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People are really tied to the Region. People grow up and raise their families here— there’s a real sense of home.” DR. MICHAEL V. DRAKE The Ohio State University president

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2014 FROM: Irvine, California

4/6/17 4:20 PM

The biggest surprise [I had when I moved] would be the diversity of the culture here. … It’s just a very accepting, open culture with world-class people that, by and large, just want to do the right thing.”

This is a region where you can fulfill your purpose, professionally and personally. I came to Columbus for a job, but didn’t expect how much I’d grow to love it for so much more.”


Irene AlvArez

Drive Capital co-founder and managing partner

Columbus 2020 managing director of marketing

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2011 FROM: Silicon Valley

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2003 FROM: Cleveland, Ohio

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4/6/17 4:40 PM

Welcome to the Columbus Region!


elocating is a stressful event. logistics aside, the finer points of getting acquainted with a new home—learning what restaurants you prefer, where to take your kids on a rainy afternoon and how to get across town most effectively—can take some time. So when columbus 2020 and Dispatch Magazines, which includes Columbus Monthly and Columbus CEO, among 10 other publications, discussed creating a Relocation Guide for newcomers

and those considering a move to the columbus Region, we jumped at the opportunity. When we first started working with columbus 2020 on this project, deciding what information to include wasn’t hard; i just had to think back to my own arrival to columbus in 2010 and what i wish i had known about this vibrant area. the hard part, in fact, was condensing everything i know and love about my region into the 88 pages you now hold in your hands.

tRevoR RuSzkoWSki

ray PaProcki Publisher

to be sure, we tried to be as comprehensive as possible. But with limited space, we weren’t able to include everything. on behalf of columbus 2020 and Dispatch Magazines, i invite you to use this guide as a jumping-off point in your exploration of your new region, from alexandria to Zanesfield.

emma Frankart Henterly editor, Columbus Monthly special sections

dispatch File

eMMa Frankart Henterly editor

yogesH cHaudHary Art director

craig rusnak Production & design director contriButors

G.A. Benton Julie Bhusal Sharma Chelsea Castle erin edwards Steph Greegor Jackie Mantey John Marshall Jeff McCallister Justin Mcintosh Abernathy Miller Jill Moorhead Brooke Preston taylor Swope Peter tonguette Mary Yost

62 e. Broad St. P.o. Box 1289 columbus, ohio 43216 Phone: (614) 540-8900 Phone: (614) 461-8746

“i had the opportunity to go back to where i’m from ... i had everything there; i was set up to retire there. and i love it here.”

“When i first moved here, i [thought] columbus was just going to be another temporary stop for me. ten years later ... columbus is home.”

Frankie Hedjuk

MicHael a. BukacH

Columbus Crew SC brand ambassador and former player

CoverMyMeds communications manager

Moved to: columbus in 2003 FRoM: los angeles

Moved to: Grandview in 2008 FRoM: cleveland by way of new York city

150 S. Front St., Suite 200 columbus, ohio 43215 Phone: (614) 225-6063 Relocation Guide is published GateHouse Media, LLC. All contents of this magazine are copyrighted ©2017, all rights reserved. Reproduction or use, without written permission, of editorial or graphic content in any manner is prohibited.

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4/6/17 1:53 PM

Ed ElbErfEld

rainEr ziEhm

Todd YarringTon





4 15 things to Know about columbus

6 7

Rankings Faces of the columbus Region

8 columbus Region county Profiles

12 14 17 18

Getting around Maps Weather or not

60 Memorable Moments

20 Want to Move to central ohio?


22 Business by the



30 Where Do We Go From Here?

33 35 36 37 38





56 Directory of Resources 58 Finding a Provider

Downtown Draw local listings Rentals & condos if You Build it columbus neighborhoods


40 Public Schools 46 Private Schools 49 alternate options 50 Higher education 54 Finding child care


60 arts in the columbus Region

66 Sports 68 Retail therapy 70 Fashion capital 71 columbus classics 72 columbus’ Best Restaurants

74 area attractions 76 annual events 78 Get outside!


23 Goal in Sight 24 Smart columbus 24 Utilizing the


80 20 Ways to Give Back 80 new Kid in town 81 Houses of Worship 82 a Perfect Match reSOurCeS

84 the Roundup 84 Safety 84 Resident Services 85 Banks and credit 85 Utilities 85 Relo thoughts 86 libraries 86 Supermarkets 88 Gyms and Fitness

26 top employers 27 economic Development organizations

28 Resources

sTEphEn bradY/brady design ltd.


columbus Way



rainEr ziEhm


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4/6/17 5:29 PM

Welcome When I first arrived, I was struck by the willingness of people to go out of their way to welcome me and genuinely offer their support and assistance with anything I might need.� DR. melANIe coRN Columbus College of Art & Design president

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2016 FROM: Oakland, California

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4/6/17 2:58 PM

Welcome BARBARA J. PeReNiC

15 Things to Know About Columbus New to the Region or considering the move? Here’s what you should know. By Jeff Mccallister

columbus Pride is the second-largest lGBt event in the Midwest, fourthlargest in the U.S. and 18th-largest in the world (see page 76).


fortune 1000 companies have headquarters in the Greater columbus area (see page 22).


ongtime columbus residents know what an interesting place their hometown is and often wonder just what has taken the rest of the country so long to notice. the state capital is full of charm and rich in history, with a long list of local lore to enthrall newcomers. Here are some interesting facts about the city, past and present:

We are rightfully proud of our zoo the columbus Zoo and aquarium is named on just about everyone’s list of top zoos in the nation, or even in the world—often right at the very top. among the reasons Ohio stadium

schiller Park in German Village

for its popularity is the personality of its director emeritus, “Jungle” Jack Hanna, who moved to central ohio in 1978. He has since transformed the zoo into a world-class conservation organization—it contributes more than $4 million privately raised funds each year to support conservation projects worldwide—and entertainment destination. the zoo’s 10,000-plus animals represent more than 600 species from around the world. Don’t miss the various habitat exhibits as well as the manatee program, where the so-called sea cows, oft injured by boat motor propellers in their native Florida, come to columbus

to rehabilitate and, hopefully one day, return to the wild.

We honor the country’s veterans columbus is set to be home to the country’s first official national Veterans Memorial and Museum, currently under construction and set to open in the summer of 2018. the facility will honor the nearly 22 million living veterans in the United States, as well as those who have passed, in all branches of service and eras of conflict. it began as the inspiration of former senator, astronaut and columbus native, the late John Glenn, and seeks to provide a narrative journey telling stories of individual veterans throughout history through interactive exhibits and displays.

We love a good sense of humor James thurber was one of the leading humorists in the nation as a writer and illustrator for The New Yorker early in the 20th century; the nation’s highest prize for the art of humor writing is named in his honor, with Jon Stewart and David Sedaris among the recipients. thurber grew up in columbus Zoo and aquarium

RANdAll l. SCHieBeR

German Village, just south of downtown columbus, is the largest privately funded preservation district on the national Register of Historic Places (see page 38).

J. KeviN FiTzSimoNS


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4/6/17 4:38 PM

We weren’t the first capital When ohio first was admitted to the Union in 1803, columbus did not exist. the capital was located 45 miles to the south, in chillicothe. Bickering between political parties brought the seat of government to Zanesville in 1810, then back to chillicothe in 1812. Finally, the state legislature decided to name a new capital. they created columbus in the heart of the state to be the center of its political, economic, cultural and social life. the city was laid out in 1812 and incorporated in 1816 with a population of nearly 1,000 people.

We have an official nickname it’s easy to guess why new orleans is called the “crescent city” and Pittsburgh the “Steel city.” So why in the world is columbus the “arch city?”

Short North Arts District Meghan Ralston

near the turn of the 20th century, columbus played host to a gathering of more than 90,000 civil War veterans. the city used wooden arches that spanned the streets to light the assemblage. a few years later, the city’s streetcar company erected steel arches throughout downtown for the cars’ power lines in homage to the wooden ones. the steel arches were ubiquitous by 1909, but were short-lived; most were gone just five years later. in 2002, 17 steel arches were erected in the Short north as part of that district’s urban revitalization into the Short north arts District. today, those arches are among the most distinctive features of the neighborhood.

We love to innovate in 2014, a man who had been paralyzed in a diving accident did something no quadriplegic had ever done: he moved his hand using his thoughts. How, you ask? He used a device invented by scientists at columbus’ Battelle Memorial institute. Battelle is the largest non-profit research and development organization in the world, and it’s tackled this kind of worldchanging, life-altering work since its founding in 1929. in the 1940s, Battelle helped develop chester carlson’s dry copying concept—a process you might know today as Xeroxing. the organization also developed the first nuclear fuel rods for nuclear reactors and contributed heavily to the U.S. space program and the development of compact discs. Battelle’s current scope covers consumer and in-

dustrial sciences, national security, health, environmental concerns, pharmaceutical and medical devices and more.

We’re young (and growing) the columbus Region is the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the Midwest, leading the largest metros in the categories of population, GDP and job growth since 2010. in fact, the city of columbus has always been in a state of growth; it’s never lost population in its 200-plusyear history. and that population is young; we’re no. 7 in the nation for highest concentration of millennials aged 25 to 34. What does that mean for residents in the Region? a low cost of living, for one, and a wide array of employment opportunities.

We looooove the Buckeyes anyone with a passing knowledge of college football knows that ohio State University fans are evangelical about their team. For home games, the area around lane avenue transforms into one big tailgate—complete with closed streets and highway exit ramps—as area pubs and porches are taken over in a wash of scarlet and gray. and ohio Stadium (aka “the ’Shoe” for its iconic horseshoe shape) routinely fills with more than 100,000 screaming fans. one more tip: if you hear someone shout, “o-H!”—no matter what time of year it is—the only appropriate response is, “i-o!” Emma Frankart Henterly contributed to this story.

eRic albRecht

columbus, and his former downtown home now is a museum honoring his legacy. next door is the thurber center, a contemporary classroom and conference facility that hosts numerous writers’ events and workshops through the year.

the columbus Region is home to

45 craft and microbreweries. two of ARTnews’ top 200 art collectors in the World—Ron Pizzuti and les Wexner—have opened contemporary art galleries (see pages 60-61). adaM caiRns

Huntington Park

columbus has five professional sports teams (see pages 66-67). alison colVin

HighBall Halloween

each year, the city plays host to more than two dozen festivals celebrating culture, music, the arts, fashion and more (get info on a few of them on page 76).

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4/6/17 2:59 PM


Rankings The Columbus metropolitan area is home to the 15th-largest city in the U.S. and is nationally ranked as a leader in many other areas. Here’s how we stack up.

Best Big city in the Midwest Money magazine, 2016 “our Best Big cities list identifies the metro area (300,000-plus population) in each region of the country that offers all the benefits of big-city living plus strong job growth, affordable housing, good schools, low crime, and great quality-of-life factors such as ample transportation options and access to green space.”

Best city for Mid-career Professionals Forbes, 2016

Todd YaRRingTon

“We analyzed the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical areas, cities and their

surrounding suburbs … ranking them on six factors weighted equally. We considered local unemployment rates (projected 2016 annual) and job growth projections (2015 numbers, 2016 and 2017 projections) ... We also considered median salaries for college-educated workers with at least 10 years of experience, using data from Moody’s cost-of-living index helped us factor in how far those paychecks could stretch. We looked at census data on the percentage of the local population aged 25 and older with bachelor’s degrees or higher—a metric that could suggest the continual creation of opportunity. Finally, we looked at that all-important mid-career metric: the cost to buy a home.”

Highest in Visitor Satisfaction in the Midwest*

Fastest-Growing Metro in the Midwest

J.D. Power’s 2016 Destination Experience Satisfaction Study SM

U.S. Census Bureau

“the first-of-its-kind study measures overall satisfaction among visitors to the top 50 U.S. travel destinations for business or leisure. the study assesses the customer experience based on six factors: activities; cost and fees; food and beverage; infrastructure; lodging; and travel/arrival.”

all-Star city; perfect equality score (fourth year running) Human Rights Campaign’s 2016 Municipal Equality Index (MEI) “across the country, 37 cities earned at least 85 [out of 100] points on the 2016 Mei despite hailing from a state without lGBtQinclusive statewide nondiscrimination laws. these cities, dubbed ‘all-Star cities,’ set a standard of lGBtQ inclusiveness with exemplary, best-practice policies such as local non-discrimination laws, providing transgenderinclusive health benefits for city employees, and offering lGBtQ-inclusive city services. Due to the state-level restrictions, it would be impossible for these cities to earn a 100 rating without the help of bonus points.”

no. 1 Metro for Job Growth in the Midwest* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics *among the Midwest’s largest metros

no. 3 city for Millennials Money magazine, 2015 “[our] list ... focuses on places where job growth is projected to be above average; food, rent, and other necessities are relatively affordable; and there are high concentrations of grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats, and other amenities. additionally, the [cities] ... offer loads of fun bars, restaurants, and leisure activities. Results are limited to cities population 300,000 and higher, and one city per state.”

no. 1 city for Scaling Up Startups Kauffman Foundation, 2016 “[columbus’ 2.7 percent Share of Scaleups] means that approximately twenty-seven companies out of every 1,000 firms ten years and younger started small and reached a scale of more than fifty employees in their first ten years of operations.”

*columbus, oH received the highest numerical score among 8 cities in the Midwest in the J.D. Power 2016 Destination experience Satisfaction Study, based on 26,124 total responses, measuring the experiences and perceptions of travelers who visited a top 50 U.S. destination, surveyed February-July 2016. Your experiences may vary. Visit

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4/6/17 4:08 PM

by t h e Nu mb e rs Unemployment rate (2016 average)

4.1% labor force (as of December 2016)

1,098,662 JOnATHAn QUiLTER


Faces of the Columbus Region The demographic data on residents of the Columbus Region paint a picture of diversity, financial stability and growth. Professional and Business Services


IN d u stry b r e akdowN

Transportation and Utilities



Retail Trade

Construction and Mining




Education and Health


Wholesale Trade




Leisure and Hospitality

Financial Activities

Other Services



3% Global matters Metro area growth from international migration

Median age (calculated as an average of each columbus Region county’s median age)

36 Percent of adults 25 and older with an associate’s degree or higher

40.4% average home sales price

$205,334 average household size

2.54 average household income (calculated as an average of each columbus Region county’s average household income)

$74,505 Households


21% Foreign-born residents


Population in 2016


Languages spoken Population growth 2010-2016


Source: Columbus Council on World Affairs


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4/6/17 3:00 PM



Columbus Region County Profiles The 11 counties in the Columbus Region comprise more than 2 million people. Here’s a look at how each county stacks up. BY emma FrankarT HenTerly

Delaware County

he columbus Region is made up of 11 central ohio counties. More than 45 percent of the U.S. population and nearly 50 percent of U.S. headquarters operations are accessible within a 10hour drive of the region, making it uniquely poised to offer greater access to the U.S. market within that distance than any other major metro. the region’s 59 colleges and universities enroll 136,000 students each year, giving it one of the highest concentration of college students in the nation. economically, no single industry sector represents more than 18 percent of the columbus Region’s employment, making it incredibly diverse and, therefore, stable. the region’s 2015 unemployment rate was 4.1 percent.

the area is demographically diverse, too. More than 100 languages are spoken throughout the columbus Region, which has one of the highest Japanese populations in the country. columbus—ohio’s capital—is the 15th-largest city in the country and the fastest-growing city in the Midwest. office space in columbus is affordable; it is 40 percent less expensive than in chicago, and 60 percent less than in new York city. Read on for detailed information on each of the 11 counties and their populations. Unemployment rate from Bureau of labor Statistics, local area Unemployment Statistics, 2016 average; top private employers data from columbus 2020; demographic data from U.S. census Bureau Population estimates 2016, 2015 acS five-year estimates.

