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Some would say Artists are always dreamingsome would say because we dream, we are all artists.

We present you a dream guide in the form of Jana Jelovac’sMono the Last Human


We are all born into a dream. A spark of life in a dark void. Blindly we feel, and take form--sense the world around us, nutured at first by the rhythm and drum of our constant and lulling mother's heartbeat and as she breathes in the world we begin to understand this place -this dream, this world within a world, personal and deep. Snatches of sounds and hazy blending colors- emotions in your blood, sifting through your pure little heart. What is this flood of sensations; this crash into a solidifying space, this music of life, this rumbling in your cells? Am I awakening-or am I dreaming? The universe surrounds you in the smallest of spaces, and every possibilty that could ever be conceived of exists within you, and from the tiniest of synaptic signals, chemical reactions and emotions, begin to see, start your your journey, as a creator of a life-a Dream within a dream. When we first set out on this issue-we thought of calling it Keanu Dreams, thinking about all the bubblegum fantasies of posters above our beds, and people who stole our attention in those moments before sleep-but as fickle as it sounds we realized that we don't dream of Keanu anymore. It would be kinda silly to give some actor even some of the credit for all the wonderful things our minds can come up with on their own. If Cock no. 7 is going to promote anything it'll be creativity and a Make-it-Yourself culture, and surely we all make up our own dreams-so we instead focused on the different perspectives of some amazing artists who bring back some of their dreams and sprinkle them on their work. We spend half our lives in another time and space-In a place seemingly less understood than this one, and you have to wonder why do we dream? Maybe its because when the world isn't as magical as it could be our souls have no choice to paint the things we really want to see. But how can you really share a dream? In words, in Sounds, in colors and pictures, with music and emotion? We have added them all to the mix-and hope you enjoy our Dreams Issue before you pull the curtains closed for a long winter rest.

Sweet DreamsAngel Ito


amgine na ni depparw elddiR A A.iTO


Illustration by Facundo Torrens

Editor: Angel Ito Contributing Editor: Ash Dutch Published by: RawKiss Inc. Cover Image by Jana Jelovac How to get in touch Address: 1 Oval House Rushcrfot Rd. London, U.K. SW2 1JU General Enquiries:

Websites and Links: Follow us on Facebook: Special Thanks to all the amazing artists who shared their work and their dreams to weave together this issue. And a very special thanks to Ash Dutch for producing the accompanying audio component-LUNA and all the people who helped bring his soundtrack to life. Thank You to Ben James for his help with our Issue launch-for more info on his events check out The Victoria Acoustic Open Mic group @Facebook. And a Very Special Shout Out to Xany Rudoff who mentioned Cock No. 7 On Air out in Hollywood way. Check out her radio show

news from Dream land The Long Night Approaches

When the world seems to be plunging into darkness, financially and politically, what is left to do but dream of a better day.

Time to Build a Sleep Shrine

Dream interpretations date back to 3000-4000 B.C., where they were documented on clay tablets. For as long as we have been able to talk about our dreams, we have been fascinated with them and have strived to understand them. In the Greek and Roman eras, dreams were seen in a religious context. They were believed to be direct messages from the gods or from the dead. The people of that time look to their dreams for solutions on what to do or what course of action to take. They believed dreams forewarned and predicted the future. Special shrines were even built where people can go there to sleep in hopes that a message could be passed to them through their dreams.

Scientist Confirm there is no real way to determine if we are awake or dreaming In some primal societies, members were unable to distinguish between the dream world and the waking world. Or they could simply choose not to make the distinction. They saw that the dream world was not only an extension of reality, but that it was a more powerful world.

In a study on babies and dreaming, it was learned that babies spend about 66% of their sleeping time in the REM state. That is quite a bit of dreaming, considering that the average adult spends 15-20% of their sleep time in the dreaming stage. Dream researchers believe that there is a correlation between REM sleep and brain development. While still in the womb, the fetus is already spending a significant amount of time in REM sleep. At only 30 weeks, the fetus spends nearly 24 hours in the REM state.

time to dream

A dream has the power to unify the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into your own self and a means for self-exploration. In understanding your dreams, you will gain a better understanding and discovery of your true self.

image by Or Ganism

Isn't it About time you learned to



lucid dream occurs when you realize that you are dreaming. With practice, you can induce lucid dreams, and maintain your lucidity for extended periods. Anything you can do while awake you can do in a lucid dream-but (potentially) a million times better! There are also many things you can do that you cannot do in the waking world like flying, going to Mars, problem-solving and having fun, while having greater access to your subconscious, exploring amazing dreamscapes, encountering dream figures who often have marvelous insight and sage-like advice, to name but a few. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, literally. People speak about following their dreams and having a dream or being a dreamer. I am talking about being fully conscious in your dream and experiencing them with the full awareness and bringing that feeling back with you into your WAKING life. It is beyond description the feeling you get once you become lucid within a dream and realize that you are immersed in a full-blown, completely interactive dreamscape, but its also just as important to feel that on this plane too. There’s a reason why people say they are happiest when they follow their dreams-and make their dreams come true. We are all capable of amazing acts and works, in both our dreams and our waking lives. While currently the world seems to swimming in messages of economic hardships, depressions, and decline it may feel like an indulgence to dream-but how else are you going to learn to fly?



of photgrapher

Mark Brennan

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my dream inclinations “a broken story” collecting the pieces scattered in space breaking with the past nurturing the seed the vessel of life a boat afloat the light is captured faded still frags appear that pull at me swept by the wind i wake to imagine how it would be if you stayed with me! Mark Brennan

désordre by Mark Brennan



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Mark Brennan

“Art is beauty,

the perpetual invention of detail,

the choice of words(or images), the exquisite care of execution.� Theophile Gautier pleats, office hours, framed skies, forest fire


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mark brennan lives in montréal where he has embraced a city vital for its diverse classical and experimental artistic practices. inspired by the imprint of man on urbanity his photography is intuitive and transformative. Pure in its composition mark’s work speaks of intent, determination and ascension. his artistic influences range from maria callas, allen ginsberg, jack kerouac, merce cunningham and edmund alleyn to dominique blain, edouard lock, david lachapelle and sikki im. A bachelor of microbiology and execise science from laval university, in québec canada, mark has worked in the financial and cultural industries in canada’s francophone metropolis. through these experiences he has initiated an artistic practice both as a photographer and writer that longs to be expressed and evolve. for more info :

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Dream (noun): A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep


When you ask yourself if you are dreaming, check your surroundings to see if you are in fact dreaming. Try to read something like text or a street sign. The words or letters may look unstable, or they may have a tendency to change or morph into different letters and words entirely. Upon checking, look away and then looking back again, if the letters have altered then it is safe to assume that you are dreaming.

look beyond the obvious

Sometimes we have to walk down the same old streets just looking for something new to appear No need for maps no sign posts or clear destination. Just a change of focus


jana jelovac graphic dreamer

Born in November, 1979, Belgrade, Serbia. Raised up in the blocks, she developed her own urban rebellious style, graduated in Interior Design at the University of Applied Arts, and Found herself waeving various forms of digital art. She loves sun, animals and the sea.

