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‫בס“ד‬ ‫שנה ה גליון ז‬ ‫‪Vol. 5 Issue 7‬‬

‫סיון תשע“ב‬ ‫‪Sivan 5772‬‬

The Chayolei Monthly

The Chayolei Hamelech Monthly Newsletter A project of the CCH Keep-in-Touch initiative, powered by the Chayolei Hamelech main office. This newsletter is published to help campers and staff of Chayolei Hamelech to relive their best summer ever and to assist them in soothing their pain of being away from camp during the year. The content included inside is for the eyes of Chayolei staff and campers exclusively. No responsibility is taken for those who were not present there and dare to read this publication.

The CCH Newsletter Editorial Committee Manager-in-chief: Fussation Editor-in-chief: Shmoozel Leemanov Contributing editors: The Rabbi Levi Graphics: SELDOS Photos: Lishnarino and others Proofreading: Father of CCH


Dear campers ‫שיחיו‬ As Shavuos comes along and camp too, there must be a connection between the two, as the Rebbe always “Kochs” that everything in this world that happens anywhere is Bihashgocho Protis!!

Torah was done with the mountain on top of the Jews’ heads (i.e. forced), so it’s self understood that this was not exactly the most happy situation.... (and like we see that in Shmone Esrey on Yom Tov unless it falls out on Shabbos we don’t say B’ahava because it wasn’t exactly with love!!)

Shavuos has some very important lessons to take out of it: First of all Shavuos is Matan Torah meaning that And this was the content of we accept the Torah again the Frierdiker Rebbe’s wish being that he was a Rebbe so from new. his wish actually gave a Which might be a small Koach - that our receiving of reminder, being that it is right the Torah should be before camp: That even B’simcha (not just out of though the summer is coming force)!! and school finishes we still can’t forget that we have to And when its B’simcha then give new attention to the it can really be part of our Torah being that we just day to day life!! So my wish to you is that we should all be received it anew!! Mekabel the Torah B’simcha The Frierdiker Rebbe used to for the last time before wish everyone before Moshiach comes when it will Shavuos “Kabolas Hatorah be a new Torah and with this B’simcha Ubipnimius”. The we will be able to last the reason why he used to use whole summer!! this Nusach is because Matan Lichayim

Sivan Edition

It’s finally here! The last newsletter of the year! That’s right, the final, finishing, ending, concluding and basically last newsletter. That means that you won’t need to get another newsletter, to keep the camp spirit going, instead you will actually be in camp! Here is a list of very important things you need to bring to camp: 1. A lot of Chayus. 2. A lot of Tanya and Mishnayos Baal Peh. 3. At least one croc to kill the flies.

4. Two pairs of clothing, one for the summer and one for visiting day. 5. A flashlight just in case there is a blackout. 6. Everything else Heeeeeeelllloooooooooo! Camp is starting! Don’t just sit around… Get ready for the most amazing summer of your life! May we be Zoche that this summer we will all be in Yerushalayim in the Beis Hamikdosh with Moshiach NOW!


The Chayolei Monthly

Helo dear dhere diary Furst av ull eye wand too tel yu that eye sedid a story to a lot av people by a Lag Ba’omer raly also ther is a video av it on the Chayolei website witch iz on the bak of this newsleter also eye ate like fifty hot dogs and my stomak wazint a bit hurting Eye don’t know hu will be my counselor this summer but eye think he iz funny becuz no one knows hu he iz Eye cant wait for Shvous cuz eye get to eat so much cheescakes and blintzes and randem milchig stufs eye think itz becuz the cows give milk only in the sumer Eye like the ice cream truck cuz it haz chaim fogelstein singing on it and he came to camp also eye never buy ice cream anyway so eye save a lot of money eye just relized that eye forgot to eat lunch in skool today cuz it waz lukshin and cheez witch comes from cows not turtles kay my frind says its not true but my mommy told me so eye know betterer


