waves below the radar. The band’s first record ‘Sink or Swim’ was undoubtedly one influenced by their surroundings, a punk rock record but one whose originality and charm reached out beyond the limits of any one genre. The band’s follow up ‘The ’59 sound” was a surprise breakthrough success, one which was unexpected by anyone within the band or their label. The nostalgia driven record which blended soul, punk and rock ‘n’ roll into one saw the band take to bigger and bigger stages, and more and more pages. Following

up such a sudden success is never easy, and it’s a challenge which tests the very fabric of any band. Do you stick to your guns and forget about the critics and audiences? Or do you aim to repeat past successes? Thankfully, for the most part The Gaslight Anthem chose the former. I say for the most part as no band can ever claim to be as unaffected by success as they might like to think, but these New Jersey natives have struck a fine balance. While ‘American Slang’ treads ambitious new ground, it respectfully disregards the soulful charm that so rapidly raised their profile. Sure, the echo of ‘The ’59 Sound’ can still be heard lingering in the distant ambience of ‘American Slang’, and very distant it is. The power and passion of ‘Sink or Swim’ is present on these tracks as is the nostalgic charm of ‘The ’59 Sound’ but ‘American Slang’ see’s a band desperately trying to find a sound they can call their own. And while this might not be the album which puts The Gaslight Anthem up there with the big hitters in musical history it’s a step in the right direction. This time around Brian Fallon and Co. have stepped away from the soul and made a rock record to be proud of. Lyrically ‘American Slang’ sees Fallon manage to write clever and charming songs without without referncing the words of the greats, and with the band creating a blues tinged rock n’ roll background they can call their own this album has a longevity which was absent on ‘The ’59 Sound’, one which has secured The Gaslight Anthem a future on the stages and pages for years to come.

Is currently seeking applications for:

Station Manager:

(Part-Time) on an annual stipend to run June 2010 – June 2011. Applicants should be familiar with the Students Union, nature of college authorities and college societies. Previous experience in broadcasting is desirable but not essential. Responsibilities Include

Meat Loaf

Hang Cool Teddy Bear Ryan Cullen

Like a fat out of hell, Geriatric rock singer Meat Loaf has come to urinate on the eye of your CD player. ‘Hang Cool Teddy Bear’ is the eleventh studio album from the chunky Texas Born clown which features many guest appearances from renowned musicians such as Brian May, Steve Vai, Hugh Laurie, Jack Black and even well known rodwollaper Bon Jovi. With this much help, Meat Loaf didn’t have to lift a muscle in the recording studio which reflects why he weighs more than the entire production team together. Cited as having a ‘bubbly personality’(makes you wonder how many aero bars he has shoved in his mouth) and a very loud, exciting and dramatic singing voice, this album is a exciting and fun as Lech Kaczynskis funeral. At his age and size, it’s obvious that Meat Loaf has no feeling in his body and this directly fixates onto this fucking drivel. Although only writing two songs on the album, Meat Loaf credits his inspiration to make the album from a make believe soldier, whose “story” furnishes the album’s theme.

Lucky he created the soldier otherwise he would surely be dangling from wire in his bathroom by now. When it comes to Texans, words are not a strong point and each song feels like it was written from a speech writer in George W Bush’s administration. For Example, ‘Two Out Of Three Aint Bad’, a song that would upset me as much as it would upset Kate McCann. Cheesy guitar riffs and lyrics are about the only thing that can run in relation to Meat Loaf and they flow through this album like a suitcase in Dublin Canal containing the corpse of a recently deceased being. You would love stab him to death but unfortunately it would take weeks. ‘Los Angeloser’ is the third track on this horror CD and quite honestly one of the most painful songs I have heard in quite some time .“Up into the valley to see my girlfriend She’s got a big couch”, you would need a big couch to contain the waste of oxygen that is Meat Loaf. The track ‘Like a Rose’ begins with the lines “ You better pray she took her morning medication” her morning medication would have to be able to amend punctured lungs and a few cracked ribs that would be sustained when sleeping with this walrus. If you are going to purchase this record or it happens to come free with a Weight watchers Yoghurt, listening to it can give a lot of satisfaction when you relate everything to his obesity. Set him on fire, least we would burn a few calories.

General Station Management Co-ordinating with college and institutional authorities Marketing, Publicity and Sponsorship Recruitment , Selection and Supervision of Volunteer Personnel Develop future plans for the continued growth of the station in consultation with the board of directors. Licensing and Compliance Supervising Assistant Managers and Team Leading Stipend: €4500 (Currently under review for 2010/2011)

Assistant Manager(s):

(Part-Time) on an Annual Stipend to run June 2009 – June 2010. Applicants should be familiar with the Students Union, nature of college authorities and college societies. Previous experience in broadcasting is desirable but not essential. Responsibilities Include Coordinating the day to day running of the station under the guidance of the Station Manager Ensuring Volunteer compliance with Station Policy Organising Training Sessions Marketing and Publicity Other activities the Station Manager deems applicable Stipend: €3000 (Currently under review for 2010/2011) All applicants must submit a CV and a Cover Letter including an outline plan for station broadcast schedule consisting of weekly show schedule and overall yearly broadcast schedule and plan.

