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Are We Here? a festival of place Clocktower Arts are delighted to present Are We Here? a festival of film, music, theatre and art exploring notions of place and identity set against a backdrop of the massive programme of urban regeneration taking place in Croydon. Are We Here? investigates how our built environment can at once seem both oppressive yet inspirational, with particular reference to the wealth of world-beating artists who have been inspired by Croydon and to what extent where they live informs who they are.



Meades Retrospectives

Author and TV auteur Jonathan Meades may have never made a film about Croydon, but Are We Here? is proud to be presenting this first retrospective of his influential work. Described by journalist and critic AA Gill as “the civic David Attenborough”, Jonathan Meades’ documentaries are widely regarded as some of the most thoughtful, intelligent and perfectly crafted pieces of factual television ever made.

From subjects as diverse as urban regeneration (On The Brandwagon) to his relationship with his father (Father To The Man) one thing that binds all his films together is a palpable sense of the importance of place. We make places. And places make us. We respond to what we have created. But how does this compact between mankind and its greatest artifices work? Many of Meades’ programmes are the expression of an obsessional preoccupation

with places and the properties they reflect: fantasy and necessity, escape and expectation, individual assertion and collective fear. The retrospective will take place throughout Are We Here? providing a fascinating overview of one of television’s greatest talents. Jonathan himself will be at The Clocktower following the final screening on 20 November, for an interview and Q&A led by journalist Hermione Eyre.

Wed 03 Nov / Jerry Building + Heart Bypass / 8pm / £4.80–£7.30 Wed 10 Nov / Isle Of Rust + Magnetic North / 8pm / £4.80–£7.30 Thu 18 Nov / Joe Building + Surreal Film / 8pm / £4.80–£7.30 Sat 20 Nov / On The Brandwagon + Father To The Man / 8pm / £8–£10 (including Q&A with journalist Hermione Eyre)

VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, David Lean Cinema, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET.

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Steven Severin

Steven Severin presents his live score to Le Sang d’un Poete

St. Etienne

ST ETIENNE began life in the minds of two young Croydonites Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs, who joined by chanteuse Sarah Cracknell went on to be the definitive indie/dance crossover of the late 90s. Glamorous and deftly cool they brought 60s soul, Parisian chic and a pop sensibility to the grey post-Acid House landscape of 90s suburban England.

Their work which as well as music spans literature and film is often about the city and one city in particular – London. Former artists in residence at the Royal Festival Hall, St Etienne have built up a considerable body of work exploring the built environment and the experience of living in the city. On 11 November Finisterre and What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day? (both directed by Paul Kelly) are being shown here in two very special screenings, with both the director and members of the band in attendance. Tickets available in advance from The Clocktower Box Office but After Party tickets are also available on the door at The Warehouse Theatre.

STEVEN SEVERIN: acclaimed solo artist, founder member of Siouxsie and the Banshees and key figure in the infamous Bromley Contingent who shaped much of the late 70s musical landscape. Severin cut his teeth in Croydon venues such as The Greyhound and now returns to where he began his career to perform the new score for Le Sang d’un Poete (Blood Of A Poet) Jean Cocteau’s 1930 black & white surrealist classic and the second in Severin’s ongoing series of Music for Silents. During their reign Siouxsie & the Banshees established themselves as one of the foremost alternative artists and were the only survivors of the London punk scene to evolve, innovate and succeed until their final shows in 2002. Severin has since committed himself almost exclusively to scoring for film & TV.

Since May 2008 Severin has been performing live accompaniment to silent films, using live electronics and sound manipulation, startling audiences across the globe who have now come to expect the unexpected from the man who has crossed paths with such diverse luminaries as John Cale, Alan Moore, Jarboe, Lydia Lunch, Marc Almond, Merc Cunningham, Robert Smith and the Tiger Lillies. Le Sang d’un Poete received it’s premiere at the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood in January this year and a CD of the score was released by Cold Spring on 5 October 2010. Mon 8 Nov / 8pm / £12.50–£15 VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, David Lean Cinema, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET.

