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ALL-CONFERENCE indiana athletes Winter 2008 Women’s swimming Kelsey Cross Myra Retrum Siri Retrum Lauren Gustafson Ella Wildemann Kristin VanDeventer

CONFERENCE indiana members Pike RED DEVILS Red & White Lawrence Central BEARS Maroon & Gray Southport CARDINALS Cardinal & White Columbus North BULL DOGS Blue & White Franklin Central FLASHES Royal Blue & White

men’s basketball women’s basketball Nick Kruse Sydney Mitchell Courtney Larson wrestling Jowan Gill Gabe Watson

SPORTSMANSHIP STATEMENT Conference Indiana is committed to the practice of sportsmanship in all athletic competition. Sportsmanship is positive behavior that stems from generosity and genuine respect for others. Sportsmanship is graciously accepting victory or defeat and also the calls of contest officials. For spectators, sportsmanship includes cheering FOR the athletes, NOT booing or saying or doing things to put down athletes, coaches or officials. Sportsmanship is a team effort. The cooperation of athletes, coaches, officials, students, parents, and other spectators is needed. Please support our athletes by BEING A GOOD SPORT.

Bloomington North COUGARS Maroon & Gold Bloomington South PANTHERS Purple & White Perry Meridian FALCONS Navy Blue, Light Blue & Silver

The Winter Media Guide is published by Columbus North High School’s Public Relations Information Bureau Staff. To support on the cover, platinum, gold, silver, bronze or blue & white levels, please call 376-4260.

Gymnastics Chrissy Day Cassie Funcheon men’s swimming William Lee

GAMEface STAFF PROJECT COORDINATORS: Becky Hehman Katee Holman PHOTOGRAPHER: Madeline Hodek STAFF: Shelby Beatty Natalie Bush Heather Caplinger Deirdre Douglas Brooke Fath Summer Fuller Emili Hefler Marissa McEwan Levi Olmstead Hannah Perkinson Haedyn Scgalski Erica Stewart Katie Stowers Lindsey Thompson Zeb Walton Laurel Wolfe ADVISER: Rachel McCarver Printed by Pentzer Printing, Columbus

GAMEface issue 2 Principal David Clark


Asst. principal Susan Scott

Asst. principal John Green








Enrollment: 2400 Address: 1400 25th Street Columbus, IN 47201 Phone: 376-4431 Fax: 376-4291 On the web:

cover photo of senior Andrea Behling by Madeline Hodek

PLATNIUMsponsors Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. 1334 Washington


ATHLETICScomplex Named for Indiana Hall of Fame basketball coach and athletic director, the WIlliam L. Stearman Athletic Complex entrance welcomes athletes, fans and visitors to the Charles “Chuck� Newell Natatorium, Memorial Gymnasium and Hall of Fame. Other features include an auxiliary gym, a state-of-the-art weight room as well as a training room, gymnastics and wrestling practice facilities.


The BCSC Athletic Program shall provide positive opportunities for student athletes to learn to compete in sports and in life. Successful student athletes are those who make healthy choices and who give their best effort in the classroom and community, as well in practice, and competition. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitude, responsibility, hard work, and commitment are equally as important as skill development.

CNHS supports 20 different IHSAAsponsored sports, and cheerleading, that offer 50 teams of approximately 500 students in grades 9-12. The athletics staff consists of 62 paid positions which include coaches, certified athletic trainers, athletics director, treasurer and secretary. CNHS is a voluntary member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association which has directed the overall pattern for interschool athletics in Indiana since 1904. Control of the IHSAA rests with high school principals and legislative body to represent five districts. CNHS is District 3. CNHS is a charter member of Conference Indiana along with Bloomington North and South, Lawrence Central, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Pike and Southport. The purpose of the conference is to simulate interest in a well-rounded athletic program, to promote sportsmanship and a friendly understanding among member schools in all interschool relations.

community support Memorial Gym, the fitness facility and the artificial turf on Andress Field were all privately funded by the citizens of Columbus.

jeff hester athletics director

cindy mccoy Athletics Secretary

Wayne roberts assistant athletics director

tim bless strength coach

brittany beehler athletics trainer

VENUES Charles “Chick” Newell Natatorium

Gymnastics training venue

Wrestling training venue

Memorial Gym

Fitness Facility

CONFERENCE INDIANA HISTORY According to the 1998-99 Conference Indiana Athletic Handbook, 10 schools agreed to form one conference and made a commitment to participate as a member for a minimum of five years. All sports, with the exception of football, began conference play during the 1997-98 school year. Football began conference play in 1998. Conference Indiana merged South Central conference (SCC) and the Central Suburban Athletic Conference (CSAC), and in March of 1996, the name “Conference Indiana” was chosen.

