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‫בס“ד‬ ‫שנה ה גליון ו‬ ‫‪Vol. 5 Issue 6‬‬

‫אייר תשע“ב‬ ‫‪Iyar 5772‬‬

The Chayolei Monthly

The Chayolei Hamelech Monthly Newsletter A project of the CCH Keep-in-Touch initiative, powered by the Chayolei Hamelech main office. This newsletter is published to help campers and staff of Chayolei Hamelech to relive their best summer ever and to assist them in soothing their pain of being away from camp during the year. The content included inside is for the eyes of Chayolei staff and campers exclusively. No responsibility is taken for those who were not present there and dare to read this publication.

The CCH Newsletter Editorial Committee Manager-in-chief: Fussation Editor-in-chief: Shmoozel Leemanov Contributing editors: BomBom and Co. The Rabbi Levi Graphics: SELDOS Photos: Lishnarino and others Proofreading: Father of CCH


Dear campers, One of the main differences between Nissan and Iyar is that Nissan represents Geulas Mitzrayim and Iyar represents the future redemption. Which means that Iyar in a way is even higher than Nissan. Even though Nissan seems to be very special because it’s the month when the Yidden left Mitzrayim and Nissan is called the Chodesh Hageula, nevertheless the special things in Nissan happened in a way of “Milmaala Limata” meaning that there was no work from our part-as a cause to the Giluy (revelation), it just came because Hashem made it happen on its own. But Iyar on the other hand is a month which is entirely connected with our Avoda, as we see that it’s the only month that has a Mitzvah every single day - counting the Omer, which this gives us a chance to internalize through our daily Avoda all the Nissim and revelations

that came about in the past month. Because when the Yidden came out of Mitzrayim even though there where great Nissim and so on, nevertheless they still weren’t ready for Matan Torah, therefore Hashem gave them these 49 days to prepare themselves for Matan Torah. That’s why Iyar is in a way higher than Nissan, because everything in Nissan is a given and for free, so to speak, therefore it’s not something that lasts, because it’s not connected to us in a direct way (which would be through our work)! And that is why the Geulah which happened in Chodesh Nissan didn’t last, because it didn’t have any foundations from our part to stay with us, but Chodesh Iyar is higher because it’s a time which is more directly connected with the future redemption which comes from and because of our Avoda which makes it a real and an everlasting one, the ultimate!!!

Iyar Edition

It feels like yesterday when we came back from camp and smelled the streets of Crown Heights once again. Now in less than two months we will be smelling the socks of our bunkmates! But of course the less contaminated air in camp, which is a result of the many fans the campers bring, is really something to look forward to! There are so many other things to look forward to in camp, here are just a few: 1. Night activity! 2. Soda and popcorn!

3. Grand trips! 4. Pizza and punch! 5. Sports! 6. Hot dogs! 7. Late nights! 8. Food and drinks! 9. Color War! 10. Freeze pops! 11. Plays and runaways! 12. More popcorn! 13. Davening, Learning! 14. Cholent! 15. Did I forget to say food? 16. And the main thing, Drinks!


The Chayolei Monthly

Hi Diary! Paysach waz so much fun eye ated so much food that my stomak started turning like a merry go round which iz also reminding me of when eye came bak from walking far away too a Shool and my Mommy said sints eye walked so far eye can have Gebruktz it waz soo yummy eye’m goona eat it the hole year also on Chol Hamoed eye went to a Amuzment park it waz like camp jist my bunk wazint there so it was much more boringer Eye tolded some one that he alawyz dosint agree too what eye say and he saided it wazint true Eye am getting reddy for Shvous eye am counting every day and eye relized shvous comes before camp starts cauze eye’m counting to camp sints camp


Iyar Edition Eye like starting new paragrafs with the word eye Eye also like it when eye get too ask the four questions too my friends like where they are going for the summer (Chayolei of course) and if they can come over to my houze whitch iz also really becauz eye want to eat their nosh Eye met some one on Mivtzoyim and eye asked if he was Jewish and he said maybe tomorrow that dozint really make cents becuz if your Jewish today than you are Jewish tommorow maybe he wanted to convert eye told him the sheva mitzvos bnei noach and he askeded me if that had to do with sheva brochos he was so funny Eye have to go to sleep now my mommy keeps telling me to stop riting in the diary wen it is time to go to sleep so I put it away and take it out again don't tell her Bye See you later Pe es eye didn't start the last paragraf with the word eye Pe es es and the one before


The Chayolei Monthly

The phone call came again, time to find someone to interview. As I was thinking about the summer, I realized that although all summer long everyone was singing his name, and he is the most sought after speaker in Tzfas, I still didn’t interview Yonah “WOOW”. How do I go find Yonah? Maybe he is in the belly of the fish? No, he went out I think. As all these thoughts went through my mind, I suddenly heard noise in the distance. I got closer and closer and saw a bunch of people pointing at someone and making a familiar noise. I asked someone what all the commotion was about? “Yonah” he said. “WOOW” I said. Getting closer I could finally see him.


