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3 What’s The T? 3 Mo'Nique Names Rodney Perry As New Co-Host For Her New Talk Show 3 American Comedy Awards Back & With Comedy Central! 4 LeBron James Jumps Into New Comedy Film 4 Wanda Sykes Lands Another Special On HBO 5 Damon Wayans Jr. Adds Another "Flick" To His Résumé 16 NBC‟s Leno Debut Is Most-Watched Prime-Time Broadcast 16 SAG to Honor Betty White 16 Oprah Winfrey heads to 'Netherland' 16 2 join Kate's talk tryout 17 Kanye Roasted 17 Kelis and Nas Back Together? 17 HBO DEVELOPING 'PANTHERS' MOVIE. 17 JILL SCOTT COMMITS TO 'SINS'. 6 Dating Dwight 9 Maurice Runea More to Love 12 GLADYS KNIGHT: The 'I Can Do Bad All by Myself'

Hill Harper, Boris Kodjoe

What‟s The T?

with wife Nicole Ari Parker, Ms. Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore just to name a few.

By: Cleavester Now you know as a Talk Show

Mo'Nique Names Host you have to have an excelRodney Perry As New lent co-pilot, a co-host with you Co-Host For Her New that can carry you to the finish Talk Show line, and we think Mo‟Nique

did just that as it has been announced that her official cohost of her new show is comedian Rodney Perry. You may know Perry from Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes as the man on the streets, and from hitting the comedy stages across the country, as a co-host with Mo‟Nique on her syndicated As we have reported several

radio show.

times over the past couple of Well, now you will see a lot

The preeminent brand in comedy has joined forces with the preeminent producer of awards shows to reboot and re-brand the American Comedy Awards, a new, annual event that will honor and celebrate the world of comedy, it was announced today by Elizabeth Porter, SVP, specials and talent, COMEDY CENTRAL. The American Comedy Awards, a partnership between COMEDY CENTRAL and the Emmy®

weeks, The Queen Of Comedy more of Perry, so stay tuned for Award-winning Don Mischer herself Mo’Nique is preparing the debut of The Mo‟Nique Productions, will celebrate and for her Oct. 5th launch of her BET talk show titled The

Show on BET on Oct. 5th.

American Comedy Mo’Nique Show. We even told Awards Back & With you of some of her guests when Comedy Central

reward the year's best in film, television, digital shorts and performance. Scheduled to premiere in 2010, the “American

the show launches, and they

Comedy Awards," will pre-

include Arsenio Hall, Morris

miere simultaneously across all

Chestnut, David E. Talbert,

of MTV Networks Entertain-

ment Group channels: COM-

campers drag James into their


various life issues, ranging from tress Wanda Sykes, who has

and TV Land.

serious to idiotic.

LeBron James Jumps Into New Comedy Film

This just in: Comedian and acstarred in sitcoms and feature films, won Emmys® for her

Brian Grazer is producing the comedy writing and sports comfilm, and he said the picture

mentaries, and even entertained

came out of meetings he had

Presidents is returning to HBO

with James and his partner

for her second solo special on

Maverick Carter, and their

the network titled WANDA

encounters that left Grazer feel- SYKES: I’MA BE ME which ing confident the Cleveland

debuts Saturday, Oct. 10th ex-

Cavaliers star could make the

clusively on HBO. (Check your

same easy transition to the

local listings)

screen that Eminem did in his screen debut on 8 Mile, which Taped in August before a live In case you haven‟t heard, NBA Grazer also produced.

audience at the Warner Theatre

superstar LeBron James is

in Washington, D.C., the spe-

making a feature film debut

The intention is to begin pro-

cial features the outspoken

playing himself in a new com- duction next summer of the new comic performing material feaedy film titled Fantasy Basket- film.

tured in her current national

ball Camp, from Universal

stand-up tour, where she ad-

Wanda Sykes Lands Pictures and Imagine EnterAnother Special On tainment comedy. HBO

dresses such topics as having a new “cool” black President, coming out, the real Michelle

The film is described as a com-

Obama, being a new mom, get-

edy about five guys from differ-

ting her first bikini wax, health

ent backgrounds who come to

care town halls, pirates and

Vegas to live out their fantasy

working as an entertainer on a

by attending the LeBron James

gay cruise.