Auxiliary Gym

GOLDsponsors Shelbourne Knee Center 1815 N. Capitol Ave., Ste 600 317-924-8636

Cummins 1500 Jackson Street 812-377-3114 3


FRONT: Chelsea Stretshberry, Molly Elifritz, Ciera Johnson, Audrey Lewis, Courtney Crompton, Torrie McClintic, Iannelli Olivares MIDDLE: Meagan Wolf, Chelsea Turner, Cassie Funcheon, Chrissy Day, Cassie Birdwell, Katasha Skinner, Emma Geilker BACK: Lexie Cain, Kelsie Bevis, Tessa Lane, Rocio Olivares

from the TEAM “I got started when I was a little kid and quit for a couple years and got back in it.” freshman Chelsea Turner

“The other gymnasts are really helpful because we all push each other to get better.“ sophomore Courtney Crompton

“I participate in it because I like it. It’s something I enjoy to do.“ freshman Lexie Cain

meet the COACHES Coaches Bob Arthur and Sandy Freshour


Rewarding: “The most rewarding part is watching the girls’ success and grow up.” coach Bob Arthur Challenging: “Seeing them fall short and teaching them team.” coach Sandy Freshour

define GAME FACE “A game face is being ready and staying focused.” freshman Emma Geilker


Casaundra Birdwell Parent(s): Alexander and Mary, How you got started: “My parents enrolled my older sister and I in classes. I have been doing gymnastics for 10 years.”

Chrissy Day

Cassie Funcheon

Parent(s): Wade and Dawn, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Run track, Specific memories: “When we were state runner-ups my sophomore year. They called North, and we were all so happy because North gymnastics hadn’t accomplished that in many years.”

Parent(s): Jim and Cindy, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Accounting/Finance, Advice: “Make sure to have fun and give every skill your all.”

SILVERsponsors Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home, Inc. 1029 Washington St./4205 Jonathan Moore Pike



FRONT: Andy Cox, Timo Loescher, Kevin Bringer, Raleigh Caldwell, Adam Helton, Aaron Addis MiDDLE: Daniel Ward, Ryne Tabler, Quintin Caldwell, Sam Parker, Dylan Jones, David Tung, Daniel Champlin BACK: Conner Conrey, Keegan Jiles, Kevin Chon, Aaron Cunningham, Nicholas Wang, Greg Freudenthaler

from the TEAM “My mom got me started competitively when I was eight.“ sophomore Kevin Brinegar

“I am open to try new things. I really like it for how challenging and how great the coach is.“ junior Aaron Cunningham

“It is a great stress reliever, and I love the water.“ sophomore Aaron Addis

meet the COACH Coach Jim Sheridan

define GAME FACE

Challenging: “All associated with the program having FAITH in the program.” Random: “I have climbed the north face of the Matterhorn.”


“Getting ready to go out and give it all you got.” sophomore Conner Conroy


Quintin Caldwell

Greg Fruedenthaler

Keegan Jiles

Parent(s): Gary and Renee, Years on varsity: 3, Career goals: Film/Literature, Miss after high school: “The fun the team has, and the feeling of accomplishment after nailing a dive.”

Parent(s): Paul and Joanne, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Business, Preparation: “I listen to pump up music before a meet in the locker room.”

Parent(s): Keefus Jiles and LeAnne Beachem, Years on varsity: 3, Career goals: Undecided, Specific memory: “I remember placing third at sectionals after my first full season. It felt pretty super.”

Timo Loescher

Ryne Tabler

Daniel Ward

Parent(s): Rolf and Donna, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Industrial Engineering/Computer Science, Specific memory: “Breaking a minute in the 100 back, and the fire drill freshman year at Franklin Central.”