Fairfield County

County seat


County seat



April 1, 1808


Dec. 9, 1800

Named for: Delaware native americans

Named for: the beauty of its “fair fields”





442.41 square miles


505.11 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Oneida Group, Inc.

10,197 employees

1,250 employees

The Kroger Co.

Ralston Foods, Inc.

800 employees

362 employees

DHL Supply Chain

Nifco America Group

774 employees

347 employees

Unemployment Rate

Median age

Unemployment Rate

Median age





Median household income

average household income

Median household income

average household income





8 R e l o c at i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

003-020_Relo_Welcome.indd 8

4/6/17 3:00 PM

Downtown Columbus DorAl CHeNoweTH III

Franklin County

Knox County

County seat


County seat



April 30, 1803

Mount Vernon

March 1, 1808

Named for: Benjamin Franklin

Named for: Gen. Henry Knox





539.87 square miles


527.12 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s


Ariel Corp.

13,000 employees

1,422 employees

Cardinal Health

FT Precision, Inc.

5,058 employees

450 employees

JPMorgan Chase & Co.


4,700 employees

400 employees

Unemployment Rate

Median age

Unemployment Rate

Median age





Median household income

average household income

Median household income

average household income





2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c at i o n G u i d e 9

003-020_Relo_Welcome.indd 9

4/6/17 3:00 PM

Licking County Welcome

County seat



March 1, 1808

Named for: area salt licks area


686.5 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s


1,540 employees L Brands Inc.

1,407 employees State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.

1,205 employees

Marion County

Unemployment Rate

Median age



Median household income

average household income



Morrow County

County seat


County seat



April 1, 1820

Mount Gilead

March 1, 1848

Named for: Gen. Francis Marion

Named for: Gov. Jeremiah Morrow





403.84 square miles


406.22 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

Whirlpool Corp.

Cardington Yutaka Technologies

2,344 employees

725 employees

Anderson Corp. (Silver Line)

Glen-Gery Brick

600 employees

75 employees

Wyandot Inc.

Marengo Fabricated Steel

400 employees

35 employees

Unemployment Rate

Median age

Unemployment Rate

Median age





Median household income

average household income

Median household income

average household income





10 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

003-020_Relo_Welcome.indd 10

4/6/17 3:01 PM

Logan County

Madison County

County seat


County seat



March 1, 1818


March 1, 1810

Named for: Gen. Benjamin logan

Named for: President James Madison





458.44 square miles


465.44 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

Stanley Electric U.S. Co., Inc.

3,785 employees

1,528 employees

Midwest Express, Inc.

Jefferson Industries Corp.

1,010 employees

700 employees

AGC Flat Glass North America, Inc.


485 employees

600 employees

Unemployment Rate

Median age

Unemployment Rate

Median age





Median household income

average household income

Median household income

average household income





Pickaway County

Union County

County seat


County seat



March 1, 1810


April 1, 1820

Named for: a misspelling of the Piqua tribe

Named for: Union of four formerly individual counties





501.91 square miles


436.65 square miles


T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s

T o p p r i va T e e m p l o y e r s


Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

570 employees

6,868 employees

General Electric Lighting

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.

441 employees

1,100 employees

TriMold LLC (TS Tech)

Veyance Technologies, Inc.

290 employees

400 employees

Unemployment Rate

Median age

Unemployment Rate

Median age





Median household income

average household income

Median household income

average household income





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4/6/17 3:01 PM

$2.75 for a one-way trip. Passes start at $4.50 for one day, $25 for seven days and $62 for 31 days. Discounts are available for children under 13, seniors, veterans, Medicare card holders and individuals with disabilities. cota’s airconnect route runs between the John Glenn columbus international airport, the Greater columbus convention center and many downtown hotels every half-hour from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. Fares are $2.75 per ride. cota also operates a free circulator called the cBUS, which travels from German Village to the Short north


Getting Around

arts District every 10 to 15 minutes. Routes run from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through thursday, 7 a.m. to midnight Friday, 9 a.m. to midnight Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, excluding certain holidays. the GoBus is a service of the ohio Department of transportation, designed to better serve transportation needs of the entire state. Five routes connect nearly 40 cities, including several in central ohio. ticket pricing is based on the distance traveled, with base rates starting at $5 to $30, plus sales tax and a $2.50 service charge. children under six years old ride free.

Central Ohio is well-connected with multiple public and private transportation options.


BY Emma Frankart HEntErly

Public Transit the biggest public transit system in the area, COta (the central ohio transit authority) reaches all corners of columbus and Franklin county. a massive array of coaches means you rarely have to wait long for a ride, and

bike racks on the front of the buses let you take your wheels with you. the “green fleet” features a compressed natural gas fuel system; eventually, these coaches will replace the diesel variety entirely. Fares range from $2 to



the columbus Region has two major airports. on the east side of columbus, John Glenn Columbus International airport is the area’s main commercial air hub, with service by air canada express, american/american eagle, Delta/Delta connection, Frontier airlines, Southwest, United/United express and Vacation express. Direct flights are available to more than 30 destinations, including atlanta, chicago,

las Vegas, la, oakland, new York and Washington, D.c., as well as destinations in Mexico, canada and the Dominican Republic. rickenbacker International airport on the south side of columbus is primarily a cargo hub, though allegiant air offers discount seasonal and year-round commercial flights to destinations in Florida, South carolina, louisiana and Georgia.

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4/6/17 3:01 PM

Eamon QuEEnEy

Cycling cyclists can rent bikes via CoGo Bike Share, which has a network of more than 300 bicycles at more than 40 stations throughout downtown columbus, German Village, the Brewery District, olde towne east, Franklinton, the Discovery District, the arena District, the Short north arts District, Victorian Village, italian Village, Grandview Heights and the ohio State

University campus area. Passes are available for 24 hours ($8), three days ($18) or one year ($7/ month or a $75 one-time payment) and include unlimited 30-minute trips. (additional 30-minute increments are $3 each.) a wide availability of marked and/or dedicated bike lanes in these areas make riding easy, safe and convenient.

to 71 and 23, from the north side of 270 to just south of downtown. additionally, U.S. Route 670 cuts through the downtown area, from 270 on the east side to south of Grandview Heights, where it joins with 70. central ohio is home to all major car and truck rental agencies, including Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and U-Haul. columbus is a car2go city; the car-share program lets you zip around town in a cute little Smart car, without paying

for gas or meters. Park the car at any public space within the “home area,” which includes parts of clintonville, the ohio State University campus, Upper arlington, Grandview, the Short north arts District, Victorian Village, italian Village, downtown, easton town center and John Glenn columbus international airport. Registration is $5, with rates charged by the minute (35 cents), hour ($15) or day ($59), plus taxes and fees.

Driving central ohio’s major highways include U.S. Interstate 70, which runs eastwest through the entire region; U.S. Interstate 71, which runs from the southwest corner to the northeast corner; U.S. Interstate 270, which encircles the

Greater columbus area; U.S. Route 33, which runs from the northwest corner to the southeast corner; and U.S Route 23, which runs north-south through the entire region. in columbus, State Route 315 runs west of and parallel

Courtesy Columbus 2020

Courtesy Columbus 2020

Taxies and Ride-shares columbus has more than 500 taxicabs, with the largest companies being Yellow Cab of Columbus (614-444-4444, yellow and Orange Cab of Columbus (614-414-0000, orange Both Uber and Lyft are available in columbus and surrounding cities. Uber’s network extends to Dublin, Powell, new albany, Reynoldsburg, Groveport, Grove city, Galloway and Hilliard. the lyft network extends a bit farther, encompassing Marysville, Delaware, Sunbury, Johnstown, newark,

lancaster, Mount Sterling and london. Vetted drivers use their personal vehicles to shuttle patrons in both programs. Request and track a car using the smartphone app for either service, which automatically pays post-ride via your registered credit card. Fares vary, but you can get an estimate on the apps before you start your ride. they increase based on demand and driver availability, so avoid requesting a ride when you see the “Surge Pricing” (Uber) or “Prime time” (lyft) alert.

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4/6/17 3:38 PM


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New Bloomington


309 T S



Candlewood Lake Iberia


Candlewood ! ( 309 ! ( Lake La Edison Mount Gilead Caledonia Marion New Candlewood Rue Green ! ( Bloomington ! Lake ( Camp Marion New La Edison Mount Gilead Chippewa Bloomington ! ( Rue Belle Park Green Ridgeway Cardington ! ( Center La Camp Lakeview Edison Mount Gilead Fredericktown Gann Rue Chippewa Green ( Fulton ! Chesterville Waldo Rushsylvania Park Russells Belle 31 Ridgeway Cardington Camp Danville Prospect Center Point Lakeview Apple Fredericktown Chippewa Gann Huntsville Belle Valley 13 Richwood Park Ridgeway CardingtonChesterville Fulton Center RussellsLewistown Waldo Rushsylvania Lakeview West 31 Fredericktown Danville Prospect Gann Point Apple Mansfield Ashley Fulton 4 Mount Vernon Huntsville Chesterville Howard Valley Sparta 13 Russells Waldo Rushsylvania Richwood 31 Radnor Danville Bellefontaine Prospect ! ( Marengo Point Apple West Lewistown 47 Huntsville ! ( Mansfield 13 Gambier Valley 4 Richwood Mount Vernon Magnetic Zanesfield Howard 23 Ashley Sparta East 36 West Lewistown Springs Radnor Bellefontaine ! Kilbourne Marengo ( De Liberty Mansfield Raymond Ashley 4 47 Mount Vernon Howard ! Graff ( Valley Hi 71 Sparta Gambier Magnetic Bellefontaine ! Zanesfield ( 23RadnorDelaware Marengo East 36 33 Quincy Springs 47 Kilbourne Centerburg De ! ( Liberty Raymond Bladensburg Gambier 36 ! ( Magnetic Graff 23 Valley Hi Zanesfield 71 East 36 Springs Kilbourne Martinsburg 42 De West Liberty 33 Ostrander Delaware Sunbury Liberty Raymond Quincy Centerburg Graff Valley Hi Bladensburg 71 Hartford 36 ! (

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West Liberty

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South Solon

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Sunbury Galena

Ostrander Shawnee New Hills California Powell





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Martinsburg St. Louisville


§ ¦ ¨ § ¦ § ¨ T ¦S ¨ T S

§ ¦ ¨ § ¦ § ¨ ¦ ¨


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( Legend Legend ! ( County Seats Legend

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Columbus Region 14 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 3-17


KNOX COUNTY £ ¤ KNOX £ ¤ KNOX COUNTY COUNTY Martinsburg Centerburg Utica

§ ¦ ¨ § ¦ ¨ ¨ § ¦ § ¦ ¨ _ ^ § ¦ § ¨ _Columbus ¦ ^ ¨ _Columbus ^

! (

! (

Hartford Sunbury

! (

Johnstown Utica Unionville Galena St. Center New Plain Shawnee Louisville Westerville Milford California Dublin Hills Powell City St. Johnstown Center Shawnee Unionville New Alexandria Hanover Louisville Worthington Huber New Hills Center California Powell Plain WestervilleRidge Riverlea Johnstown Granville Marne Dublin Albany Unionville City Minerva Westerville Center Alexandria Hanover Worthington Huber Plain Beechwood Dublin New Park Granville Ridge City Trails Granville Gahanna Riverlea Upper Albany Heath Marne South Alexandria Hanover Worthington Huber Arlington Minerva New Ridge Beechwood Plumwood Hilliard Riverlea Granville Marne Park Albany Granville Trails Marble Gahanna Upper Heath Minerva South Cliff Choctaw Beechwood Arlington Brownsville Hebron Harbor Hills Park Granville PataskalaTrails Lake Bexley Whitehall Plumwood Hilliard Gahanna Lake Upper Heath Grandview Kirkersville South Marble Arlington Reynoldsburg Buckeye Gratiot Darby Heights Cliff Choctaw Plumwood Hilliard Lafayette Brownsville Lake Hills Etna Hebron Harbor West Pataskala Valleyview Lake Bexley Whitehall Marble Lincoln Lake Jefferson Fairfield Grandview Kirkersville Buckeye Cliff Choctaw Reynoldsburg Village Gratiot Brice Darby Hills Brownsville Beach Hebron Harbor Heights Whitehall Pataskala Lake 70 Bexley ( London Pickerington Lafayette! Lake Etna Lake 70 West Grandview Blacklick Kirkersville Valleyview Urbancrest Millersport Buckeye Lincoln Darby Reynoldsburg Gratiot Jefferson Fairfield Heights Estates Village 70 Brice Lafayette Lake Etna Beach West Darbydale Valleyview ! ( London Pickerington Lincoln Groveport Baltimore Jefferson Fairfield Blacklick Urbancrest Village Millersport Brice Obetz Beach Thurston Estates Canal Winchester Harrisburg Grove City ! ( London Pickerington Darbydale Blacklick Urbancrest Millersport LockbourneGroveport Lithopolis Baltimore Pleasantville Estates Carroll Obetz Orient Thurston Canal Winchester Harrisburg Darbydale Rickenbacker Grove City Rushville Groveport Baltimore 37 71 Derby Commercial Lockbourne Lithopolis International PleasantvilleThurston Canal Winchester Harrisburg PointGrove 23City Obetz Carroll West South Orient Rickenbacker Rushville Rushville Midway Lockbourne Lithopolis Pleasantville Solon Ashville 37Carroll 71 Mount ! Commercial ( Derby International ! Orient 23 South ( Sterling Darbyville Rickenbacker Point West Rushville Bloomfield Lancaster 37 71 Commercial Rushville 56 Derby Midway Bremen International Ashville23 Mount ! ( Point West South ! South ( Sterling Darbyville 33 Rushville Midway Bloomfield Lancaster Solon Amanda Ashville Mount ! ( Bremen 56 South ! ( Sterling Darbyville Sugar Bloomfield Lancaster Grove 22 33 56 Bremen Amanda ( Circleville ! Stoutsville Sugar33 Amanda Grove 22 Williamsport Sugar Logan Elm ! ( Circleville Village Stoutsville22 Grove New Tarlton ! ( ! ( Holland ! ( Circleville Williamsport Stoutsville Logan Elm Village New Tarlton ! Williamsport ( ! Logan Elm ( Holland Village New Tarlton ! ( ! Holland

State of ohio ! (

U V £ ¤

£ ¤ U V £ ¤ Marysville DELAWARE Delaware ! ( 42 42 V U 36 V U ! ( £ ¤ 62 33 37 COUNTY £ ¤ £ ¤ U V Marysville 42 DELAWARE V U ! ( 42 V U 62 LICKING 33 ! Marysville COUNTY 37 DELAWARE U £ ¤ £ ¤ V ( 42 V U 62 COUNTY 33 37 COUNTY £ ¤ £ ¤ V LICKING U COUNTY LICKING Newark 161 V U 270 COUNTY!( 315 42 V U V U Newark 161 V U ! ( 270 315 Newark John Glenn Columbus 42 V U V U 1 61 V U ! 79 ( 270 V U International Airport · [ 3 15 42 V John Glenn Columbus U V U 70 79 V U · [International JohnAirport Glenn Columbus 70 Columbus 79 V U International Airport 70 · [

Milford Center Milford Center

! (

§ ¦ ¨ § ¦ ¨ ¨ § ¦

£ ¤ £ ¤

! (



£ ¤

! (

Seats Major Airports · [County ! ( County Seats

! (

Major AirportsFreeway !( Interstate Airports · [ Major ! ( Interstate Freeway US/State Highway ! ( Interstate Freeway ! ( US/State Highway Columbus Region US/State Highway Columbus CountyRegion Boundary Columbus Region County Boundary County Boundary