Adult Basketball Camp. While it should be enough that these

Sykes has been an HBO main-

dreamers get to breathe the

stay for many years. The

same oxygen as their hero, the

Emmy®-nominated Wanda

Sykes: Sick and Tired,her first

new comedy film titled The

solo special on the network, de- Other Guys, along with Eva buted in 2006. As one of the

Mendes and Michael Keaton.

writers on The Chris Rock Show, she shared an Emmy® in In case you haven't heard about 1999 for Outstanding Writing

the film, it stars Will Ferrell

for a Variety or Music Program, and Mark Wahlberg as cops in and also won Emmys® in 2002 the action-comed and is schedand 2004 for her humorous

uled for an August 6th release

commentaries on Inside the

by Sony Entertainment.

NFL. In addition, she has appeared frequently on Larry

Wayans was a writer, actor and

David‟s hit HBO series Curb

story editor on his father's sit-

Your Enthusiasm, and will be com My Wife and Kids and refeatured on the new season of

cently starred in the Paramount

the show, which kicks off Sept. comedy titled Dance Flick. 20th.

Damon Wayans Jr. Adds Another "Flick" To His Résume

We just discovered that actor/ comedian and writer Damon Wayans Jr. has joined another

(Cont’d on Page 16)

Who is Dwight? I am a very determine man that plans on being a mega star in GAYWOOD! What do you look for in a mate? There is not just one thing I look for in one mate. With anyone you date it is all a total package attraction, honesty, communication, laughter, good moments, and good old fashion chemistry. Describe the ultimate date? The ultimate date would consist of a blind fold. I would love for my dream dater to blind fold me and take me away on a night that would start with the perfect dinner, midnight walk, and a loving intimate night between the two of us. Some have said it is more of an interview than a date? How come Bry'Nt was late? What is a first date? An interview. When you go on a date with someone, especially a first date it is nothing but an interview. You come dressed for the occasion, you have active communication, and at the end you decide if this is the person you want to continue to date. Bry'Nt was late because he was not sure how far he was staying from Central Park, not sure if you didn't know that he doesn't live in New York, most of my dates have traveled from other cities to actually date little ole' me. What can we expect in future shows? Well of course you can expect me to go on more dates; however you can also really expect to see a softer side of me. Many people I meet are sometime frightened by the wide exposure that I am receiving with my work. Dating Dwight shows me hanging out, joking, and kinda relaxing. Are you the top or bottom in the relationship? Do you believe in roles? I am a bottom. As far as roles go I do think it is something you believe in, many times it just happens. I think relationships just naturally take on a role. I know what I like and I look for a partner who knows what he likes and there your role has naturally evolved. Are you freaky or a nun? I am not Catholic and I hardly ever dress up for Halloween, I am really just the boy next door.

What is the Future Forward about? We are actually the men of The FUTURE. The Future is an organization that is opening up membership to other individuals later this year which supports the empowerment, development, and unity of our community. There are not very many of us that are stepping up to the plate and offering empowerment on all levels of the LGBT community. With the men of The Future we have a representative that is offering support to a different person, there is not just one face of a black gay man, there are many. You once said eat a salad before you do it? What is that about? LOL... I actually said when on a date bottoms should order a salad. Salad makes the bottom look like a light eater, that's all. That was hoot. Who do you have your eye on right now and why? I probably should not tell you this; however I guess I can trust SGL Weekly. DeMarco Majors and Anwar Robinson, and I am so excited because both of them are on the next episode of Dating Dwight... Both of these men are very talented and great assets to our community. I cannot wait to build my relationship with them both and I love all the support they are giving The FUTURE Empire. Dwight O'Neal- Executive Producer/Creator �Christopher Street-The Series� Christopher Street-The Series PO Box 2177 New York, New York 10108

Maurice Runea More to Love A Cleavester Brooks Interview Hello Maurice, How are you doing? I'm very blessed, Thanks for asking.

I was the perfect victim for the neighborhood bullies. Somewhere around 11yrs. Of age I became a fighter as a result of my experiences, I became a little wild child terror, fighting all the time, smoking weed, cutting class, being promiscuous, coming and going as I pleased and running with the wrong crowd. Around age 19 I had enough of the wild life and reinvented myself, inside and out. I changed my look, location, personality & goals and as a result Maurice Runea was born. You know its weird, me and my two sisters are extremely close and three way call each other about everything, but we rarely discuss our childhood, maybe I need to explore this further.