Dream. by Actually, one of the best dreams that ever happened to me occurred about two weeks ago. I was sitting on the terrace in some unfamiliar city and with some people I didn't know. Everything was very peaceful and quiet, we were just enjoying the view, and all the sudden a strong wind began to blow, heavy rains starts to fall and everything began to feel like the end of the world. Large waves began to tumble round, people began to scream but I remained completely calm.

And then, then, II raised raised my my head head to to the the And sky and and what what II saw saw completely completely sky flooded me, me, there there were were lights lights of of all all flooded colors and and sizes, sizes, millions millions of of them, them, colors there was was no no empty empty space, space, and and an an there aurora of of light light appeared appeared and and II aurora realized that that "they" "they" had had comecomerealized Civilizations from from all all over over the the Civilizations universe. II was was absolutely absolutely amazed amazed universe. by this this intergalactic intergalactic sight. sight. by But In In all all that that apocalyptic apocalyptic madness, madness, But within the the crowd crowd of of screaming screaming peopeowithin ple running running around around me, me, II remained remained ple calm-just standing standing there there with with my my calm-just eyes nailed nailed to to the the sky sky fascinated fascinated eyes repeating: ItIt is is beautiful, beautiful, it it is is repeating: beautiful, it it is is beautiful.... beautiful.... beautiful,

About the the art art scene scene in in Belgrade. Belgrade. About really don't don't have have anything anything good good to to II really say, it's it's like like kicking kicking aa dead dead horse horse say, and forcing forcing him him to to stand stand up. up. and Intellectuals are are running running away away from from Intellectuals here like like crazy. crazy. This This country country is is here insulting our our uniqueness, uniqueness, creativity, creativity, insulting our moral moral standards, standards, all all in in all, all, it's it's our crapping on on our our souls. souls. crapping

The world needs people and artists to light it up when it gets darkWe are proud to feature Jana's work-a bright light in a dark wood. Links. BOYA Blog: Portfolio:

1. Take naps. Napping during the day not only means you’ll be less tired (increasing likelihood of lucid dreams), but it gives you an extra chance to practice. 2. Take more notice of your surroundings. If you stumble through your waking life in a haze, make it a habit to take more notice of the external world. Many people spend a lot of their day with an internal focus. If you practice paying attention to the sights, sounds and colors of the world you’ll increase the likelihood of spotting something out of place in your dream world. 3. Listen to music as you sleep. Music has the ability to trigger just about any emotion you can think of. Play music bedside your bed as you sleep. Find some music that triggers strong memories or emotions and intersperse those tracks with relaxing background music. Listen to LUNA and let it loop as you sleep through the night. 4. Eat spicy foods Consuming foods with strong flavors or spices has an interesting effect on the body, just as taking some drugs or medications can do. These can trigger unusual or vivid dreams, both of which are a good thing if you’re learning how to lucid dream and trying to remember and control your dreams. 5. Use affirmations. “I am going to have a lucid dream”, try an affirmation like “I recognize and control my dreams” Repeat it before you go to bed each night. 6. Take Notes-WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU REMEMBER. 7. Set your alarm Wake yourself up during the night. Get out of bed and walk around for ten to thirty minutes before returning to sleep. This is similar to napping. The return to sleep from a recent awake an conscious state leaves what can best be described as “consciousness remnants” in your dream state that makes it easier to lucid dream. This is called WILD, or Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. The alarm is best set for 3-4 hours into your sleep – the period when REM sleep usually occurs.

St ranger in a

Foreign Land

Words and Photography by Lucy Calder When I woke up it was still dark. A soft blue light was filtering through the curtains and I rolled out of bed, wondering what time it was, and pulled them open. They were made of a soft, muslin fabric, which seemed unusual for such a cheap hotel. Outside, on a wall on the other side of the road, was a blue neon sign that spelt 'Dixie's Bar and Grill' in large, loopy writing. There was nobody around: no people, no traffic. The phone in my hand showed 6.04am – nearly dawn, surely? And where was the bathroom? I'd stayed in so many damn hotel rooms these past months I was beginning to lose my sense of orientation. There was never enough time to get properly accustomed to anything before I was off again. It was a small, shabby, rather stuffy room and I felt a great urge to be out of it, so I shuffled into my flip-flops, not bothering to look for a light switch, and went out into the corridor, down the stairs and into the street. Here the air was much fresher, and there were even a few stars visible beyond the city glow and between the clouds. A sudden, loud crackle from a loudspeaker made me jump, and a muezzin in a nearby mosque began a wailing call to prayer. The sound echoed eerily down the empty street, but still no one appeared. It was

impossible to stay on the pavement for any distance because it was blocked with motorbikes, cars, bicycles and rickshaws, all parked for the night, so I walked in the middle of the road, stumbling over bumpy cobbles. After a while the road turned quite steeply uphill and I began to sweat with the effort of climbing, sometimes slipping out of my flimsy shoes. I emerged, finally, onto a wide stone balcony with a battlement around the edge, and realised I was at the edge of a castle. There was an impressive view over the city below and I noticed for the first time that many of the houses had flat roofs. Over in the east, the horizon was already pink and a cool, pre-dawn breeze was blowing over the balcony, lifting and flapping a nearby set of flags. This is certainly an important building, I thought to myself, looking up at the heavy walls towering above me and feeling a little intimidated. The sun had now appeared over the horizon and the dark expanse beyond the city walls was revealed to be a wide plain, covered with tents, like a giant camp site at a festival. A few of the tents were larger than the others and, listening closely, I thought I made out the thumpthump of bass from a speaker somewhere. 'It's the end of the millenium,' someone said next to me, making me jump slightly. I quickly turned my head and realised that the

speaker was my ex-flatmate from London, Jackie, which didn't surprise me too much because she always goes to all the festivals. 'Are you working there?' I asked her, squinting at her a little curiously because she seemed to have altered her appearance quite a lot since I last saw her, except I wasn't sure exactly how, and didn't like to ask. The main thing to do was to act casual, or she'd think I'd forgotten her. 'No, we couldn't get the permits,' she said, regretfully. 'It was too expensive. And anyway, I didn't want to carry all that stuff out here. I'm done with that.' 'So what are you doing here?' I asked. 'Tristan is doing the healing space,' she said. 'He always does this place. We've been here four times.' 'Why didn't you email me?' I asked her, a little pissed off. 'You might have told me.' 'I didn't know what you were doing,' she said. 'You always seem to have your own plans.' Truthfully, I didn't much care about seeing my ex-flatmate, although I did wonder what she was doing to make herself look so young. She'd lost about twenty years since than the last time I'd seen her, which was months ago, and had cut her hair much shorter, into a flattering bob. In fact, the