! (

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Rd n gt o in th


Ka rl Rd


la r


S High St Pa rsons Ave



rt po

Jackson Pike



§ ¦ ¨ 270



es te r

Pi k



Ra thm ell Rd

23 £ ¤

R oh r R d

N Wa ggon er Rd

Refu gee Rd

33 £ ¤

T S 317

Diley Rd

ur g isb rr Ha

§ ¦ ¨

Gen der R d


t r es



S Ha milton Rd


£ ¤



E Livingston Ave


Norton R d




£ ¤

16 T S

E Main St

104 T S

t Rd


Stelzer Rd

St E Bro ad


§ ¦ ¨ 71

Canal Winchester


Legend Major Employer




ve nt A

Grove City

r ovep or

E 5th Ave



k Sta te Rd

Joh n Glenn In te r n a t i o n a l Airport

ee Cr


62 £ ¤



A l um

ay R d


Gallo w

ey Su l li va


Morse Rd

Ha vens Co r ners R d

§ ¦ ¨ 670

Grove City Rd

do n -G


inl cK

§ ¨ ¦

161 U V



Bolton Field Airport

Lo n


§ ¨ ¦




£ ¤

W Bro ad St

Nation al Rd


§ ¦ ¨

Grandview Heights


§ ¦ ¨

Fis h e r


e bu

h N Hig

315 S T

The Ohio State University




Reed Rd


§ ¦ ¨

ill e

£ ¤

a l Co lleg e Rd

New Albany

Upper Arlington

Fishinger Rd


Du bl Gin ranv

e lan d Ave





Bet hel Rd

£ ¤


§ ¦ ¨

161 S T


Su nbu


r lem Rd

Hard Rd

Ohio State University Airport

R ive r

Cosgray Rd

Av e ry Rd



Roberts Rd

605 S T

Westerville Saw mill Rd


Hoover Reserv oir

W or

a Rd



d l in R



e wit

§ ¦ ¨

E P owell Rd

" ) M itch el l D

23 £ ¤


3 S T

Alum Creek Stat e Park Afric

iberty R d N

Rd Jero me

745 T S

S Old Sta te Rd


Ho me Rd

kw y Saw m i ll P

257 T S

" )

Sports Complex

Campus Location


" )

Cultural/Arts Amenity


" )

Entertainment Venue


R i c ke n b a c k e r In te r n a t i o n a l Airport



2 Mi

Greater Columbus 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 15

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Kin g Ave



Scioto Audubon Metro Park

St Cla ir Ave v A ar d on

St B ro a d

§ ¦ ¨ 70

Southern Theatre d E Moun n E F u lt o

Shadowbox Live



The King Arts Complex

Columbus Metropolitan Library

003-020_Relo_Welcome.indd 16

Mayme Moore Park


Hamilton & Spring Park

Thurber House Thurber Park

Garden/Deaf School Park

Franklin University

y E C h e rr

Heritage Museum

E N o b le


r E E n g le


Columbus Downtown High School & Career Center

German Village

Olde Town East

Kelton House Museum & Garden


St E M ai n

Lincoln Theatre

King-Lincoln Bronzeville

Columbus Museum of Art Columbus Performing Topiary Arts Center

E Be ck St

16 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

§ ¦ ¨

g St

Academy of Court Reporting E

d s B lv

S Mo nro e Av e

De laware Ave

N 9th St

N Gran t Av e

N 6t h St

Ne ils to n St

Miami-Jacobs Career College


Jack G ib b

Columbus College of Art and Design

St E Lo n g

t S 3 rd S


Downtown Columbus

£ ¤

St S P e a rl


Cultural Arts Center St M oun d t St S F ro n

§ ¦ ¨

Mount Vernon

Columbus State Community College

r in E Sp




t S 5 th S

St S H ig h

0.2 Mi

Palace Theatre

St W M a in

S h o rt


St E E lm

Genoa Park & Riverside Amphitheater

St W R ic h

Milo-Grogan Park

£ ¤

§ ¦ ¨ 70

Nationwide Children's Hospital


So uth Ln

S 17th St



Par son s Ave

Genoa Park

ut St W Wa ln

Dodge Park & Recreation Center

St H ic ko ry


al St E C a p it Ohio Vern Riffe Statehouse Center Ohio Capital St C h a p el Theatre E Theatre St E Tow n Greyhound Columbus Commons Station St E R ic h


St S B e ll e

St S M il l St S G if t

n St W To w

Columbus Fire House Museum


Battelle Riverfront Park

Scioto Peninsula Parkland

N 5th St

N 3rd St

W Spr ing S t

Westbank Park

St W S ta te


S 4t h St

Rig a Aly Hu nt er Ave Neil Ave


Scio to River

ad W B ro

£ ¤

ll e N L a ze

McFerson Commons

Alexander Park


Sensenbrenner Park

Richter Alexander/AEP Workers Park Memorial Park

Harrison House

t St


§ ¦ ¨

le S t

St N P e a rl

North Bank Park

H a m le

St N H ig h

da E Go o

Arena District

d id e B lv a ti o n w


Kent State University School of Library & Information Science

Greater Columbus Convention Center

t St N F ro n

Huntington Park

E 2nd Ave


Express Nationwide Live! Arena

A&R Music Bar

§ ¦ ¨


ln E L in c o St B ri c ke l

Spruce St

V in e S t

S u m m it

Ha rris on Ave

Pen nsy lva nia Ave

Italian Village

North P a rk S t

e Ne il Av

Goodale Park

The Basement


Downtown Columbus

E 3rd Ave

E 1st Ave

Lu nd y St But tles Ave


£ ¤

De tro it Ave

Italian VictorianWilber Ave Short Village Park Village

§ ¦ ¨


Greyhound Station


Sader Park

W 1st Ave

Wheeler Memorial Park

£ ¤

1 I

Sports Complex

Ho w a rd S t

W Sta rr Ave

W 2n d Ave

Harrison West


s a nt M t Plea

W 3rd Ave

COGO Bike Sharing Station

Entertainment Venue

Clevel and Ave

Thompson Park

N 4th St

Welcome W 5th Ave

W 4th Ave

Cultural/Arts Amenity

University/College Campus

" ) " ) " )

Major Employer

N Wa sh ing ton Ave

W 6th Av e

4/6/17 3:26 PM

Weather or Not

SpRing (March through May) Average HigH tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average loW tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average prECipitation in inches





















Columbus Region Areas Columbus


An old joke about Midwest weather states that if you don’t like it, just wait 15 minutes. Fortunately, there’s plenty to enjoy. BY Emma Frankart HEntErly




SuMMeR (June through August) Average HigH tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average loW tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average prECipitation in inches





















Columbus Region Areas Columbus






Average HigH tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average loW tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average prECipitation in inches





















Columbus Region Areas Columbus



n central ohio, the climate runs the gamut from winter wonderland to fun in the sun, due in part to the Region’s equal exposure to air from canada and the tropics. the area is outside of major earthquake, hurricane, volcano and tsunami zones; any severe weather that does occur is typically limited to occasional tornadoes, hail, high winds and winter storms. Severe droughts and floods are rare. on average, columbus sees about 72 days of full sun per year and an ad-


ditional 103 days that are partly cloudy, with cloud cover of 80 percent or less. Most of the Region sees about 40 inches of precipitation in a year; columbus itself receives around 56 inches. temperatures are fairly steady through winter and summer, with wider ranges in the transitional seasons. in the charts on the right, we’ve noted the range of monthly averages for spring and autumn—rather than the three-month average used in summer and winter—to give a clearer picture of the fluctuation.

(September through November)




winteR (December through February) Average HigH tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average loW tEmp. in Fahrenheit

Average prECipitation in inches





















Columbus Region Areas Columbus





2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 17

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4/6/17 3:02 PM


60 Memorable Moments The Region has seen a lot of growth and change in its 205-year history. Here are some noteworthy moments from its past. compiled BY Emma Frankart HEntErly RAnDALL L. SCHIEbER




the town of columbus was platted.

Franklin park was established.



the first Statehouse was constructed.

the first electric streetcar debuted.

oSU track star Jesse owens became the first athlete to win four olympic gold medals during the Berlin Summer Games—in front of adolf Hitler.




columbus became the Franklin county seat.

construction on the new Statehouse was completed.



construction began on the city’s first skyscraper, the 11-story Wyandotte building.

capital University opened.


president abraham lincoln’s funeral train traveled through columbus; he lay in repose for one day in the new Statehouse as 50,000 ohioans paid their respects.

construction began on the new Statehouse.



the ohio State University was founded.

the first locomotive ran through columbus after Union Station was built.


1834 columbus was incorporated as a city.

the first edition of the Daily Dispatch—now known as the Columbus Dispatch—was published.

1880 Rev. James poindexter was the first african-american elected to city council.

the columbus main library opened.

1910 the Southern theatre opened.

1913 the Scioto River flooded downtown, killing 94 columbusites and displacing hundreds more.

1922 ohio Stadium opened on the ohio State University campus.

1926 the palace theatre opened.


Dispatch File

1851 dr. lincoln Goodale donated land for Goodale park, the first city park.

1861 camp chase opened as a civil War encampment and Union prison.


1956 the world’s first captiveborn gorilla, colo, was born at the columbus Zoo and aquarium.

1964 the center of Science and industry (coSi) opened at the former memorial Hall.

1969 the first Wendy’s opened on Broad Street.

the ohio theatre opened.



the i-270 outerbelt was completed.

Battelle memorial institute opened.


1931 Dispatch File/MARY CIRCELLI

Dispatch File

the columbus museum of art opened.

oSU running back archie Griffin became the first player to win two Heisman trophy awards.

18 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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the city center Mall opened.

Polaris Fashion Place opened as central ohio’s largest mall.

the columbus clippers’ new downtown home, Huntington Park, opened with a game against the toledo Mud Hens.


JEff HincklEy

oSU’s arthur G. James cancer Hospital opened. Eamon QuEEnEy

1976 the first Memorial tournament, organized by native son Jack nicklaus, was held.

1977 the columbus clippers made their home debut in the refurbished Franklin county Stadium (renamed cooper Stadium in 1984).

the Greater columbus convention center opened.

city center Mall was demolished; the site became the columbus commons park two years later.



columbus was one of the original seven cities awarded a Major league Soccer franchise: the columbus crew.

lance armstrong and an estimated 2,500 cyclists kicked off the first Pelotonia.


the Blizzard of ’78 dropped 34 inches of snow on the city.

the national Hockey league approved an application for a columbus franchise: the columbus Blue Jackets.



the columbus Zoo hired Jack Hanna to be its new director.

the easton town center groundbreaking was attended by retail giant les Wexner, Mayor Greg lashutka, actor arnold Schwarzenegger and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. (it opened a year later.)


1999 Former columbus city council president Michael coleman became the city’s first black mayor. Dispatch file

1981 the first gay Pride Parade was held.



1999 the new coSi opened in its current location along the Scioto River.

2003 the oSU football team won the Fiesta Bowl to clinch its first national championship since the 1968 season.

2004 the downtown lazarus department store closed after 153 years of operation.


courtesy columbus 2020

the nationwide Foundation pledged $50 million to children’s Hospital (which was renamed nationwide children’s Hospital).

2014 the oSU football team became the first team to win the college Football Playoff national championship.



the original Wendy’s restaurant closed.

Michael coleman became the city’s longest-serving mayor; he announced later that year that he would not run for a fifth term.

2008 the columbus crew won its first MlS cup.



ownership of the Columbus Dispatch was transferred from the Wolfe family, which had held it for 110 years, to GateHouse Media.

the first Gallery Hop was held.


1981 the first Red, White & Boom was held.

1988 Pink Floyd gave the first concert in ohio Stadium to an audience of 64,000.

kylE RobERtson

Former columbus city council president andrew Ginther took office as columbus’ first new mayor in 15 years. 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 19

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Want to Move to Central Ohio? Moving is stressful. We’re here to help make it a little easier with these tips and resources. BY Emma Frankart HEntErly

©2017 ThinksTOCk.COM

pleted at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office; visit to find the office nearest you. • Update your address with the iRS, Social Security administration and other key agencies. • Replace the locks on your house to ensure no one has a spare key. • Register to vote! the ohio Secretary of State’s office has deadline information and a link to register online or request a paper form. Visit; you’ll need your ohio driver’s license or state iD number to register online.

Crash Course Want a fast-paced overview of all the city has to offer? check out onBoarding columbus, a community orientation for executives provided by community leadership training organization leadership columbus. offered twice a year, the two-day program explores some of columbus’ key institutions and neighborhoods. Visit or call 614-225-6094 for more information and to register.


et us be among the first to welcome you to your new home! Whether you’ve relocated to downtown columbus, a quaint little town outside of the city or somewhere in between, your postmove checklist will probably look the same. Read on for our tips on your first steps in your new locale, and be sure to check out our Resources listings on page 84 for more information on area utilities, service providers and more. Helpful information on school districts, hospitals and other key institutions is listed throughout this guide.

Moving Checklist • Make sure all of your financial and professional services, from your car insurance company to your magazine subscriptions, have your new address. • Set up your utilities—the area’s primary utilities are aeP ohio electric and columbia Gas of ohio—as well as cable and internet. • Get your vehicle registered and, if necessary, obtain an ohio driver’s license or state iD. Both of these tasks can be com-

• Make sure your new home has working fire extinguishers and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. • connect to local media by subscribing to area newspapers and magazines. • if you have a dog, you’ll need to register him or her with the county auditor’s office. cats and other small house pets do not need to be licensed. check your local zoning and codes office for less-common pets, including farm animals—some cities don’t allow backyard chickens, for example.

20 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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No matter the industry you work in, there are some great companies that are doing business in Columbus, affording amazing opportunities for jobs.� AMY HARMAn Fahlgren Mortine account supervisor

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2008 (now in Dublin) FROM: Chicago, Illinois

021-028_Relo_Business.indd 21

4/6/17 3:05 PM




economic base company expansions since 2011


new economic base jobs committed in 2016 alone

Fo rt UnE 50 0 Co m pa n iE S Five Headquartered in columbus Region, by rank

• Cardinal Health


• Nationwide


• American Electric Power


• L Brands


• Big Lots



Fortune 1000 companies headquartered here, including: • Hexion • Greif • abercrombie & Fitch • Worthington industries • Huntington Bancshares • Scotts miracle-Gro • DSW • mettler-toledo international • Express • Wendy’s


Business by the Numbers The 11 counties of the Columbus Region are economically diverse and ever-growing. The noteworthy business data and attributes of the Region could fill a book; we compiled some of the key points to know on this page. By Emma Frankart HEntErly


internationally owned companies with at least one establishment in the region Japan has the largest presence in this regard, with 131 companies with an establishment here. canada has the secondlargest presence, with 55 establishments, followed by the United Kingdom with 52, Germany with 42, France with 26 and Switzerland with 21.

an additional 25-plus Fortune 1000 companies have significant operations based in the Region.


Columbus’ cost of living index in 2016 the U.S. has a base cost of living index of 100, meaning that columbus’ cost of living is more affordable than the national average. compared to other metro areas, columbus fares well; its index is lower than that of ohio overall and nearby metros: Pittsburgh’s index is 94 and chicago’s is 118.5.


2016 average unemployment rate for Delaware County (second-lowest in the state) that same year, all of the columbus Region counties had average unemployment rates of 5.1 percent or lower, ranking them in the top half of the state for lowest unemployment rate. Franklin county, the state’s most populous county, also fared well at 4.1 percent for the year.