Closing date for applications Thursday the 6th May. Interviews will be held Monday

17th of May in the UCD Student Centre.

Please send CV and Cover Letter to

The Siren 20.04.10

Hit for Six



You Me At Six catch up with Ashling Maguire to discuss the pressures of touring and plans for international success

If first impressions are anything to go by You Me At Six certainly live up to their reputation as emo pin ups. As I walked into their dressing room it was skinny jeans and hair straightening a go-go while we discussed what they had gotten up to the night before after their Belfast show. “We went to this mental UV rave thing. There were trampoline people. I don’t know, it was weird. The girls were all bendy.” Thankfully, second impressions are the ones that stick and as the interview went on they revealed themselves to be extremely focused guys with big plans for the future. With two successful albums and support slots with the likes of Paramore under their belts, You Me At Six are under no illusions as to how much hard work it takes to make an impression

on the industry and show no signs of letting up their relentless touring schedule. Front man, Josh Franceschi missed the interview, opting to rest his voice after coming down with a bad case of laryngitis.

Cancelling their sold out Olympia show didn’t appear an option even though he

was advised to stop singing altogether. The band are currently touring their second album “Hold Me Down” which they already consider to be more of a success then their debut “Take Off Your Colours” despite it only being released a couple of months ago, “The new one is going down better, it’s gone to radio and stuff like that and the other one hasn’t.” “We’ve definitely pushed out to a new world of audiences because of radio play. It’s nice when you see a new or different fan base building up as well. It’s not just twelve to eighteen years olds getting into it, the eighteen year olds to the 30 year olds will come down to the shows now so that’s definitely a good change.” The change in audience could also be down to the notable progression in their music style since their debut which was written while they

were just sixteen and seventeen years old; “We grew up a lot. We did a lot of touring and played with a lot of bands so we grew up as musicians and as people in those two or three years and that changed our

band so that’s why the new album sounds slightly different” “What we’d like for this record to achieve is to bring us on to an international scale

now. With the UK and Ireland we’ve kind of made a mark on them. We’ve done quite a bit here but internationally we haven’t really branched out that much.” The first step in their plan for cracking the US is a stint on the gruelling Vans Warped Tour over the summer, “It’s such a huge country and there’s so much competition that you have to be out there constantly if you want to do anything. It’s hard touring as well. Warped Tour is not just fun and games, you have to really work hard there. You get up at seven or eight in the morning to find out what time your bands playing, you have to set up your merch tent, get kids into your band.” “There are a lot of kids over there who wouldn’t have heard of your band. It’s a really hard working festival but if we pull it off and we do our best then we’re going come back from that festival thinking ‘yeah that was an awesome festival for us, we got a lot out of it.’ You’ve got to work hard.”

de i u G G I G

BLOOD RED SHOES - 22 April/ Academy 2/ €13.50 Brighton post-grunge duo BLOOD RED SHOES have announced a Dublin date as part of their upcoming Irish tour, to coincide with the release of their 2nd studio album “Fire Like This”. Due out at the beginning of March, the album is available on a track-by-track basis from the band’s official website, The duo, that have opened for Foals and are favorites of The Breeders, will play The Academy 2 on Thursday April 22nd. Age limit is 14 and up – there will be no alcohol served. THE FALL - 29 April/ Tripod/ €22.50 Post punk masters THE FALL are set to

play TRIPOD on Thursday 29th April. The Mancunian veterans have been one of the British music scene’s most influential bands for over three decades, and were famously John Peel’s favourite group. Their musical prolificacy is as impressive as their frequent line-up changes, with 27 studio albums under their belt to date. The 28th is slated for release in April through Domino. The band has gone through numerous personnel changes over the years (there have been well over 30 different line-ups so far), and at present consists of New Musical Express Godlike Genius Award for Services to Music winner Mark E. Smith, his wife, Elenor Smith, Dave Spurr, Pete Greenway, and Keiron Melling. The Fall have signed with UK-based independent record label Domino Records. A new studio album - provisionally titled Our Future - Your Clutter - is due to be released by the label in Spring 2010. SURFER BLOOD - 30 April/ The Academy/ €15 Surfer Blood are a four piece indie rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida. They released their debut single Swim in 2009 to critical acclaim. The track made it into Pitchforks Top 100 tracks of 2009. Compared to Weezer, Pavement and Built To Spill, Surfer Blood released their debut album, Astro Coast, in January.

CLub Night JOGGING – 2 May/ Whelans/ €10 The Richter Collective present the much anticipated debut album “MINUTES” from Dublin rock trio JOGGING on Bank Holiday Sunday 2nd May in Whelan’s. The Richter Collective have been incredibly busy this year with releases from the Redneck Manifesto, The Continuous Battle of Order & Worrier. Very special guests on the night will be Not Squares (Belfast) & Logikparty (Dublin). Jogging are an intense, raw blend of Punk, Indie and Dance while maintaining a fresh, urgent and current edge.

What? presents the State Social Where? Twisted Pepper, Abbey St. When? Wednesday 28th April. Why? Once a month Twisted Pepper bring you DJ sets from Ireland’s finest alternative acts and State residents. Expect

to hear an eclectic mix of rock, pop, indie, electro, hip-hop and everything in between as they play tunes from their personal collections. The fun kicks off at 11pm until late. Price? Admission is free, and as always Twisted Pepper’s famous 10 x €10 deals are available from the bar all night.



