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a cathartic shove towards

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WELCOME O Audacious One TO



This is your captain Coach Jennie speaking, and I am so freakin’ stoked you’re here. This self-guided coaching program will take you dancing through 12 inspiration-packed steps designed to give you a cathartic shove towards self-actualized brilliance. I like to think of it as your toolkit of bad-assery.

By the end of your journey, you’ll discover your most EXTRAORDINARY self — the version of you that turns heads, illuminates the room, and radiates irrepressible action, confidence and tenacity. We’ll be covering all the good stuff: :: groovy goal-setting :: productivity + personal accountability :: confidence + self-efficacy :: productive, pro-active, adventurous dreaming :: plus rad quotes from classic movies and brilliant people I adore. I’ve got loads of Audacity-fueling coaching exercises (aka PACT challenges), success stories and personal examples that’ll rock your world view. I’ll also set you up with a boatload of kick-ass resources to help you get those daredevil dreams of yours in motion! Oh, and I forgot to mention:

This book comes with its very own playground.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve also created a whole smorgasbord of awesomely interactive mini-workshops online in the PACT Webventure Workbook. Go ahead. Click it. Each chapter has its own private coaching exercise, hand-picked by moi. So keep an eye out, and don’t forget to stop in for some playtime!



are you ready to be

unstoppable? Hell yeah! Me too. Let’s do this!


Possibility You Deserve to be Extraordinarily Happy Get Unstuck + Become Unstoppable

Why Audacity? :: 6 Meet Hilda :: 11 About Coach Jennie :: 97

Ambition Want More Goals: Write. Them. Down. You Got This

Your Possibilities are Un-freaking-limited



Own Your Muchness

Motivation is a Crock

Discover the Upside of Being Scared Shitless

Cut the Crap Already

Give Hilda the Finger

Choose Tenacity Every Time

So, why

AUDACITY? Because you want more than just a good life. You want a PHENOMENAL, INSPIRING, EXTRAORDINARY life! Yep, living a life like that is a choice. . . one you have to make over and over and over again. And that takes Moxie. Guts. Chutzpah. Nerve. Boldness. Pluck. Sass. AUDACITY. When you’re not happy with your work + life, no matter how hard you try, you’re gonna SUCK at it. Or, to be more precise, you’ll never elevate into your most EXTRAORDINARY self — the version of you that stops traffic, turns heads with whiplash speed, illuminates the room, and radiates irrepressible action, confidence and tenacity. The version of you that’s UNSTOPPABLE. Here’s one thing I know for damn sure: If you’re ready to lead a truly Audacious life — and elevate your trajectory from “pretty awesome” to extraordinary — you’ve got to make a PACT with yourself.

What kind of PACT? The kind that starts with 4 killer questions.

Possibility What could your life look like? When you’ve pumped years of energy (and thousands of dollars) into a dusty, ancient dream that (surprise!) is making you miserable, it’s hard to release the death-grip and start from scratch. But shifting into a space of possibility is absolutely essential, if you’re gonna move from suckdom into stupendousness.

Ambition What do you really want? Untick all the boxes you’ve diligently checked for yourself, step away from your current career track, take a deep breath, and just . . . SAY IT. The answer might surprise you. It might make your mother furious. It might require a total lifestyle 180°. And it’s probably going to make you HAPPIER, more successful, and more jubilantly fulfilled than ever before.

Confidence Do you got the pluck to create the life you want? And if not, how come? This is the part where tapping into your Audacity can seriously flip your system. You’ll unpack your fears, insecurities and vulnerability points, from a supportive — but objective — place. And you’ll discover strategies to fill in any confidence-gaps that have kept you in a holding pattern.

Tenacity Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there? When you’re making major life transformations, getting up and running is essential. Taking aim at your Audacious target and firing the first round of arrows is hot stuff, but mastering your new life design takes more than a couple practice rounds. You’ll stop waiting for motivation, remove distractions, and build in solid accountability. You don’t want to lose momentum — and we ain’t gonna let you.

Here’s what we’re gonna do: I'm gonna . . . • get clear on your BIG dreams • help you draw up a plan to get there • make sure you’re living a lifestyle that supports you as you stride ahead in full MOXIELICIOUS form. You’re gonna . . . • read this book ( . . . well, at least I hope you’re planning on it!) • spend some quality playtime in the Webventure Workbook • get back in touch with Possibility, Ambition, Confidence, and Tenacity • start living your life by a brand spankin’ new credo:

AUDAC I TY R U L E S. So let’s get crack-a-lackin, you brilliant thing you!

MEET HILDA This is the face of your annoying, internal personal saboteur.