Thu 04 Nov / This Is Tomorrow/ 8pm / £4.80–£7.30pm (with Q&A) VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, David Lean Cinema Thu 11 Nov / Finisterre + What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day? / 7:30pm / £4.80–£7.30 (with Q&A) VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, David Lean Cinema, Katharine Street, Croydon CR9 1ET Thu 11 Nov / After party featuring St Etienne Soundsystem / 9pm / £5–£8 VENUE: Warehouse Theatre, Dingwall Road, Croydon CR0 2NF




Destroydon Richard DeDomenici presents

Croydon is often referred to as the ‘third city.’ It is the third largest financial district in London and the

largest London borough in terms of population. The ambition to hold city status is no secret and is deeply engrained in the Croydonian psyche, however with the prestige of city status come inherent risks, such as the potential for destructive rampage by radioactive super-lizards. Over two Saturdays artist RICHARD DEDOMENICI will work with teams of volunteers from his workshops at The Clocktower Arts Centre to build a model of Croydon, recreating the not-quite city skyline that would potentially attract monsters from the deep. Richard DeDomenici describes himself as a Gadfly and a Trimtab. GADFLY: Person who upset the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or attempt to stimulate innovation by proving an irritant. TRIMTAB: System specifically designed and placed in the environment at such a time, in such a place, where its effects would be maximized, thereby effecting the most advantageous change with the least resources, time and energy. Bringing about the most change with minimum effort. Doing more with less.

Regeneration in Croydon

Photography Exhibition by students of The Brit School in association with Sir Robert McAlpine

Workshop 1 – Sat 13 Nov / 12pm – 6pm (12-12.15pm introductory talk by the artist) / FREE

Regeneration conjures positive images of regrowth and rebirth, a theme commonly associated with the continued redevelopment of town centres throughout the UK. It has particular significance in Croydon. The dictionary definition is “(cause to) undergo spiritual, moral or physical renewal” and a group of photography students from The BRIT School were invited to produce photos of Croydon using this definition which depicted positive images of regeneration. This exhibition shows a selection of those photographs produced by the BRIT’s talented students and has been supported by Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.

Workshop 2 – Sat 20 Nov / 12pm – 6pm (12-12.15pm introductory talk by the artist) / FREE

Wed 03 Nov – Sat 20 Nov / FREE

Performance Sat 20 Nov / 7pm / FREE

VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Arts Café Bar, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET.

His performance art is inspired by life in London, it includes Reverse Begging: sitting on the ground outside tube stations offering spare to change to commuters, and Carry OK: driving around in a London Cab with huge speakers outside and a karaoke booth inside. Richard has lectured at The Tate Modern on the subject of Post Avant-Garde Activism plus made a wonderful and hilarious sketch programme made for the BBC.

VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET

The Seven Hills of Croydon Guided Walk Welcome to SuperCroydon. After WWII, Croydon transformed from a market town on London’s outskirts into a 20th Century supersuburb. This guided-tour offers a walk around England’s Alphaville via its “seven hills” – led by architect and passionate Croydonite Vincent Lacovara. Sat 06 Nov / 2pm / FREE VENUE: Starts at Costa Coffee, East Croydon Station




Feat DJ Yoda (specially commissioned AV DJ show) also projected live for FREE onto buildings in Central Croydon. BBC6 Music: Back To The Phuture – Mark Jones 80s NYC hip hop/electro set + Live Visuals + Skip Hop (Double Dutch Skipping Team) Fri 05 Nov / 8pm / £14 Adv, £12 Concession VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre,

Sketching Lines On The Pavement

Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET. DJ YODA IS AN INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED DJ WHO FUSES MUSIC AND FILM IN A LIVE AUDIO In this specially commissioned one off piece, DJ Yoda VISUAL SCRATCHING AND MIXING will be exploring the career and influence of Malcolm EXTRAVAGANZA McLaren in a truly un-missable live video mash up.