Soundwave, Croatia

Hellfest, France

Let your inner fisherman’s blues envelop you and sail off for the guaranteed rave provided by Croatia’s best known dance music festival; Soundwave. Oh-so-quaintly set in a fishing village of Petrcane, near Zadar, on the Dalmatian coast, Sounwave is the lesser known, quirky festival to hit up in the always cheap and cheerful Eastern Europe. The picturesque and sun-drenched setting doesnt hurt either. In fact, the inland amphitheatre for the bands, a beachside terrace for the DJs and a party boat make this a sure choice for sun-whores. For the true disco fans, some events take place in the unreconstructed 70s glam of the circular Barbarella club. Some acts on this year’s line-include Toddla T, Benji B, Smith & Mighty , DJ Format and DJ Vadim. In additional to the performances, there are a number of organised boat parties as well as a great nightclub on site for after-parties so there’s no shortage of dance fun to be had.

An eerie forest where an average punter would imagine die-hard-Lord of the Rings-role-players cavorting is the setting for metal featival, Hellfest. This Summer open air is held annually in Clisson, France, since 2006. 2010’s line-up runs from the respectable, Seven Seconds and Agnostic Front to the cringey Twisted Sister. Having been branded as a “Satanic Festival” Hellfest has not been without controversy with last year when religious and right-wing groups asked the festival sponsors to disengage from Hellfest. Coca-Cola announced a few days later that they were pulling out.

Quart Festival, Norway With its chilled out reputation, despite attracting 30,000 music fans, the Quart Festival which takes place in Odderøya is considered Norway’s best annual music festival. It was first named Qvadradurmusivalen in 1991, but the festival organisers wisely decided to change it to the more cathy, not to mention pronouncable, Quart Festival the following year. Grand, old trees fill the leafy park setting for the festival’s main stage and the beach area of the festival also features a full live music programme, while the festival club dancefloor trembles with banging beats into the wee hours. Not unlike Hellfest, there has been some haphazard scandals throughout the years, such as: A local band Flying Crap fired a shotgun from the stage in 1995, Covenant burned the bible on stage in 2000, Mayhem threw pigs’ heads at the audience in 2001, Kristopher Schau attached an engine to a dead pig and used it as a boat in 2003, Two persons from rainforest charity group Fuck For Forest had live sex on stage during a concert with The Cumshots in 2004. The one to watch (at a distance) apparently.

Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Germany Top live reggae is the remedy for end of summer stress at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer festival. With its august timing, the sunshine will hopefully be more akin to Jamaica than it’s native location sitting at the base of the Chiemgau Alps in Bavaria. Having reached the 25.000 visitor per year mark, it is one the of the largest festivals of its kind. There is beach volleyball for when you’re feeling energetic and a Bavarian-Jamaican beer garden and cocktail bar for when you’re not.

The Siren 20.04.10


With all those lazy, ha around the corner, C plores the array of cho die-hard festival go

Sziget, Hungary The always sunny Sziget festival is the much hyped eastern European music and cultural festival that never fails to live up to its appraised reputation. Budapest’s Shipyard on the Danube River’s Óbudai Island becomes a city of multicolored tents, food and drink vendors and good natured people for the Festival. It also boasts a dedicated “party train” service that transports festival goers from Western Europe. Currently it boasts more than 1000 performances each year and the acts encompass a lot of genres stretching from absolutel mainstream to pure madness. It is now being increasingly labeled as a European alternative to the Burning Man festival due to its unique features; “an electronically amplified, warped amusement park that has nothing to do with reality.”

The Siren 20.04.10


azy Summer days just Cathy Buckmaster exoices available to those oers across Europe

Roskilde Festival, Denmark Held south of Roskilde in Denmark, this four day festival is one of the most diverse of the large Europen parties featuring music, cinema, skate and art. Everything from metal bands to Scandinavian punk takes center stage with the usual suspects like Alice in Chains along with interesting new names and other old faves like Them Crooked Vultures and Killswitch Engage. This eccentric festival was created in 1971 by two high school students, Mogens Sandfær and Jesper Switzer Møller, and promoter Carl Fische. However, in 1972 the festival was taken over by the Roskilde Foundation, which has since run the festival as a non-profit organisation for development and support of music, culture and humanism.



Oxegen Festival, Ireland

Electric Picnic, Ireland

Now Ireland’s biggest festival, Oxegen runs for four days and has an average attendance of around 90,000 a day, with around 80,000 of these camping on site for the duration. Despite some bad press of general chaos, fires and bodily fluids, Oxegen stll attracts a health crowd due to a line up includes: Eminem, Muse, Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Florence and the Machine, , David Guetta, Vampire Weekend, Mumford and Sons, Hot Chip, Calvin Harris, The Temper Trap, Empire of the Sun, Goldfrapp and La Roux.