“i really am just happy i chose columbus for my early 20s. there’s everything i can want here as a young professional.” lEyDa FEBUS Columbus College of Art & Design student and freelance graphic designer/illustrator

Courtesy LEyDA FEBus

MOVED TO: columbus in 2013 FROM: el Paso, texas

22 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

021-028_Relo_Business.indd 22

4/6/17 3:05 PM

BY mary yost

the scioto mile

Goal in Sight Economic development in the Columbus Region gains speed. are one of the best cities in america for jobs, and because of our economic vitality, the columbus Region is growing faster than any other metropolitan area in the Midwest.” the latest count from columbus 2020, at the end of 2016, cites 116,107 net new jobs added so far this decade. if the current pace continues, the Region could approach 168,000 net new jobs by 2020. the goal for new capital investment is over 91 percent accomplished with three years to go to 2020. By columbus 2020’s

count, the Region has already attracted $7.6 billion in new capital investment. continuing at this pace would push the pool of funds invested into business growth toward the $10.5 billion mark by 2020. even the challenging goal of raising per capita income is on track to exceed the goal. Based on income calculations by the U.S. Bureau of economic analysis for 2015, the Region has boosted personal income levels by 21.5 percent since 2010. that means it could be as much as 47.6 percent higher by 2020.

“Given the vibrancy of columbus’ corporate community, columbus has a tradition of welcoming new and transferring employees to our city.” alex Fischer President and CEO, The Columbus Partnership

Courtesy COluMbuS 2020

MOvEd TO: columbus in 2005 FROM: Knoxville, tennessee



he columbus Region knows how to grow the economy. at the quick pace it is tracking, the columbus 2020 Regional Growth Strategy will surpass its goals early and push the columbus Region’s economy even further than its creators dreamed. columbus 2020 grew out of community conversations beginning in late 2008 and ultimately engaged hundreds of civic leaders. Four goals were identified for accomplishment in the decade from 2010 to 2020, and a team of economic development professionals was created to set about achieving them. the four goals stemmed from the columbus 2020 Regional Growth Strategy. they remain the guiding focus of work to boost the economy of the columbus Region. the goals are to: • add 150,000 net new jobs, • Generate $8 billion of capital investment, • Raise personal per capita income by 30 percent and • earn recognition as a leader in economic development. Robust job growth in the area is such that columbus Mayor andrew Ginther commented in his State of the city address in late February 2016, “We

Per capita income levels have risen even as the local population increases, surpassing 2 million for the columbus metro area in 2015. Per capita income is determined by dividing total income in the area by the population. Metrics for whether and how well the columbus Region is earning recognition for leadership in economic development are not so easily captured, but there is evidence of the Region’s growing strong reputation, with new global and national rankings rolling in every week. take a look at page 6 for just a few. in a new campaign this year to raise awareness of the columbus Region’s economic prowess, columbus 2020 worked with globally and nationally renowned brands to highlight their local ties. the “one of US” campaign grabs visitors’ attention within moments of stepping foot into John Glenn columbus international airport. to read the stories of the companies involved in the campaign, visit oneofus.

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 23

021-028_Relo_Business.indd 23

4/6/17 3:06 PM


Smart Columbus columbus beat 77 other cities to win the U.S. Department of transportation’s 2016 U.S. Smart city challenge, receiving $50 million in grant funds from the agency and Vulcan, inc. Smart columbus now is tasked to be a leader in the country by creating an integrated, first-of-itskind smart transportation system to help people and goods move faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Mayor andrew Ginther credits the win to columbus’ relentless focus on real outcomes for residents, as well as its strong collaborations and ability to raise $90 million in matching funds from local organizations. Since the announcement, the local “acceleration Fund” has exceeded $360 million and is expected to keep growing. the Smart columbus program will, among other things, pilot autonomous vehicles, increase consumer adoption of electric vehicles, expand ondemand mobility services and create an integrated open data platform. —Emma Frankart Henterly

Columbus Commons Courtesy ColUmbUS 2020

Utilizing the Columbus Way As a region, we get things done by working together—really. BY AbernAthy Miller


hen the sun came out on an unseasonably warm January day, columbus residents decided to go outside and play. like most sunny days, the greenspace along the Scioto River, known as the Scioto Mile, was buzzing with activity. Young families posted up on benches and swings overlooking the river, while joggers and cyclists whizzed by on the promenade and multi-use trail. Young couples sipped cocktails and took in the panoramic view of downtown and the riverfront from the window seats at Milestone 229. east of the river, residents of the newly devel-

oped luxury apartments noshed on crème brûlée pancakes at de-novo Bistro & Bar, and college students grabbed coffee before checking out the new installation at the oSU Urban arts Space. even though the summer concert series and food truck festival were months away, the columbus commons, a six-acre park adjacent to the Scioto Mile, was humming as well. it’s hard to imagine that only a few years ago the Scioto River and surrounding area was little more than a muddy pond, empty parking lots and the defunct city center Mall. “it took a lot of heavy lifting from our city

leaders and our business leaders,” says Guy Worley, president and ceo of the columbus Downtown Development corp. “the atmosphere in our city is that of people who want to see things get done.” the $36 million Scioto Greenways riverfront revitalization project— which created 33 acres of new greenspace and 1.5 miles of multi-use trails that connect the Scioto Mile network of parks—and the $25 million columbus commons project are just two examples of local government and columbus’ private business sector working in tandem to build public amenities and develop the economy.

24 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

021-028_Relo_Business.indd 24

4/6/17 3:06 PM

TOdd YarringTOn (left)

Fountains at Bicentennial Park BarBara J. PErEniC

“it’s the culture of columbus,” says alex Fischer, president and ceo of the columbus Partnership. “it wasn’t created by happenstance. People have been working at building that culture a long time.” Former Mayor Michael coleman is credited with making public-private partnerships integral to the city’s Dna during his tenure. current Mayor andrew Ginther has since taken the reins; he already has leveraged partnerships to land a commitment from Huntington Bancshares to create 1,000 jobs in the struggling neighborhoods of linden and northland and invest $300 million in moderate- to low-income neighborhoods. “Many folks, including Harvard, view us as a bestpractice as far as publicprivate partnerships,” Ginther said in a January 2017 interview with Columbus CEO. “these public-private partnerships have gotten the people of columbus a huge return on investment.”

Courtesy COlumBus 2020

columbus’ particular brand of collaboration, dubbed “the columbus Way” in a case-study class taught by Jan Rivkin at the Harvard Business School, is considered a national model for publicprivate partnerships due to its success. not only have partnerships between business and

Courtesy COlumBus 2020

“in columbus, you have the ability to really be a player. You can’t do that in every community.” Kenny Mcdonald President and CEO, Columbus 2020

public leaders turned an abandoned mall into a beautiful park and mixedused space, but, by many measures, the economy and the culture are thriving. “We went from a bashful city to a city that is leading in economic development, in every ranking and radar screen,” Fischer says. according to 2015 metro data from the Brookings institution’s website, columbus’ economy ranks 12th in the nation. the following year, Inc. magazine placed 49 central ohio companies on the inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing businesses, and WalletHub—an online credit reporting service—ranked columbus the thirdfriendliest city for female entrepreneurs. columbus 2020, a regional economic development organization, regularly leverages public and private partnerships to accomplish lofty goals and bring business to the columbus Region. in 2010, columbus 2020 announced goals to

add 150,000 new jobs, generate $8 billion of capital investment and raise per capita income 30 percent in the Region by 2020. as of December 2016, the columbus Region is ahead of pace on achieving those goals, with more than 116,000 new jobs, $7.6 billion in capital investment and a 21.5 percent income increase per capita. “We set those goals when there was 12 percent unemployment,” says Kenny McDonald, ceo of columbus 2020. “now that we’re in a stronger place, our goals are going to be even more exciting.” nurturing partnerships between business and civic leaders and investing in community projects isn’t just good for residents; it’s good for business. attracting an educated and skilled workforce is an incentive for businesses to invest. “talent has become a premium. talented people want to be in vibrant communities. a vibrant community creates an advantage,” McDonald says. “We

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4/6/17 3:07 PM

business want the ideas. it’s almost a mandate. We want to know how you’re going to contribute.” McDonald, Worley and Fischer believe that columbus’ ability to effectively facilitate public and private partnership is going to take the city into the future. “We’re not having conversations about whether or not our public-private partnerships make sense. We’re having conversations about what’s next, and i think the Smart columbus application and what you saw during the Smart city challenge is a perfect example of that,” Ginther said in the January Columbus CEO interview. the Smart city challenge refers to a Courtesy CDDC

“the atmosphere in our city is that of people who want to see things get done.” Guy Worley CEO/President Columbus Downtown Development Corp.

$50 million grant from the U.S. Department of transportation and Microsoft co-founder Paul allen to implement a holistic vision of technology that can help residents access more opportunities. columbus beat 77 cities, including austin, Portland, San Francisco and Denver, to win the grant in June 2016. (See the sidebar, “Smart columbus,” on page 24.) “the Smart city win is about what the city and the world is going to look like in the future, and what role columbus can play in that,” Fischer says. if the past is any indication, growth and innovation are inevitable. case in point: columbus startup coverMyMeds, which produces software used by doctors and pharmacists to get quick drug approval for patients, sold to McKesson for just over $1 billion in January 2017. “in columbus, you have the ability to really be a player,” McDonald says. “You can’t do that in every community.” the next startup success story could be incubating within the columbus Region limits right now. Fischer hopes these kind of success stories, as well as the strong collaborative climate, continue to bring in new opportunities and talent to the columbus Region. “You’re either going to grow or you’re going to die,” McDonald says. “there’s nothing you can’t achieve in columbus. that’s true today, and we have the kind of community that’s going to make that true tomorrow.” Mary Yost, editor of columbus ceo, contributed to this story.

Courtesy HOnDa

Top Employers Private Sector

Mount carmel Health System

JPMorgan chase

Hospitals and healthcare services

Financial services

eMPloyeeS: 8,840

eMPloyeeS: 20,475

l Brands inc. ohioHealth

Women’s apparel

Hospitals and healthcare services

eMPloyeeS: 7,800

eMPloyeeS: 15,417

cardinal Health inc. Healthcare services


eMPloyeeS: 5,058

insurance and financial services

eMPloyeeS: 13,400

Huntington Bancshares inc.

Honda North america inc.

Holding company for Huntington national Bank eMPloyeeS: 5,052

automotive manufacturing and research and development

eMPloyeeS: 10,701

Marketing and loyalty solutions for branded credit

Nationwide children’s Hospital Hospitals and healthcare services eMPloyeeS: 10,334

alliance Data

eMPloyeeS: 3,057 Source: columbus 2020; Columbus Business First Book of lists

26 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

021-028_Relo_Business.indd 26

4/6/17 4:44 PM

Public Sector the ohio State university Public university emPloyeeS: 30,112

State of ohio State government emPloyeeS: 23,680

Economic Development Organizations The Columbus Region is home to dozens of local economic development organizations that serve growing companies within their communities. TODD YARRiNGTON

Franklin County Economic Development & Planning Department development. Village of Obetz

city of columbus

Knox county

the ohio State university Wexner medical center Hospitals and healthcare emPloyeeS: 22,110

city government

Area Development Foundation of Knox County

emPloyeeS: 8,616

columbus city Schools

licking county

Public school district emPloyeeS: 7,825

City of Pataskala GROW Licking County CiC

Franklin county county government emPloyeeS: 6,499


Franklin county

u.S. Postal Service

Columbus 2020

City of Bexley City of Columbus City of Dublin City of Gahanna City of Grandview City of Grove City City of Groveport City of Hilliard City of New Albany City of Upper Arlington City of Westerville City of Whitehall City of Worthington Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Postal services emPloyeeS: 3,250

South-Western city Schools Public school district emPloyeeS: 2,560

Defense logistics Agency, land and maritime Supply chain (Defense Supply center columbus) Military/logistical support emPloyeeS: 3,000 landandmaritime.aspx

Dublin city Schools Public school district emPloyeeS: 1,886 Source: Columbus Business First Book of lists

Statewide JobsOhio

Delaware county Delaware County Economic Development delawarecountyecondev. com City of Delaware City of Powell

Fairfield county Fairfield 33 Development Alliance City of Canal Winchester City of Pickerington City of Reynoldsburg Violet Township

logan county Logan County Community improvement Corporation

Madison county City of London Madison County Future inc.

Marion county Marion CAN DO!

Morrow county Morrow County Development Office

Pickaway county Pickaway Progress Partnership

Union county Union County Economic Development Partnership economic-development

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4/6/17 3:07 PM


Resources Whether you’re self-employed, run a small business or just want to stay in the know on the area’s financial happenings, these resources have you covered. By EMMA FRANkART HENTERLY

Columbus Business First

Community Incubators

the area’s leading weekly business newspaper; an american city Business Journals publication.

new albany (innovate new albany, innovate, Dublin (Dublin entrepreneurial center, and Grove city (cultivate, all have community-based small business incubators.

CCAD MindMarket collaboration between students and partner organizations; students work with faculty to brainstorm new ideas as commissioned by partners. MindMarket Workshops are free and open to the public.

Columbus CEO the area’s leading monthly business magazine; a Dispatch Media Group/GateHouse Media publication.

Drive Capital Venture capital firm focusing on technology, healthcare and consumer companies.

ECDI: Economic and Community Development Institute a statewide SBa lender that also provides tools and support for small businesses.

entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, venture capitalists and business community members to bring ideas to life.

Score Columbus


Southern Gateway Economic Innovation Development Center

Weekend “hackathon” in which 700-plus undergraduate and graduate students at the ohio State University design and build projects, oct. 21-22, 2017.

Founders Factory

Columbus Startup Week


a free community celebration of entrepreneurship, May 8-12, 2017.

Self-described as a “launchpad for social impact,” community members collaborate with

accelerator and incubator for technology-based startups; recently acquired by a UK company of the same name, with the office staying in columbus.

Small business incubator on ohio Wesleyan University’s campus serving Pickaway county and surrounding areas; opening fall 2017.

Metropreneur Website with how-to guides, articles, events and news related to small business development and entrepreneurialism in central ohio. columbus

SunDown RunDown

NCT Ventures


Venture capital firm

not-for-profit organization providing help and mentoring to ventures, entrepreneurs and investors in technology industries.

Small Business Development Centers of Ohio a division of the ohio Development Services agency, this organization offers a range of services and community partnerships for small business owners. development.

QStart Labs Firm dedicated to connecting venture capitalists with entrepreneurs to launch and grow new startups.

Columbus Chamber Serving more than 1,300 small- to medium-sized businesses through event programming and four pillars of service: Government relations, talent connections, research and marketing.

offering mentors, workshops and articles for small business owners.

Reservoir Venture Partners Venture capital firm

connecting entrepreneurs with mentors, investors and talent; also offering coworking spaces and resources, special events, workshops and seminars.

VentureOhio Venture capital firm that also aims to be a resource to the entrepreneurial community and facilitate collaboration between it and other stakeholders.

Women’s Small Business Accelerator ohio Department of Development program supporting female owners of small businesses with educational opportunities, mentorships and small business resources.

Rev1 Ventures Part startup accelerator, part venture capital fund, one purpose: providing vital connections in addition to services and funding that startups and entrepreneurs need.

