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Editor Letter This issue is a short issue. We will be back next week with a jam packed issue and more interviews entertainment and new Column’s. In this issue I sat down with De Marco Majors the one of the stars of J. L. King’s new play “Raw”. I also sat down with cutie pie Maurice Murrell about his new movie “Finding Me”. We also have our Life coach Nathan 7 Scott column. So sit back and enjoy. Cleavester Brooks Editor -In- Chief

Ask Nathan Dear Nathan, I want to know why am I stuck in this same place, this some small town. When I was little I had dreams of going far. But now I work, come home, go to church and choir rehearsal. It's the same thing. How do I become unstuck? Cordially, Small town Girl Dear Small Town Girl Being stuck can be frustrating especially when you have become accustomed to a routine. You ask the question, 'how do you become unstuck?', my response, BECOME UNSTUCK. You have to create your life. You have to sit down with yourself and figure out what NEW things you are interested in and create NEW habits and patterns. You may live in a small town but you don't have to let the small town live in you. Create something BIG! If you want to really step outside of the box and become unstuck, visit a few other cities. Find a travel buddy and go explore other parts of the world. Personally, I don't get much excitement from domestic travel. Take a walk on the wild side and travel to a foreign country! Life is meant to be LIVED, so go do just that. LIVE!

De Marco Majors Revealed A Cleavester Brooks Interview Recently I had the chance to sit down with De Marco Majors the star of the hit Logo show “Shirts & Skins”, and now he is back with a new play called Raw. In this interview we talk about his life, career, and what is in store for the future. What was life like in Evansville, Indiana? Life growing up in Evansville…was a lot of fun. Playing basketball with all your friends actually having something in common with other people was very important to me. It of course had its rough patches very rough, but you think your no different than everyone else because your use to seeing abuse and poverty. What kind of child were you? I was a very quiet kid, very obedient, loyal and most important I’m a huge Momma’s boy. However, everything I do as a mommas boy is in action not in speech. I hardly ever speak with my Mom, but I show her daily, weekly, monthly that she made an extraordinary human being, who is all the best parts of her. Also, which is strange I love my dad just the same but it was through his death that taught me how to live life. Did you always play basketball or is that something you grew into later in your adult hood? Basketball was something that was always there kind of a lure, something not tangible for me. I played soccer with the neighborhood kids and let me tell you I was a soccer fanatic. I was very fast would even read books, study the game…I would even draw soccer fields in class, but the more I wanted soccer the more reality set in. Every match I had ever seen and high school team where all white. Honestly, I was tired of being the only black face on the team. There were always different set of rules for you not to mention if your parents didn’t support the team in some way…then you might as well forget it. We face enough racism on a daily basis and the only place where I somewhat fit in was basketball. So I picked up a basketball and practice everyday that I could get out of bed. It was natural simply perfect!! What did you want to be when you were growing up? Well, I was asked this question as a child “what do you want to be when you grow up”. The answer still remains the same…I wanted to be great and I still want to be great! Are you an only child or do you have brothers and sisters? I have 2 beautiful younger sisters Aria, and Brittney

What was life like on the set of Shirts and Skins? Life was really no different for me, because I am use to having the guys around. Ever since the rebirth of the Rockdogs in 2002 at some point or another 1 or more of us have lived together. We really are family! Also, we are all very funny in our own way and we love to laugh so we cut up when were around each other camera or not. What didn't we see on the show? I couldn’t possible tell you every funny moment we had but they captured some really cool moments; although, very brief on the show but those memories follow the Rockdogs. Let me tell you though we had a great time at blue café and the fashion show WOW!! Do you still have a relationship with all of the guys on the team? Yes. Of course I still have relationships with all the guys. Where all busy living life as we normally do, but we keep in touch often. When the camera turn off the relationships ended? No, we are the San Francisco Rockdogs and we have always lived like the camera’s are always on…that’s why we love each other and accept each other for who we are.

Are we going to see a second season of the show or is that it? There are conversations going on, however, getting the public involved with the premier network of our community and share our voices and opinions. Tell everyone to get involved if they want to see more of Shirts n Skins go to Tell logo how important this show is! Where do you want to take your career in the future? I am exploring all avenues of the entertainment industry. Acting, Writing, Modeling, and Motivational Speaking are all paths that I really love doing. Do you see yourself having a husband and kids? I couldn’t imagine life with out raising a child. I am the best parts of my parents and to pass on my name in teaching my child everything that my parents taught me and then from my own personal experience’s. Who wouldn’t want that! Which career do you like the most Basketball, Modeling, Acting, etc.? Wow, it’s really hard to chose, because they all give me the same energy when I am in the moment of performance. However, Basketball is my first love and the excitement I get just to lace up my shoes and visualizing everything I’m going to do once I get there. Man I love that feeling!

What kind of projects are you working on now? Right now I’m working on a theater project, TV Sitcom, Exploring Major Feature films, Calendar, Also a book What type of projects are you developing for yourself? Well, personally along with a very good friend of mine were creating a forum for GLBT young adults to share and express what the needs are on the streets. Were going to be providing opportunities for Celebrities/Activist to listen to the youth hear what’s happening on the streets. Take that information to there circle of influence and help make a change. We have a responsibility to learn, teach and grow…we all have to do our part. If approach to do a dating reality show such as a gay 'Flava of Love' style show. Would you do it? If I were approach to do a dating reality series…I would love to do it! Now that would be a great show to watch.