more I looked at her, the more I realised she looked nothing like she had before, but it was indisputably her, and I wasn't going to say anything. 'Maybe I can come over and catch up with you guys,' I suggested, brightly. 'I don't see why not.' We left the castle by a side door and walked over the sandy plain towards the tents. It was a soft, white sand and I took off my flip-flops so I could feel its cool, silkiness beneath my feet. Everything was bathed in that beautiful, delicate morning light and I felt I could cry with the beauty of it. I realised I was longing to see Tristan again, although I hardly knew him, really, and I had to restrain myself from breaking into a run. Frustratingly, once we reached the tents our progress slowed considerably, as we had to weave our way around them, trying not to trip over ropes. 'That's my tent there,' Jackie said, pointing to a large, walk-in tent beside a caravan. 'I've been up all night and I'm knackered, so I'm going to bed. Last time I saw Tristan he was over in that yellow tent near the Park Stage.' She pointed to a dingy marquee quite far away and smiled. We kissed each other on both cheeks and I was suddenly sad she was leaving me out here on my own. My own bed was very far away now, and what if Tristan was no longer there? Filled with a sudden energy, I ran to the yellow marquee, jumping the ropes, hoping I wouldn't step on broken glass. I lifted a flap of the canvas and was immediately hit by a warm, smoky fog, which felt very welcoming. There were still a good number of people inside, and a man was playing dreamy electronic music on a record player. A projector was playing an old black and white horror film on one wall of the tent, while on another wall a succession of quirky visuals came and went. Most of the people lying around on cushions on the floor were sleeping, but Tristan wasn't among them. He was standing at the bar, talking to a man with a beard, who I didn't recognise. 'Tristan,' I said, breathlessly, walking swiftly up to them. 'It's me.' I'd only actually met him

a few times, through Jackie, but the effect when he looked at me was pure electricity. I'd always thought there might be something between us, and here it was, certain. He took me by the hand and I felt suddenly able to breathe freely, as if I'd been struggling before and hadn't known it. 'I didn't think you'd make it,' he said. 'I wasn't sure when I'd see you again, if ever.' 'I've been travelling,' I said. 'I couldn't come any sooner.' The beardy man looked at me, impressed, and I felt pleased to have wandered in so unexpectedly, wrapped in an air of mystery, full of adventures. He looked like a musician and I've always had a soft spot for musicians. I smiled sweetly at him as Tristan and I walked off. It turned out that Tristan was renting a flat from a Jewish man named Leo, on the third floor of a corner building in a quiet part of the city. His bedroom was pretty scruffy, with clothes piled all over the place and no bed, just a mattress on the floor, but it didn't bother me. The blinds were only open a little and sunlight fell in slants across the room, across his thin, hard body and my white legs. I'd let myself go a bit while travelling and had a slight panic about my hairy armpits and wobbly thighs, but it was too late to worry about that now so I decided to brazen it out. He didn't seem to notice, anyway, still less to care; we tore our own clothes off and fucked as if we needed it like oxygen. Afterwards I clung to him, naked, and smiled to myself. 'Aren't you worried about your friend?' he whispered, into my hair. 'What do you mean?' I asked him, feeling suddenly cold. Don't ruin everything; not now. 'Wasn't that your friend we saw on the way here?' he said. 'With those two guys, remember?' I did remember. I'd seen Halima walking between two creepy looking men in suits, with a tight expression of distress on her face,

and I'd glanced up sharply, then looked away again. It was so strange to see her in that place, in such a situation, that I assumed it couldn't be her – it simply wasn't possible. Besides, all I'd wanted to do was get to Tristan's flat as soon as I could, and she was an unwanted distraction. Tristan, however, had taken note, but what did he expect me to do about it now? I realised that one of the men had been holding Halima tightly by the arm, and I feared for her. Who knew what kind of people she had fallen in with. In my mind's eye I suddenly saw her struggling with the two men, wrenching her arm free and running off down the street. One of them threw a spear after her just as she turned to shout something, and it knocked her backwards, turning her words into a cry of fear and pain. It was a long, wooden spear with two blades interlocking at right angles to each other, so that the point widened out into a cross shape, like the head of a screwdriver. Miraculously, however, she had a thick, leather bag slung across her body and the spear's progress was so impeded by this hardy material that it only pierced her skin a little way. She wrenched it out and flung it on the ground just as a car careened up behind her and screeched around between her and the two men. A door opened and Halima threw herself onto the safety of the back seat, keeping her head down. A woman beside her shot at the suits from the side window, while the driver completed the U turn and hurtled off back the way they'd come. The back seat was separated from the front by a screen, in the manner of a taxi, and the driver wore white gloves and a dark uniform, in the manner of a chauffeur. The woman next to Halima said they were going to a safe place and it wouldn't take up too much of her time. She led the way through a large number of dark, underground passages to a gloomy bunker, where a group of older men were sitting in front of a long wooden table, and then she left, closing the door behind her. Halima stood in front of the table feeling quite nervous, slowly turning the brim of her hat. She had long, graceful fingers and the effect was quite mesmerising. The man seated at the centre of the table watched her for several minutes before he spoke.

'We, who you see before you, are all that remains of the previous government,' he said. His voice echoed around the stony room, into the darkness that surrounded them. 'As you may or may not know, this country has been taken over by a certain, ruthless, section of the military, and they are in the process of hunting down anyone they think might be in opposition to them.' 'What have I to do with Halima. 'I'm just passing in the airport, waiting for those two men came up

all this?' asked through here. I was a flight home, when to me.'

'Obviously, they think you have something they need. Some information, perhaps?' The man opened a box of cigars and offered one to her, as if this was some kind of Bond film, but she shook her head. 'I'm bleeding,' she said. All this time she'd been holding one hand tightly against her chest and now she turned it over to show them her bloody palm. 'Can't I get some medical attention?'

'I'm afraid we can't help you there,' another of the men said, rather sorrowfully. 'However, if you'd like to order some dinner I can show you the menu.' He produced a laminated card and waved it at her across the table. I had no doubt that all of this was actually occurring, exactly as I saw it, and I looked over at Tristan to see if he could be of any help. He was sitting at a desk by the window, picking at his nails with the sharp end of a safety pin and gazing out over the flat roofs. I was still naked, kneeling on the double mattress on the floor, and I pulled the sheet around me and wondered what the hell to do. I was meant to be catching a bus out of here this very evening. Hardly anyone spoke English and I was running low on cash, not to mention way over my budget. Still, this was clearly an emergency, and now I'd found Tristan I didn't want to leave him again.

the tops of the mountains but the sun was glinting through gaps in the clouds above. It was still warm but the air felt fresh, as if we were at altitude, and the whole place was incredibly peaceful. After the taxi had roared away the only noise was that of birds or insects, and the faint rush of water. 'Max will be out planting,' Tristan said, looking up at the hills beyond the house. 'I know where his fields are – they're not far.'

'I have a cousin living near who might be able to help,' Tristan said, turning to smile at me. 'We could take a taxi there.'

The taxi took us out of the city, and almost immediately we were driving in a valley, with lush green, forested hills on both sides and paddy fields beside the road. Tristan's cousin 'So why aren't you staying with lived in a large wooden house this cousin?' I asked. It sud- near the end of the valley, but denly seemed very odd to me there was nobody around when that Tristan was here at all. we arrived. Tristan paid the taxi Perhaps he was mixed up in driver and exchanged a few the whole thing somehow. Per- words with him in a language haps it was a trap! I decided I didn't recognise, laughing a to trust him, however, since little harshly and showing his there seemed no other option teeth. It was clear he knew the and, after all, he looked so place well, because he walked very sexy sitting there with the around the outside of the house sunlight dancing over his skin. I examining everything with great ran my hand down one of his interest. After a few minutes of warm, brown arms and looked searching at the foot of a wood into his eyes, trying to figure pile, he triumphantly lifted up a him out. key. 'I haven't seen him for a long time,' he said. 'I lived here once, many years ago, but I haven't been back. My cousin might not even be here anymore.'