Your Management Team Small business and entrepreneurial incubator and accelerator, offering training and consulting in Westerville. yourmanagementteam. com

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To me, Columbus feels like 100 cities in one. Each part has its own vibe. There’s a big difference between German Village and Clintonville!” noAh VAn sCiVER Cartoonist

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2016 FROM: Denver, Colorado

029-038_Relo_Housing.indd 29

4/6/17 1:57 PM


Where Do We Go From Here? You’ve taken the plunge and decided to move to Central Ohio. But where do you want to live, exactly? The Columbus Region has it all, from hip urban neighborhoods to charming rural towns. Read on to learn about some of the area’s residential options. By Emma Frankart hEntErly

Courtesy COlumBus 2020

Capital university in Bexley

Bellefontaine FoundEd: 1817 County: logan PoPulation: 13,117

Bellefontaine—the city an hour northwest of columbus whose name means “beautiful spring” in French—has had many identities. in the 1870s, the chief Blue Jacket of the Shawnee tribe made the area his home, earning it the nickname “Blue Jacket town.” in 1951, Bellefontaine became the site of the 664th aircraft control and Warning Squadron; with the highest point

in the state, it was the perfect location to monitor for possible aerospace attacks from the Soviet Union. now, the site serves the ohio Hi-Point career center. the city also was home to industrial giants like Rockwell, Westinghouse, Siemens, Detroit aluminum & Brass and carter Steel during this era; after the closing or outsourcing of these companies in the ’70s and ’80s, new companies filled their gap to support the Honda manufacturing facility in neighboring Union county. thanks to them, the area now is known for its highly skilled work-

force. But Bellefontaine manages to celebrate the past as it looks forward; its Holland theatre is the only remaining Dutch-style atmospheric theater in the U.S.

legiate feel it lends the city is enhanced by its venerable private and public schools that consistently receive outstanding marks statewide. Bexley is home to a vibrant Jewish community and is the only municipality in the U.S. that’s an official arboretum. this suburb’s residents are committed to preserving the natural beauty surrounding their stately homes and mansions, as well as the historical and cultural significance of the city’s walkable downtown. Here, residents and visitors alike enjoy fine dining, art galleries, coffee shops and the artistically adored Drexel theatre, a legacy movie theater that shows independent films and international cinema alongside Hollywood’s latest and greatest.

canal Winchester


FoundEd: 1828 CountiEs: Fairfield

FoundEd: 1908 County: Franklin PoPulation: 13,654


a picturesque mix of suburbia and city life, Bexley’s tree-lined streets are located just minutes southeast of downtown columbus. Situated in the middle of Main Street is capital University; the col-


PoPulation: 7,818

this community located 15 miles southeast of columbus has a funny origin story. in 1841, a village often wasn’t legitimate until it had a post office. local legend goes that on Halloween of that year, someone hooked horses up

30 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

029-038_Relo_Housing.indd 30

4/6/17 1:57 PM

to the foundation of the post office in a neighboring town and pulled the building to what was then called simply Winchester. While the tale is likely untrue, canal Winchester was renamed that year and later incorporated. today its historical attractions evoke a similar quirk, like the national Barber Museum and Hall of Fame, the Mid-ohio Historical Doll and toy Museum and the only remaining wooden covered bridge in the county. new to the city’s scene in February was Scottish craft brewer BrewDog, which chose the city for its U.S. headquarters. on the campus you’ll find Dogtap, a tap room and restaurant serving up the label’s Punk iPa, Dead Pony club, cocoa Psycho and american exclusive small batch brews.

circleville Founded: 1810 County: Pickaway PoPulation: 13,857

travel 30 miles south of columbus to find circleville, home of the Pumpkin Show. circleville has hosted this celebration to promote agriculture, manufacturing and mercantile interest every fall since 1903. its humble inception—a display of jack-o-lanterns by the mayor—has grown into the sixth-largest festival in the U.S. and earned the title of Best Fall Harvest Festival by USA Today’s 10Best. More than 20,000 pumpkin pies and 300,000 people show up for the free festival each year. When it’s not october, though, this small community has that quiet hum of subdivision and farmland life. Manufacturing is an important industry here, and

circleville is becoming a satellite city for columbus workers, offering pleasant, safe, small-town living just 30 minutes south.

bRooke LaVaLLey

Rob HaRdin


Delaware Founded: 1808 County: Delaware PoPulation: 37,995

the little Brown Jug and the Delaware county Fair are chapters of Delaware history that date to the last century. today, the annual harness horse-racing event is just one element of the americana charm that distinguishes this vibrant city, located 40 minutes north of columbus. For residents, Delaware is a family-oriented community that blends a traditional hometown atmosphere with a modern, independent spirit. Delaware offers visitors a sophisticated, charming urban atmosphere. Well-established neighborhoods are home to a relatively even mix of blue and white collar workers, including professors and students from ohio Wesleyan University, a small private college in the heart of downtown that U.S. News & World Report ranked as one of the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the country. Surrounding the city are myriad popular recreational activities, like camping, fishing and boating, which Delaware and columbus residents alike enjoy throughout the year.

Dublin Founded: 1802 Counties: Franklin,

Delaware and Union PoPulation: 45,098

Dublin is one of columbus’ largest suburbs. it’s known within central ohio for excellent schools, miles

Circleville Pumpkin show

of recreation paths, parks, gorgeous neighborhoods and an evolving historic downtown district. nationally, it’s renowned as home to the Dublin irish Festival, the largest three-day irish cultural celebration in the country. the city shows its commitment to the future with the developing Bridge Street District, an urban, walkable corridor with entertainment, dining, shopping, office space and housing options. Dublin also is home to Muirfield Village Golf club and its annual Memorial tournament—both created by golf legend (and Upper arlington native) Jack nicklaus—a number of major business headquarters, including the Wendy’s co. and cardinal Health, and a branch of ohio University.

an indoor/outdoor hub of retail, office and dining spaces that connects to a park where those aforementioned families indulge in outdoor activities like paddleboats, fishing and hiking. located directly along the i-270 outerbelt and within 2 miles of John Glenn international airport, it’s a popular destination for downtown columbus dwellers looking to do something rustic with a touch of the urban sophistication they’re used to, like taking the city’s Herb cocktail tour. Mint, rosemary and more star on this roundup of lush libations from the restaurants and brewhouses of Gahanna, the official herb capital of ohio.


Grandview Heights

Founded: 1849 County: Franklin PoPulation: 34,590

Founded: 1906 County: Franklin PoPulation: 7,328

Young professionals and families have been flocking to this eastern suburb in the last 10 years thanks to modern revitalization efforts and schools known for their academic and athletic prowess. Built along Big Walnut creek, recent development includes creekside,

although technically a suburb just west of downtown columbus, Grandview Heights offers an urban feel that its many young families and professionals enjoy. the city’s central street, Grandview avenue, is densely populated with chic boutiques, spas, fitness centers and

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 31

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4/6/17 1:58 PM

and regularly draw citydwellers from columbus, about 35 miles west, for weddings and other special events.


Grove City library

food options that range from white tablecloth hideaways (Spagio’s wine lounge is outstanding) to taco joints with mustache-themed margaritas (nearby local cantina is a must-try). the combination of a young-at-heart nightlife scene, a solid school system, century-old homes and the mixed-use development at Grandview Yard keeps longtime community members around and draws many fledgling families to the city.

Granville Founded: 1805 County: licking PoPulation: 5,747

named for Granville, Massachusetts—the hometown of the settlers who founded the bucolic village more than 200 years ago—this small-town community has retained a quaint new england charm. it’s home to Denison University, and only predates the liberal arts school by about 25 years. a number of historic inns and mansions add to the community’s character

Grove city Founded: 1852 County: Franklin PoPulation: 39,388

named for the trees that remained after the area was cleared in the 1800s, the once-woody Grove city continues to grow into a place with big-town hustle and small-town charm. Significant population increases in the past 25 years are largely attributed to its business-friendly atmosphere, which, if the Grove city 2050 initiative is any indication, will only continue to expand. the initiative’s goal to strategically position Grove city as a desirable place to live, work, play and invest is evident at places like the historic town center, a darling, walkable expanse of the city that hosts festivals, farmers markets and a christmas parade. town center is also where the Grove city library, double the size of its last building, recently opened. adjacent to town center is the Beulah Park development, which is transforming a closed racetrack into a walkable mixed-used neighborhood.

Hilliard Founded: 1852 County: Franklin PoPulation: 33,649

this humble railroadtown-turned-sprawlingsuburb now is occupied by myriad businesses, but the transportation industry still serves as an economic engine. Hilliard is where you’ll find headquarters for BMW Financial Services and David letterman’s Rahal letterman lanigan Racing, as well as support offices for Verizon, the community’s largest employer. a variety of housing options exist in the still-rural parts of town, and urban-style

apartments are a growing priority to attract young professionals. old Hilliard, the city’s downtown area, features the early television Museum and kitschy mainstay Starliner Diner, a favorite for many in the 614. the ever-evolving community added a third high school to its local school district lineup in 2009, and all three of its high schools were ranked in the top 55 schools in the state by U.S. News & World Report. Many of the city’s youngsters can be found every summer at the Franklin county Fair, located off Hilliard’s Main Street.

lancaster Founded: 1800 County: Fairfield PoPulation: 39,766

this city 30 miles outside columbus planted its roots as early as 1800, when German settlers migrated from lancaster, Pennsylvania. its rich history includes being home to the longest-running county fair in ohio and hometown to several famous americans, like civil War general William tecumseh Sherman and his brother, John, a Sec-

Fairfield County Fair in lancaster

Groveport Founded: 1846 County: Franklin PoPulation: 5,737

nestled between Grove city on the west and canal Winchester on the east, Groveport is quiet and quaint; family life is important here, which is part of why the city has the most parkland per



capita in Franklin county. in Groveport’s town Hall, a Heritage Museum tells the story of the city’s origins as a town along the ohio and erie canal, which stretched from lake erie to the ohio River, as well as its famously humane horseman, John Rarey. the Groveport Madison School District’s mascot is based off cruiser, Rarey’s honored english stallion that has become a city-wide symbol of how power, intelligence and discipline can lead to success.

32 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

029-038_Relo_Housing.indd 32

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retary of the treasury and a Secretary of State. one U.S. attorney general and three ohio governors have also lived here. the city was a popular producer of glass dinnerware in the 1850s; today, anchor Hocking Glass company still employs many city residents.

london Founded: 1811 County: Madison PoPulation: 10,060

to inspire legions of fans during the 2012 summer olympics, nike tapped london, ohio, to star in one of its commercials for a campaign highlighting all the londons in america. Whether london, ohio, was named after london, england, remains a mystery, though. When it was established as the county seat for Madison, london had many residents who were immigrants from Great Britain … but there’s also evidence that it may have been named after the land surveyors, the london company. Whatever the story behind its name, more than 200 years since its founding london has become a rural respite from columbus, a 25-mile drive away.

Marion Founded: 1822 County: Marion PoPulation: 65,355

Marion is best known as the home of Warren G. Harding, the nation’s 29th president. other notable Marionites are former Miss america Marilyn Meseke, edward Huber, who invented the revolving hay rake, and Mary ellen Withrow, the first woman to serve as U.S. treasurer.

Marion’s manufacturing heritage includes specialized power shovels that were key to building the Panama canal and two customized crawlers built for naSa that still move rockets to the launch pad. today, Marion is home to manufacturers such as andersen Windows, Whirlpool, nucor Steel, Wilson Bohannan lock co. and Wyandot Snacks. a recent community campaign dubs Marion “america’s Workforce Development capital” because of the educational corridor that includes ohio State University Marion, Marion technical college, tri-Rivers career center and RaMtec, a premier provider of robotics and advanced manufacturing industry certifications.

Marysville Founded: 1819 County: Union PoPulation: 22,817

take a scenic drive through Marysville and you’ll see a lot of Hondas; that’s because the auto manufacturer is the area’s largest employer. Honda of america Mfg., inc. opened its first location just outside of Marysville in 1979 and has since become the main driver of employment. Marysville also is home to the world headquarters of the Scotts Miracle-Gro company; the multinational seed and lawn care corporation planted its roots here in 1868 when o.M. Scott began selling lawn seed to local farmers. Many employees from those and other companies live in Marysville and enjoy the historic Uptown District, which is home to restaurants, parks and the iconic Union county courthouse.

Courtesy Columbus 2020/Kyle BeeCher

Downtown Draw columbus’ size and cultural renaissance mean its downtown residents get a rare balance of urban living and suburban extras. the upscale brownstone condos of neighborhood launch, for example, offer residents two-car garages and outdoor gardens by one of downtown’s most happening streets. as more people look to move into this sweet spot of a lifestyle, developers are leveraging even more incentives. lVQ apartments in the iconic leVeque tower start on the 19th floor, and its residents enjoy hotel amenities like housekeeping and room service from the Marriott on the floors below. the normandy, built in a gorgeous renovated church, gives tenants preview invitations to and the Foundry at Jeffrey Park features luxury apartments and a fitness center, brew pub and kitchen.

near all of them, the Scioto Mile riverfront destination gives greenspace-loving city-dwellers a natural view worth writing home about—if home were more than a short walk or bus ride away. also drawing residents to the heart of the city is columbus commons, a park just south of the Statehouse that showcases some of summer’s most fun concerts and festivals. Spacious new apartments at 250 High and the Highpoint at columbus commons have a front-row view of what’s happening, as will the soon-to-becompleted apartments at two25 commons. these stylish new builds, plus the rush to rent from post-grad millenials and retiring boomers, has helped make downtown columbus one of “america’s next Boom towns.” (thanks for the title, Forbes.) —Jackie Mantey

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 33

029-038_Relo_Housing.indd 33

4/6/17 2:05 PM

still strong here today, as is reverence for the Shawnee tribe that hunted in this once-forest-covered land before settlers arrived.

HousinG Safe neighborhoods and an excellent school system draw families to Marysville, which is fitting considering that the town’s founder named the city after his daughter, Mary.

Mount Gilead Founded: 1832 County: Morrow PoPulation: 3,653

this farm community east of Marion lights up when it’s time for the Morrow county Fair. the fall event features traditional livestock shows and tractor pulls, as well as national headlining country music acts. the village’s downtown pays homage to the community’s vibrant history has two public squares, the north of which stars a victory statue erected in 1919 to honor Morrow county citizens for buying more war bonds during World War i than any other county in the country. Patriotism is

new albany Classic invitational Grand Prix & Family day

Mount Vernon Founded: 1805 County: Knox PoPulation: 16,742

Standing tall in the downtown public square of this small town is a Union soldier stoically facing the south atop a beaming granite column. this monument honors the city’s history in the civil War and is engraved with the names of the Knox county men and boys who died for the north. it’s a patriotic symbol of Mount Vernon, which was named after President George Washington’s famous plantation. about 50 miles northeast of columbus by car, the Mount Vernon of today is still brimming with historic and american pride. amid its quiet streets and historic homes is Woodward opera House—the oldest opera theater of its kind in the country—which brings cultural and performing arts to this charming community, and not one, but three college campuses.

Woodward opera House in Mount Vernon

Eric AlbrEcht

new albany Founded: 1837 Counties: Franklin

international business park in ohio.


licking PoPulation: 9,879

You’ll hear the name Wexner in columbus a lot (i.e. Wexner center for the arts and the ohio State University Wexner Medical center). the name belongs to les Wexner, a columbus son and ceo of l Brands (think: Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel). But one of Wexner’s ultimate achievements for central ohio isn’t one building— it’s a whole community. in the 1980s, Wexner began purchasing parcels of the farm town 20 minutes northeast of columbus. With his eye for architecture and design, he helped create the affluent new albany of today, flush with Georgian-style homes and white horse fencing. new albany, recently named “america’s Best Suburb” by Business Insider, is a close-knit community of families, well-performing schools, more than 2,000 acres of greenspace, a vibrant cultural scene and the largest master planned

newark Founded: 1802 County: licking PoPulation: 47,986

When arriving into the revitalized newark area, one might not realize its history. Between 100 and 500 aD, the Hopewell people constructed its largest earthen enclosures—the largest in the world at 3,000 acres—now called the newark earthworks, an official prehistoric monument in ohio. a 40-minute drive east of columbus, the town square offers unique shopping, loft-style apartments and a local restaurant scene with a hometown feel. in addition to places to work and play, newark is home to the ohio State University’s largest branch campus.