Ireland’s boutique festival, Electric Picnic, has earned its stripes for more than the guaranteed great line up on offer; The delicious, sustenance, the vibrant decor, the eccentric outfits, the scattered, glittering lights, huge circus tents, Victorian carnival rides, fairy-themed boutiques, tiny tea cafés, cosy wood fires and the crafts centre all combine to make one hell of an enchanting weekend. As well as all this, the excellent organisation, tight security, short queues and, well, decent cleaning attached makes sure it provides the much desired atmosphere for those sick of scumbags drinking cider to excess and then pissing on their tent in the middle of the night á la Oxegen. Line up includes the likes of Roxy Music, Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem, The Frames, Mumford & Sons, Modest Mouse, Hot Chip and Gil Scott-Heron.

Pukkelpop, Belgium With acts like 50 Cent, Arctic Monkeys, The Bloody Beetroots, Vitalic, Badly Drawn Boy and Crystal Antlers being among the names entertaining 100,000 music fans last year at this three-day summer music festival, Pukklepop is sure to serve up a wide array of well known acts. The event, noted for its wide variety of alternative music, spanning styles such as rock, pop, electronic, dance, hip-hop, punk and metal in the name of being “progressive and contemporary” is held within a large enclosure of fields and woodland) in the village of Kiewit with an attendance rate of roughly 180,000. Lineup for 2010 includes Iron Maiden, The Prodigy and Queens of the Stone Age confirmed as headliners.

Rock Am Ring, Germany The Rock am Ring at the Nurburgring is the largest festival in Germany and one of the most established across Europe. Rock am Ring was originally planned as a one-time festival celebrating the inauguration of a newer, shorter version of the track in 1985, but due to its commercial success, it was decided to make the concert an annual event. The 2007 festival was used in a science experiment to test the effects of large bodies of people simultaneously jumping. The experiment concluded no significant results would come from the theoretical event. 2010 acts include 30 Seconds To Mars, Ellie Goulding, Gogol Bordello, Jay-Z, Kasabian, Muse, Rammstein, The Hives and Wolfmother,



The Siren 20.04.10

CLC: Clothing Love and Care

as the fibres are being penetrated. So grab the closest wet, baby or even face wipe and blot the stain gently. Never consider using hot water, as this only sets the stain. If you manage to stain satin, use a dry piece of cloth to absorb the liquid and then blot with soda water. To get rid of water marks on leather shoes rub the shoe with a cut potato and then polish, if you happen to get pen ink on leather, spritz on some hair spray to remove. For other material shoes, Cif is a useful dirt buster. For bally woollens, shave off the bobbles with a razor. When you wash cashmere, always do it by hand and make sure to dry flat and add vinegar to a woollen wash, to make items fluffier. For you intimates, make sure to wash them on a low heat as high temperature causes the under wire of a bra to pop out. Place them in the inside of a pillow case, or the leg of old tights to avoid twisting straps. Overall, small adjustments can save you big pennies. So next time you’re making a beeline for the bin with your damaged goods in hand; think WWAD? (What would Aoifa do?)

Some girls these days seem to think that a dress for a night out is disposable but as Aoifa Smyth demonstrates, that doesn’t need to be the case Whether you purchase your clothes from H and M, or Hermes, it’s always important to look after them. High street buys don’t need to be disposable, with a little T.L.C and attention to detail; your clothes can last longer. Before you bin an item, because you feel it’s seen better days, try to revive it and you may be pleasantly surprised. First of all, prevention is the key. Correct storage impacts on the condition of your clothing. When you’re not using a bag, stuff it with newspaper and place it in a large zip lock bag and store away. Polish leather shoes and bags after you use them, so they are ready to go when you next need them. Shoes can be kept in the shoe boxes they came in, with a description scribbled on the exte-

rior, for easy access. Only keep one season of clothing in your wardrobe, to prevent over crowding and creasing. Use vacuum pack bags for the clothes you’re not using and pop them in the attic or under your bed until needed. When you take out your summer clothes, after a long and cold winter, you’ll feel like you have a brand new wardrobe. Make sure to include some moth balls when storing away clothes for a season and if you do notice moth eggs on your clothes, put the item in a bag and leave it over night in the freezer. When hanging up garments in your wardrobe, don’t be tempted to throw them on any old hanger and avoid wire hangers, as they’ll just wreck the shape


of items. With coats and jackets, opt for thick hangers with a shaped shoulder to keep the silhouette in tact, when hanging trousers, use clamp hangers on the hems to avoid creasing and with knits be sure to use padded hangers. In the likely event (if you’re any-


By Danny Lambert

Jack Fairbairn 20 Arts Doherty Style Icon: Pete Zara : op Sh ite ur Favo


The A-Z of fashion

F is for Faux Fur

Snug, stylish and comfy, fur is a statement piece for any girl’s wardrobe, but as any true fashionista knows, the only fur that should be part of your clothing collection, is that of the faux variety. We’ve all heard about the cruelty and intense suffering that thousands of animals are subjected to every year for the sake of a fancy coat or a warm pair of Sinéad Barnes 21 boots. However, man-made faux fur does 3rd Pharmacology the exact same job and looks just as good Style Icon: Kate Moss as real fur. Favourite Shop: Top Sh op Celebrities such Beyoncé and Kate Moss have been criticised, and some even attacked, for wearing real fur on the red carpet or on stage, by animal rights activists. Several years ago, controversy arose regardBoy s a ing the trend of ‘mukluk’ boots, which ge w sa a Geor b were lined on the inside, and partly on the o sj earm hi w o r r f outside, with real rabbit fur. Thankfully, o f ed esco sco sack T e t T a . mukluks eventually lost their fashion apgs er e er ba stack i b r f l r o t e a peal and we must say, this is one trend we c e sh ranc tore’s a s e e p were very happy to see coming to an end. h ap ing t d his . ” e r g e n Many major fashion labels, such as Ralph id urbi cons “dist Lauren, refuse to include real fur in their collections.