Parent(s): Mark and Jo, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: PreMed, Advice: “Don’t let anyone get to you too much or it will ruin you as a person and athlete.”

Parent(s): Patrick and Diane, Years on varsity: 4 , Career goals: Engineering, Miss after high school: “I will miss all of the fun of being on a team of fun guys and all the good times I’ve had over the years.”



FRONT: Ella Wildemann, Sydney Jarrard, Jessie Freudenthaler, Marie Wildemann, Hather Gross, Sarah Criswell, Myra Retrum MIDDLE: Hannah Kestler, Emma Wyke, Mackenzie Coles, Rachael Sollman, Katie McBurnett, Ariana Mitchell, Ellen Pheral BACK: Hayden Kleinhenz, Kristin VanDeventer, Brenny Jarrard, Grace Fischvogt, Dani Newkirk, Brooke Moore, Alex Rape, Sarah Wever

from the TEAM “I love the challenge and the feeling I get when I race people.” freshman Jessie Freuderthaler

“I got started in kindergarten and have been swimming for 11 years.” junior Brenny Jarrard

“It is a sport that I am good at and enjoy. I’ve also done if for a very long time.” freshman Marie Wildemann

meet the COACH Coach Jim Sheridan Rewarding: “Watching young people have real valued goals.” Random: “I have scuba dived to 300ft.”


define GAME FACE “Game face is when you are focused and in the zone and nothing can get you out of it.” sophomore Sarah Wever


Katie McBurnett

Siri Retrum

Parent(s): Mike and Judy, Career goals: Nurse or teacher, Miss after high school: “The other swimmers, the pasta dinners and the bus rides for sure. I’m going to miss everything about it though.”

Parent(s): Kurt and Rachel, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Nursing, Advice: “Don’t waste a heart beat.”

BRONZEsponsors D. Rick Colglazier CLU, CHFC 812-372-4400

Granny Beas’s 812-372-4621

Columbus Internal Medicine 812-376-9427

Scott C, Barrix, D.D.S. 812-372-1234

Frank Anderson Tire Co. 812-372-0261

Garage Pub & Grill 812-418-8918

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept. 812-379-1740 McDermott Orthodontics 812-379-1111



FRONT: Robb Hughes, Sawyer Smith, Chris Russell, Seth Moorman, Ryan Jenkins, Will Bowman, John Alessi, Andrew Easton, Ezequiel Gomez, Jermaine Jones, Greg Johnson MIDDLE: Caden McGahai, Fernando Rivera, Dayton Moore, Eli Teague, Eric Green, Dallin Hinckley, Jacob Fletcher, Joey Perry, Drew Hill, Matt Carey, Morgan SIms BACK: Coach Dan Marsh, Coach Cory Shrum, Devon Orben, Caleb Albertson, Gabe Holt, Justin Aimers, Brain Babb, Joe Bridgeman, Justin Schultz, Jarrett Brownfield, Luis Cambron, Mike Hughes, Marcus Wadell, Evan Harrell, Corey Bland, Coach Carl Hildinger, Coach Ron Wagner

from the TEAM “Seventh grade when Central went undefeated and won tri-county.” freshman Cameron Layman

“My dad wrestled when he was in school so I wanted to. I have wrestled for four years.” sophomore Corey Bland

“I have played for two years and friends got me started.” freshman Ezequiel Gomez

meet the COACH Coach Carl Hildinger Rewarding: “Watching wrestlers improve and mature during their four years. Freshmen come in green, starry eyed and scared. As seniors they become our veterans and team leaders.” 10

define GAME FACE “The look on your face when you are mentally and physically ready to start the game.” freshman Dayton Moore


Jarrett Brownfield Logan Harrell Parent(s): Kirk and Carol, Years on varsity: 3, Career goals: Undecided, Preparation: “I listen to music, and get loosened up.”

Parent(s): Dave and Amy, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Business, Preparation: “I just think of all the things that have made me upset and focus that energy on my opponent.”

Mike Hughes

Ruel Pedigo

Parent(s): John and Linda, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Undecided, How you got started: “I started wrestling in middle school. My parents encouraged me to try it and I really liked it. This is my 6th year in the sport.”

Parent(s): Parrish and Rhonda, Career goals: Doctor, Advice: “Work hard and keep trying to learn new moves.”

