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Reaching A Milestone

The Municipal Voice hits its 100th episode just before 5th season

Just prior to starting our fourth year of The Municipal Voice, we will be celebrating our 100th episode of Connecticut’s premier municipal podcast. And upon this milestone, here are 10 things – one for every 10 episodes – that we want you to know about the Municipal Voice!

1. The Municipal Voice is delivered in a multitude of ways. Every other Wednesday at Noon, we premier a new episode on Facebook Live with our partner, The New Haven Independent. You can catch a rebroadcast the next Wednesday at Noon, or watch the podcast on YouTube or listen to it on Soundcloud anytime after the initial broadcast.

2. With each episode, we publish a written recap for our partner, the New Haven Independent. They can be found by simply searching their site for “Municipal Voice.”

3. Over the course of the past four years, we have tracked viewers for each episode. Overall, we have reached over 200,000 listeners across the episodes by reaching an average of 2190 listeners per episode.

4. Our top episode was aired in January 2020, featuring Mayor Ben Florsheim of Middletown. Its total reach was nearly 5000 viewers, but over 3300 came from Facebook alone. Our second year’s episodes still make up 11 of the top 20 episodes.

5. During the height of the pandemic, Zoom fatigue and being on screens all day really got to everyone. The third year of shows averaged just under 2000 views per episode. Things fortunately began picking back up in 2022, when the average is back up to 2300.

6. Speaking of the pandemic, our last in-person podcast was with Richard Matheny, then director of the Quinnipiack Valley Health District, discussing just how bad we thought this pandemic might be. That was March 11, 2020, and all episodes have been filmed via Zoom since then.

7. Moving into our fifth year, we have upgraded our recording ability in what we are calling our “Zoom Room.”

8. We have had guests from a diverse array of areas – from Public Health Directors to Registrars of Voters, Police Chiefs, Councilmembers/Alders, Council of Government Directors, Journalists, State Senators, a federal Senator, leaders from the State Government, and of course, our CEO members. No other podcast focuses so heavily on the issues like the Municipal Voice does.

9. The Municipal Voice also utilizes our platform to discuss issues of importance to us. We’ve had on guests like Melvette Hill and Archbishop Leroy Bailey to discuss Representation Matters and CCM CARES, Dr. Richard Cho and Reverend Bonita Grubbs to discuss how municipalities can work to end homelessness, as well as special guests like Leon Andrews of the National League of Cities and Will Kirkaldy who recently gave a statewide speaking tour called “Sheer Will”

10. The most important thing is that we are telling stories and interviewing folks that are important to you. We know the future is bright, so if you have any suggestions for the Municipal Voice, please let us know!