A Tribute To Malcolm McLaren

Yoda’s set will be projected live on the buildings of central Croydon, the ‘triffids’ that inspired the young McLaren to draw, in what promise to be a fitting tribute to such a legendary figure.

Croydon was for a while muse and catalyst to cultural agitator and pop svengali Malcolm McLaren who alongside Punk artist Jamie Reid studied at Croydon Art School. Malcolm, who died earlier this year, is probably best remembered for his orchestration of the Sex Pistols, but he was always a cultural magpie of the first degree. Particularly with his plucking of Hip Hop from the streets of New York and his part in helping create a worldwide phenomena from this archetypal urban art form.

The event will also feature an epic display of skipping throughout the evening – the culmination of two months of workshops between local schools, Croydon College and Skip Hop – a company set up to bring skipping to the masses.

“Croydon will always be remembered as a rite of passage of my life – one night layovers, in the arms of someone, the constant roaming at night through its market streets and thereafter navigating those deep leafy suburbs into the countryside beyond, spending hours looking out of Croydon’s art school windows, observing and then struggling to come to terms with these giant triffids of buildings that rise up and spread themselves all along East Croydon’s path, using charcoal pencil and anything close to hand. I drew and drew and drew.”

In partnership with Croydon College, Clocktower Arts will celebrate McLaren’s mammoth impact on 20th century popular culture by putting on a totally unique event, DJ Yoda’s AV DJ tribute to Malcolm McLaren.

Hosting the party will be BBC 6 music’s Back To The Phuture formed by Mark Jones, the head honcho of record label Wall Of Sound. Back To The Phuture is joining up the dots between the synth pioneers of the 80s and today’s electropop artists, it will be celebrating the rich history of the NYC inspired electro and Hip Hop that blasted out from every soundsystem in every block party throughout the early part of that decade.

This is a tribute to The Supreme Team’s seminal 12” record – Double Dutch. Brought to the UK by Malcolm McLaren, this skipping craze was born on the streets of New York in an explosive mix of traditional PE and expressive street-dance moves.




.50 / £2 s m p lder /6 t ho ov e N k ic lub 19 or t , Fri try f Dub C Bar n e p e e n e e o h n, Fr royd k S roydo c C a l o t B ,C UE: treet VEN igh S 3 H . 223 68 NA 0 1 8680 R C 020 Tel:

BASS! How LOW Can You GO?

Joe Muggs in discussion with Croydon’s The WORLD’S Biggest Bass Pioneers Croydon has become mythical. Just as techno fans talk in hushed tones about Detroit, the rise of dubstep now means that music lovers from Toronto to Tokyo reverently discuss the borough as the birthplace of that sound. It has literally put Croydon on the map for thousands of people worldwide. But though the history of dubstep’s creation by a circle of friends around the Big Apple record shop is now factually well-documented, the question “why Croydon?” has barely been addressed – and neither has the sound’s place in a deeper, broader Croydon heritage of dub and club music. For this panel discussion we have assembled generations of musical mavericks, who will try to get to the bottom of what Croydon life means to them and how it has affected their creative process and understanding of sound.

MAD PROFESSOR was instrumental in bringing British reggae into the digital age, and remains possibly the UK’s most renowned reggae producer. Perhaps most famous for his reworkings of Massive Attack, he has produced over 200 albums since 1979 and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. He remains innovative to this day. Tony Thorpe aka MOODY BOYZ begun recording with the post-punk experimentalists 400 Blows – initially produced by Mad Professor. Since then he has brought an experimental dub

sensibility to untold areas of British dance music. From his collaborations with the KLF to his current Studio Rockers dubstep album, he is truly one of the unsung heroes of electronic music. Arthur Smith – aka ARTWORK – came of age in the rave years, releasing deep techno as Grain in the late 90s. In the Big Apple shop, he became a mentor to nascent dubstep musicians – particularly the then-teenaged Skream and Benga, with whom he formed the now-massive live project Magnetic Man. His records as Menta also remain vital documents of early dubstep. DJ CHEF is known in dubstep as the DJ’s DJ. With deep roots in Hip Hop b-boy culture, and the jungle explosion of the mid-1990s, his club and pirate radio sets in the 2000s helped establish the dubstep sound – and his DJing and production remains some of the most technically refined yet soulful in the genre. His Ringo and Sub Freq labels are connoisseurs’ favourites.