He was starting to give a speech to all the people there. After a couple of hours he finally finished and I pushed through the crowd to interview him, and here it is: CN: Yonah! Yonah! (No answer) Yonah Meir Shifrin! LTYMSS: Hello there. CN: Can I interview you for the newsletter? LTYMSS: Why not? I just hope they don’t make a Getchke out of me Chas Vesholom. CN: Don’t worry that broke already. LTYMSS: Ok, I don’t have too much time I have another speech to make. CN: Fine, just a few questions. Where are you now? LTYMSS: I’m learning in Tzfas, Israel. CN: Do you give speeches in Yeshiva too?

Iyar Edition LTYMSS: Of course, but I miss the campers, because the campers were always awake when I spoke. CN: Were the campers listening? LTYMSS: I don’t know, but they heard what I said. CN: What news do you have from Tzfas? LTYMSS: Well, first of all, the people in Tzfas painted yellow lines in middle of the streets! CN: Did you have anything to do with that? LTYMSS: No, I think they did it for the cars. CN: What else do you miss from camp? LTYMSS: 1. The couch in the staff lounge. CN: What couch. LTYMSS: 2. The songs and cheers and things. CN: I thought you didn’t like it. LTYMSS: 3. My learning class.

CN: You always came late. LTYMSS: 4. My bed. CN: Why are you ignoring my questions? LTYMSS: You asked questions? I didn’t realize I was busy telling you what I miss from camp. And also you didn’t ask with a question mark. CN: Any final words to our readers? LTYMSS: Don’t waste your time, learn about Geulah and Moshiach, and keep the camp spirit, and if you don’t shower at least take a bath. CN: I didn’t know you had a sense of humor. LTYMSS: Again you asked without a question mark. Ok I got to go now. See you later! Bye!


The Chayolei Monthly

The Chayolei Hamelech Amazing maze Help the camper make his way to camp, it’s that simple.


Iyar Edition

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The Chayolei Monthly

The editors of the Chayolei monthly newsletter would like to wish a hearty

Mazel Tov To our devoted assistant director and beloved Chayolei family member

Zalmy Spritzer On the occasion of his engagement

A letter from a camper Dear editors, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading the Chayolei newsletter! It is very entertaining and inspirational and it keeps the camp spirit with me from one summer to the next. Shmuli P.S. The reunion was amazing!


Iyar Edition

One of the most basic beliefs of Yiddishkeit is that when Moshiach comes there will be Tchiyas Hameisim. After that we will live forever! In fact even the non -Jews are going to live very long lives. As the Navi Yeshaya tells us, a one hundred year old person will be called a child. Now, you may be surprised but according to the holy Zohar, science is something that is going to help bring Moshiach. We already see this happening in many ways. Maybe the most amazing of them all is how science is helping to bring about this time after Tchiyas Hameisim. And here's how:

one of the main reasons why people's bodies get weaker as they grow older is because their telomeres get ruined. Telomeres are little tiny things which protect c e l l s f r o m be c o m i ng unhealthy. Well, guess what? Scientists have recently discovered something which can fix ruined telomeres. If people would be able to fix their telomeres then their bodies would remain strong and fresh for an extremely long time. Maybe hundreds of years. Maybe forever. Even the scientists don't yet know the exact amount. As incredible as it is - this discovery has been made in our very own day and age!

Science has discovered that


The Chayolei Monthly

“Rabbi Kalmanson?”

You must help us!”

The man on the other end of the line Rabbi Kalmanson tried to calm her sounded distressed. down, and he promised to write to the Lubavitcher Rebbe immediately “My daughter has started getting and ask for a blessing. The answer he involved with all kinds of religions. received was, “Consult with friends She is now studying in Cincinnati. who are doctors.” Please get in touch with her and have a talk with her to clarify some of her Rabbi Kalmanson conveyed this religious dilemmas.” response to David, who went to additional doctors. However, they all Rabbi Kalmanson got in touch with said they could not find the root of the girl, and was indeed able to help the problem and so had no treatment her clear up her inner confusion. to offer him. Rabbi Kalmanson never met her father, David, but the girl’s The family consulted again with relationship with Chabad became Rabbi Kalmanson, who reminded ongoing and consistent. them of the Rebbe’s advice to speak to a doctor who was a friend. They One day, Rabbi Kalmanson received met a doctor who fit that description, another call from the family, not and he said that he had recently read from David this time but from his in a medical journal about a doctor in daughter. New York who was working on “Rabbi Kalmanson,” she said in tears, developing a method for treating “my father suddenly went blind and certain types of blindness. the doctors don’t know how it “Maybe his approach will work in happened or how to restore his sight.