'Same old place,' he said. 'I used to come here a lot when I was a boy.' 'It's very beautiful,' I said, and I meant it. Mist hung low over

'Maybe we should go in and wait for him,' I suggested. I felt I needed a cup of tea, and maybe a biscuit, but TrisTristan small tan put put the the small key key into into his his pocket and patted it. pocket and patted it. 'Let's go and find Max,' he said. 'I know a short-cut and we can eat some bananas on the way.' 'It looks quite muddy,' I said, doubtfully, looking at the path he was pointing to between the paddy fields. 'Well, you could go around by the road. See?' He traced a huge arc around the end of the valley with his finger. 'It'll take you about an hour longer but you won't get your feet wet.' 'I think I'll just stay with you,' I said, rolling up my trousers determinedly, 'as long as it isn't too far.' 'No, no,' he laughed. 'It's just up there.' He set off first, full of the confidence of one who knows

place well, well, and and II followed followed aa place just behind. behind. ItIt had had been been rainrainjust ing very recently and the long ing very recently and the long grass beside beside the the narrow narrow path path grass was soaking wet, so that soon was soaking wet, so that soon my legs legs were were soaking soaking too. too. My My my trousers came came unrolled unrolled and and II trousers let them fall, to protect myself let them fall, to protect myself from scratches, scratches, and and was was glad glad from II was was wearing wearing my my sturdy sturdy hikhiking boots. boots. ItIt felt felt good good to to be be ing walking in in the the countryside countryside and and walking the blood began to rush around the blood began to rush around my body body and and revitalise revitalise me. me. my II didn't didn't even even mind mind when when the the mist thickened thickened and and itit began began to to mist drizzle, although although soon soon my my feet feet drizzle, were so wet they began to were so wet they began to squelch inside inside my my boots. boots. squelch

asked Tristan, Tristan, but but he he had had asked stopped to to speak speak to to somesomestopped one he knew, and was quite one he knew, and was quite far behind behind me me now. now. II strugstrugfar gled back back towards towards him him through through gled the mass mass of of people, people, but but itit was was the almost impossible impossible to to make make any any almost progress, since the whole moprogress, since the whole momentum was was going going forward, forward, and and mentum people shook shook their their heads heads and and people made tutting tutting sounds sounds when when they they made tried to to pass pass them. them. Everyone Everyone II tried seemed to be carrying someseemed to be carrying something, such such as as aa hoe, hoe, aa roll roll of of thing, carpet or or aa chicken. chicken. One One old old carpet woman held held aa cage cage with with an an woman orange cat cat in in it, it, which which hissed hissed orange at me when I came near. at me when I came near. We were were heading heading towards towards the the We mouth of of aa black black tunnel tunnel and and mouth pointed to to itit and and asked asked in in II pointed English where where itit led. led. English

This is it, I thought. I'm going to die. I was completely submerged now and felt myself bashed all over with different objects. But within a very few moments the tunnel ended and spat me out into a river, as if at the end of a water slide in a theme park. The river was fast moving but it gradually began to widen out and slow down, and I grabbed hold of a piece of wood and held onto it, my heart beating wildly. I had absolutely no strength left in me to attempt to swim to shore so I simply lay there, drifting past mangrove swamps where large white herons perched on the After about about twenty twenty minutes minutes of of After tree branches. The sun had walking along along the the edges edges of of walking come out again and it was paddy fields, we descended hot – I wished I had sunpaddy fields, we descended into what what appeared appeared to to be be aa 'Under mountain,' mountain,' said said aa man, man, glasses or a hat, as I would into 'Under concrete storm drain and bediving his his hand hand down down through through concrete storm drain and bediving surely get sunburnt. To my gan to to follow follow that. that. Tristan Tristan took took the the air. air. The The drain drain was was now now gan great relief, all the other peomy hand hand and and II felt felt very very happy, happy, very very deep deep indeed indeed and and II desdesmy ple had disappeared. I supalthough a little concerned that perately wanted to get out of posed I hoped they hadn't although a little concerned that perately wanted to get out of the sides sides of of the the drain drain were were so so it, it, particularly particularly since since the the rain rain the drowned but actually I didn't high. The sky was now only a was now now hammering hammering down down and and really care what had haphigh. The sky was now only a was thin grey grey line line above above us. us. the water water level level had had risen risen to to thin the pened them. Even Tristan above my my ankles. ankles. II managed managed above seemed like a distant memory. 'I think Max will definitely to slip and fight to the edge All I wanted right now was 'I think Max will definitely to slip and fight to the edge help,' Tristan Tristan said, said, and and II was was of of the the drain drain but but there there was was no no a little peace and quiet. I help,' pleased with this reassurance. way of of climbing climbing up up and, and, looklook- would float along until I got pleased with this reassurance. way Tristan was was surely surely aa good good ing back, back, II could could see see no no end end Tristan ing my strength back and then I'd man. II didn't didn't mind mind how how long long to the the crowd crowd of of people. people. Nobody Nobody make a plan, but right now man. to we walked in the storm drain. else seemed concerned, howI was quite enjoying myself, we walked in the storm drain. else seemed concerned, howAfter aa while while II became became aware aware ever: ever: they they bustled bustled forward forward as as After watching the butterflies and there were people behind us. on their their way way to to aa fair, fair, talktalk- looking out for proboscis monthere were people behind us. ifif on They must must have have come come in in along along ing ing and and arguing arguing in in their their loud, loud, They keys. The cage belonging to one of of the the several several intersections intersections strange strange language. language. There There was was one the old woman sailed past me we'd passed. They were laughno sign of Tristan at all. Sudwe'd passed. They were laugh- no sign of Tristan at all. Sud- in a stronger current of the ing and and joking joking and and II assumed assumed denly, denly, there there was was aa dull dull roar roar ing river, but the cat was gone. they were on their way home and aa wave wave of of muddy muddy water water they were on their way home and from work. work. ItIt must must have have been been swept swept down down the the drain drain towards towards from Lucy Calder is a reqular conthat time time of of day, day, because because more more us, us, lifting lifting up up everything everything in in its its that tributor to Cock No. 7 She and more people joined us in path. I immediately lost my has been world trekking for and more people joined us in path. I immediately lost my the large large drain, drain, until until we we were were footing footing when when the the water water reached reached years, honing her skills as a the quite a crowd, all pressing on me and and went went hurling hurling along along with with travel writer and photographer, quite a crowd, all pressing on me together. the rest rest of of the the people, people, into into the the like a modern day Alice in together. the dark mouth mouth of of the the tunnel. tunnel. dark Wonderland. 'Where are they going?' I 'Where are they going?' I

Alison Brown The Art of Dreaming My first dreams were reoccurring nightmares – at least that’s how I remember them. Now I’m trying to improve my lucid dreaming. A lot of dreams have happened in the meantime. I have always found it easy to remember my dreams and have kept dream dairies since I was about twelve years old. I use dream images as inspiration for my artwork. Now I am in training to be an art psychotherapist the content of the dreams helps me to join the dots between my conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings – it is my work as well as pleasure.