hion fac t s f as s e el

Aoifa Smyth 20 Arts 2nd Style Icon: Chloe Sevigny Favourite Shop: The Harlequin

thing like me who manages to damage every single possession I care about) that an item becomes less than perfect, don’t run as fast as your feet can carry you to the closet incinerator, but try to show it some lovin’ and see where that gets you. In terms of stains, needless to say, the longer you leave it, the worse the stain gets,

When incorporating faux fur into your look, this is certainly one trend that we can apply the less is more rule to. Coats, hats and gloves with fur trimmings look elegantly stylish, as does a fur wrap draped over your shoulder, along with an evening dress. Fur boots also look stylish and have the added benefit of keeping you feet warm and snug on those cold wintery walks into college in the mornings. However, opt for boots with only minimal amounts of fur on the outside, to avoid overkill. By Laura McNally.

The Siren 20.04.10


H s i a r i e r m m Su

it. Cathal t n u a fl , it t o g e ’v Hair; if you to do so w o h n o d n a h a O’Gara lends All fashion trends are cyclical, and past few years have progressively modernised the styles of the 20th Century and embedded them strongly in the 21st. Likewise with men’s hair trends in 2010: it’s out with the new, and in with the old. Or, at least an erstwhile hair style which has been renovated into today’s mainstream culture. 2010 saw men’s hair styles falling into two diverse groups: ‘school boy’ and ‘rocker’. However whereas the rocker style is without doubt a 20th Century conception, the consequential hair style acquires its roots (no pun intended) markedly in 19th Century England. Consequently in 2010; whilst some collections attempted a grunge revival (and failed), the mainstream decided upon a sophisticated, classically inspired hair cut. These sophisticated hair styles are also running into Summer trends. Progressing from 2009, the men’s fringe continues to be a foremost feature of men’s hair trends this Summer. However, as expected, this trend that has transformed. Whereas the fringe in 2009 involved close-to-eyebrow length, this Summer’s styles provide more options.

Fortunately, the fringe trend in Summer arrives in a range of lengths, so you’re going to be able to play with the look to suit your face shape. While you’ll be looking to keep shorter back and sides, the way of justly making it your own is to play with the length of the fringe itself. This Summer it’s all about the textured hair style, as well as the longer fringe; the 2010 incarnation of the ‘Caesar cut’, christened after the style Roman dictator Julius Caesar who is frequently portrayed fashioning his hair in a similar manner. To achieve this autocratic look you should cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead with the overall effect depending largely on using a matte wax to create the rocky and rugged texture giving off the ‘Regency’ style. In being a part of this Summer’s hair trends, the slick back (think George Clooney on a good day) drives home one major point: men’s hair styles this Summer are all about the classic. In fact the slick back may actually be a little too classic for most men, with its popularity in the likes of Ralph Lauren and the business-class type. In order to achieve this look you must first take note of your type of hair. Guys with

Get Ahead of the Game



The new S.A.T.C movie

OK, so the last movie was a tad cheesy but there’s something about Carrie and the gang that screams “Come see me with your girlfriends!” And it’d just be rude not to oblige.

Stacked Buns Believe it or not, the oh so nineties bun has been revived. Wear hair swept in a bun high up on your head to achieve this chic look; which featured in both Mark Jacobs and Philip Lim’s catwalk collections.

The Cow Girl trend straight hair: make sure to stick to a longer cut on top. Guys with wavy hair: go for short hair on top, maybe a few inches in length depending on the strength of your curls. In truth, you already know it’s not going to take a lot of effort to style the Caesar. Using the right product, like good old-

school Brylcreem if you’re after a classic wet look, the real trick is to make sure that the side you choose to slick the hair back towards actually suits your face. Try both ways, and don’t overlook that your mirror doesn’t show your proper image.

Marguerite Murphy tells us to wave goodbye to luminous leg warmers and the ‘nu-rave fads’ of yesteryear, and wave your purses towards the incoming sports luxe trend Athletic wear has always been a constant on the runways as the classic sportswear shapes, patterns and fabrics always offer simple classic lines combined with a comfort factor certain to be favoured by the masses. Yet this year witnesses an ever so subtle rebirth, teaming cut out bodysuits styles with super light fabrics to blur the edges of a streamlined silhouette. Fashion frontier Alexander Wang’s spring collection presents androgynous, harem (yes-they do have longevity) style suit-pants which were teamed with monochrome body hugging sweatshirt crops and sports bras. Wang’s take on sports luxe nodded to the traditional culottes enhanced by knee length socks, heeled loafers and took on a classic American trend with a twist in striped cotton t-shirts complete with hoods. Sports luxe blends the flattering simple lines that we have been ashamedly familiar with, yes: our old Adidas tracksuits. Usually a symbol of the chav, ‘tracksuits’ are surprisingly flattering- the double vertical stripe down the pant, the bold patterning that geometrically enhances a toned body and the simplicity of monochromes broken up by a brief splash of colour are all on our side. Revamped for 2010, designers combine the traditional elements of sportswear and enhance it for a strangely familiar, yet eclectic, juxtaposition. From the padded shoulders reminiscent of American football adorned with chiffon and completed with open toe boots that were present on Wang’s runway, to Pucci’s colour popping tropical body cons inspired by his love of scuba diving. Not to fear if you prefer your muted greys,