Have you ever lost your temper on the air? Were you nervous before that first show? I was very nervous, but fear is my motivation to Umm! Yeah, Next question, lol do better. What do you look for in a guy? Respect, love, open minded, sex appeal, underDo you ever get nervous on the show? standing, communication, support and his own Yes I do. Not often but it happens. income. How much homework do you do before each What role do you play in the relationship? show? I do a lot of reading, research and prepping on Take a guess, lol my guest b4 they appear as a guest. I have a Do you ever watch the shows after you've habit of Googling everybody. done them? Yes I do, I use them as a learning tool to imWho is Maurice Runea? prove my craft. Maurice Runea is very complex but well rounded. Lately I've become more business oriAre there people who became friends with ented, Very Miranda Priestly, lol you as a result of their appearance on the show? Where were you born? I was born in NY, but my family migrated from Of course, I've made and met some very dear to me individuals ;-) Winston, Salem NC. Is it more difficult to interview a friend than What was life like growing up? Life wasn't so good to me growing up... I had a somebody you don't know? very turbulent and violent childhood. I was in Its easier to interview a friend because I know a foster care till age 6 before being returned to my lot about the individual from a personal stand birth mother, I was the oldest of three to a self- point. It's like having a cheat sheet. ish and absent father & a abusive crack addicted mother, I was being abused at home and as a result I became very quiet, with drawn and shy,

How much time goes into figuring out hair Are there people you refuse to have on as a and makeup and what you'll wear on each guest? No, We all have a story and a reason why we do show? I am currently doing my own Hair, make-up and what we do and are how we are and as media I wardrobe, its a tedious task but I know what I provide that platform. I don't discriminate . like to look like, the amount of time depends on my mood and the occasion, so it goes smoothly. Are there shows you'd do differently now? Now tryna figure out what to wear is another Reflecting on past shows, I would have to say expensive task, I so need to link with some de- no. signers ASAP, know any? Which shows are you proudest of? The shows with Harmonica Sunbeam of course, Do you ever coordinate with your guest? No, I like my guest to just be themselves and I'll performer Buttafly Soul and Laverne Cox of "I do the same. Want To Work For Diddy" fame, another favorite of mines is the episode about relationships Who haven't you interviewed that you'd love where we first introduced my co-host Romeo Redwine to the public. to sit down with? Oh my, I have a few, let's see... Nene from "Housewives of Atlanta", Tyra Banks," B-Boy Is it hard to let go of certain stories? Blues" author James E. Hardy, Better Days Ra- Sometimes, Some of my past and future guest dio, actor/ model JR Rolley, Wendy Williams, are swirling in drama and rumors, but Maurice Anthony Anderson, Maurice Jamal, Drama Runea "The Show" is not a gossip show, I'm Dupree, "America's Next Top Model" winner trying to uplift not tear down. If a guest wants to Eva and tran-sexual contestant Isis and the list address certain things by all means I'm with it, goes on. but there are not and will not be any swoop downs lol. What do you do when you don't believe somebody's being straight with you? Are there any that stayed with you long after I move right along, lifes to short. the show aired? Yes, my interview with Laverne Cox was one, What do you do when a guest freezes on you? we actually chatted for about two hours after I make all my guest feel like we're long time filming was done. friends just chatting and your a guest in my home. So them freezing up rarely happens. What is your Guilty Pleasure? Which show do you find people want to talk to you about most? I get a lot of questions about a few of my interviews, but three that come to mind are the episodes with the legendary Harmonica Sunbeam, photographer Robert N. Watkins and the sexy and sweet rapper Last Offence. Season 2 got a lot of buzz due to my decision to bring on a cohost.

Now you know I can't just pick one, lol. Let's see, in no particular order... Shopping (I have a serious boot, bag and jacket fetish), horror movies, sexy men, cookies & cream & strawberry ice cream, "Pink Berry" frozen yogurt, strawberry short cake, accessories and hot steam baths in milk, honey, oatmeal and Calgon. What can we expect from you in the future? Everything, I'm not limiting myself to anything, I can and will conquer this industry.

Thank you, Maurice. Do you have any final remarks? I just want to say Thank You to all my beloved fans, family and friends. Keep supporting and watching me and I'll keep watching and supporting you! I read and answer all my own mail, so reach out to me at: Continue to watch my show and leave comments, we LUV the feedback. Thank You, Cleavester for asking the question " What was life like growing up?", I'm not a very sentimental person but answering that brought a tear to my eye. You made me confront some issues that I had long tried to bury, Thanks. Maurice Runea The Show; E-Mail: The Magazine: Youtube: And of course follow me on FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace. GOOGLE ME!