Sivan Edition This iz the last page of my diary so eye have to buy a new one for next year cuz this is also the last time eyem writing this year till camp in camp eyem writing again if my new counselor lets me eye hope My mommy iz expandanating (making biger) my houze so tonigt eye am sleeping in a diferent room till they build my new room also she iz making a biger kitchen so eye will be able to eat more they also built a kosel nexto my house eyem scared its ganna fall like my room also eye had to take everything out of my room to my new room till they build my new new room and everthing goes bak my mommy knowz eye rote this here Speaking of falling rooms my bunkhouse this summer eye heard iz also new cuz they just built it like yesterday eye know cuz my cuzin went to camp last summer and told me so anyway but Its time for me to go to sleep cuz eye have to wake up for skool tommorow or my mommy throws negel vaser on me with water witch iz wet Have a good summer Miss me Pe es eye like camp a lot cant wait Pe es es eye heard they are giving nosh this summer for free also


The Chayolei Monthly

It was time for the last interview of the year and I had no idea who to interview… I walked into the camp office to tell them the bad news when lo and behold someone was sitting in the office and working on this newsletter. I quickly pulled out my trusty recorder and got straight to the interview, here it is: CN: Were you in Camp Chayolei Hamelech this summer? CSZS: Yes. CN: Great! Because I was looking for someone to interview, I guess you will be the victim. CSZS: What’s a victim?


CN: Never mind, so tell us where are you nowadays? CSZS: Are you living under a rock? I am in Oholei Torah! CN: Shhh… Don’t tell everyone where I live! CSZS: You live under a rock? CN: Stop asking questions, I’m supposed to be interviewing you! What’s your favorite part of the summer? CSZS: Well I really enjoy saying funny stories and making & singing funny songs. CN: Do you say stories in Oholei Torah? CSZS: Not really, but I say stories in Crown Heights. CN: You go all the way to Crown Heights to say stories? CSZS: Oholei Torah is in Crown Heights!

Sivan Edition CN: How was I supposed to know? I live under a rock. CSZS: I thought you don’t want anyone to know. CN: Oh my gosh! I forgot I was in middle of the interview! CSZS: Why don’t you ask me another question… CN: Did you make any reunions for your bunk? CSZS: Yes but nobody came… CN: Why not? CSZS: They heard I’m coming… CN: Why don’t you make a reunion and tell them that your not coming? CSZS: Because then nobody will come! CN: Any last words to our readers? Maybe some inspiration?

CSZS: I miss you all and keep learning and Davening and bring Moshiach now! CN: Thank you very much for your time! CSZS: No problem, I was working on the newsletter anyway… CN: Do you know where I can buy some doughnuts? CSZS: Gombos is right across the street! CN: Thank you, good luck with the newsletter! See you later! Keep up all your funny work! Oh! Can I borrow a dollar? Ooooooooooooooops I forgot to stop recording! Where is the stop button? Oh here it is!


The Chayolei Monthly

Chayolei Hamelech game How to play: Look at the map on the right and figure out what place each number is by and write that place on the left. (Hint: 1. Dining room) After you finished doing that put the letters with numbers under them in the same number on the bottom to get the secret message!

1. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4


2. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 3. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 8 3 4. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5


2 1

5. _ _ _ _ _


7 3

____ ____ 1234 5678



Sivan Edition

nny!” soup tastes fu is th r, e it a “W ing?” n’t you laugh “Then why are

What did the

vacuum say to th “Why ca e mop? n’t they stop pus hing us a round?”

ing? ony s p e ’t th uldn e! o c y hors e Wh l tt i l as a He w school? bee go to a s e o d w Ho zz! school bu e th s e k It ta

Want to hea r the l imo jo ke? Sorry, it’s to o long !


The Chayolei Monthly

The editors of the Chayolei monthly newsletter would like to wish a hearty

Mazel Tov To our devoted former staff member and beloved Chayolei family member

Yossel Weinberger On the occasion of his engagement

And To our devoted former head lifeguard, survival director and beloved Chayolei family member

Ari Abramowitz On the occasion of his engagement

Thank you! To all our dedicated staff and supporters around the world, The Chayolei Monthly salutes you. Thank you for a wonderful year of reporting. Month after month your contributions have ensured that this wonderful publication keeps the Chayolei Hamelech family in touch and keeps up the camp spirit. All year round it has been hard work, but it was a worthwhile build up to another one of Chayolei Hamelechs legendary summers. Once again, we are most thankful. Can't wait to see you!!!