Dream C Dream Catche

Dream Catche

Catcher er


in the old house a beautiful turns into a woman tturns r ia in of thought a troll with ps lips blueberry lips

l woman

for total recall press record

like postcards from the edge

i walked into them woods and brought back a photo al

lbum of dreams

Syouo how do catch a

If you sleep in on (the weekends, after drinking?) and wake up at an unpredictable hour then there’s a good chance of disrupting your cycle and waking in the middle of First thing to look at is your REM sleep. I can swear sleeping pattern. You want by waking at a slightly different time each to wake in or just after morning – just fifteen REM (Rapid Eye Moveminutes seems to make ment) sleep, as its then the difference for me. that our dreams are the most easy to recall. Our Once you wake in the sleep has different qualities throughout the night. middle of a dream you want to rememThere are roughly four stages of non- REM sleep ber do as little as and one stage of REM possible. It’s a mind sleep in a ninety minute game – you want to sleeping cycle. This cycle stay half in and half gets repeated as you go in and out of deep slow wave out of the dream if sleep, dreaming up to five possible. or six different dreams a Keep a pen and paper night. This is why we some- nearby – where you times recall dreams ‘jump- can reach it while still ing’ in scenes, themes etc. lying down. If you can We just mash all those get anything down on little dreams up into one that paper – even just a big confusing jumble when single word, then there’s we remember them. Your a good chance that the dreams might be anything rest of the dream is salfrom a few seconds to an vageable. I make these hour long. If you wake at tiny word lists with my the same time each morn- eyes half shut and call ing then your sleep cycle them ‘hooks’. Most of will be in tune and you my dream diaries consist will probably be waking up of these ‘hooks’, written refreshed but dreamless. on the backs of book-

dream before it’s gone?

marks, postcards, envelopes. I found it is deadly to use nice paper or even a smart notebook to make these initial jottings as part of me doesn’t want to scrawl what feels like mind junk at the time of putting it down. Later on I look at what’s been written and deeper meanings surface but at the time it’s just embarrassing to write “penis ice lolly strawberry fairground”. Do not be critical – your unconscious is playing hide and seek with you and you need to corner it at times. A note on transcribing a dream: the interpretation has already begun. Dream material is usually heavier on the visuals than the other senses and by taking a word and sticking it on an image the image will start to take on new meanings. If I dream of a fabulous bird, which looks a little like a peacock then I may use that word to describe it which allows my conscious mind to ‘assume’ that it was a peacock I dreamt about. Another thing that is hard to transcribe is the feeling con-

nected with the dream. Dreams full of death and destruction don’t have to be nightmares; likewise you could have a bloodcurdling dream about kittens (trust me I have). Try to remember what mood you’re in when you wake up as that is part of interpretation too.

night’s telly show. The uncon- Here’s some brilliant scious is a great artist and a books to read great big thief. Head Trip (A Fantastic Romp

Talk about your dream. Be careful who you share it with because there is no bore worse than a dream bore and not many people enjoy hearing “I had a dream about you....” as you advance on them with a mad glint in your eye. But if you can bounce your dream off someone then there’s a good chance of getting your free associations going; the concept psychoanalysis is built on. Hopefully you should be able to identify some of the themes and work out what the devil is going on. It’s also fun to identify where the amazing visuals come from; that beautiful ‘temple’ you dreamt? Try the travel advert at the bus stop down the road combined with your childhood playhouse and last

You are your own

Throw away that dream dictionary. Sorry, but they’re 99 per cent bollocks copied off Victorian bollocks as well as culturally subjective. Who’s to say what the colour red means to me or you? My Eiffel Tower is not yours.

dream dictionary and you contain the code.

Once you’ve got good at remembering your dreams you’re a good deal closer to lucid dreaming, in which you ‘wake up’ in a dream and can learn to control what happens next. Just imagine the possibilities......

Through 24 Hours in the Life of your Brain) by Jeff Warren. Includes a very interesting chapter on dreaming and REM sleep as well as covering other states like trances, the ‘zone’ and the ‘watch’.

Counting Sheep (The science and pleasures of sleep and dreams) by Paul Martin. Manifesto for sleep! Takes sleep debt very seriously... and includes all the recent research in REM states.

Sweet dreams.

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud. No really. Still the best book ever written on the subject.

Fashion Focus Dream Weaver

through the veil Yuli Michalaki

“I saw that people struggled needlessly, and I contemplated on how to get through the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual realm to get across the message that life is just one, albeit important, phase in the mystery of existence ...� Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, Professor of

Biology at Bryn Mawr College.

immaterial series

Check out Yuli’s graduate collection which was based on her interpretation of dreams, at Yuli_Michalaki.html

vertical dreaming - dream dress print


Sideways Sky

tHIIS COLLECTION IS A REPRESENTATION OF THE fASCINATING INFINITE RELATIONSJWE are all born into. Whether its an ephemeral daydream or the dreams we create unknowingly while sleeping. They are transcendental moments and details of our life. We are the starting points for inspirations and influential thought. The collections silhouette has drawn inspiration from ether like qualities while the prints il ustrate the complex nature of a dream.


wake up random scribbling tangled mess try to capture it all down catching an escaped red balloon flying higher and higher out of reach disappeared dream diary of scribbles only half make sense dream within a dream “25/11/11” scribbled and again dream within a dream meat bags trains Ann Boleyn station platform to London Heathrow 00:29 I will miss the last train yellow carriage yellow plastic seats the carriage is filled with commuters one of them is bald a tall bald guy walking up spirally stairs wooden ladders up and up cushioned floor fluffy toys platform train to Hitchin cockroaches jump towards me I hit them with a stack of A4 paper in my hand like a tennis racket it might have been a script they flew to the direction of my friend I missed one which landed in my hair they came from a jar that a friendly Egyptian couple opened they were sitting on a blue couch sitting in the ocean a lot of little fish in the sea deep blue water sunny day old man sat opposite me visiting Bristol handwriting doodles planning which bus to take lost debit card friendly Thai chef who cooks French and Italian friendly guy helped me to look for lost debit card a lot of girls around the bar feeling anxious sunny day blue sky on bus holding massive iPad shaped object but it was an mp3 player looking for a song by The Breeders headphones fell off stuff player in rucksack got to leave bus cameraman missing actors’ action and didn’t say a word actress not too happy to repeat action we must capture everything blue sky city on a slope lots of buildings and cars we were trying to get somewhere roman style type building like a museum must get £36 to pay rent in this airy high ceiling apartment with white walls waiting to be collected evening hour sandwich shop lady told me they are still open found very old printing machine in a cottage and reset it to a charcoal setting we decided if I left something they will return to me later I was wearing a grey cardigan and my dad’s blue coat that I used to wear when I was at school I was completely naked all the rooms were white and the walls don’t go up to the ceiling I found a white towel and wrapped it around me it resembled a sleeveless wedding dress he was behind me I turned we stared at each other and exchanged smiles blue sky sunny day outside what looked like a playground we hugged holding each other we felt whole walking upstairs to the top little round shaped kittens came bouncing along it was a café I felt suspicious we talked and I can’t remember the rest university place write to Professor Josh Watt about problems not too sure how to deal with life office paper coffee cups on floor in the corner soaked liquid with tissue paper I will write him a letter about any issues I have but I won’t give them to him it felt like I was going further away from where I want to go on a plane fully pregnant stomach bulging big like a balloon sample food in my aunt’s restaurant there were goldfish everyone is rushing and cannot relax son appreciates mother’s hard work they live underneath the staircase lying next to ex-boyfriend on a mattress in a derelict crumbling flat with blue walls he was annoying I told him I don’t care if he leaves a bunch of strangers walked in mum and brother sharing a bag of Haribo in a car chatting with two guys from across the street I wanted to join in but finding it hard to magic hour in busy town square alone by myself saw a can of Camel tobacco and missing where I was before someone made an announcement about special promotion in the mall he sounded like him he played Balkan music and everyone was dancing and joyous I considered dancing but left wiping down ochre feathers with tissue rose pattern handbag with chopped off wooden legs that was a gift from my aunt she was upset I wasn’t going to use it immediately in Tibetan place with brother sitting on cushions eating Japanese food we rode invisible cars through Hong Kong trying to get home BF - Noted: 3/11/2011 to 17/10/2011

A'am artwork: M k on paper acrylic in ng bettina fu n a w g n u f a n www.betti

artwork: MA'am acrylic ink on paper bettina fung

Dinterview ream with

All I could think was-Why would anyone take advice from this guy?