GLADYS KNIGHT: The 'I Can Do Bad All by Myself' By: Kam Williams The great ones endure, and Gladys Knight is a testament to that sage maxim. Over the last half-century, this seven-time Grammy-winner has enjoyed #1 hits in pop, R&B and Adult Contemporary, and has triumphed in film, on television and in concert. Revered as The Empress of Soul, Gladys is currently basking in the glow of the critical acclaim for her latest album, “Before Me,” a tribute to great legends like Ella, Duke, Billie, Lena. She has also recently released a couple of collaborations with the 100-member Saints Unified Voices gospel choir, with whom she landed the “Best Gospel/Choir Album” Grammy. Knight was awarded yet another Grammy for her duet with the late Ray Charles on his posthumous album “Genius Loves Company,” specifically for “Heaven Help Us All,” and her “At Last” solo album earned a Grammy for “Best Traditional R&B Vocal Album.” Furthermore, her recent four-year run at the Flamingo in Las Vegas was hailed “the number-one show on the Strip” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Georgia-born icon began performing Gospel music at the age of four and won the grand prize on television‟s “Ted Mack‟s Amateur Hour” just three years later. She met with phenomenal success throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s with “Gladys Knight & The Pips”, including several Grammys while registering numerous Top 10 hits, perhaps most memorably, “Midnight Train to Georgia. Over the course of her illustrious career, Gladys has recorded nearly 40 albums, earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and been inducted into the Rock „N‟ Roll Hall of Fame.

Here, she talks about her life a part I need you to gether, and out of that we ought and about her co-starring role as do.” [Laughs] to be able to choose.” Wanda in Tyler Perry‟s new movie, “I Can Do Bad All by KW: This is his most music- KW: Your first one was a solo Myself.” driven movie so far. rendition of “The Need to Be” GK: Yeah, it is. How about by Jim Weatherly who also that! And it was really fun mak- wrote “Midnight Train to ing this movie, too, although I Georgia” which played a big Kam Williams: Gladys, thanks so much for the time. was nervous about it in the be- part in your career. Gladys Knight: Not a problem, ginning, because I didn‟t feel I GK: Absolutely! Kam. had enough experience to pull it off. I didn‟t want to disappoint KW: How did you come to KW: The first time I met you him, since he had so much faith settle on that tune? in me. In fact, I almost said GK: Most people who ask me was on an airplane back in “no.” what‟s my favorite song, expect the Seventies. GK: Oh really? that it‟s “Midnight Train” or “Neither One of Us.” But actuKW: Really? KW: Yes, and you were quite GK: Yeah, because looking at ally, it‟s always kinda‟ been the rest of the cast, I knew that “The Need to Be” because of gracious in speaking to me they were great. Taraji what it says. I love the way that briefly and signed an auto[Henson] was up for an Acad- song was written, I love the graph. I appreciated your melody, I love everything about making that encounter a spe- emy Award, and Adam [Rodriguez] is doing so well it. So, I presented it to Tyler, cial moment I’d remember for the rest of my life. But I with his series [CSI: Miami], and he called me back, and said, wonder what it is like on the and I just didn‟t know whether I “That‟s the one!” would measure up. other end, and whether always being approached by KW: Well, you did a terrific KW: You also did a beautiful fans has been a burden for job in the film, including de- duet with Marvin Winans on you. livering a couple of powerful a song he wrote. How did you GK: No, I‟m just me. I never singing performances. Who like playing his wife Wilma, a get any further past that than picked the songs, you or Ty- church elder? that. I‟m a people lover. I love ler? GK: I loved her, because I interacting with different people GK: Tyler and I discussed it, knew her from my childhood. as I meet them, and I think peo- after we finished working out So, I had something to draw on ple are one of God‟s greatest my role. He said he wanted me for my character. I just brought creations, I really do. They‟re to sing, but that we‟d discuss it all those little ladies, even the interesting and intriguing. later. When he called me back, weight thing. I was worrying he asked me, “What do you about going on the screen looking a little heavy. I wanted to be KW: What interested you in want to do?” I said, “I don‟t doing “I Can Do Bad All by know, because I haven‟t given fit, but Tyler started laughing again, and said, “Girl, come on Myself” and working with Ty- it any thought. I thought you were going to pick one.” He down here, you‟re right for the ler? GK: Mr. Perry? Mr. Perry started laughing, and said, part.” And when I thought called me up and said, “Gladys, “Okay, you make a list, and I‟ll about it, I had to admit that I‟m sending you a script. I have make a list. We‟ll put „em to- back in the days, the church ladies who held those positions

weren‟t glamour girls. They were nurturing and kinda portly, and dressed kinda basic as they linked between the church and the community. So, they were who I drew on.