Pickerington Founded: 1815 Counties: Fairfield


Franklin PoPulation: 19,670

this suburb, a 20-minute drive from columbus,

34 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

029-038_Relo_Housing.indd 34

4/6/17 2:05 PM

Joshua a. BiCkeL

is famous for being home of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame and for being the violet capital of ohio. this odd coupling is standard in Pickerington, an interesting community that’s at once earthy and traditional. its historic downtown offers residents a homey set of retail shops, salons, restaurants, professional offices and the Pickerington-Violet township Historical Society Museum located in the former carnegie library. Speaking of Violet township, the crime rate in this neighboring community is one of the lowest in the country for its size, meaning residents enjoy its rolling hills, forests and fields in peace.

Powell Founded: 1801 County: Delaware PoPulation: 12,972

Until the late 1980s the population of Powell remained small, but as the city of columbus developed, so did this suburb. north of Worthington and Dublin and south of Delaware, it received a population push from

both sides as residents looked for a home with a small-town feel close to the downtown hum of the capital. even as it grew generously, Powell remained protective of its historic downtown, which is now a huge visitor draw because of its homespun feel and eclectic collection of shops, dining and folksy seasonal events. Powell residents enjoy eight parks, 24 miles of bike paths, award-winning schools and safety services and the convenience of being close to columbus Zoo and aquarium, regularly tapped as one of the best in the country. Housing in this family-friendly city includes stately homes close to the main public square and snugly tucked away into the scenic highlands of the Scioto and olentangy river valleys.

Reynoldsburg Founded: 1831 Counties: Franklin,

Fairfield and licking PoPulation: 36,711

tomato lover? You have a Reynoldsburg man to thank. after years of trying to develop the plant as a commercial crop—growing tomatoes uniform in color, size and smoothness—alexander livingston introduced the world to the first tomato bred for commercial use in 1870. today Reynoldsburg celebrates livingston, his agricultural innovation and, of course, the juicy red fruit itself at the massive annual tomato Festival in august. not surprisingly, this city’s agricultural roots are deep with a three-county reach, but its location just 12 miles east of downtown columbus means a visit or daily

Local Listings The Columbus Region has no shortage of real estate agents and other resources to help you find the home of your dreams. Real estate agenCies Coldwell Banker King thompson Hundreds of real estate agents in nearly 200 offices throughout the columbus Region make finding a home to rent or buy a breeze, regardless of your budget or required amenities.

Crawford Hoying Sales listings range from starter homes to sevenfigure luxury houses. the company also manages more than 20 apartment complexes in central ohio. Development projects focus on infill and mixed-use buildings.

Keller Williams Five offices in columbus, Dublin, Westerville and Worthington serve the

central ohio area; browse hundreds of single-family, condo and rental listings online.

HeR Realtors More than 30 offices offer thousands of properties located throughout the columbus Region. listings include land and lots for those who prefer to build.

Re/maX nearly 20 offices in columbus and its immediate suburbs are joined by offices in Marysville, london, Granville, Delaware, Mount Vernon, centerburg and Buckeye lake to cover much of the columbus Region. Properties include single-family homes, condos, townhouses and lots.

Courtesy M/i hoMes

FoR moRe inFoRmation Columbus RealtoRs® columbus RealtoRS® has served the central ohio area since 1908. consumers can search for member Realtors based on location or language spoken, from africakaans and american

Sign language to Urdu and Vietnamese. other useful information provided to consumers includes sales statistics, the latest industry news and local builder resources.

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Rentals & Condos Apartment and condominium options abound in the area. A variety of complexes offer solutions for every budget and lifestyle. By emma FRanKaRt HenteRly lifestyle Communities

about a dozen urban, urban-inspired and suburban apartment communities with midrange to luxury options in downtown columbus, northeast columbus, German Village, Dublin, Galloway, lewis center, Gahanna and Blacklick.

eleven mid- to higher-end apartment complexes in downtown columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Hilliard, new albany, canal Winchester and Sunbury; two more downtown buildings under development.

Champion nearly 5,000 reasonably priced apartments in central ohio, including in columbus, Dublin, Worthington, Hilliard, Delaware, new albany, Westerville, Sunbury and near the desirable easton town center and Polaris Fashion Place.

Crawford Hoying nearly 20 apartment communities offering studios to four-bedroom units throughout columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, Grove city and Reynoldsburg.

Kaufman development three luxury apartment buildings in downtown columbus, new albany and near Polaris; three more downtown projects are under development.

Preferred living luxury apartment communities in downtown and northwest columbus, Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, Upper arlington, Worthington and Westerville.

Redwood living Smartly designed floor plans with two bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and more in the northwest, north and east areas of the columbus Region. central-ohio

treplus Communities Hawthorne commons, a 55+ community in Dublin, opens summer 2017. hawthornecommons55

Village Communities Four communities with garden and two-story condominiums in Gahanna, lewis center and Powell.

Rush Creek Village in Worthington

commute is only a quick car or cota bus ride away. Reynoldsburg schools offer a quality and costeffective education, with a developing curriculum focused on SteM subjects. During the summer, this friendly community is actively involved in and make social and recreational use of the city’s 275 acres of parks.

blend the best of the new with the city’s timeless traditions.

Westerville Founded: 1858 Counties: Delaware PoPulation: 38,384

Westerville’s natural beauty, expansive and award-winning parks system, careful planning and outstanding city services are among

Upper arlington Founded: 1918 County: Franklin PoPulation: 34,907

at just under 10 square miles, Upper arlington is a primarily residential first-ring suburb of columbus that enjoys an enviable central location just minutes from downtown, without the big-city feel. its residents enjoy safe, beautiful neighborhoods, first-rate services and a unique community spirit, but it’s the excellent school system’s quality education that new residents routinely cite as the reason for their move here. as central ohio continues to evolve, Upper arlington residents take pride in their ability to




ChRis Russell

Casto Communities

36 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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Jeff HInCkleY

its residents’ favorite community attributes. Uptown Westerville, once a stop for stagecoaches and the Underground Railroad, is now a popular retail and dining district that blends old-generation storefronts with new courtly brick buildings and tree-lined streets. Westerville is home to otterbein University, a private liberal arts college that hosts cultural and academic events for the engaged community throughout the year.

Whitehall Founded: 1947 County: Franklin PoPulation: 18,694

a post-war housing boom in the 1950s brought thousands of apartments and homes to Whitehall, a diverse suburb just east of columbus. at the time it was the nation’s fastestgrowing community, and civic leaders have worked hard to promote the opportunity available today in Whitehall for both businesses and residents. in fact, Wasserstrom company,

a leading restaurant supplier, Heartland Bank, one of the region’s largest community banks, and Rite Rug Flooring, central ohio’s oldest flooring company, picked Whitehall as the location of their new headquarters. affordable housing options abound, and residents enjoy the 85acre Whitehall community Park and take pride in a team of firefighters ranked as one of the top 30 in the world.

If You Build It


Compass Builders

Founded: 1803 County: Franklin PoPulation: 14,498

ten miles north of downtown columbus, Worthington is decidedly family-friendly, with excellent private and public schools, a nationally acclaimed library, churches and a park in the center of town, called the Village Green, that’s a popular destination for summer fairs and fun. the walkable downtown is also a yearround destination for Worthington residents to mingle with visitors from the surrounding areas at the shops, popular farmers market and fine dining restaurants located here, like the historic Worthington inn. the city’s new england look and feel are genuine, too. Settlers landed in Worthington after a 600-mile, six-week trek from connecticut in 1803. the crown jewel of Worthington’s beautiful homes and gardens is Rush creek Village, a neighborhood off the beaten path with homes designed in homage to famous architect Frank lloyd Wright. Jackie Mantey contributed to this story.

Central Ohio’s housing stock leaves little to be desired, but for those who prefer a custom build, the area’s resources make originality a breeze. BuildeRS 3 Pillar Homes Building in prestigious columbus neighborhoods with a focus on customization; nine area communities feature homes starting in the $400s.

signs in the northern half of the columbus Region, as well as Pickerington. Models range from upscale to luxury single-family homes.

Romanelli & Hughes Building Co.

Build a smarter, more efficient home with character on your own lot, or skip a custom build for a movein-ready option in Upper arlington, Dublin or new albany.

M/i Homes custom and luxury, movein-ready options available in more than 20 communities throughout central ohio.

Pulte Homes the 15 communities offer more than 100 home de-

choose from pre-existing luxury floor plans, provide your own or work with staff designers to create something together on your own lot. also offering more than a dozen planned communities throughout the Region.

Ryan Homes eight communities—and two more on the way— scattered north of the i-270 outerbelt accompany two additional communities in Pataskala and lancaster.

ReSouRCeS Bia of Central ohio the Building industry association of central ohio supports and represents homebuilders, developers and remodelers throughout the area. consumers can search an online database to find trusted member businesses. During its annual Parade of Homes in September, 40,000 attendees peruse the latest trends and designs in a member builder’s new community.

lancaster Home Builders association Formerly the tricounty Home Builders

association, with members in lancaster, Worthington, Pickerington, ashville, canal Winchester, new albany, Baltimore and amanda. an annual home and garden show in the spring highlights home improvement and landscaping ideas. lancasterhomebuilders

ohio Home Builders association the organization’s 4,500 members scattered throughout the Buckeye State give weight to its annual “Best of ohio” awards.

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Columbus Neighborhoods The city of Columbus is home to a bevy of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality. Here are some of the main ones. BY EmmA FrANKArT HENTErLy

BarBara J. PereNiC

Whetstone Park of roses in Clintonville

Beechwold/Clintonville this area’s beloved for being a little bit crunchy, a little bit rock ’n’ roll. its cars with coeXiSt bumper stickers belong to urban homesteaders, artists, young families and professionals, university professors and students. Spend your day here perusing the locally owned shops, cafés and restaurants along High Street before walking through the 13-acre Whetstone Park of Roses located behind the local library.

University District Yell “o-H” in this part of town, any time of day, and you’ll hear back a resounding “i-o!” that’s because this 3-mile stretch of space is home to the ohio State University. Packed with students, bars and businesses, it’s the most

densely populated area of the city. Buckeye fandom aside, this area is home to an important artistic attraction: the Wexner center for the arts (read more about it on page 60).

King-Lincoln District/ Olde Towne East these storied neighborhoods sit side-by-side east of downtown. olde towne east is a visual feast, its streets lined with old-fashioned mansions in various states of remodel. its Greek Revival and italianate homes and brownstone-esque condos and houses are left over from when it was the neighborhood du jour for the city’s richest in the 19th century. today, it’s where you’ll find middle class professionals, blue-collar families and singles. the King-lincoln District is famous for be-

ing the african-american business hub in the 1930s. it has a rich jazz legacy, which is still being written today at lincoln theatre, a historic art deco-style stage where musical groups like the Jazz arts Group of columbus play throughout the year, and the King arts complex, which offers performing and visual arts programs and events that celebrate african-american culture.

Franklinton Following a devastating 1913 flood, this neighborhood west of Downtown sat largely in despair and disrepair until about five years ago. it still struggles with its history as “the Bottoms,” but an influential young arts and entrepreneurial community has found opportunity here. Developers have taken note, and major plans are in the works to revitalize the area.

Downtown/ Arena District a nearly decade-strong urban revival has made downtown columbus a hot rental market. Surrounding the centerpiece of it all— the ohio Statehouse—are industrial lofts, upscale apartments and charming bungalows. Downtown’s northwest neighbor, the arena District, hosts nHl brawls, triple-a baseball games and musical acts.

German Village/ Brewery District immediately south of downtown is German Village, where settlers put down their roots in the mid-1800s, and the Brewery District, where they took up their mugs. German Village is listed in the national Register of Historic Places. the lovinglylooked-after brick streets and italianate architecture have more charm than Schmidt’s Sausage Haus’ cream Puffs, and those are pretty famous around here. to the west, the Brewery District is still going strong with breweries, entertainment and boho loft living.

Short North Arts District/Victorian Village/Italian Village the Short north is an arts district, but in the last 10 years it’s become much more. chic shopping, dining and entertainment dazzle from this soughtafter strip of High Street, which has become something of a darling in the New York Times travel section. the two historical neighborhoods hugging the Short north on the east and west sides—italian Village and Victorian Village, respectively—are rich with housing options and cool community vibes. Jackie Mantey contributed to this story.

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There [is] a visible sense of pride in people that [call] Columbus home. I didn’t understand it for years, but now I’m one of those people.” cLaiRe caSon Student at The Ohio State University

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2013 FROM: Schaumburg, Illinois

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Public Schools education

Public school districts are a major factor to consider when choosing a place to live. Here are statistics on some of the biggest and best options in the area, plus details on smaller districts, to help you in your decision. By Taylor Swope

Courtesy ColuMbuS CITy SCHoolS

Franklin County

Columbus City Schools

columbus city schools


t the heart of ohio, the columbus metro area now is home to more than 2 million residents, according to an early 2016 report from the Columbus Dispatch, and it is the fastest growing metro in the Midwest. it’s understandable why families might consider living in central ohio, where the economy is strong, jobs are growing and the median house price in 2016 was $170,000 according

the largest school system in Franklin county (and ohio) is columbus city schools, which has more than 53,000 students in more than 100 schools, according to the 2015 district report, the most recent available on the district’s website. the district’s mission is to ensure that “each student is highlyeducated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.” columbus RealtoRs®, a non-profit professional trade association. one of the first things for families to consider when relocating to a new city is the school system serving any potential neighborhood. there are a variety of public school options throughout the columbus Region. our guide offers detailed statistics on some of the most well-known options, as well as information about the area’s smaller districts, all listed by county.

note: enrollment, four-year graduation rate, per-pupil spending and state test performance index data is from the ohio Department of education school Report cards for the 201516 school year, the most recent year available. the state test performance index is a measure of how well a district’s students performed on state-mandated standardized tests. to learn more about ohio’s school Report cards, see “For More information” on page 45.

Elementary Schools 74 K-8 Schools Middle Schools

3 17

Middle/High Schools 5 High Schools K-12 Schools Total Enrollment

49,696 Four-year Graduation Rate

73.7 percent Per-pupil Spending

$9,845 State Test Performance Index

50.4 percent

15 1

among the 3,770 fulltime teachers, combined tenure averages 15 years’ experience and 79 percent hold a master’s degree. the district attendance rate is nearly 92 percent. Within the district, there are several standout schools, including columbus alternative High school, which is ranked number 34 in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report. columbus africentric early college aims to graduate students with a high school and associate college degree, and minority enrollment is at or near 100 percent. several schools within the district have language immersion programs, including ecole Kenwood French, columbus spanish and columbus north international school. there is also a Mandarin program at the Hubbard Mastery school. the district has several steM-focused facilities, including Hamilton academy, linden academy, linden McKinley academy, south Mifflin academy and Windsor academy. steM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, promotes a curriculum that seeks to engage students in these four areas, which are tied directly to economic growth.