Marcus Wadell Parent(s): Kevin and Shawn, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Marketing manager, Miss after high school: “Wrestling itself and all my friends on the team.”



FRONT: Morgan Case, Jenna Pruitt, Jocelyn Hamilton, Tori Ashman, Chelsea Huff MIDDLE: Courtney Larson, Quin Shoultz, Megan Schultz, Andrea Behling, Rebecca Brougher, Katie Barker BACK: Coach Nate Bean, Coach Roger Bean, Coach Debbie Marr, Coach Megan Shaff

from the TEAM “I participate in this sport because I have four a long time and I wanted to be involved in a high school sport.” freshman Brianna Thorpe

“Basketball is a fun, active sport. I enjoy playing it.“ junior Tori Ashman

“I’ve been playing competitively since I was 10. I stayed the night with a friend who was trying out for an AAU team and just decided to try out myself.” junior Chelsea Huff

meet the COACH Coach Debbie Marr


Challenging: “Blending individual talents into a successful team.” Random: “Seeing life lessons learned in basketball carry over in real life.”

define GAME FACE “My definition of a game face is a serious face that is almost to the point of intimidation, but it is still a fun face!” freshman Quin Shoultz


Andrea Behling

Jenna Pruitt

Megan Schultz

Parent(s): Mike and Carol, Years on varsity: 4, Career goals: Undecided, Specific memory: “Coming back to beat East in overtime during the regular season last year.”

Parent(s): Gary and Julie, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Attend a four year college for business or public relations, Advice: “It’s not about how big you are, it’s how big you play.”

Parent(s): Jeff and Sheri, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Win conference and sectionals this season, Miss after high school: “I will miss the close relationships with my teammates.”

BLUE&WHITEsponsors Cameo Action Photos

Raft to Rafter’s

CLAAS of America

Richard T. Newton II

Dr. Jerry L. Rinehart DDS


Dunn & Associates Benefit Administrators, Inc.

Southeastern Indiana Anesthesia Associates

First Financial Bank Hoosier Sporting Goods Jim Gordon Inc.

State Farm - Mark Carlson That Special Touch

Milestone Contractors, L.P. North Park Dentistry 13


FRONT: Jacob Hauer, Dylan Gommel, Nick Likens, Louie Souza, Kyle Kamman, Alec Olibo, Zach Purtlebaugh BACK: Coach Jason Speer, Coach Andy Brown, Philip Tarnowski, Tyler Greathouse, Luke Miller, Evan Dodd, Coach Jim Hilderbrand, Coach Mike Greathouse

from the TEAM “I have been playing for 12 years and my dad signed my up the first time.” junior Evan Dodd

“I participate to stay in shape because we run and do conditioning in the off season.” sophomore Braden Pelley

“This sport is really competitive. I enjoy playing and I love the game.” junior Luke Miller

meet the COACH Coach Jason Speer Challenging: “Winning and developing life long relationships with current and former players.” Random: “I love taking walks with my wife Julie and my son Rex.” 14

define GAME FACE “To be ready for the game and to be pumped for the game.” sophomore Joshua Imlay


Dylan Gommel

Nick Likens

Alec Olibo

Parent(s): Vickie, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Undecided, Advice: “Work hard, take advantage of your opportunities.”

Parent(s): Robert and Staci, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Undecided, How you got started: “My dad got me started, and I’ve been playing since I was five.”

Parent(s): Ed and Lynnette, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Undecided, Advice: “Never pass up an opportunity to go to the gym.”

Louie Souza

Philip Tarnowski

Parent(s): Matt and Tracy, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Military/Politics, Preparation: “I just focus on the game. I think of my job and I think of how I will out play my opponent.”

Parent(s): Tim and Cindy, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Entrepreneur, Miss after high school: “I will miss the big rivalry games, especially against East. I love playing in front of the crowd when it is that energetic.”