GK: Well, there have been so and it definitely has not elemany different sides to our in- vated us as African-Americans, dustry. Some of them not so because we show disrespect for good. The drugs, the partying, our partners, men and women. I the alcohol, and the bad behav- believe we have lowered our ior in the way we treat each self-esteem with these performother. The cheating… ugh! ances and presentations. KW: Well, watching you cer- Over the years, I have definitely not participated in those things. KW: Renee Peterson says she tainly took me back to my That‟s what I meant. childhood. loves your hit song 'Love GK: Yeah! Come on, now! Overboard.' KW: I asked my readers to GK: Hey! KW: You also performed at send in questions for you, and Oprah’s Gospel Brunch. I I couldn’t believe how many KW: She asks, which of the only wish I could have been prefaced their remarks by many musical geniuses you there to witness it live. I must saying how much they love worked with did you enjoy watch that video at least once you. Marcia Evans says you collaborating with the most? month. are her all-time favorite art- GK: I get something different GK: There you go! ist. She saw you last year at from everybody I work with. the Westbury Music Fair, and Would you believe that Sammy Davis, Jr. taught me how to sing KW: What was it like being was wondering whether there? you’ve ever sung "I Will Sur- a ballad? “You can be in an [ vive" at one of your shows? arena,” he said, “and you video/iLyROoafYJA0.html ] GK: I sure have. As a matter of should be able to hold their atGK: It was awesome! It really, fact, sometimes I‟ll close with tention. And it worked!” really, really was. Yes it was! it, because it has such a great Marvin Gaye… Stevie Wonmessage and the tempo is der… you name „em, and we‟ve really, really fun, and leaves worked with „em. KW: I always thought you were from Atlanta. But your everybody on an up-note. Wikipedia page says you were KW: Rose asks, will you be born in Loachapoka, AlaKW: Irene Smalls says coming to West Palm Beach, bama. Gladys Knight is one of my Florida in the near future? GK: [Squeals, laughing] That‟s favorites. Please ask her, how GK: Yeah, I hope so, when we not true. That is not true. I was has hip-hop changed the na- come off this European tour. I born at Grady Hospital in At- ture of black music? haven‟t been there for a while, lanta, Georgia to Elizabeth and GK: [LOL] Well, it‟s been good and I loved it when I was there. Merald Knight, Sr. as far as giving young artists an I will certainly request that opportunity to get out there. West Palm Beach be one of our KW: You better have some- But, it‟s been bad, in my opin- stops. body correct that right away. ion, as far as the quality of the music and the stories that they KW: Is there any question no In your autobiography, “Between Each Line of Pain tell. It‟s one thing to be raw one ever asks you, that you and Glory,” you said, “I have about your history, but they wish someone would? took it to another level and it GK: No, I heard „em, all. [LOL] seen it all, to be sure, but became vulgar. It has not elerarely participated in it.' What did you mean by that? vated our industry musically,