After listening to him mumble to himself for a minute I did a line of my own and sat down across from him, picking up a notepad and pen. I had to ask, “What the Fuck are you doing here?!” His head turned slightly towards me with a look as if to say, YOU KNOW WHY THE FUCK I’M HERE FOOL. I couldn’t think of what to say next so I started repeating a joke to him I‘d shared with my friendsabout him. You know the one, “What was Freud’s diagnosis for everything?” His smile got broader, and after a final nasal clearing sniff he said”Go Fuck Your Mother!” and vanished. I looked down onto my pad to see I’d drawn Freud with genitals on his head. Alrighty then. Nice dream. A. Ito

Go Fuck Your Mother


d heard Freud was a coccaine lover but I never expected to walk in on him doing lines off my living room table. This had to be a dreamor was it? I stood there amazedand watched him as he stretched out on my couch and pinch the bridge of his nose-letting the drug slide back into his sinuses like a old pro. WTF?

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.

Sweet Dreams Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue prints of your ultimate achievements. Napoleon Hill


ne day it just clicked, why it is as a kid you get tickled by your family until you nearly wet yourself, until you hurt so much and you can't even talk you're laughing so hard. It took becoming a parent myself to realise that the best sound in the world you will ever hear is your kids laughing. That crazy giggle, the one that's one notch higher than hysterical... it's awesome.

Right up until we found out my wife was pregnant I wasn't sure I was ready to be a father, after all, I still act like a child myself. Then once we had our first it was like I was reborn through them. A new stronger love for the world and for my wife, a stronger sense of respect and devotion for what she was going through and then that day my first entered the world, it was awe inspiring‌ just sitting and watching them, the love that grows and grows and becomes bigger than your entire being. I just marvel at their brilliance. How quickly they learn and how both are inquisitive about the world. It’s hard when they are this age as we try to keep away as many of the nasties as we can without

sheltering them from the truth of the world they live in, hoping they will grow up open minded and amazed at what a wondrous place it can be if you allow it. Both little munchkins are very creative and love to draw and play music. They love to sing and dance and we love watching it all evolve and develop. I wonder what they’ll become when they are older, hopefully just happy and everything else is a bonus. My dream for them is to live theirs whatever they may be. I am living my dream with my beautiful wife and kids as they are two of our best dreams come true. Words and Photography by Anthony Moore.

Dreams of Children I sat alone with the dreams of children Weeping willows and tall dark building, I've caught a fashion from the dreams of children But woke up sweating from this modern nightmare, and I was alone, no one was there I caught a glimpse from the dreams of children I got a feeling of optimism But woke up to a grey and lonely picture The streets below left me feeling dirty, and I was alone, no one was there I was alone, no one was there Something's gonna crack on your dreams tonight... You will crack on your dreams tonight Dreams Of Children is a song which is the second part of The Jam's Double A-side single Going Underground, 1980. I am _____Years Old. My dream is to_____________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________


Xany Rudoff

starry dreams under a red desert sky Ever since since II was was aa child, child, II have have Ever been captivated captivated by by painting painting been and music. I grew up surand music. I grew up surrounded by by the the vast, vast, wide-open wide-open rounded expanse of of the the desert desert landlandexpanse scape that would later prove scape that would later prove to greatly greatly influence influence my my artistic artistic to vision, having no boundaries vision, having no boundaries or limitations limitations to to my my imaginaimaginaor tion. Being Being an an artist artist was was never never tion. a conscious decision, I have a conscious decision, I have always been been different, different, seeing seeing always the world not as it was, but as as the world not as it was, but how II envisioned envisioned it: it: aa magical magical how world filled filled with with enchantment enchantment world and amazement, vivid mesmerand amazement, vivid mesmerizing colors, colors, and and always always to to aa izing soundtrack of rock and roll. soundtrack of rock and roll. always paint paint listening listening to to mumuII always sic; the the two two are are inseparable inseparable to to sic; me in the process of creation, me in the process of creation, the lines lines blurred blurred as as to to which which the influences the other more. My influences the other more. My

latest series of work combines these passions together by taking the albums I grew up listening to and the rock stars I idolized and transforming them into modern day Icons lusterized in gold and lacquer echoing the same techniques that have been used by artists for centuries throughout the Byzantine and Renaissance era. These paintings take the familiar and transcend into the iconic, an exultant and exuberant example of modern-day devotion. Music and art are my religion and my release. - Xany Rudoff


1. Rare, Precious and Beautiful” 2. ”It’s Only Rock and Roll” (detail) 3.“Hot Rocks” 4. “Rage Against the Machine” 5. Portrait of the Artist. 6. “Tommy” 7. “Grace” 8. “Metamorphosis”

“Dreams a

are free.�

it costs a lot more to spend time in reality "Houses Of The Holy III" Gold Leaf, Watercolor 2010

wander into the valley of dreams and stay a while

"Steppenwolf" Gold Leaf, Watercolor 12" x 12" 2011

"One Of These Nights" Gold Leaf, Watercolor, Swarovski Crystals 2010

Xany Rudoff is a Los Angelesbased artist who works primarily as a painter, but has dabbled in acting, interior design and wardrobe styling. Born in Pasadena to an artist mother and art historian father, Rudoff moved with her family to the desert expanse of Apple Valley, CA, a site that would be crucial for her artistic development. In the wide, empty nothingness of the desert landscape, there were no limitations to Rudoff’s imagining, She went on to get her B.A. in fine arts at U.C.L.A. Rudoff has previously participated in and organized group and benefit shows of her art -her most recent work, the Icon Series — which transforms vintage record albums and rock icons with the techniques used in Renaissance icon paintings. She has been featured in the New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles magazine and Vanity Fair. Xany Rudoff's most notable collectors include: Benicio Del Toro, Pink, Alan McGee (Creation Records)

Increase dream recall

Upon awakening, do not move!! Stay in bed for a while and recall your dreams before you flood your mind with everything you are going to do for the day

Any inquiries related to purchasing, commissioning, or exhibiting Xany Rudoff's paintings please contact: Drate/Salavetz Email:

and then the cactus turned into giant mushrooms and we floated off to a different space

float away with

o NOAM PIPER is a young freelance designer and artist in the art department for film & TV, and fashion events.