Sivan Edition

‫ג‘ סיון‬ 5589: The Tzemach Tzedek

‫י“ג סיון‬


5660: Marriage of Reb Levik



himself the Nesius.

and Rebbetzin Chana (The

‫ו‘ סיון‬

Rebbe MH"M's parents).

5520: Passing of the Baal

‫כ‘ סיון‬

Shem Tov.

5662: Tomchei Tmimim in

‫ז‘ סיון‬

Lubavitch was closed down by

5521: The Mezritcher Magid

the government.

accepts upon himself the

‫כ“ח סיון‬


5701: The Rebbe MH"M and

‫י“א סיון‬



arrive in the USA.









Rebbe's son-in-law).

What is going to make this summer the best ever? 34

wesome sta

86 Camp is ge ng rid of the poles 36

wesome chocolate covered bunkhouses


ll of the above


The Chayolei Monthly

Oscar Lifshitz was born in Warsaw in the late 1920’s, to a Frum Jewish family. When the Germans invaded Poland he was in his early teens. His parents were among the naïve folk who believed that the Germans only wanted to expand their dominion, and in the end everything would work out. Oscar knew otherwise. He did not trust the Germans for a moment. Despite the views of his parents, Oscar joined the Polish underground to fight the German invaders. Within days it became apparent that this is what saved his life. Shortly after the German invasion of Poland, Oscar’s father died of a heart attack. A few days later, one fine afternoon, Oscar was standing on the roof of his home watching the street below. Suddenly he saw swarms of German soldiers marching towards his home. They grabbed his mother, brother and sister and drove them


into the street together with many other Jews. His brothers and one of his sisters were shot to death on the spot. His mother and the rest of his siblings were sent to Auschwitz. Oscar watched the proceedings from the rooftop, boiling with rage. He was determined to avenge the Germans for the slaughter of his family. He fought side by side with the Polish partisans against the German occupation. Later, when the Russians invaded Germany, Oscar joined the Russian army, and in the end he was fortunate to be one of the liberators of Auschwitz. For days after the war was over, Oscar ran around in a daze, looking for a trace of any surviving relative – but he found no one. The hair-raising sights that Oscar saw in Auschwitz sapped him of his last remaining strength. ―Is this the reward for being a Jew?‖ he thought bitterly.

Sivan Edition

At a certain point Oscar deserted the Russian Army and boarded a ship to faraway America. Alone, without family, without friends. Only one desire burned in his heart – to distance himself as far as possible from Judaism. He settled in Los Angeles, changed his name from Lifshitz to Leff and taught himself English. He buried himself in work to forget his woes and his loneliness. During the day, the high-pressured lifestyle he led distracted him enough. But at night, the inferno he lived through would return in full force. Oscar would turn on the television to distract himself from the pain, but before his eyes danced images of his family members who no longer were. This was the life Oscar led, for years and years.

Judaism after the war is giving a prize to Hitler, may his name be obliterated. The Germans tried to wipe out the Jewish people. The best way to avenge ourselves of the Germans is to rebuild and continue Judaism, by fulfilling Torah and Mitzvos and educating the future generations.‖ Oscar felt that the Rabbi was speaking directly to him. There was a telephone number across the bottom of the screen. He called and was told to visit one of the Chabad centers in Los Angeles.

At the appointed hour Oscar came to the Chabad House, where he found out the identity of the Rabbi—none other than the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn. Oscar read the Rebbe’s words over One evening, decades after the war’s and over, until he had them end, Oscar was watching television practically committed to memory. and flipping through channels. Oscar’s next step was to legally Suddenly he saw a white-bearded change his name back to ―Lifshitz.‖ Rabbi lecturing to a crowd of Afterwards he returned to the Chassidim in Yiddish. Chabad House and ordered a pair of Oscar very nearly flipped to the next tefillin. He had decided to truly take channel, but something about the revenge for all the Nazi atrocities, Rabbi’s demeanor held his attention. and return to live as a TorahHe caught one sentence that the observant Jew. Rabbi said: ―A Jew who escapes from


The Chayolei Monthly

A Tzadik In Summary: After the Sultan ordered a Golden wreath with diamonds from Ahmed - the boss of R' Chaim, Ahmed found a note that R' Chaim left telling him that he wouldn't be working that week. Ahmed had no choice but to make it himself and he did so really quickly! On the day of the Wedding they all saw that when the work is done fast, it breaks quickly too...