years. So, it was really like KW: The Tasha Smith ques- KW: The bookworm Troy tion: Are you ever afraid? Johnson question: What was leaving a marriage, but we all GK: Of course! And you should the last book you read? needed to grow. And there were be. That‟s part of your life les- GK: A book on the ups and things I wanted to do, that I son to be afraid. The bigger down and ins and outs of cho- couldn‟t do inside of that strucquestion is how you deal with lesterol. ture. being afraid. Do you have to summon courage or something KW: The music maven KW: Thanks again for the else to live with that fear with- Heather Covington question: honor of speaking with you, out letting it take you over? What music are you listening Gladys, and best of luck with to nowadays? everything. GK: I listen to everything. This GK: Why, thank you so much, KW: The Columbus Short morning I was listening to the I‟ve enjoyed talking to you. question: Are you happy? GK: Yes! I have a wonderful soundtrack of Forrest Gump. family! I have the most beauti- It‟s beautiful! ful, wonderful husband To purchase a copy of Gladys [William McDowell]. After all KW: When you look in the Knight’s autobiography these years, I can finally say mirror, what do you see? “Between Each Line of Pain that. I have wonderful children, GK: A child of God. and Glory.” visit: http:// grandchildren and grandchildren. My brother product/142236173X? KW: What is your favorite [Bubba] and my sister [Brenda] dish to cook? ie=UTF8&tag=thslfofirelove me and support me and we GK: My squash casserole, and 20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789 still get a chance to work tomy sweet potato casserole. &creagether. I have the people who tive=390957&creativeASIN=14 still buy a ticket to see me en- KW: The Flex Alexander 2236173X tertain them. That is quite an question: How did you get To see Gladys Knight and honor to me. So, what else through the tough times? other legends perform at could you want for? GK: With prayer and my fam- Oprah’s Gospel Brunch, visit: KW: Jackie Schatz asks why ily. The support of my mom when she was here, my husband video/iLyROoafYJA0.html you named your son Jomo and your daughter Kenya? and children now, and even my To order a copy of Gladys fans have brought me through Kinight’s autobiography, Let me guess, after Jomo certain challenges. visit: Kenyatta! GK: [Laughs] That‟s right! gp/product/142236173X? KW: Bus driver Kevin Kenna ie=UTF8&tag=thslfofireKW: Teri Emerson would like says, a white guy from Philly 20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789 to know, when was the last wants to know what a Pip is. &creatime you had a good laugh? GK: Technically it‟s a seed. We tive=390957&creativeASIN=14 GK: Just a few minutes ago, were the seeds that went into 2236173X laughing at Tyler. the making of a song. To see a trailer for I Can Do Bad All by Myself, visit: http:// KW: “Realtor to the Stars” KW: Attorney Bernadette Jimmy Bayan was wondering, asks if you get sick of people lions_gate/ where in L.A. you live? asking, where are the Pips? icandobadallbymyself/large.htm GK: I don‟t live in L.A. I live in GK: No, because it was family Las Vegas. [her brother and two cousins], Courtesy of EurWeb and we were together over 40

(What’s The T? cont’d from manitarian accomplishments, black journalist who took on according to a statement from Rockefeller 5) SAG reported by United Press NBC’s Leno Debut Is International. The SAG award 2 join Kate's talk tryout Most-Watched Primeshow will air on TNT and TBS LEE Woodruff and former Time Broadcast on January 23. "Early Show" anchor Rene The debut of The Jay Leno Syler are joining Kate Show was the highest of the Oprah Winfrey heads to Gosselin's "View"-type talk night with 18.4 million viewers. show pilot, The Post has I think Jay is the best late night 'Netherland learned. The pilot, fronted by host since Johnny Carson. I like She's humbled superstars on to think Kayne West also had a television, told millions what to Gosselin, the newly-single "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star, is being little to do with that. Jay touch read and taken over a major produced by Telepictures and on the recent conversation about city. Now Oprah Winfrey is his actions on the 2009 MTV headed back into the movie biz. will also feature Food Network star Paula Deen, according to an Music Awards where he jump Winfrey, who co-starred in on stage to say Beyonce had the "The Color Purple," will pro- earlier report. It's scheduled to tape Sunday in duce an adaptation of best video of the year. Jay asked” Would your mother be "Netherland," according to Va- Manhattan at an undisclosed pleased with what you did on riety. Focus Features will team location.("The Tyra Banks the awards”. Which you could Winfrey's Harpo Productions to Show," also produced by Telecreate a film version of Joseph pictures, tapes at Chelsea Stutell he was about to lose it. dios on West 26th.)The show is Leno‟s show replaces more ex- O'Neill's 2008 targeted as a look at everyday pensive scripted programs that novel."Netherland" follows life from the perspective of can cost as much as $3 million Hans van den Broek, whose working moms -- an area in for a single one-hour episode, marriage falls apart after the which both Woodruff and Syler terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, and is getting lower ad rates 2001. Hans struggles to recon- have experience. Woodruff is than a successful one-hour married to former "World drama, Zucker said. Last night‟s nect with his wife and child, News" anchor Bob Woodruff show, featuring Jerry Seinfeld who have returned home to who, in 2006, was seriously inand rappers Jay Z and Kanye London, while striking up a jured by a roadside bomb in West, competed against a “CSI: friendship with modern-day Miami” repeat on CBS and the gangster (and budding cricket Iraq. The couple, who have four movie “Dreamgirls” on ABC. entrepreneur) Chuck Ramkis- children, wrote a bestselling In some areas, Leno also faced soon."Atonement's" Christopher book, "In An Instant," about ESPN‟s Monday Night Foot- Hampton will write the screen- Bob's long recovery process. Lee is now a family and lifeplay. There's no word yet on ball. style contributor for "Good casting or who will direct, in early September, Winfrey took Morning America." Syler, 46, SAG to Honor Betty over several blocks of down- co-anchored "The Early Show" White town Chicago's Michigan Ave- for four years and underwent a Actress Betty White will resuccessful preventative double nue to film her television ceive the Life Achievement show's 24th-season premiere. In mastectomy after leaving CBS Award at the 16th annual in late 2006.A married mother More Oprah News HARPO Screen Actors Guild Awards of two, she wrote the book, BRINGS IDA TARBELL show in January. The 87-yearSTORY TO HBO: Oprah's film "The Good-Enough Mother," in old actress is to be recognized division to produce biopic of 2007. for her professional and hu-