As GOLDIELOCKS, 25-year-old Sarah Akwisombe is proving how the attitude and sonic force of dubstep and grime can be applied to create a new template for 21st century pop. As an accomplished producer (she worked for Mike Skinner’s now-defunct The Beats label), songwriter, and stylist, as well as the boss of her own Gut Instinct label, she is no less than a modern musical auteur. Peter Livingstone needs no introduction to dubstep lovers: as LOEFAH, his involvement with the DMZ club night and label created a hub and inspiration for the scene. His productions remain the touchstone for physical power and fearless minimalism in the sound. Lately though he has been looking to the future too: his Swamp 81 label has provided some of 2010’s defining sounds, opening up new rhythms, tempos and possibilities for the dubstep generation.




Croydon Dub Club

WITH THE MAD PROFESSOR AND VERY SPECIAL GUESTS When he was growing up, NEIL FRASER didn’t play football or marbles with the other boys on his street in South London. With an insatiable curiosity about electronics, the young boffin, who had come from Guyana to London aged 12, was too busy dismantling the few items of communications equipment his parents possessed. That’s why they called him the Mad Professor. Today, the name Mad Professor is known around the world and is indelibly associated with dub, the bass heavy style of Jamaican music of which Fraser was an early international pioneer. As much an approach to music and sound as a specific style, dub springs from reggae but reinterprets it, emphasising previously unnoticed elements of a song to create a hazy atmosphere, laden with effects and unusual sounds. Although dub rarely troubles the charts, it’s cited by musicians of all stripes as a key influence; the sound has come a long way since Fraser first started putting together homemade sound systems and recording set ups in his teenage years. “I picked up a lot through magazines and through visiting electronic shops around London, I even

used to salvage a lot of wires and parts from waste outside the telephone exchange, stuff that they weren’t able to use.” In a time before specialist music equipment shops, improvisation was the name of the game: “You had to be able to build and use the equipment needed for recording music yourself or know someone who could do it for you,” says Fraser. With a studio established in his front room, Fraser soon set up his own Ariwa label, which thrives today. Mad Professor DJs regularly all around the world but returns to his home town every two months for Croydon Dub Club, his residency at The Clocktower. He was instrumental in bringing British reggae into the digital age, and remains possibly the UK’s most renowned reggae producer. Perhaps most famous for his reworking of Massive Attack’s seminal album Protection, he has produced over 200 albums since 1979 and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. He remains innovative to this day. Expect reel2reel tape recordings, deadly deep subs, a host of guest vocalists and musicians plus some VERY special guests gracing the platters that matter.

Fri 19 Nov / 8pm / £12 – £10 Concession + FREE entry beforehand to Bass! How Low Can You Go? VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET.




Bobby Friction presents

South Asian

Future Music Engine-EarZ Experiment (DJ Set) featuring vocalists Lena Cullen & Shahid Abbas Khan

Everyone knows the genesis of Dubstep began in Croydon when likeminded heads met in Big Apple Records on Surrey Street and the seeds of a bass heavy revolution were sewn. What started out as a uniquely English musical expression of the urban experience (melding bits of Dub, 2-Step, Drum N Bass and Grime) has evolved into a global monster hell bent on world domination. DJ Bobby Friction, figurehead of the BBC British Asian Network and new music specialist, presents a club night looking at how a style of music born on the streets of Croydon has evolved into a myriad sub-genres and forms, genuinely dominating the club scene around the world with some of the most exciting and vital music being made by producers of South Asian descent. These musicians and DJs have claimed the bass culture of Croydon for themselves. Bobby Friction has curated a night of music that features some of the biggest names and breaking talent making waves on the scene right now.