FRONT: Allie Ziegler, Lindsay Hladik, Brainna Robertson, Kristi Fier, Tony Bennettl MIDDLE: Stacy Hauersperger, Shelby Satterfield, Meghan Bailey, Alyssa Miller, Baillie Mitchell BACK: Allie Smith, Shelby Allison, Hilary Owens, Kelsey Michael, Niki Prestel, Coach Sarah Frasier

from the TEAM “My coaches push me to do things that will help me be a good cheerleader.” freshman Claire Owens

“My mom is the one who pushes me to do everything that I do.” sophomore Torrie McClintic

“I started at Minario’s when I was 4 and I have been cheering ever since then.” freshman Avery Zeller

meet the COACH Coach Sarah Frasier Rewarding: “The most rewarding part of coaching is seeing the girls reach their goals and seeing all of their hard work pay off at competitions.”


define GAME FACE “A game face to me is being ready for whatever gets thrown at you and trying your best, never stopping, and being happy and energetic.” freshman Allyson Turner


Stacy Hauersperger

Alyssa Miller

Parent(s): Dennis Hauersperger and Patty Hauck, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Business, Advice: “I’d tell underclassmen to have fun, but remember there are times that need to be serious.”

Parent(s): Lloyd and Kim, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Occupational therapist, Miss after high school: “I’m going to miss all the relationships I built in the past 4 years with girls and coaches.”

Brianna Robertson Parent(s): Shaena, Years on varsity: 2, Career goals: Physical therapy, How you got started: “I have been cheering for 10 years, since 3rd grade when my mom started coaching.”


