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Urban Commons - Kuala Lumpur


‘Giant historical shift are sometimes symbolized by minute changes in everyday behaviour.’ – Alvin Toffler

Currently moving to the third wave of economics, we are living in the age of shared information. The internet has given space to a digitally networked society, enabling citizens to play an active role in building collaborative systems. This set of methodology encourages the potential of public resources to redesign average public amenities, infrastructure, public spaces, or perhaps to rethink new sprout of project initiatives. Rethinking the urban commons in Malaysia is a mean of making full use of the potential of the collaborative network, with small changes of the power of one, but many. Perhaps then it would be true to say,

“The next big thing… will be many small things.”

The fact that we have the internet today changes the type of things we are able to share. What was before something exclusive to a certain household can now be a shared item to people halfway across the globe. What would this mean if this set of sharing could be taken from private asset to public amenities? Could we bring sharing to an urban scale in the city? What if places like parks, street walks, unused spaces in the city could be act upon by the collective? The production needs space to take place, tools to craft, materials to shape and knowledge of things to produce it.

What then, would be the physical consequence of the city?

What If. We explore on the idea of bringing an unusual communual space of interaction to an urban fabric?

Cooking together in urban kitchens in spots in the city fabric could be a new injection of activity that could retain the working professionals and local community to mingle around after working hours?