You are responsible for the blunder.

Oh no Sultan, it's not my fault, my worker didn't come to work...

A Jew !!? What is happening? Where are you taking me?

...The whole week because he is a Jew...

The Jews were sad to see their Rabbi taken away Do not cry, Daven to Hashem and he will save me from the animals.


Where?! To be eaten by the animals!

Rabbi Chaim’s last request was to spend his last hours wrapped in Tallis and Tefillin with his holy Seforim.

Sivan Edition

The Lions Den 3 At the last moment...

Can I take my Seforim with me?

“Hashem gave life & takes life, may he be blessed forever”.

Why? To teach the “cute” Lions?

Three days later... Let’s see if there is anything left of that old man

Do you see what I see!?

I do, but can’t believe!

“B’reishis Bara Elokim Es Hashomayim V’es Haaretz V’haaretz Haysa Tohu Vavohu...Vayomer Elokim Yehi Or Vayehi Or Vayaar Elokim Es Haor...”

There probably isn’t half a bone left

When the news reached the Sultan he freed Rabbi Chaim and appointed him to be his royal adviser. Rabbi Chaim went home thanking Hashem for saving him from the jaws of the lions. And the Sultan realized the greatness of Hashem.



The Chayolei Monthly

The following missions are not only for Chayolei Hamelech campers, but for anyone who wishes to join! Pass the word around amongst your friends!

In the month of Sivan we got the Torah, let’s increase in learning Torah.

Mission: Tell us something you learned about Moshiach. Come to 319 Kingston Ave every Tuesday Between 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock and tell us something you learned about Moshiach and you will receive a prize!

1) What am I going to do next summer? 2) Get me out of here! 3) Where are my keys? 4) Where are the staff when you need them?


Sivan Edition

A contractor once went into the Rebbe Maharash for Yechidus - he was in Petersburg for a few years on business but because he had not been back home in so long he had to go back - for a Bracha for his travels. He mentioned to the Rebbe that he had a very high offer from a general in Petersburg and that when he comes back he will finish his deal. The Rebbe immediately told him: “Don't go home first, rather you should go right back to finish the deal”. He sat for a moment in wonder! Why is the Rebbe saying this if i haven't been back in so long!!?? Why the rush!?.... The Rebbe then repeated himself. He answered the Rebbe: ”I will, but maybe the Rebbe can explain himself”? The Rebbe answered him that if he would tell him then he would be a Rebbe himself!! When he travelled back he met the general literally on his way out of the city for a long trip, so straight away the general went with him and finished the deal, which brought the Chossid to great richness. At first glance it is not understood why couldn't the Rebbe just tell him? The reason is simply because anything even something that we will and can understand has to be done with Bittul to the Rebbe!! And that is why the Rebbe didn't tell him so he should be able to do it in the ultimate way.

Scavenger hunt nswer to last months scavenger hunt: Shmoozel Leemanov on page 5.


The Chayolei Monthly

As usual, we bring you the list of the birthdays of your fellow campers. Don’t forget to call them before, on (or after) their birthday to wish them a happy birthday and to see how they’re doing. If we missed your name, please contact us.

‫סיון‬ ∞ Campers ∞ Eliyahu Ezagui - 3 Sivan - 718-778-4707 Yossi Dalfin - 5 Sivan - 718-604-7221 Levi Laufer - 6 Sivan - 718-778-5511 Shmuli Sandhaus - 12 Sivan - 718-604-0780 Berel Yanover - 18 Sivan - 646-982-3886 Motty Sternberg - 21 Sivan - 718-773-7866 Mendy Melamed - 23 Sivan - 773-743-4836 Shmuli Friedfertig - 29 Sivan - 718-778-3967

∞ Staff ∞ Shloime Ezagui - 13 Sivan Shraga Telsner - 25 Sivan - 718-504-2760 Mendy Berkowitz - 28 Sivan - 347-651-1836


Sivan Edition

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