Your irksome inner naysayer. I call her Hilda. She’s the nagging voice that relentlessly picks away at your confidence. While you’re shaking out dusty beliefs, creating fresh mindsets and setting new + lofty goals, Hilda’s in your head, saying things like: “Pfft, this could never happen for you.” “What a pipe dream.” “You wish!” “Must be nice!” “They’ll find out you’re a phony, y’know.” “Who do you think you are?”

Though her voice may sound familiar to you, even cautionary, make no mistake:

Hilda is a bitch. Keep an eye out for Hilda’s Bullshit Warnings as you move through these lessons. Be sure to give ‘em a read -- they’ll help you keep her pessimism at bay. Don’t worry, they’re hard to miss. I’ve put her ugly mug right next to ‘em.

What would it feel like if . . . • You loved your work? • Your personal and professional relationships were solid and fulfilling? • You earned a comfortable living that supported the lifestyle you want for yourself? • You felt refreshed and rejuvenated each morning – inside and out? • You heard only positive things in your head? • You felt like superman/superwoman every single day? • You enjoyed every minute of your work because it mattered deeply to you? • You loved the reflection you saw in the mirror? It’s time to make a good, strong, lasting PACT with yourself. It’s time to . . .

Rediscover Audacity!

Possibility Possibility (n): A thing, fact, or state of being that is likely or attainable.

To create your big, juicy, fabulous life, you need to understand one essential truth: You are in complete control over the life you have. I mean it! This is your wake up call. Too many people are asleep at the wheel of their own lives, stuck in the hell that they’ve built up brick by brick without with even realizing it. You need to recognize that there are underlying intentions – conscious or otherwise – that guide all of your choices, behaviors, and actions.

It’s time to set some new, uber-potent intentions … By changing your intentions - and creating them, uh, intentionally you can radically upgrade your choices, behaviors, actions . . . and ultimately your life! When I was growing up, I always thought that if I worked really hard and played by the “rules,” I would eventually reach “success.” I really thought that since I wasn’t a juvenile delinquent, I simply “deserved” an extraordinary life.

Newsflash: These “rules” teach us to think small and lose sight of the amazing possibilities this life has to offer. And when our existence finally begins to feel intolerable (you know, the point when you hire someone like The Audacity Coach), we have no idea how to handle it. It seriously sucks! Are you ready to open your mind to brand new possibilities?

Hold on tight . . .


You deserve to be



Are you Happy? OOF! This is a seriously loaded question. Could you be happier? Sure you could. We all could. This program is guaranteed to make you at least 63% happier than you are this moment . . . Ok, so I made that number up. You can’t measure happiness like that. But hey look! I’ve got another question for you: What was your knee-jerk reaction to reading those three words? Let’s try again and really listen to the question this time:

Are you happy? Did the question freak you out? Did you immediately go into a dark place? If your initial reaction was anything but super-positive, then something is dreadfully wrong. So let’s get to fixin’!

Happiness is damn important. Back me up here, science! My fabulous friend and colleague, Annie Passanisi, Whimsy Coach + Happiness Advocate, is my go-to resource on all things Happy. She asserts ::

“The Science of Happiness is just that – science. There were experiments involved, and lab coats, and fancyschmancy technologies. Nerds rejoice!”

Scholars of Positive Psychology have proven that there is a direct correlation between success and happiness. There are some seriously tangible bennies to happiness that can’t be overlooked.

Happiness experts have proven that . . . Happy people are more likely to get hired and hold onto their jobs. Why? Because they bring their happiness with ‘em. Positivity ups your productivity + creativity. Surprise, surprise! Happy people are more generous and benevolent . . . and generally more fun to be around. Communities full of happy people see higher rates of volunteering + lower crime rates. Happy people enjoy higher quality friendships and relationships. They resolve conflicts more efficiently and are happier together for longer. Happy people have a lower frequency of illness and recover from illness more quickly . . . so they tend live longer. (Bonus!) Happy people tend do cooler things with their time. They are more eager and likely to prioritize a good time and to go outside their comfort zone to find it.

The bottom line: this happiness stuff is generally a good idea.

So how do we find more of it?

Come on, Get Happy! When we were kids, we were convinced that if we play by the rules and work our little asses off, Super Happiness will automatically be bestowed upon us. Well, we’ve had several hard-cold doses of reality on this one. Following the rules works to an extent. If you’re decent at it, you can find a decent job, lead a decent personal life, enjoy decent ducats. If you’re really good at it, you can quickly ascend corporate ladders, snag big promotions, achieve killer things, etc. But that’s not real happiness. Real happiness rarely resides inside the lines.

You are responsible for finding and creating your own happiness in this life. The “how” resides in the rest of these pages - by tapping into your audacity and leading the juiciest, most awesome life imaginable!

Audacity Rules Sample Chapter  

Intro and Chapter 1 of Audacity Rules

Audacity Rules Sample Chapter  

Intro and Chapter 1 of Audacity Rules