BULL DOG BOOSTER LIST Lynn and John Alessi

Denise Engle

Mike and Kim Humes

The Amlung Family

Kyle and Tammy Fath

Jeff and Terri Hurd

Tom Andress

Cliff and Julia Federle

Vince James and Family*

Steve Andress Memorial for Max An-

Jeff and Amy Fetterer

Vikki and Tom Johnson*


Jim and M’Liss Fier

Ken and Amy Kaiser*

Wayne and Cheryl Baker

Richard and Mary Fogler

Stu and Masako Kaplan

Becca Ballard

Gary and Sue Folkman

Eric and Teresa Kelsey

Le Anne Beachem

Libby Forbes

Mickey, Jenny,Betsy, Maggie, and Emily

Roger and Frances Bean

Coach Freshour and Family


Brittany Beehler

John and Dawn Gale

Mike and Joy King

The Behling Family*

Gary Gardner

Pete and Kathy King

Debra Bennett

Greg and Robin George

Larry and Annette Kleinhenz

Don and Kathy Benson

Kyle and Cathy George

Cindy Mason and John Lane

Paul and Lisa Beiriger

Ken, Hedy and Lesley George

The Larson Family*

Tony and Maribeth Bieger

Dave and Debra Gill

Tim and Susan Lax

Jamie and Jennifer Brinegar

Sarah and Barry Gill

Hyung Geun Lee

Tim and Jill Bless

Sherry and Kevin Goen

Tom and Pam Lego

Steve Brooks

Kris, Sharon and Taylor Gohn

Jin and Carla Lemke

Joe and Debbe Brougher

Dave and Jenny Goggin

Chris and Melissa Lewis

Sam and Michelle Brown

Mark and Renee Gorbett

Timo Loescher

Kirk D. and Carol A. Brownfield

Tom and Laura Grana*

Steve and Susan Long

Tonia Brummett

Mike and Stephanie Greathouse

Carol and Randy Lyvers

Phil and Jane Bush

John Green and Family*

The Luken Family*

Robin and Lynn Cain

The Grimm Family

Jason and Tammy Maddix

Mark and Jenny Carlson

Mike and Melissa Hacker

Bill and Melissa Mahoney

Kee Bum Kevin Cho

John and Kathy Hall

The Malina Family

Kee Bum/ Kevin Chon

Brad and Cindy Hamilton**

Jamie and Debbie Marr

David D. Clark*

Kris and Jim Harmon

Lou Marr

Richard and Karen Clark

Jan and Doug Harris*

Jan Matchette

Susan and David Coffey

Melanie Hart

Paul and Cheryl McAvoy

Rick and Cindy Colglazier

Jeff Hester and Family*

Charlie and Cindy McCoy and Family

The Cunningham Family

Carl Hildinger

Dave and Jo McKinney

Jeff and Kathy Cunnington

Angela Hilycord

John and Jane McLemore

Mark and LuAnn Davis

Barry and Nancy Hiquet

Mark and Debbie Mensendiek

Dawn Day

Andrew Hobbs

Allan and Kim Miller

Laura and Scott DeDomenic

Christine Hobbs

Tim, Lauren, Connor, Chase and Cath-

Misty DeMoss

Jan and Monte Hofmeister

erine Millwood

Tim and Suzanne Diehn

Daniel and Susan Holle

Chris Monroe

Mark and Stacy Doub

Dave and Vicki Howarth

Cheryl Murphy

Chuck and Lisa Duke

Keith and Vicki Huff

Vijay Narsinghani

Alan and Judith Eddelman

John and Linda Hughes

Jim and Chris Newkirk


John and Connie Oliver

Stephen and Patricia Sollman

The Orben Family*

Thomas and Therese Sonderman

Mike and Theresa Palmer

Matt and Tracy Souza

Roger and Barb Parker

Mike Spock

The Parkhurst Family

Derek and Kristi Stewart

Rick and Julie Patberg

Mike and Amy Stewart

Ed and Kim Pence

The Steilberg Family*

The Perr Family

Peggy and Bill Storkman and Family

The Perry Family

The Mark Sublette Family

Greg Pittman

Mark and Jo Tabler

Dan and Jill Prestel

The Tarnowski Family

Jim and Brenda Preusz

Shane and Lisa Teague and Family

Marsha and Randy Proffitt

Mr and Mrs Tom Thornburg

John and Charlotte Prohaska

Randall Tucker

The Reece Family

Roger and Janet Tucker

Casey and Laurie Reed

Barry and Donna Turner

Kord and Kim Reid

Jane Twaddle

Kurt and Rachel Retrum

Steve Tyler

The Rinehart Family*

Jeff and Kathy Van Deventer

Mark and Jeannine Roberts

Steve and Teresa Vincent

Todd A Roberts

Pat and Diane Ward

Wayne Roberts*

The Waskom Family*

The Rothbart Family

Jack and Sue Wheeler

Rick and Christi Russell

Brett, Allison, Madison and Kaitlin White

Robert and Gabrielle Ryan

Rod and Karen White

John and Katina Sadtler

Rod and Karen Wilson

Barbara Salee

Janice Wolfe and Family*

Tony and Christine Sanders

Clyde and Angela Xi

Jim and Karin Scarbrough

Augustine Jung and Eunmee Yi

Randy and Jill Scheidt

Tom, Celeste, Grace and Rosemary

Sheri Schultz


Nancy Schoenegge

Michael and Natalie Young

Chris and Jane Scruton

Joe Swope Jr. / Roxanne Zeigler

Scott Seavers Tim and Linda Shuffett* Bambi Shoemaker, The Pampered Chef Sam and Fran Simmermaker Ted and Lucretia Sims and Family Leroy and Linda P. Smith Theo and Amie Smith Cindy, Joe, Ryan, Aaron, Annie and Courtney Smith


JV/FRESHMANteams JV WOMEN’S BASKETBALL FRONT: Hanna Ballard, Sasha Martin, Shelby Ashman, Alyssa Shoemaker, Kelsie Carlson BACK: Coach Amy Macy, Grace Snider, Taylor Decker, Molly Rinehart, Jessica Schultz, Tricia Souza

FRESHMAN WOMEN’S BASKETBALL FRONT: Morgan Palmer, Diana Hillycord, Sasha Martin, Andrea Schoenegge, Brianna Thorpe BACK: Coach Roger Bean, Madison Algee, Hanna Ballard, Coach Frances Bean

JV MEN’S BASKETBALL FRONT: Deonta Dismuke, Luke Miller, Tyler Goodall, Zach Purtlebaugh, Jacob Hauer, Sawyer Glick, Braden Pelley BACK: Jacob Taylor, Coach Jason Speer, Coach Brad Branham, Garrett Larson, Joshua Imlay, Coach Jim Hilderbrand, Coach Mike Greathouse, Coach Andy Brown

FRESHMAN MEN’S BASKETBALL FRONT: Cameron Agnew, Cameron Layman, Dennis Brumfield, Joseph Gedeon, Mac Goggin, Shaquille Ash, Solomon Knight BACK: Coach Steve Todd, Nick Wingate, Connor Oren, Clint Cunningham, Andrew Pennington, Chase Francoeur, Jake Coffey, Paul Salee, Coach Chad Swinney