charcoals and a rocker image, sports luxe reached down to the darker aspects of Proenza Schouler’s grown up grunge reminiscent of the skateboard and surfing cultures of California and international city/beach hipsters. So, how to bring one home for the team? The high street is the main point of call, American Apparel being the constant headliner in the sports luxe trend and a favourite amongst the die hard trendy kids for years now. Team a bodysuit with a loose fitting cardigan that ties (rather than buttons) around the body. For day, a pair of converse and a loose plait will suffice and follow the look into evening with statement heels and a flash of bold lipstick. As with every trend, the question has to asked, is it worth the splurge? I would never condone spending on a trend, but this one has a constant ebb and flow through the fashion decades, and the layered casual comfort is perfect for students especially when remodelled with luxurious fabrics for those who like to out-do each other. Office workers and professionals breathe a sigh of relief as casual wear becomes catwalk worthy, but in UCD daytime ’chic’ is what we do best, so vamp up over-sized parachute pants or your staple leggings with layered crops a la Topshop, Penneys or American Apparel and you are good to go. Lycra has been in for a while now, and it isn’t looking like its about to leave so if you haven’t already, an investment in a pastel unisex cardigan and a spandex bodysuit is most definitely on the cards. Go, be trendy. But leave the athletics to the pros.

Denim, gingham, suede, fringe and pig tails. Dolly Parton, eat your heart out! YEE HAW!


Remember Me

Not even Robert Pattinson could distract one from how utterly terrible this film was. Although, he did ease the boredom a tad.

Quilted bags with chain straps Once so special, now, not so much. It’s more unusual to not have one at this stage. If it’s not Chanel, you’ve lost me.

Bikini season creeping up Once again, I forgot about the crunches after one day. Just one more doughnut.

By Aoifa Smyth



Sink your teeth into this

The Siren 20.04.10 5 FILMS TIM BURTON SHOULDN’T REMAKE BUT PROBABLY WILL 1. Wizard of Oz This is a lazy one. It has already has a creepy vibe and it already has an abundance of spirals and stripes in the scenery. All he needs to do is darken it up a smidgeon, get Danny Elfman in to make “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a bit more Danny Elfmanish and presto; Instant 3D magic. Johnny Depp would play: The Tin Man Helena Bonham Carter would play: The Wicked Witch 2. The Addams Family A bit of research has told me that this may actually be happening, although I suspect it’s a result of Helena nagging him:


Starring: Christos Stergioglou, Michelle Valley Directed by: Giorgos Lanthimos Reviewed by: Ryan Cullen

Dwelling between the bizarre, the awkward and the darkly funny, Dogtooth follows the strange antics of three siblings brought up by their misguided parents in complete isolation from the rest of the world. Winner of the Prix Un Certain Regard at Cannes, this deliberately slow paced film contains many subtle socio-political messages as well as graphic scenes of violence, sex and the downright weird. The father of this family is convinced that the best way for his children to remain uncontaminated by the world is to completely cut them off from it. He has created, in his mansion, a fake, pristine universe for his boy and two girls to grow up in. A very

controversial and sadistic black comedy arises. The nameless siblings who appear to be in there 20’s, learn everything they know from recorded tapes, but perversely, these are supposed to protect the brood from the dangers of the outside world by changing the sense of any word they are not supposed to know. Thus the sea is a leather chair, a zombie is a yellow flower and Frank Sinatra is their grandfather and they can only leave the house and grounds when their ‘dogteeth’ have fallen out. The film continues to shock and the introduction of a female outsider bursts into their bizarre family bubble, with shocking and strangely amusing results. If ever

there was an argument for the importance of social interaction for the proper development of children, this is it. All in all, Dogtooth is not easy watching. Although very interesting, it is quite unsettling with many scenes of graphic sex, domestic abuse plus incest and at time the films slow pace can be irritating. Visually, “Dogtooth” is brightly lit and unnaturally calm views of pools and villas. This film may not be to everyone’s taste but should leave you with a wicked sense of amusement and is truely fascinating. Director Giorgos Lanthimos has created the ultimate example of parental control gone mad in this truly mystifying film.