40 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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Bexley city Schools

Hilliard city Schools

Elementary Schools 14 Sixth Grade Schools


the second-smallest district in the county ranked 158 out of approximately 29,000 public high schools in the U.S. that “serve all students well,” according to U.S. News & World Report in 2016. there are 22 aP courses available at Bexley High School, and in 2016, 62 percent of eligible students took more than 650 aP exams.

the Hilliard city Schools district is the eighth-largest in ohio and has 1,212 teachers, 78.6 percent of whom hold a master’s degree. the system also offers before- and afterschool care for parents who need assistance with childcare outside of school hours. Hilliard Bradley High School is ranked 44th in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report, which also ranks Hilliard Darby High School at no. 45 and Hilliard Davidson High School at no. 52.

Middle Schools


High Schools


Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

15,399 Four-year Graduation Rate

94.9 percent Per-pupil Spending

$9,736 State Test Performance Index

75.2 percent

Total Enrollment

2,289 Four-year Graduation Rate


the Board of education at Dublin city Schools identified several priorities for the 2016-17 school year. the first is high school academic pathways; a task force will work with the district’s chief innovation officer to determine what non-traditional programming is needed to help students remain competitive with the rest of the workforce. Drug and alcohol abuse prevention leadership is the second goal. another task force has been charged with guiding community con-

versation about drug and alcohol abuse and how to help students make positive, healthy choices. the third goal is implementing Schoology, an online tool that provides students and their parents access to current assignments, grades, pertinent announcements and any other needed classroom information. the final goal is Dublin city Schools Parent University, which is an educational series for parents taught by district officials about the schools’ various offerings, as well as challenges facing students, teachers and public education.

Middle Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

Griffith Thomas Elementary School in Dublin


Courtesy DublIn CITy SCHoolS

Dublin city Schools


Intermediate Schools 1

Per-pupil Spending

82.7 percent

the Grandview Heights School District is the smallest in Franklin county, yet its high school was ranked the 38thbest high school in ohio by U.S. News & World Report. the district’s mission statement is “to maximize and personalize every student’s learning.” according to a letter from superintendent Dr. andy culp on the district’s website, more than 90 percent of students attend college after graduation. culp also mentions that the district encourages students to become involved in clubs and sports teams at their respective schools.

Elementary Schools

96.6 percent

State Test Performance Index

Grandview Heights Schools

Elementary Schools 12

Four-year Graduation Rate

Middle Schools


95.3 percent

High Schools


Per-pupil Spending

$13,963 Total Enrollment

14,831 Four-year Graduation Rate

State Test Performance Index

84.7 percent DoRal CHEnowETH III

95.8 percent Per-pupil Spending

$10,550 State Test Performance Index

83.4 percent

Ecole Kenwood French School

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 41

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Metro Schools

Upper arlington Schools this district’s class of 2015 had a graduation rate of 98.3 percent, and 89.1 percent of third-graders who took reading proficiency tests in the 2015-16 school year scored “proficient” or better. the average Sat score was 1,755 out of 2,400 in 2015, compared to 1,707 in 2014 and 1,735 in 2013. (compare that to the national average of about 1,500, according to PrepScholar, an online test preparation resource.) Upper arlington High School is ranked no. 16 in the state and 470 in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report.

education new albany-Plain local School District new albany High School is ranked 20th among ohio high schools, according to U.S. News & World Report. the district’s facilities look more like a college campus, with the Georgian-style school buildings clustered on 120 acres, which is surrounded by an 80-acre nature preserve. in 2015, the district opened its newest facility, which houses second- through eighth-grade students and features SteM learning and other lab opportunities. the Mit Fabrication lab opened during the 2014-15 school year; it provides college-level coursework through the college credit Plus initiative and the easton-oSU engineering, environmental and energy land lab.

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Per-pupil Spending

$10,310 State Test Performance Index

81.5 percent

High Schools

2 Total Enrollment

900 (appx.) Four-year Graduation Rate

96.8 percent (MeHS)

Middle Schools


Per-pupil Spending

High Schools


$7,188 (MEHS) • $8,527 (MIT)

Total Enrollment

State Test Performance Index


78.1 percent (MEHS) • 70.6 percent (MIT)

98.3 percent Per-pupil Spending

$12,967 State Test Performance Index

84.2 percent

Courtesy uPPER ARlInGTon CITT SCHoolS

98.1 percent



4,668 Four-year Graduation Rate

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Four-year Graduation Rate

Total Enrollment

Franklin county is also home to three Metro Schools: Metro early Middle School, Metro early High School and Metro institute of technology. according to the system’s website, its vision is “to provide a small and intellectually vibrant learning community designed to serve students ... that prepares them for a connected world where math,

science and technology are vitally important.” the Metro schools were established in 2006 by a collaboration between the ohio State University and Battelle Memorial institute to create a SteM-focused learning environment for students. the Metro institute of technology is in its second year, so current enrollment only includes ninth and 10th grades.

Upper Arlington City Schools

note: District-level report card information not available; available information is listed above.

Delaware County olentangy local Schools

Elementary Schools 15 Middle Schools


olentangy High School is rated no. 5 in the state and 228 in the country by U.S. News & World Report. in addition to its regular curriculum, the district offers an alternative program designed intentionally for each student based on academic and behavioral needs. Delaware county is also home to Big Walnut local School District, Buckeye Valley local School District and Delaware city School District.

High Schools


Total Enrollment

19,034 Four-year Graduation Rate

98.5 percent Per-pupil Spending

$8,761 State Test Performance Index

85.1 percent

42 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 42

4/6/17 3:41 PM

Madison County

Special Education

london city Schools

there are two schools in Franklin county that provide specialized education services to deaf, hard-ofhearing and blind students. the ohio School for the Deaf, located near clintonville, aims to be “the premier school which meets the needs of ohio’s deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their families,” according to the school’s website. During the last year of high school, students are encouraged to live in the Senior apartment living experience, where they live with other students for a month, learning to meal plan, shop for groceries and create a budget. the ohio State School for the Blind has been in operation since 1837, with the ohio Department of education taking control of the school in the early 1900s. also located near clintonville, the school is “dedicated to the intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth of all students with visual impairments.” the school offers programming to meet students’ individual needs, including developing life, social and technology skills.

among the largest districts in the county, london city Schools is only slightly smaller than the Jonathan adler local School District. the system has a fivepoint improvement plan that focuses on student achievement and growth,

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

2,002 Four-year Graduation Rate

91.5 percent

other Schools as the most populous county in the columbus Region, Franklin county has a number of other school districts. they include canal Winchester local School District, Gahanna-Jefferson city School District, Groveport Madison local School District, Hamilton local School District, Reynoldsburg city School District, South-Western city School District, Westerville city School District, Whitehall city School District and Worthington city School District.

Morrow County Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


Highland local Schools is the largest district in Morrow county. its administration is currently working on strategic plans to renovate many of its existing buildings to provide students with improved learning environments. other districts in the county include cardington-lincoln local School District, Mount Gilead exempted Village Schools and northmor local School District.

High Schools


1,847 Four-year Graduation Rate

94.3 percent Per-pupil Spending

$7,940 State Test Performance Index

71.3 percent

$7,935 State Test Performance Index

68.5 percent

other Schools Jefferson local Schools is located in West Jefferson; the district’s programs focus primarily on technology. in the most recent school year, students in grades six through 12 received a Google chromebook to use during the school day; this technology will also be used with first-grade classrooms as well. other districts in the county include Jonathan alder local School District and Madison-Plains local School District.

Knox County

Highland local Schools

Total Enrollment

Per-pupil Spending

preparing students for individual success, providing access to a variety of academic and extracurricular activities, promoting a positive “user experience” among all stakeholders and demonstrating effective stewardship with district resources.

Mount Vernon city Schools

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


Mount Vernon city School District is the largest school system within the county; it has a gifted and enrichment program for select students, which features several seminars throughout the school year on topics such as solar energy and wind power. Knox county’s other districts are centerburg local School District, Danville local School District, east Knox local School District and Fredericktown local School District.

High Schools


Total Enrollment

3,753 Four-year Graduation Rate

87.8 percent Per-pupil Spending

$8,001 State Test Performance Index

72.8 percent

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 43

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 43

4/6/17 2:12 PM

education Granville Village City Schools adaM CaIRnS


Logan County

Licking County

Bellefontaine city Schools

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


Bellefontaine city Schools, the largest district in logan county, earned the state’s “excellence with Distinction” rating in 2012. its schools have a “strong tradition of academic excellence, competitive athletic programs and arts programs that are second to none,” according to the district’s website. Students in logan county also attend Benjamin logan local School District, indian lake local School District and Riverside local School District.

Junior High Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

2,388 Four-year Graduation Rate

96.6 percent Per-pupil Spending

$8,534 State Test Performance Index

71.1 percent

Pickaway County

Granville exempted Village Schools

newark city Schools

Granville exempted Village Schools consistently receives high marks on its state report card each year. Granville High School was ranked 39th in the state by U.S. News & World Report. Granville’s superintendent, Jeff Brown has pledged to develop “new and innovative partnerships with parents, community members and local businesses” that are mutually beneficial to aid in the improvement of 21st century learning, according to the district’s website.

Elementary Schools


teays Valley local Schools

Elementary Schools




Middle Schools


Middle Schools


an important part of teays Valley is the tV educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports the development and implementation of school improvement initiatives, model programs, award grants and scholarships, according to the school’s website. Pickaway county is also home to circleville city School District, logan elm local School District and Westfall local School District.

High Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

Total Enrollment



Four-year Graduation Rate

Four-year Graduation Rate

91.8 percent

96.6 percent

Per-pupil Spending

Per-pupil Spending



State Test Performance Index

State Test Performance Index

76.8 percent

87 percent

newark city Schools is the largest district. the school’s mission is “committed to excellence, one student at a time.”

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

6,294 Four-year Graduation Rate

81.3 percent Per-pupil Spending

$7,766 State Test Performance Index

68.6 percent other Schools other districts in licking county include Heath city School District, JohnstownMonroe local School District, lakewood local School District, licking Heights local School District, licking Valley local School District, north Fork local School District, northridge local School District and Southwest licking local School District.

44 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 44

4/6/17 2:13 PM


Union County Marysville exempted Village School District Marysville exempted Village Schools is the county’s largest district. Marysville early college High School is a SteM-focused school that opened in 2014 through a partnership with columbus State community college, Honda, ohio Hi-Point career center and the Union county chamber of commerce. other districts within Union county include Fairbanks local School District and north Union local School District.

Fairfield County

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


Intermediate Schools 1 High Schools


Total Enrollment

5,042 Four-year Graduation Rate

95.1 percent Per-pupil Spending

$8,278 State Test Performance Index

77.6 percent

Marion County

Pickerington local School District

lancaster city Schools

the largest district in Fairfield county includes Ridgeview SteM Junior High, which features similar athletic, musical, theater and club activities as other programs within the district in addition to a strong SteM program.

lancaster city School District, the second-largest in the county, opened three new elementary schools in 2015 and two additional elementary schools in 2016. two junior high schools will also be opened in 2019 to serve the growing student population.

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


Elementary Schools


Junior High Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


High Schools


Total Enrollment

Total Enrollment


6,315 Four-year Graduation Rate

Marion city School

Elementary Schools


Four-year Graduation Rate

Middle Schools


96.8 percent

92.5 percent

Marion city Schools is the largest district in Marion county. the district features a literacy collaborative in partnership with the literacy collaborative at the ohio State University to promote early literacy efforts for students. Marion county also serves students through the elgin local School District, Pleasant local School District, Ridgedale local School District and River Valley local School District.

High Schools


Per-pupil Spending

Per-pupil Spending

Total Enrollment




State Test Performance Index

State Test Performance Index

75.4 percent

70.6 percent

For more information

found online at gov. the system also provides details on individual schools. More information about individual schools also is available on respective district websites. ohio’s School Report cards aim to paint a pic-

the statistics presented in this article were pulled directly from the ohio Department of education’s School Report card system, which can be

Four-year Graduation Rate

85.5 percent Per-pupil Spending

$8,510 State Test Performance Index

52.9 percent

other Schools Fairfield county has many other options for students. in addition to the Pickerington and lancaster districts, there is the amanda-clearcreek local School District, Berne Union local School District, Bloom-carroll local School District, Fairfield Union local School District, liberty Union-thurston local School District and Walnut township local School District.

ture of progress and needed areas of improvement when it comes to preparing students for the future. they measure schools and districts in six key areas: achievement, progress, gap closing, graduation rate, K-3 literacy and preparedness for success.

another resource for parents is the oSBa School District Directory, a mobile app from the ohio School Board association, which provides enrollment information, district ratings and more. it is available through the apple and Google Play stores.

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 45

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4/6/17 3:45 PM

Private Schools education

The area is home to a large number of private, independent schools, both parochial and secular. These are some of the biggest and best-known. Data are for the 2016-2017 school year unless otherwise noted. By Brooke Preston

columbus academy

the Wellington School

columbus School for Girls

Marburn academy

4300 Cherry Bottom Rd. Gahanna • 614-475-2311

3650 Reed Rd., Columbus 614-475-883,

65 S. Drexel Ave. Columbus • 614-252-0781

9555 Johnstown Rd. New Albany • 614-433-0822

this independent, college preparatory school in Gahanna features a challenging academic curriculum, advanced SteM offerings (including computer science and robotics), a strong emphasis on arts and athletics and a focus on character development. “our students are invited to challenge themselves academically while working for the good of the community and developing sound skills in ethics and character,” says head of school Melissa Soderberg. the expansive campus covers 230 acres (including newly renovated arts spaces designed to invite exploration, creativity and action).

Wellington’s philosophy encourages students to dive deep into the independent co-ed school’s research-based curriculum. Wellington highly values and fosters student engagement, which is measured three times per year with a tool developed in-house. (Head of school Robert Brisk delivered a teDxcolumbus talk on the topic in november.) co-curricular activities are also important; around 75 percent of students participate in athletics, and 100 percent participate in visual and performing arts. other noteworthy programs include youth in government and leadership in business.

Founded in 1898 as an alternative to finishing schools of the day, columbus School for Girls continues its strong academic traditions and forward-thinking approach. the recently completed landmark campaign funded a state-of-the-art athletics complex featuring an eight-lane pool, yoga room, fitness center and a theater. cSG also features topflight computer labs, a media production studio and a private 100-acre forest. the school’s focus in SteM areas continues to expand, including technology lessons with 3-D printers, coding and robotics.

Marburn academy is exclusively devoted to students with learning differences such as dyslexia, aDHD or executive function issues, using assistive technology and multiple teaching modalities to help every student reach his or her potential. the growing school just moved into a brandnew facility, expanding the school’s potential enrollment capacity to 350 and growing the capabilities of Marburn’s innovative arts, athletics and tutoring programs, while continuing its excellent engineering, robotics and technology courses.

Grades served

Grades served

Grades served

Grades served

Pre-K through 12

Pre-K through 12

Pre-K through 12

2 through 12





1, 094












Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio




8:1 (grades 2-8) 12:1 (grades 9-12)

46 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 46

4/6/17 2:13 PM

Columbus Academy Courtesy CoLumBuS ACAdEmy

The Wellington School

Columbus School for Girls


Village academy

columbus torah academy

284 Liberty St. Powell • 614-841-0050

181 Noe Bixby Rd. Columbus • 614-864-0299

Village academy is a college-prep school boasting a 100 percent college acceptance rate. Using a rigorous three-pronged advancement through Mastery approach, students are encouraged to pursue academic excellence, individual accountability, social responsibility and personal passions through foundational and elective courses, as well as a host of extracurricular and athletic opportunities. a dedicated 12,000-square-foot arts conservatory contains rehearsal areas, recording studios, an art gallery, a black box theater, a stateof-the art visual arts studio and more.

columbus torah academy is an orthodox Jewish academy providing comprehensive college preparatory and Judaic studies educations for Jewish students. committed to providing an intellectually stimulating and academically progressive learning environment, the cta facilities are equipped with a state-of-the-art chemistry, biology and computer labs, two libraries, a gymnasium and a chapel. the campus is situated on 42 wooded acres confirmed by the national Wildlife Federation as a certified wildlife habitat site. Students investigate science in a 20-acre “land lab.”