hank Heavens for the ceiling. My body is pinned against it. It’s hard to move. I try wriggling my arms and legs but they’re suspended. The ceiling is comfortable like a soft bed. Without its support I’d surely be swept on even further upwards and upwards. The palm of my hand brushes against the surface. It feels clammy and light like cork. The ceiling’s foamy spores are like scar tissue. It cushions my head.


twist my neck and I look at the thousands of strands of hairs that make up a single, compact, grey panel. Very slowly, I can see the tiny hairs grow. Perhaps they are moving. Through the forest of grey, there’s a single jet-black hair. The black hair seems to move faster than the grey hairs. Slowly, slowly it increments wider and reveals itself as a narrow ridge between two of the strands. I feel a gentle breeze. I lean my head further towards the gap. I want to peer inside. The gap widens still and whispers. I try to listen but it’s become very windy. The strong wind laps at my hair and whips my face; it’s hard to see. Behind my left ear the gap extends further and is now a crevice. I am buoyed towards it. It’s so noisy. I shut my eyes tight and concentrate my all. Through the waves I hear the distant sound of an electric toothbrush.


y footsteps make no sound. The street is empty. Everything looks normal; Rows of identical squat red brick houses align the road. Their windows are partially obscured by white mesh nets. Behind the nets, the rooms look empty. Though it feels late in the afternoon, there are no lights on. The street appears deserted. Not a sound. An ash coloured cloud blankets the sky. It feels like it might drizzle a little. I pace on in the middle of the road. Somewhere in the distance a bell rings. The sound is carried in the heavy air and reverber-

by Noam Piper

ates gently around me as though houses. It’s hard to move. I in a confined room. try wriggling my arms and legs but they’re asleep. My eyes are closed tight and n the pavement to my right, I concentrate. I slowly try a group of three elderly men opening one. My eyelashes converse. As I approach, one of are tangled, the hairs help the men turns to face me. He’s shield the light. I try to see of average size, slender, with no through them. Everything is distinguishing features. Faintly in blurred. A respirator. There the distance I hear the call of a are people standing over muezzin. The elderly man asks if I me. I can’t make out any of am lost. I tell him that I’m unsure. their features. Behind them I don’t remember speaking the a perforated grid stretches words. The street feels so familiar. like a giant canvas. Grey fibre I can’t hear the man because of wool tiles. There’s a patch on the hissing that has grown steadi- one of the panels like a dark ly louder. stain. One of the men leans close and asks whether I can I hear him. The others remain still. he electric toothbrush hisses. The black crevice has disappeared and so has the wind. I am still up on the ceiling. Now a rhythmic beeping sounds far below me. There are people in the room. Most of them are huddled in a circle bowing as though in quiet salutation. They congest a narrow bed. Tubes and wires extend from all sides. I hear some of them murmur, I hear a pump suction. Beep. Exhale. Suction. Beep. Exhale. Breathing. I am lying on the bed. It’s very comfortable. The man with the toothbrush leans closest. His hand is covered in a latex glove. I can smell the anesthetic. He forces the instrument through my head. He keeps a very MORE OF NOAM’S steady hand as he jacks the metal WORK ON HIS WEBSITE. further. I can feel the saw bite. Dust particles glide through the air. A firm ungloved hand holds my head together. The clammy palm sweats onto my forehead.




he room is stuffy. A scrub opens a crack in the square window. A gentle breeze animates the white nets. They glide in and out through the window’s narrow gap. On the street behind them, a row of ordinary red brick

The man asks whether I know where I am. I tell him that I think so, but don’t know how I got here. I don’t remember speaking the words. The man smiles and asks me to close my eye. He reassures me that everything will be fine.

OLLI V. reconstructing realiTY

Regular contributor talented Graphic artist and practiced lucid dreamer Olli has been working with dreams as a source of inspiration for quite a while

Lucila Bristow Dreamers. La Vida son Sue単os. This work is imposed on the task of capturing in an image the moment in which what is desired becomes real. It is the thread linking what we see about ourselves and what we want to be seen, the emotion that polarizes our relationship with the world, and remains hidden on the reverse side of what is shown or on the front side of what is found.

Rubi & Evelyn

Marko by Lucila Bristow

Lua by Lucila Bristow

Ivan by Lucila Bristow

A Bedtime Story for a Long Winter’s Night by Angel Ito Image by Jana Jelovac


sla never got things right on this plane-but in the kingdom of her dreams she was a maverick. As she went to bed each night, her grandmother never told her ridiculous stories about damsels in distress, kissing frogs to find true love, instead she taught her to navigate her dreams. Always telling her, like on this plane, you must learn to crawl before you walk, so in the other too; you had to learn to build a dream-before you could fly. Some called her crazy, but Isla always trusted her gramdmother. In her first dream memories of the other kingdom, she always recalled falling asleep in her grandmother’s arms, and awakening within the white wings of a very large bird who nurtured her in her nest until she was ready to take off.

When Isla was 8 she awoke to the news her grandmother had passed on forever, died. She panicked as she hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye. Her mind swam. She was lost. She spent the day in a daze. letting her mother put her in black clothes, comb her hair, then put her in the back of long black car-all time unaware of the tears that fell around her like raindrops from the faces of the mourners above her. All she could think of was getting back to her kingdom, of running into her grandmother’s arms.

She didn’t know where she was She didn’t where sheon, was going, but asknow the car rolled she going, but car rolledchatter on, sheand ignored all as thethe choked-up ignored faces all theand choked-up chattertoand somber willed herself somber faces and willed herself to drift to sleep. drift to sleep. It wasn’t long before she opened wasn’t before she opened herIt eyes onlong a vast sun burnt desert. her eyes onaagiant vast sun She was in roll burnt downdesert. bathShesurfing was in through a giant roll bathtub fastdown moving tub surfing through waves waves of sand, giantmoving dunes crestof sand ing and dunes flowingcresting like theand sea.flowing She like thearound sea. She looked andlooked could around see her and could see mother and father rowmother andher father rowing with big ing withthrough big spoons holes spoons holesthrough in the side in the side of the tub-moving them of tub-moving them at speed. at speed. over the and side She leanedShe overleaned the side sadly sadly andonfocused on the passing focused the passing surface surface of theunware sands, unware of the of the sands, of the dark dark clouds of a storm quickly movclouds of a storm quickly moving in. ing in. Her eyesonly were only brought Her eyes were brought up for a up for a moment she saw some moment when shewhen saw some

flying fish jump -break free of the sands, gliding momentarily on golden satiny wings, whistling as they kissed and breathed in the hot air before quickly plunging back in. She watched a whale surface just beneath the bathtub it blew up a fountain of sand and hot air and she heard it whisper, “Do not cry...She is here. She is waiting for you.” Isla’s heart released, and she began to weep, and the storm rolled in. She was relieved to know her grandmother was here-but she had to find her, had to be sure. She hardly noticed the skeleton sailing by in an old shoe searching for his umbrella; hardly noticed the approaching dust storm with wind that sounded like cracked lullabys, and the fierce rocking of her tub to and fro. Then in flash, lightning struck; she heard her mother call; and she was struck in the head by a flying peice of debris; and everything went black. She awoke on a lush and green rocky shore, her parents nowhere to be seen. She tried to collect her thoughts, and focused on a trail coming from the edge of the sandy sea. Someone had pulled her from the surf. Her instincts kicked in and she turned, got on guard, and looked into the brush. There in high grasses and shadowy palms she spied a pair of yellow eyes. “Come out !” she yelled. And slowly a big brown form began to push through. It was a bear. “What’s wrong?” It asked. “I’m Koliyo, a friend of your grandmother. She asked me to find you here and bring you to her. We must follow the sun into the wildlands of your dreams. She is there, waiting for you.” Isla, looked back on the desert sea, and wondered about her parents who were nowhere to be seen, and thought about where she’s rather be, then look back at Koliyo and said, “Let’s go!”





