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Mark Kermode wants you to produce an exhibition called ‘Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers’. The exhibition will form part of an educational tour around British schools, showing school pupils the origins of cinema. Your exhibition of early cinema should be presented using and must include a mixture of text and You Tube videos. Feel free to create original video content for your exhibition (e.g. a video introduction to the exhibition) Suggested areasto include in your exhibition are:

Pre-cinema – camera obscura, Muybridge’s Horse, Fantasmagorie, Thomas Edison and the Black Maria film studio (your early cinema mood boards would be ideal for this)

Early Cinema Developments - . Lumiere Brothers and their combined film camera and projector; early films of the Lumiere Brothers; audience’s responsesto these early films; the rapid expansion of film production and film spectatorship; actualities and the proscenium arch

Drama and the Development of the Fantasy Film – The Lumiere’s film ‘L’Arroseur arose (France, 1895) and Demolition d’un mur (France, 1896) – suggest why these films would have captivated audiences;

The British Connection – ‘The Brighton School’ – George Albert Smith and his film Mary Jane’s Mishap (UK, 1903) and Grandma’s Reading Glass(UK, 1900)

The British Director JamesWilliamson and his impact on film making e.g. The Big Swallow (UK, 1901) and Stop Thief! (UK, 1901)

George Melies and the cinema of attractions : his ‘trick’ films, spectacle films and his use of multiple-superimposition in films like L´homme orchestre (France, 1900); again comment on the impact of these ‘spectacles’ on the audience

Your ‘Trick Film Project’

The Transformation of Primitive Cinema – early film narrative

Cecil Hepworth and the reaction to his film ‘Rescued by Rover’ (UK, 1905). Hepworth’s introduction of the 180⁰ Rule

Edwin SPorter’s film The Great Train Robbery (Edison, US, 1903)

The best Prezi will be sent to Mark Kermode for feedback.

Early Cinema  

Early Cinema research task.

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