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        Hey  LifePointe  Family,     I  hope  you  are  having  a  great  week  and  enjoying  this  cooler  weather.  I  know  I  am!     This  weekend  could  well  be  one  of  the  most  powerful  and  impacting  weekends  we  have   ever  had  in  the  history  of  our  church.    I  am  convinced  that  God  is  going  to  move  in  a   powerful  way  among  us  at  the  HARVEST  AMERICA  event  on  Sunday  evening  at  6pm.     We  want  as  many  people  as  possible  to  hear  Greg  Laurie’s  message  of  salvation,  hope  and   change.    This  message  will  address  some  of  the  big  questions  of  life:       Why  am  I  here?            Is  God  real?            Where  will  I  go  when  I  die?     Everyone  thinks  about  those  things,  but  in  our  hectic  society,  we  rarely  have  the  time  to   consider  them  carefully.     This  is  why  it  is  SO  IMPORTANT  for  you  to  invite  as  many  people  as  possible  to  come  with   you  Sunday  evening.  Your  invitation  could  literally  change  someone’s  eternal  destiny.   Could  you  imagine  how  incredible  it  would  be  to  know  that  someone  could  be  in   heaven  because  you  invited  him  or  her  to  hear  the  Gospel?       All  of  us  know  people  in  our  lives  that  desperately  need  to  hear  Greg’s  message.  I  want  to   challenge   you   to   invite   everyone   in   your   family   and   all   your   friends,   neighbors   and   co-­‐ workers.   We   want   to   “pack   out   the   place”   on   Sunday   evening.   Right   now,   I   want   you   to   stop  and  think  of  who  you  will  invite  and  begin  to  pray  for  them.  Talk  to  them  in  person,   call  them,  email  them,  text  them  or  send  them  an  invite  on  Facebook.    If  you  like,  you  can   use   this   “E-­‐VITE”   as   your   invitation:

Greg Laurie’s  team  has  prepared  some  great  videos  you  can  use  to  inspire  &  invite  others   to   come.     They   are   well   done   and   can   have   an   impact.   Please   consider   emailing   them   to   everyone   on   your   contact   list   or   posting   these   links   on   your   Facebook   page   or   tweet   them   on  Twitter.       HARVEST  AMERICA  PROMO:     HOPE  FOR  AMERICA  MUSIC  VIDEO:  

Here are   some   “NUT   &   BOLTS”   about   Sunday   evening.   The   event   is   schedule   to   last   for   TWO   HOURS.     The   event   will   be   simulcast   LIVE   from   Anaheim   Stadium   in   Southern   California  and  will  feature  incredible  music  from  Jeremy  Camp,  MercyMe  and  the  Harvest   Worship   Band.     We   will   have   childcare   available   for   ANGELPOINTE   ONLY   (birth   –   kindergarten).   We   want   to   encourage   parents   to   bring   their   kids   in   grades   1-­‐6   to   the   main   service   to   hear   Greg   Laurie’s   message.     SPECIAL   NOTE:   I   realize   this   is   the   night   before   school   starts   for   most   districts,   but   this   event   is   TOO   IMPORTANT   for   you   to   miss.   Please   come   and   bring   your   family   (take   naps   on   Sunday   afternoon   if   necessary!!)     I  guarantee  that  you  will  be  blessed  and  be  changed  by  coming  to  Harvest  America.  Please   make  every  effort  to  attend  and  bring  many  people  with  you.     Please  join  me  in  prayer  everyday  for  this  special  event.  Ask  God  to  use  Pastor  Greg  Laurie   in  a  powerful  way  and  speak  mightily  through  him.  Ask  God  to  prepare  the  heart  of  each   person   that   will   hear   this   message.   Ask   God   to   touch   many   lives   and   bring   salvation,   hope   and  healing.       I  CAN’T  WAIT  FOR  SUNDAY  EVENING!     Let   me   mention   one   more   thing   before   I   close.   I   want   to   encourage   you   not   to   miss   our   Sunday   morning   services   this   weekend.   I   will   be   concluding   my   “MESSY”   series   with   a   very  important  message  titled,  “A  MESSY  VIEW  OF  MONEY”.      Oftentimes  people  want  to   “SKIP”  messages  on  money,  but  I  encourage  you    not  to  miss  this  one.  I  know  God  is  going   to  use  it  to  inspire  and  challenge  us  in  how  we  view  our  money,  how  we  spend  our  money   and  how  we  give  our  money.  I  can’t  wait  to  see  each  of  you  on  Sunday!     Thank   you   for   your   ongoing   faithfulness   to   our   church   –   in   your   attendance,   in   your   service  and  in  your  giving.  I  am  so  proud  of  you  and  so  honored  to  be  your  pastor.  The  last   four  months  of  2012  will  be  amazing.  God  has  led  us  to  plan  some  awesome  events  and  we   want  you  to  be  a  part  of  them.       I  love  you!     Pastor  Chuck        

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A letter to LIfePointe Church - 08-23-12