What advice would you give to a confuse person on there sexuality? Well, my advice to the confused person is: Life is not defined by a record of rights and wrongs…Nobody is keeping track. Not even God, because he even gives forgiveness for what you believe you have done wrong. When you were given birth and took that first breath you were already made perfect by God. Everyday you wake up you can be what ever you want because you are worth whatever your hearts desire. So whomever you feel comfortable with when you’re being intimate and it pleases you then go with it. Just protect yourself that’s all. What is your take on the Obama Administration and the world? Well, it’s very early to give an opinion on the Obama Administration. They have not gotten an opportunity to show case what they can do, there still cleaning up a mess that took 8yrs to make. I do think they are making some great decisions and putting the right pieces into place.

What is your take on Gay Marriage? My take on Gay Marriage is simple…What is Gay Marriage? I know what Marriage is, but is there something different that happens. People need to unlearn all the teachings of hate and fear. Leave people alone and let them do what makes them happy…I will never understand a country bent on progression, change and still afraid of gay couples getting married. Do you think is should be banned or everyone should have the right to choose if they want? I’m not going to ask someone else for permission to marry the man I am in love with (when I find him). Do you think we need to bridge the gap within the gay community? What gap are you speaking of? There are many gaps in the Gay Community and we all need to make an effort to close them. Sexual, Race, Gender racism is completely unacceptable in a group of persecuted minorities. Now, we have to divide into smaller groups now that we found a common bond within each other…No that’s ridiculous!

What do you want your legacy to be when you leave this world? My legacy is making the world a better place then what I found it. Do you think we will have a gay president in our lifetime? Who says we haven’t already? LOL Do you have any hidden talents that we don't know about? I do have a few talents that I keep to myself because they really mean a lot to me personally. I share them in my moments while I’m refueling and I write or pray to my father and grandmother who past a few years ago. Thank you so much De Marco, Do you have any final words? Always remember your life is perfect and you may have situations that happen in your life but your life’s not that situation. There is a big difference! for bookings and appearances contact management@ Savoy & Mark SAVvy MARKeting LLC 133 Fabyan Place Newark NJ 07112 973-230-7560 tel/fax Savoy Walker or Mark Forrest contact info PR for De Marco Majors Contact Mangeo Public Relations Group contact George " Geo " Wilson; Office:646-685-9431

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Finding Maurice Murrell A Cleavester Brooks Interview Maurice Murrell burst on the seen a few year ago in Clik Magazine and he hasn’t look back yet. Recently I got the chance to sit down with the star of the new movie “Finding Me�. He plays a character that is shady, someone I would meet outside and whip that ass (Jaylen), not Maurice unless he is like that character. (lol) So sit back and read what we discuss. Why is your character described as a shady guy? Well it depends on who you are asking to describe I know in reading the script I thought he was shady to certain characters, but I saw him as more of the protagonist. In lament terms he would do recognizable " shady things", but I feel even when someone is shady there is something else behind the way they act than just being malicious for no apparent reason. Who is Maurice Murrell? Who is Maurice Murrell?....hmmmm. I wish I could answer you but right now I feel like my life is changing or will be changing so fast that I don't even know who he is. I know what i stand for, I have the same morals, values, and practices, yet and still I'm always looking for the evolution of it all, to be different and improved each and every year while still believing in the dreams I once had as a hope that helps. How is Maurice different from Jaylen Timber's (character)? It's funny you ask this, but at first I had a reservation about playing this character,not because I thought it wasn't a great character to play, but on a personal level I felt like people would think this was who I was in everyday life and how I would handle things on an everyday basis. His life and mine couldn't be anymore different, but it's why I loved playing him and will love playing him in the sequel. He made me look outside of myself, to see what its like to be that" hurt survivor" and the mentality which goes behind negatively redeemed actions. So if you think it was me before this movie and even after the movie until you read this interview then i did good:-) When did you start modeling? are going to hate me for this, but I never ever really felt like I ever started. I have had some amazing experiences and have been booked for some very great jobs and shoots, but I never really felt I started. Maybe this will be my year to actually start, but I think the first big thing people saw me in was the cover and spread for CLIK. LOL.... I still don't know why that issue was so popular... Are you a sex symbol? You know what the funny thing is.....I've been called it and the sexy part is a descriptive adjective I always hear, but I wouldn't classify myself as a sex symbol. I think to even be considered a sex symbol you need to at least feel sexy and I'll say it once again' I'm one of the

biggest nerds I know( and proud of it). Sexy is all relative. What are you looking for out of life? What I'm looking for out of life is to just be happy and content. To be in love and to just laugh all day. To be financially secure. I like to live a simple life, unlabeled and not flashy. I want to have a family with kids and a great marriage.

What is a day in the life of Maurice Murrell like? My days fluctuate so much its not even funny. I travel a lot , like I will be this summer, so it will be a lot of shooting and just surviving the recession(high five to all those who are surviving it...Keep your head up; cause Bush is out). ohh...and trying to save the world and make it better for my community. You appear in Friends and Lover Series by Maurice Jamal? What role do you play? What can you tell us about your upcoming role in B-Boy Blues: The Movie? Friends and Lovers?...Maurice Jamal?.. B-Boy Blues?, What are you trying to find out that I'm not supposed to talk about? guys are What can we expect from you in the future? In the future I just plan to be working a lot, if opportunity still presents itself. I want to always shoot editorial shots and be a different chameleon like character to adapt. What I would absolutely love is to do an action movie where I have action sequence..I'm all about capoeira, boxing, and gymnastics. Thank you so much. Do you have any final words for the readers? No, Thank you.

SGL Weekly Mag Issue 7