H: Darling let’s do another film where I get to wear a corset and Johnny Depp plays my lover. T: I don’t see why not, it worked the last seventeen times we did it. Which one shall we do? H: I don’t care as long as I get to wear a corset. T: Get Danny Elfman on the phone! JD would play: Gomez HBC would play: Morticia 3. The Witches Tim would have a field day with pretty much any Roald Dahl adaptation but this one has the particular brand of twisted horror and magic that he goes mental for. Just think how a kid turning into a mouse would look in 3D. There was a very cheesy film adaptation with woeful special effects back in the early 90s and that’s where it should stay. JD would play: The mousey narrator HBC would play: The Grand High Witch 4. Casper

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

Reviewed by: Ashling Maguire Director: Gurinder Chadha Starring: Goldy Notay, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Zoe Wanamaker Mrs Sethi (Shabana Azmi) decides she can’t die happy until she sees her daughter Roopi (Goldy Notay) happily married to a nice Indian man. Unfortunately Roopi is a bit frumpy and pathetic so it’s been proving difficult to marry her off. Logically, the only thing for Mrs Sethi to do is murder everybody who is disrespectful about her daughter by using various methods of Indian cuisine, exploding curry for example. Nothing like a bit of light hearted, consequence-free murder to mix up the traditional Rom Com. The dead elderly

people come back to haunt Sethi but for some reason forget that she actually stabbed them through the neck with kebab skewers and decide to help her in her quest to find Roopi a man. The usual “You’re lovely just the way you are.” nonsense is heavily punctuated with curry puns and fat jokes as well as some horrific mixtures of the two. Combine these with pretty sub-par acting from most of the cast and a particularly cringe-worthy performance from Heroes’ Sendhil Ramamurthy as the supposed heart throb and you’ve got a completely disastrous film on your hands. The ridiculous plot could maybe be forgiven if the comedy was up to scratch. Well it wasn’t, so I refuse to forgive the fact that Mrs. Sethi murders six people and a dog and no one so much as bats an eyelid - It’s a stretch to even give it one star.

The Last Song

Directed by: Julia Anne Robinson Starring: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear Reiewed by: Niamh Hanley Bright, bubbly, and at times maudlin and melodramatic, The Last Song manoeuvres its star Miley Cyrus through a paint-by-numbers beach romance with all the emotional nuance of a sulky teenager. Sadly Cyrus, in the role of the said sulky teen Ronnie, proves that she’s still struggling with this acting business. Her character finds herself shipped off to stay with her father (Greg Kinnear) for the summer. Cue the sulkiness. Ronnie is rebellious enough to bond

I don’t know why Tim doesn’t cast Christina Ricci in his films. She’s certainly creepy enough and she has a huge forehead, which he seems to like. Maybe this remake could be a sort of sequel where Ricci returns to Casper’s house fifteen with an angsty girl called Blaze (Carly years later and they have to fight a war Chaikin) and to stay out late without with some other ghosts or something. permission, but not so much that she’ll drink alcohol or welcome the advances JD would play: The Fat Uncle Ghost of Blaze’s gang member boyfriend. It HBC would play: A character Burton seems that Ronnie and her father will wrote in for her since no existing ones are never grow close, until the arrival of Will suitable. She’d have a corset and large hair (Liam Hemsworth) in her life, a nurtur- no doubt. ing, identikit Ken doll prototype that just happens to come from a wealthy family. 5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Seeing as he likes following Ronnie You know he’s thought around only to be rebuked by her, they about it. It has everything; eventually get it together, thanks to Leo a leading lady who’s clearly Tolstoy and the incipient birth of some oppressed, a Prince Charmsea turtles. Ronnie is appropriately ‘softing easily given an apaened’ by her new relationship, and her thetic outlook on his high father seems to approve. social standing who can If you aren’t dissuaded by the creaking plot so far, you probably won’t be too go on a journey of self discovery, a wicked affected by the many ludicrous set-ups witch-queen who can be given a touching that follow this fledgling romance, or back story and loads of creepy little extras the ‘happy family’ that writer Nicholas he can deck out in stripes and spirals. I can picture Danny Elfman salivating over what Sparks tries to create. Hemsworth and particularly Kinnear he could do to “Hi Ho, Hi Ho.” are convincing in their roles, but Cyrus’s insufficient performance in the lead role J-Dizzle would play: The Mirror Mirror on means that this never really gets off the the Wall H-Wow would play: Evil Queen ground.


The Siren 20.04.10

Arts interview


Gypsy Snider, director of the acrobatic show Traces, fills Philip Connolly in about running away with the circus If you were confined to a makeshift urban shelter waiting for what could be the end of the world, would you spend your last moments hurling yourself through hoops, hurtling headfirst down steel poles or free-running over the furniture? I dare say the answer for most of us would be no. Yet that wouldn’t be shared by Gypsy Snider, director of the acrobatic show traces. Snider is a circus theatre veteran having toured with famed group Cirque du Soleil. Snider has recently joined forces with six other artists to create Les Sept Doigts de la Main (the seven fingers of the hand), a Montreal-based company that tours internationally. All seven members were at the height of their careers, performing with Cirque du Soleil, when they decided to leave the big arena for a smaller com-

pany dedicated to a new kind of circus performance. “Traces is a show that was created for the dynamic for five young acrobats. The idea is to create an intimate relationship between the performers and the audience, and demystify the circus a little bit.” “The show takes place in a context of a bunker, with very little colour or creativity, very broken down set pieces. The idea is to create a live atmosphere within this bunker.” Described by one reviewer in the


Guardian as so thrilling, it will surely make an entire generation run away and join the circus; the show has been selling our arenas all over Europe. “Were a young company so the way we were taking the performance we really weren’t how it was going to be taken by the audience.” “On the one hand we were taken by surprise with the success, but traces is a really simple show and there is something re-

The Book Thief by Markus Zusack Aine Keegan

ally refreshing about how simple it is. I think that it sort of speaks to people now, I think it fills a need, people really feel a connection to the show. It sort of says get out from behind you computer, stop facebooking and go live something that will get your heart racing a little bit.” “At the base of everything were circus performers, there is an incredible amount of time spent perfecting these tricks. There are only five acrobats on stage so it also has to be choreographed to be physically possible.” While traces takes its inspiration from circus performance, it is safe to say that traces takes is somewhat of a departure from you standard acrobatic fare. “It was really interesting to say how are we going to take old school circus in a way that will engage them.”