Iyar Edition

your situation,” the doctor told operating on your husband, and David. after half an hour I realized that I had finished whatever I had to do. I At first, David didn’t want to travel was completely bewildered. How to this doctor. He was despondent could this be when the operation is and offered his resignation at work, supposed to take at least six hours? I but the company refused to accept it. opened my books again to see if I After a lot of convincing on the part had forgotten anything and saw that of Rabbi Kalmanson, David finally I had done everything I was agreed to visit the doctor suggested supposed to do. I have no by his friend, the doctor. He went to explanation for this. It’s simply a New York and underwent an miracle!” examination. The results showed When David came out of anesthesia, that his case perfectly fit the he discovered that he was able to approach developed by that see, without a ny additional ophthalmologist. procedures. The doctor asked him, “The cure entails a complicated “Who told you to come to me?” surgery,” said the ophthalmologist. David said, “An emissary of the “It will take six hours. Then you Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote to him need to rest for a few days, after about my situation, and he gave me which I will insert new lenses in his blessing and advised me to speak your eyes, and after a few more days to a friend who is a doctor. That you will see again.” friend referred me to you.” An operation was scheduled, and on “The Rebbe? Who is he?” the appointed day David’s wife waited outside the operating room. “ D o n ’ t y o u k n o w ? R a b b i Thirty minutes went by and the Schneersohn of Brooklyn.” doctor appeared! She fainted on the “Ah, Rabbi Schneersohn. You should spot for she assumed the operation have said so. Now I understand had failed. everything. He has already arranged After she had been aroused from her a number of miracles for us.” faint, the doctor told her, “I started


The Chayolei Monthly

A Tzadik In The Lions Den 2 Summary: Rabbi Chaim Ben Atar would support himself by working with Jewelry. His boss Ahmed - who did not like Jews - liked R' Chaim because of his beautiful work, so he let him work and learn as he wished. One of the Customers of his boss was the Sultan himself. The jewelry is so beautiful! Is it your work?

If so, I want for you to make a Gold Wreath set with Diamonds and Gemstones, for my daughter’s wedding. I want it to be the nicest in the world, and...

No, Chai... um… Sure! I did it.

...Within 1 week. A week? But that’s impossible.

Dear Ahmed, being that I have enough money I will not be working this week, so that I can learn Torah day and night. All the best, Chaim


What? Impossible you think that isn’t enough time?

O… Of course not I can even have it ready in 4 days.

Chaim will have to work hard. Oh no.. What’s this?

Four days later. Who needs lazy Chaim, I can do it without him.

Iyar Edition

‫חודש אייר‬ ‫ב‘ אייר‬

‫י“ג אייר‬

5594: Birth of the Rebbe

5712: Passing of Reb Yisroel



5702: The day on which

MH"M's brother).

began the writing of the

‫י“ד אייר‬

"Sefer Torah to welcome

5662: Second arrest of the


Frierdiker Rebbe.

‫ט‘ אייר‬




‫כ“א אייר‬

5594: Bris Millah of the

5709: The Frierdiker Rebbe

Rebbe Maharash.

founded the village of "Kfar Chabad".

How o en do you do laundry? nly in camp because my counselor does it for me What is laundry? Never When the sock sticks to the ceiling


The Chayolei Monthly

The following missions are not only for Chayolei Hamelech campers, but for anyone who wishes to join! Pass the word around amongst your friends!

Get in the theme of Matan Torah

Mission: Learn about Moshiach and Geulah Since when Moshiach comes there will be a “Matan Torah” for the Torah of Moshiach

If you do the mission, call 347-913-5772 and leave your full name, and you will receive a prize!

1) “Can you hold my other hand, before I fall?” 2) Uncle Mendy wants you 3) “You made the floor slippery?” 4) “Are you Chai B’Seret?”


Iyar Edition

One day in the synagogue, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev seemed to be observing a group of his Chasidim as they Davened. When they were finished, he approached them with a hearty greeting, "Shalom Aleichem!" They looked startled to hear their Rebbe pronounce the greeting usually given after returning from a long journey. "But Rebbe," they said, "we have not been anywhere!" The Rebbe continued to shake hands with them, as though they were travellers arriving in Berditchev. He said, "From your faces it was obvious that your thoughts were in the grain market in Odessa or the wool market in Lodz. None of you were actually here while you were Davening, so I was glad to welcome you back once you finished."

Scavenger hunt Who’s picture is in the same place in every newsletter? Answer in next newsletter.


The Chayolei Monthly

As usual, we bring you the list of the birthdays of your fellow campers. Don’t forget to call them before, on (or after) their birthdays to wish them a happy birthday and to see how they’re doing. If we missed your name, please contact us.

‫אייר‬ ∞ Campers ∞ Menachem Mendel Backman - 2 Iyar - 718-493-2381 Shmuel Seskutov - 3 Iyar - 414-455-1336 Schneur Zalman Elkayam - 4 Iyar - 786-360-6144 Menachem Mendel Shachar - 6 Iyar - 563-864-3305 Sholom Dovber Goodman - 12 Iyar - 732-545-2365 Meyer Orenstein - 22 Iyar - 718-735-2304 Osher Schneerson - 26 Iyar - 347-787-8521

∞ Staff ∞ Yossi Nadler - 24 Iyar - 917-202-6982


Iyar Edition

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