RESERVE CHEERLEADING FRONT: Kuresha Moore, Katie Stowers, Allyson Turner, Avery Zeller BACK: Katie Alllison, Mayce Kinsey, Katie Barth, Torrie McClintic, Hannah Thompson

FRESHMAN CHEERLEADING FRONT: Chelsea Turner, Maryka Teltoe, Emma Geilker BACK: Payton Nowling, Claire Owens, Christina Andress


ATHLETICSschedules Gymnastics 1/4 1/7 1/11 1/19 1/21 1/23 1/28 2/2 2/4 2/11 2/17 2/20 3/6 3/13 3/20

Owen Valley Columbus East Bloomington North Perry Meridian Jeffersonville Lawrence Central Bloomington South Seymour Martinsville Center Grove Warren Central Conference IN Sectional @ East Regional @ East State @ Perry Meridian

wrestling 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 TBA 7:00 7:00 7:00 6:30 6:30 12:00 12:00 TBA TBA


mens Basketball 12/11 12/18 12/22 1/5 1/8 1/9 1/15 1/23 1/30 2/5 2/6 2/11 2/13 2/16 2/19 2/23 3/2 3/5 3/6 3/13 3/20 3/27


Franklin Central Pike Columbus East Madison Lawrence Central Jennings County Mooresville Perry Meridian Whiteland (Hinkle Fieldhouse) Bloomington South East Central Greenwood Franklin Lawrence North Bloomington North Seymour Sectional Sectional Sectional Regional @ Seymour Semi State @ Southport State

6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 12:45


6:00 6:00 6:00 1:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 7:00 6:00 7:00 TBA TBA 8:00


12/12 12/19 12/23 12/29 12/29 12/30 1/7 1/9 1/13 1/16 1/19 1/21 1/23 1/30 2/3 2/6 2/10 2/13 2/19 2/20 2/27

CN Varsity Tourney CN JV Tourney Avon Tourney JV Columbus East Tourney Scottsburg Tourney Scottsburg Tourney Seymour Corydon Tourney Columbus East Conference IN New Palestine Franklin Tourney JV New Palestine Tourney JV Sectional INDIV Team Regional @ Seymour Regional INDIV Semi State Team Semi State INDIV State INDIV State INDIV State Team

9:00 9:00 8:30 9:00 9:00 9:00 7:00 9:00 7:00 9:00 6:30 6:00 TBA TBA 6:00 9:30 9:00 9:00 6:00 9:30 TBA


Womens Basketball 12/15 12/19 12/21 12/28 12/29 12/30 1/7 1/9 1/12 1/16 1/19 1/22 1/26 1/30 2/4 2/9 2/12 213 2/20 2/27 3/6

Seymour Lawrence Cenral Columbus East Holiday Tournament Holiday Tournament Holiday Tournament East Central Perry Meridian Roncalli Southport Franklin Bloomington South Whiteland Bloomington North Jennings County Sectional @ BHSN Sectional @ BHSN Sectional @ BHSN Regional @ BNL Semi-State @ Southport State

6:00 1:00 6:00 TBA TBA TBA 6:00 1:00 6:00 11:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA


12/12 12/19 1/7 1/9 1/14 1/16 1/19 1/27 1/28 1/30 2/2 2/4 2/6 2/9 2/9 2/12 2/13 2/18 2/20 2/23 2/26 2/27

Swim Relays Christmas Classic Bloomington North Diving @ Bloom. N Franklin Central Conference IN G Bloomington South Conference IN JV Oldenburg Conference IN B Southport B Sectional Prelim G Sectional Finals G Plainfield B Diving Regional G State Prelim G State Finals G Sectional Prelim B Sectional Finals B Diving Regional B State Prelim B State Final B

9:00/12:00 8:00 6:00 9:00 5:30 9:00/1:00 5:30 5:30 6:00 9:00/1:00 5:30 5:30 9:00/1:00 5:30 6:00 6:00 9:00/1:00 5:30 9:00/1:00 6:00 6:00 9:00/1:00



BUINESSboosters Baby Back Blues Bar-B-Q Bush’s Market Delor Medical Spa Eldon’s/Eurotech Automotive Service Innovations Salon North Park Dentistry Rawlings & Arnett Insurance Smith & Syberg



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