The Book Thief is a novel that takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II. Although the story is narrated by Death, it revolves around a young girl called Liesel Meminger, the book thief of the title. Liesel loses all her family during the war and is sent to live with foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Having been left traumatized by the death of her brother, Liesel begins to have terrible nightmares and Hans Hubermann begins to teach her to read to distract her from these nightmares. Soon Liesel begins to steal books as a way of dealing with the world around her. Her love of books brings her closer to her foster father and also to Max, a young Jewish man that the Hubermanns have been hiding in their basement. This book is a very original and entertaining read. Although it is targeted at young adults, it is very much an adult story about children trying to lead a normal life in the midst of war. The Book Thief is complicated novel full of cruelty, poverty, and hope, but it is ultimately a story of survival.

The one to watch: Guth Gafa Film Festival


Stefanie de Brouwer Albert Elings Eugenie Jansen Ineke Smits David E. Simpson Ilza Jacobsen Paul Taylor Simon a festival ....atAndre the edge ofBos Europe Chambers Eric Metzgarthey made Emmanuel Audrain all the filmmakersAlan came Jerzy Sladkowski Monica Csango...and Alison McAlpine Berliner Helena Tretsikova Doug Block Kim Longinotto Werner Penzel Chema Rodriguez Arto Halonen Donal Macintyre Johanna Straub Tamar Yarom Axel Schneppat Guth Gafa International Micha X Peled Marc Isaacs Leonard Helmrich Phil Grabsky FilmDanae Festival Fernand Melgar Documentary Rick Minnich Jake Clennel Elon Arash Riahi Socheata Poeuv Fanny Brauning Francois Verster Ben Kempas Jim Gilliam Taggart Siegel Astrid Bussink Alexandra Westmeier Aliona van der Horst 11th to 13th June 2010 Jeroen Berkvens Sung-Hyung Cho Arvind Sinha Ido Gortahork, Co Donegal Haar Kimon Tsakiris Louise Hogarth Faramarz K-Rahber Antoine Cattin John Appel Petr Lom Jan Cattoni Joan Lopez Maria Pinto Oren Siedler Visa Koiso-Kanttila Caterina Klusemann Helena Tretsikova Simon Chambers Longinotto

Guth Gafa means “Captive Voice” and over the five years since its founding the festival has been the voice of Irish conscience on many issues of human rights. But Guth Gafa has stood for much more than supporting opposition to oppression, the festival is about imagination. As for the host of the festival, a quiet village of 200 becomes a film mecca of over 2,000. For three, usually sunny, days in June, film lovers, international visitors, tourists and locals descend on Gortahork to watch films, to eat and drink, to argue and debate, to entertain their families, to listen to music, to party until, by Sunday night, the quaint seaside village cries enough. And, its job done, Gortahork slips back into its rural siesta for another year. The festival prides itself on finding films that are edgy and then dragging them back to this remote place, which many see as the edge of Europe. What happens then is the strangest chemistry: for some reason filmmakers seem to be prepared to take risks, to really put themselves on the line in the debates, and master classes. Maybe it’s because there are more tractors than Ferraris in the parking lot, but somehow the issues become more real, the debate is contemporary. As for the 2010 Programme, a sneak preview of some of the films selected for Guth Gafa 2010 reveals that once again there is a diverse and challenging programme; from The Player, the multi award-winning Dutch film about a

5. ..............................

filmmaker’s gambling addicted father, through Cowboys in India, to Farewell, a love story told completely through stunning archive footage of the Graf Zeppelin’s first round-the-world journey, to Steam of Life, a both hilarious and extremely moving look at the world inside Finnish saunas, to Dreamland, a pertinent and topical film about the dark side of green energy in Iceland, as (polluting) multinational industries jump on the bandwagon of hydroelectric and geothermal power in a country falling apart at the economic seams. The festival has plenty to offer the poverty stricken student as well. For those who don’t just want to change the world, but also want to have fun, Guth Gafa is a fantastic long weekend away for students, with fairly jawdropping special offers. For €50, students get a Festival Pass, allowing access to all screenings, industry seminars and Friday and Saturday night Festival Clubs, plus 2 nights accommodation in a local hostel. Over the weekend, festival guests can enjoy excellent international cuisine at Emma’s Festival Café or have a pint in one of the local pubs with their legendary Gaeltacht hospitality and traditional music, before the nights come alive with world-class live music set to rock on until the early hours in the Guth Gafa Festival Club. Keeping all this in mind, the Guth Gufa is definitely the Irish summer festival one to watch.

Siren Volume 23 issue 12  

The College Tribune Volume 23 Issue 12 Entertainment Supplement

Siren Volume 23 issue 12  

The College Tribune Volume 23 Issue 12 Entertainment Supplement