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Chapter One: It’s the idea that counts!

Beautiful... Beach [beech]: -noun; an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore

Our day started early, but of course we ran errands first, and by that time, it was already noon as we headed off to the coast. The beautiful view, the warm sand, the cool water was so perfect. 2

Oregon Coast

So Michael likes to make list but this time he didn't make one... So we packed snacks: sandwich, strawberrry, chocolate –everything that makes me smile. He told me to pack a set of clothes. And I usually over pack, but not today. And that was a mistake. No sweater. No pants. hmm.. It’s cold in the Oregon Coast. 5

what’s on your

mind? what are you thinking?



because we laugh

gh about everything...

Before we left we stopped by Target to get two things Frisbee and Cooler. Hate to admit, but frisbee was a good idea. I never had so much fun with a piece of plastic.

Yes, of course, we forgot the important things like Sunblock and Beer. So we stopped at Mazanita, i think that was the name of that town. But I remember the big crab and how windy it was. So we stopped to get what we forgot and off we were again to our ďŹ rst spot. in Cannon Beach. Around him every moment ... can be captured ....



this moment takes my breath away!

Chapter 1: It's the Idea that Counts  

Getting Started.

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