ENGINE-EARZ EXPERIMENT is one of the biggest baddest live oufits ever to come out of South Asian Dance music. The live show features ten members, which includes in their number three drummers, flutes and live visuals. That’s not to mention the finest pedigree of guest collaborators – including MC Jenna G, Foreign Beggars, Dynamite MC and Rodney P & Skitz. Tonight Prash ‘Engine Earz’ Mistry will be chopping up Engine Earz revolutionary, mystical, Rank-Faced Dance Music with a selection of his favourite dance floor fillers – ably accompanied by Lena Cullen and Shahid Abbas Khan on live vocal duties.

The Nasha Experience (Nasha Records) NASHA RECORDS was formed by DJ/producers Ges-E and Osmani Soundz, they built up a name through releasing East/West dubstep and Drum n Bass and running monthly club nights at Herbal in Shoreditch. It was here that they met young dubstep prodigee Sukh Knight who now releases on Nasha alongside Shandy and Nuphlo. The Nasha Experience is the live expression of all things Nasha which will be bringing some of that Herbal flavour to The Club.

With a very special, unique Are We Here? DJ set from our host, British Asian new music maestro and presenter Bobby Friction Sat 20th Nov / 10pm / £12 (adv), more on the door. Tickets are available in advance from The Clocktower Arts Centre Box Office and available on the night at The Club (subject to availability) VENUE: The Club, 179 London Road, Croydon CR0 2RL


Since the birth of Dubstep in Croydon The Black Sheep Bar has been the lifeblood in every stage of its growth. It continues to be the home of the now-international phenomenon, boasting a roster of world-renowned DJs such as Skream, Loefah, Benga, Artwork, Chef, Joker, Plastician, Hatcha and many more. Dubkulture takes the music back to its urban roots by spawning a weekly Dubstep collective. This takes place every Wednesday featuring DJ Pistonsbeneath and weekly guests ranging from homegrown players such as Shivers and Substep to bigger names including Tunnage and Tek One. Wed 03 Nov, Wed 10 Nov, Wed 17 Nov / 8pm till late / Free before 10pm; £2 after 10pm. Tickets on the door. No advance bookings. VENUE: Black Sheep Bar, 68 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1NA. Tel: 020 8680 2233


Hip Hop has often been the unsung hero of Croydon subculture ... but nowhere is as indicative of the strength of the South London scene as Bangers, Croydon’s only celebration of all things rap. Taking place on the second Sunday of every month, hosted by Oliver Sudden, expect to see live artwork, breakdancers, open mic battles, guest rappers and world class DJs. Sun 14 Nov / Free before 10pm, £2 after 10pm Tickets on the door. No advance bookings. VENUE: Black Sheep Bar, 68 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1NA. Tel: 020 8680 2233




Fat Content present

Birth Maintenance AND DEATH FAT CONTENT The Clocktower’s artists in residence present a brand new piece of promenade theatre ‘Birth, Maintenance and Death’.

Starting in the court area a small group is led through the Clocktower then out into the urban environment of Croydon, utilising unused spaces in the town centre. The piece is divided into a trilogy, Birth, Maintenance and Death, three short pieces in separate performance spaces that the audience are guided through in succession. Fat Content are a new theatre company who create experimental, multidisciplinary performance which challenge, enchant, evoke and entertain. Formed at The BRIT School by Anna Beecher, Daniel Holme & Rachel Lincoln, their unique style fuses surrealism, naturalism,


physical theatre, text/poetry and music.

