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Share The Brand

We would like to Congratulate and Thank all of our previous buyers. There have been many successful purchases from the Share the Brand Sale. Many have gone on to produce High sellers, Champions, and successful Donors. Some examples of recent Successful Purchases:

- Dusty Greaves purchased a two tone daughter in last year’s sale and she laid down and had one of the best Americans we have seen this year! Dusty is keeping the calf for his son’s senior year and could’ve easily sold him for $10,000-12,500!

- Cory Marsh has purchased a several good heifers in past STB sales. One raised the Champion ABC from Houston this year.

- Lot 5 from last year had the high seller at the Lock and Load sale this year for $22,500 and sold another one for $20,000, and sold a heifer for $6,250.

- Priest Genetics bought a Milkman from 2017 which had a $20,000 IGWT, an $18,000 IGWT, and a $12,500 MAB this year.

- Our good friend and cattle partner, Will Wallace has purchased several high sellers every year since we started STB! With him assembling an arsenal of high caliber donor females he is the prime example of how investing in quality cattle can generate fast returns! He has sold Patriot-sired ARB heifers and steers out of one flush for 10,000, 5,000,4,000 and 3500, plus most recently he sold a 6,000 IGWT and a 5,500 American out of purchases from last year’s STB! His favorite purchase was last year’s lot 7 Grey Paint donor and her fall ET steers averaged $22,500!!! Thank you Will for your friendship and business!

We look forward to hearing more success stories from your purchases to come. Good or Bad we would love to hear from you, Call Us.


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