Day Tripping

In A Whole new Terrain American Dream Landscapes by C.C. St. James

the music that makes the journey

Music Journalist Anthony Moore Shares the raw rocking soundtrack that takes him there Jane’s Addiction – Three Days: I am not religious but hearing this, especially live, is the closest I’ve ever come to God. The truest sense of a song taking you on a journey.

John Frusciante – Your Pussy’s Glued To A Building On Fire: He lives in another world; music is a part of his being. This is so tripped out yet also so beautiful and perfect.

Syd Barrett – Terrapin: So completely personal and sounds like it’s coming from within your own head. From hearing his breath to the pick strokes on the strings, all of Syd’s music surrounds you with an entirely new world.

Roger Glover / Ronnie James Dio - Love Is All (The Butterfly Ball & The Grasshoppers Feast): They used to play this on TV when I was young between the kids shows. Such a bizarre clip, it would keep me transfixed from beginning to end. It wasn’t until years later that I heard the entire album and appreciated just how amazing the collection of musicians that put it together were.

Pink Floyd – Signs Of Life: Eyes closed, lying down on my bed, surrounded by a smoke filled haze and sounds of oars gliding through water. I feel like I am breathing for the first time. I have finally been given… signs of life.

Kyuss – Stage III: From the bands best album, Wretch. This is pure fuckin awesome. A fat and chunky instrumental with phase effects that warp your mind through stereo wanderings. After it takes you through ten lifetimes of journeys and brings you home, the fade out brings on the only lyrics “YEEAahhh!.....”

s– hain er: C e In mb Alic t Reme nge, n’ gru I Ca u will, ll it all a o at y aze, I c lice In h w it .A tdh Call induce suming at crea t ining con righ hero ng, all o amaz g you em. th kin ulfi re s eng ins we and ta re with Cha escape in the an ing

Magic Dirt – Redhead: Drenched in 90’s wah, fuzz and brilliance. As soon as the intro riff starts it sweeps me off my feet and takes me away.

Faith No More – Land Of Sunshine: Great band and Mike Patton is such a brilliant lyricist. This song kicks arse but is also so much fun to jump wholeheartedly into and crank the vocal stylings of Patton!

Shot on location at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Photots by Cookie St. James


Counting sheep over London


Agony Aunt

Dear Ms. JonesHelp me! I’ve just married a SLEEPWALKING video game player. While I did have did know he was an avid player, I would never expect him to start sleep walking his way to the console and playing through the night. Most of the research I’ve done indicates suggests that people usually continue their waking actvities-but has he played so much that he can do it in his sleep? Dawn F.

You are one Stupid Bitch! He’s just trying to complete a level! You married a geekStrap in. D.J. “God Is Dead!” Hello, my name is Melissa and I need help on something. I had a dream a few nights ago. I was in the car Seriously-Do you with my mom, dad, memere, want to fuck your mother? Or and my pepere. We were just crossing a bridge when my do want to see pepere said, “God’s dead, he antoher Keanu Reeves movie? NO! just died”. And I was getting No-You don't. confused about what it meant. and don't let any- I was wondering if you could one suggest it to tell me what it meant. Please you because it help. might just stick. Thank You, What were we Melissa from Kentucky, U.S. thinking? sure, when we looked Dear Melissaback over his Fuck you. What kinda trap is early films we were a bit dreamy that? One wrong answer and eyed but-hey! you obviously jump off said snap out of itbridge, you idiot. What do he’s a cock-a big you think it means.... wooden cock-and (People need to write me some you freud-Fuck you! sheesh check better questions, really.) D.J. out these guys.

Disgrace Jones cock No. 7 all stars


"It went something like this”

Touring out westchasing the sun-we stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. While I ask for a whore house

Did peyote with some crazy cats at burning man-got higher than a kite. Everything turned blue.

the band takes off! Hey! I run after them into the desert and get lost in the wilderness-drunk and sunstroked. Mofos left me. Mofos left me. I can’t beleived they bailed on me just cuz I asked for a pole dance pit-stop. I’m going to die.

“Come On! God! You actual know I ain’t gonna events: be no good boy-but played an I could really use a actual burning-hand here-Fuckface!” burning man stageAnd then................! that Fuckbunny set on fire after taking to many drugs and passing out.

I dreamed I was a human. Fucking WEIRD! I looked down on myself sleeping. Total out of body trip.

Then I was at the best gig ever-Man! You shoulda seen this fucking lightshow-except there was this tall fucker right in front. But it was mentalPICKLES PICKLES!

The band had to leave in a hurry and eventually stopped for snacks. When they got back, all they heard was Fuckbunny mummbliing this retarded ass dream. "Dream On! Princest Pickle Bunny Butt Pirate. heheheheheheh.””

On O n tthhee Drreea D am m TTo ouu

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Baron Samedi’s Dream horoscope Aries Paralyzed! Expect dreams of getting in a confrontation with an enemy. You get in a fight and when you try to hit back you’re paralyzed. Meaning: You’ll be mugged. Taurus Amputation Dream Expect a dream where a limb is injured bad enough it needs to be amputated. Meaning: You will lose your keys Gemini Alien Abduction. The ol’ alien on the examination table is you! or the probes keep finding their way in. Meaning: Anal sex is in your future. Cancer Scissors In The Forest. Each night the dream changes but scissors always appear. Meaning: someone hates you. Leo Dancing on the ceiling dream. Floating through the air represents your new perspective on life. Virgo Snakes everywhere. Meaning: The snakes symbolize primal energy, temptation, and evil. These are the thoughts and feelings you may be trying to suppress. LIbra Lucky Number Seven Seven signifies mental perfection, healing, completion, music and attainment of high spirituality. The number seven may also refer to the seven deadly sins, the seven days of the week, or seven chakras. Alternatively, the number seven indicates uniqueness and eccentricity.

Scorpio The Color Blue Blue represents truth, wisdom, eternity, devotion, tranquility, Perhaps you are expressing a desire to get away. Sagittarius You will dream of Bananas To see bananas in your dream, may be a metaphor for repressed sexual urges or indicate that your hard work will be met with little rewards or gains Capricorn Ants To see ants in your dream, signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. Aquarius Cheese To see cheese in your dream, symbolizes gains and profits. Pisces Black Wedding Dream Expect a stress dream over a wedding that goes completely wrong-everything is black, Meaning-Break up on the horizon Baron Samedi spends most of his time in the invisible realm of voodoo spirits. He is notorious for his outrageous behavior, swearing continuously and making filthy jokes to the other spirits. He loves smoking and drinking.

Baron Samedi by Amelie Scalercio Check out her Blog with all her work.



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