They are artists in residence at The Clocktower Arts Centre throughout Autumn 2010 as part of the Arts Council funded Subject To Change programme which animates buildings with pop up performances by emerging theatre companies and provides opportunities for the public to participate and perform with them. Weds 17–20 Nov 7pm/8pm/9pm/10pm £10–12 (Limited tickets available for each performance)

Book online at VENUE: This is a promenade performance which begins in The Clocktower Arts courtyard.

SHAZIA MIRZA is an award winning British Asian Muslim Stand up Comedian and a columnist for The New Statesman and The Guardian.

Shazia’s position as a female Muslim comedian enables her to break down cultural barriers and overcome ignorance. “The average white laddie bloke really has never met a Muslim woman in his life, so they’re probably really curious about our religion and our culture”. She has found her work in great demand in Britain, Pakistan and the US. She performs wearing a head scarf and describes herself as a devout Muslim, keen to dispel any preconceptions that “all Muslim women are

oppressed; all Asian women have arranged marriages and women are not funny”.

Mirza does not make jokes at the expense of her religion but is erudite and hilarious talking about her culture and current events. Born and bred in Birmingham, Shazia’s comedy and insight is a direct result of her surroundings both structural and cultural, which is why Are We Here? are delighted to feature her brand new stand up show Multiple Choices as part of the festival this November. Wed 17 Nov / 8pm / £10–12 VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Katharine St, Croydon, CR9 1ET.


Perpanata present

Thu 18 Nov / 8pm / £5

Thu 04 Nov / 7pm / FREE / VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Katharine St, Croydon, CR9 1ET.

Big White Light present

The Clocktower’s resident inclusive theatre company Big White Light return with their highly acclaimed production of ‘Zebra’. Destined for Edinburgh Fringe 2011, ‘Zebra’ is an outrageously devised piece which uses mime, clowning and improvisation to wildly comic effect. It tells the story of a woman who wishes to enter a horse riding competition and soon discovers everything is not black and white. VENUE: Clocktower Arts Centre, Katharine St, Croydon, CR9 1ET

Perpanata is The Clocktower’s resident theatre company for young refugees and asylum seekers, their work explores the unique experiences, challenges, frustrations and opportunities of finding yourself in a totally new place through no fault of your own. Cracked Love is a new work specially commissioned for Are we Here? It will make use of the public spaces within The Clocktower complex, centred on the relationship between two young people from two very different worlds. Cracked Love will challenge the cliché of doomed young lovers and turn those well worn themes on their head through innovative dramatic means.





HOW TO BOOK Online: Credit card booking fees apply: 50p per transaction. By phone: 020 8253 1030 (10am–7pm, Mon–Sat; 10am–5.30pm on Tuesday) By post: Cheques can posted to the address below and must be made payable to ‘The London Borough of Croydon’. In person: Call in during the day (we’re next to the Cinema in the Arts Café Bar). You can find us easily through the entrance under the Clocktower. ACCESS CLOCKTOWER: • There is ramped access through the Library entrance and lifts to the cinema. • There are accessible toilets on the ground and first floor. • The cinema has space for three wheelchairs. • Infrared headsets are available to those with hearing impairments. 3 • Assistance dogs are welcome

Make a short film on your mobile or camera about yourself, your surroundings and how they influence what you do and how and why you do it. Whether it’s skaters, gyrators, imitators or innovators, we want to hear your thoughts and see through your eyes.


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Winning films will be picked by a panel of film, media and music industry professionals and screened at The Clocktower in an ongoing exhibition.

Are We Here? is presented by Clocktower Arts and supported by: BBC British Asian Network, BBC 6 Music, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon College, The Brit School, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, The Club, Black Sheep Bar, Ariwa Studios, 4WD Foundation, Back to the Phuture With special thanks to Vincent Lacovara


on nd Lo

To enter, upload your film to Youtube by emailing it to

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I Am Here?

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Are We Here - Programme  

Welcome to the programme for the first ever Are We Here? festival, a Festival of Place taking place 3 - 20 Nov in Croydon, London, UK