$30,471 spousal support a to play abusive mother in month, and also provide his son Lifetime telefilm Put on your armor, Kanye West. The Friars Club just in- with $9,027. Nas also had to Singer Jill Scott is set to play an vited the rapper who rudely in- pay $45,000 for Kelis' legal fees abusive mother in the made for terrupted Taylor Swift's speech and for a forensic accountant. television movie. The story folat the Video Music Awards to Another hearing is set to take lows a grad student who returns place this month to review the home to face her abusive, alcothe club's next annual roast. "How can Kanye not agree?" arrangements. holic mother – played by Scott executive director Michael Gy– only to discover that her mom HBO DEVELOPING ure told The Post's Mandy is sober and has a 3-year-old Stadtmiller. "He keeps apolo- 'PANTHERS' MOVIE: daughter and new life. The gizing . . . maybe it's time to let Project will focus on the story is adapted from author our comedians have their say at movement's history and Carleen Brice‟s novel "Orange a roast." The Friars Club -Mint and Honey." Damon Lee key members which kicks off its first-ever ("Obsessed") is executive profilm festival Thursday with the HBO is in development on a ducing for Mother Road Prods. Coen brothers' "A Serious Man" film that explores the origins Elizabeth Hunter adapted the -- believes its dream roastmas- and inner circle of the 1960s novel for television and Paul Black Panther movement. Acter would be Swift herself. Kaufman sits in the director's cording to Variety, "The Black chair. Production on the film KELIS AND NAS BACK Panthers" is being written and began last week for 2010 prehelmed by Carl Franklin, who is miere. TOGETHER?: Word has also one of the directors of it they were 'kissing and HBO's upcoming epic WWII EDDIE GEORGE AND hugging' while at a party miniseries "The Pacific." A New mom Kelis and her esnumber of books are being used TAJ ARE 'DR. OZ' tranged husband Nas have as source material for the pro- REGULARS: Couple sparked rumors of a reunion ject, including the Huey New- hired to advise guests after they were spotted 'kissing ton bio "Huey: Spirit of the about fitness and health and hugging' while attending a Panther," by onetime Panther Heisman Trophy winner and private party in New York. The chief of staff David Hilliard, former Tennessee Titan running couple, who split in April while along with Keith Zimmerman back Eddie George and his the "Milkshake" star was preg- and Kent Zimmerman (and with wife, former SWV singer Taj, nant with their first child – were a forward by Newton's widow, will serve as regular contribuseen together Monday at Mar- Fredrika). The Elaine Brown tors on "The Dr. Oz Show," quee club. "Nas and Kelis were autobiography "A Taste of best known from the Oprah celebrating his birthday with Power: A Black Woman's Winfrey Show. They will help some friends and you couldn't Story," about her involvement inspire families and moms to tell they were divorcing to look with the Black Panthers, is also challenge themselves to attain a at them," a source told WENN. being used as a reference for the healthier and better life. The "They seemed very intimate script. Executive producers in- couple joins "Project Runway's" and were kissing and hugging clude Franklin, Jesse B. Frank- Tim Gunn and "The Biggest and even left together." The ru- lin, Cecil Cox and Craig Rice. Loser's" Bob Harper as part of mors come amid recent head"Core Team Oz," a group of lines of a bitter divorce. Shortly JILL SCOTT COMMITS key guest contributors for the after their son Knight was born, TO 'SINS': Singer-actress show's premiere season. Each a court ordered Nas to pay

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