Grades served


columbus Montessori education center 979 James Rd. Columbus • 614-231-3790

St. Joseph Montessori School 933 Hamlet St. Columbus • 614-291-8601

this private, independent school teaches children from six weeks to sixth grade using the Montessori method, which nurtures academic and personal growth through a focus on individuality, child-led learning, multiage classrooms and more. the school’s core elementary curriculum also includes art, music, physical education and Spanish instruction. the seven-acre location features thoughtfully planned indoor classrooms and outdoor learning spaces, with students learning in three agebased part- or full-day settings.

St. Joseph Montessori School in columbus’ italian Village neighborhood is a private, catholic Montessori school serving students through 8th grade. adherence to the Montessori method challenges and nurtures students to develop selfconfidence, independence, academic and life skills competency and imagination, according to the school’s website. catholic religious education is also included in the curriculum, though students are not required to be catholic. of the school’s 25 teachers, 22 are Montessori certified; the remaining three are working toward certification.

Grades served

Grades served

Grades served

2 through 12

K through 12

K through 6

Pre K through 8





not available


not available










Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio

not available

11:1 (lower school) 8:1 (upper school)


12:1 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 47

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 47

4/6/17 2:13 PM

education Bishop Watterson High School Courtesy biShOp watterSOn high SChOOl

Catholic Schools The Diocese of Columbus’ Department of Education manages 42 elementary schools with a collective enrollment of 11,000 and 11 high schools with a collective enrollment of 4,500. Bishop Watterson High School and St. Francis De Sales High School are the diocese’s largest, while the all-boys St. Charles Preparatory School is notable for rigorous college preparatory curriculum and high top-flight university acceptance rates.

Other Catholic Schools

St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School london (Madison county) Grades K-8

Saint Mary School

St. Vincent De Paul School

lancaster (Fairfield county) Grades K-8

Mount Vernon (Knox county) Grades K-8

St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

William V. Fisher Catholic High School

Marion (Marion county) Grades K-8

lancaster (Fairfield county) Grades 9-12

Christian Schools

Gahanna Christian Academy

Madison Christian School

Gahanna (Franklin county) Grades K-12 gahannachristianacademy. com

Groveport (Franklin county) Grades K-12

Gilead Christian School

New Hope Christian Academy

Mt. Gilead (Morrow county) • Grades K-12

Genoa Christian Academy Westerville (Delaware county) Grades K-12 genoachristianacademy. org

St. John’s Lutheran School

Granville Christian Academy

Trinity Lutheran School Marysville (Union county) Grades K-6

Grove City Christian School

Tree of Life Christian School

Grove city (Franklin county) • Grades K-12

columbus (Franklin county) Grades K-12

Harvest Preparatory School canal Winchester (Franklin county) Grades K-12

Delaware Christian School

Liberty Christian Academy

Bellefontaine (logan county) Grades K-12

Delaware (Delaware county) • Grades K-12

Pataskala (licking county) Grades K-12 libertychristianacademy. org

Fairfield Christian Academy

Mount Vernon (Knox county) Grades K-12

lancaster (Fairfield county) • Grades K-12 fairfieldchristianacademy. com

Marysville (Union county) Grades K-8

Granville (licking county) Grades K-12

Calvary Christian School

Christian Star Academy

circleville (Pickaway county) Grades K-12

Licking County Christian Academy Heath (licking county) Grades K-12

Polaris Christian Academy columbus (Delaware county) Grades K-8

Welsh Hills School Granville (licking county) Grades K-10

Worthington Christian Schools Worthington (Franklin county) Grades K-12

48 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 48

4/6/17 4:25 PM

Alternative Options Charter schools—also known in Ohio as community schools—present an alternative to traditional public and private school educations. BY Brooke Preston


hio is no stranger to charter schools. there are now 88 community schools operating throughout central ohio. of those, 77 are in Franklin county, with a small sprinkling in licking, Madison, Marion and Morrow counties. additionally, columbus is home to elementary, middle and high KiPP schools. the national Knowledge is Power Program is a network of public college preparatory

“If a student is really advanced and self-motivated ... they can complete and advance through classes faster than a standard semester.” tYSon eWing Nexus Academy of Columbus teacher

Courtesy TysON eWINg

charter schools in underserved communities. like traditional schools, ohio’s community schools offer tuition-free education for kindergarten through 12th grade, typically broken up into elementary, middle/junior high and high schools (grade range offerings vary by school). While central ohio’s community schools offer many of the same features and subjects as the area’s traditional schools—with focuses that vary from general education to specific concentrations like SteM or college preparatory—there are several key differences. Most notably, community schools may be brick-and-mortar “sitebased,” virtual “e-schools” or “blended” models that combine on-site schooling with at-home virtual learning. central ohio offers 73 site-based schools, eight e-schools and seven blended schools. community schools often are attractive to parents who aren’t satisfied with the public school options available in their home district. as tyson ewing, math teacher at nexus academy of columbus—a blended community high school serving grades 9 through 12—explains, students and

parents seek out e-schools and blended community schools for a broad spectrum of reasons. “We have students that need more attention with particular subjects; they may be really good with english but not so good with math, so they can spend a lot of time with the math teachers,” ewing says of nexus academy, where students spend four hours on-site for math and english instruction, followed by four hours of remote online study in other courses. “We had one special education student who was often picked on at a normal school; because of his diagnosis and personality type, the shorter on-site day was much better for him than trying to focus all eight hours in a traditional school.” ewing adds that many high-functioning students can thrive with online learning models, but urges parents to research the best school for their child’s

learning type and educational goals. “there’s no set pace [with online learning], so if a student is really advanced and self-motivated in math and science, they can complete and advance through classes faster than a standard semester.” He notes that self-motivated students capable of taking good notes and asking insightful questions tend to particularly flourish in online learning models, since teachers aren’t always physically present to keep students engaged and on-task. like traditional schools, community schools vary in test scores, amenities and other achievement metrics. But central ohio’s top community schools rank among the area’s best educational options. For instance, columbus’ arts & college Preparatory academy (grades 9 through 12) was included in U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 list of top high schools.

What Are They? Since 1997, ohio has supported the development of community schools (referred to as charter schools nationally) as a more flexible alternative to the traditional public school program. according to the ohio Department of education’s website, community schools are public, nonprofit, nonsectarian schools. While they are an official part of the state’s education program and receive state and federal funding, they remain independent of any school district; instead, they operate under a contract with an authorized sponsoring entity established by statute or approved by the State Board of education. community schools are “public schools of choice,” and as such, are not restricted by geographic district. there are currently two types of ohio community schools: start-up community schools and conversion community schools. conversion schools typically are affiliated with a traditional public school district for purposes of collecting local Report card data, whereas start-up schools usually are not. (See more on the state’s school district Report card program on page 45.) any student eligible to attend public school in the state of ohio is also eligible to attend an ohio community school without tuition. 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 49

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 49

4/6/17 2:14 PM

as its website states. Regularly honored as one of the nation’s top-20 public universities, ohio State also has a top-rated academic medical center and a premier cancer hospital and research center. academic offerings are likewise highly touted and diverse. ohio State offers more than 200 undergraduate majors, specialties and tracks, in addition to 157 master’s degree

education Courtesy DENISON UNIvErSITY

programs, 121 doctoral degree programs, seven professional degree programs and an estimated 12,000 course offerings. U.S. News & World Report, in fact, ranked 11 of oSU’s graduate programs in the top 10 of their respective fields in the U.S. in 2017, while the Wall Street Journal ranked the university 12th in the nation for most soughtafter graduates.

Two-Year Programs Denison university

Higher Education With nearly 60 college and university campuses, Columbus has learning options for virtually every student. Enrollment and tuition data is for the 2016-2017 school year, unless otherwise noted. note: tuition data does not include miscellaneous fees, room or board, unless otherwise noted.

By Justin McintOsH

the ohio State University 281 W. Lane Ave. Columbus • 614-292-4664 AutuMn 2016 EnrOllMEnt:

All Campuses: 66,046 Columbus Campus: 59,482 tuitiOn: (including basic fees) In-state: $10,037 Out-of-state: $28,289

as one of the biggest and most comprehensive colleges in the country, the ohio State University

looms large in both its home city and the state in general. With campuses and research centers located in columbus, lima, newark and Marion (as well as several cities outside of central ohio), oSU has a physical presence throughout the state. But it’s the nearly 1,800-acre columbus campus where, for 147 years, the university has been “the stage for academic achievement and a laboratory for innovation,”

central ohio technical college 1179 University Dr. Newark • 740-366-9494 EnrOllMEnt: 3,369 tuitiOn: $179

(per credit hour)

Founded in September 1957 as the ohio State University’s first off-campus, two-year accredited program, central ohio technical college now has four locations; the main campus is in newark, with additional facilities in coshocton, Mount Vernon and Reynoldsburg. Major programs include healthcare, engineering technology, public services and safety. cotc has grown beyond its initial partnership with ohio State to include Central Ohio technical College

Courtesy COTC/MArk A. STEELE

established partnerships with “many public and independent four-year institutions, including dual admission programs, to facilitate the transition to bachelor’s degree programs,” according to the college’s website.

columbus State community college 550 E. Spring St. Columbus • 614-287-5353 EnrOllMEnt: 26,000 tuitiOn: $135.93

(per hour)

$2,038.95 (per semester) columbus State community college has served central ohio for more than 50 years, growing immensely in that time. From an initial enrollment of 67 students in 1963, the college is now a bustling, thriving higher education option for about 26,000 students. the main campus sits on more than 80 beautifully landscaped acres on the edge of downtown columbus; the Delaware campus opened in 2010 and includes the Gold leeD-certified Moeller Hall. additionally, columbus State operates

50 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 50

4/6/17 5:13 PM

six Regional learning centers in Dublin, Grove city, Marysville, Reynoldsburg, Bolton Field and Westerville. columbus State has degree offerings and career programs in more than 55 areas of business, health, public service, human service and engineering technologies. Students can complete their first two years of a bachelor’s degree at the school through its college of arts and Science, then complete the degree elsewhere with the Bachelor’s Degree transfer Program.

Marion technical college 1467 Mt. Vernon Ave. Marion • 740-389-4636 EnrollmEnt: 2,432

(fall 2015) tuition: $170

(per credit hour for up to 12 hours per term)

Marion technical college was founded in 1970 as the Marion county technical institute. a year later, the first year of classes began, with 187 students enrolled in four degree programs. today, more than 2,400 students attend the state-assisted technical college. located on a 180-acre campus just east of Marion on State Route 95, Marion technical college shares five buildings with ohio State University at Marion. Mtc offers associate degrees in arts, science, applied business and applied science, as well as technical studies degrees in business, engineering, health, information and public service technologies. the school also offers one-year or short-term certificate programs in technology fields.

Private, Secular Establishments

ohio Wesleyan University

columbus college of art & Design

degrees, with 50 courses of study and 11 preprofessional programs.

61 S. Sandusky St. Delaware • 740-368-2000

60 Cleveland Ave. Columbus • 614-224-9101

Franklin University

EnrollmEnt: 1,650 tuition: $21,889

EnrollmEnt: 1,071 tuition: $32,400

201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus • 614-797-4700

Founded in 1879 as the columbus art School, the columbus college of art & Design is one of the oldest private art and design colleges in the country. Beyond its longstanding history, ccaD has long been known as an elite art and design school. in fact, graduates are often picked up by national brands, from locally based abercrombie & Fitch to Pixar in california. the college offers 12 bachelor’s and two master’s degree programs, including fine arts in advertising design and graphic design, animation, cinematic arts, comics and narrative practice, and contemporary crafts.


Denison University 100 W. College St. Granville • 740-587-6276 EnrollmEnt: 2,150 tuition: $23,935

(per semester)

Founded in 1831, Denison University is one of the earliest colleges to be established in the northwest territory—the push westward beyond the original 13 colonies— and continues today as one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. located in the charming new england-style village of Granville on 930 acres, Denison offers bachelor of arts, science and fine arts

appx. 5,000 (2016-2017 winter term) tuition: (per credit hour) $494 undergraduate $647 graduate $700 doctorate

Franklin University was founded in 1902 in columbus, and today has grown into the second-largest private university in the state. each year, it serves nearly 10,000 students from across the country and world, through its main campus in downtown columbus, its regional locations and co-locations in Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna and Marion (as well as throughout ohio and in other states) and online. the school’s MBa program has broad international reach, according to its website. Franklin offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs, including new applied doctorate offerings.

(per semester)

Founded in 1842 by Methodist leaders as a secular school, ohio Wesleyan University is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts universities. ohio Wesleyan has been featured in the book “colleges that change lives,” listed on the former President obama’s Higher education community Service Honor Roll with Distinction and included in the “best colleges” lists of both U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review. the university offers nearly 90 undergraduate majors, including, notably, the oWU connection. this comprehensive program, according to cole Hatcher, director of media and community relations, is designed to help students “think big” (integrate knowledge across disciplines), “go global” (build a diverse and global perspective), and “get real experience” (link classroom theory with real-world experience).

Private, Religious Establishments capital University 1 College and Main Columbus • 614-236-6101 EnrollmEnt: 3,392 tuition: $33,282


$455-$625 (per credit hour, graduate) AffiliAtion: Lutheran

Since 1830, this university has been rooted in the

lutheran tradition; it is among the oldest higher education institutions in the area. the private, fouryear undergraduate and graduate school is located in the charming tree-lined suburb of Bexley, just east of downtown columbus. With more than 60 majors and 10 graduate degrees, major programs include business, education, law, music and nursing.

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 51

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 51

4/6/17 2:14 PM

Mount Vernon nazarene University

3081 Columbus Pike Delaware • 740-363-1146

800 Martinsburg Rd. Mt. Vernon • 740-397-9000

EnrollmEnt: 132 tuition: $681

EnrollmEnt: 2,245 tuition: $742

Kenyon college

(per semester hour)

(per credit hour)



106 College-Park St. Gambier • 740-427-5000

United Methodist Church, though students and faculty represent many faiths

Church of the Nazarene


EnrollmEnt: 1,650 (Appx.) tuition: $24,610

Founded in april 1958, the Methodist theological School in ohio is a graduate theological school and seminary located on 80 hillside acres in central ohio. Major programs include master’s degrees in divinity, counseling ministries, practical theology and theological studies, along with a doctorate of ministry. Methodist theological also offers degree specializations in ecology and justice, and is the home of the certified organic Seminary Hill Farm.

(per semester) AffiliAtion:

Member of the Association of Episcopal Colleges, but accepts students irrespective of their religious affiliation or practice Founded in 1824, Kenyon lays claim to being the oldest private college in ohio. originally intended to educate all-male clergymen for frontier america, the college quickly became “a highly regarded seat of classical education whose graduates included statesmen such as U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes,” according to its website. in 1969, the college welcomed women and expanded its offerings. today, the school offers 50 majors, minors and concentrations, and has earned distinctions, most prominently, in science.

127 S. Davis Ave. Columbus • 614-234-5800 EnrollmEnt: 1,105 tuition: $403 (per credit

hour, undergraduate) AffiliAtion:

Roman Catholic

Courtesy KENyoN CoLLEGE

Kenyon College

Mount carmel college of nursing

Mccn was founded by the Sisters of the Holy cross in 1903 with a mission of providing a top-notch nursing education in a way that’s “caring, respectful and socially responsible,” according to its website. it offers a bachelor’s of science in nursing, a master’s of science and a doctorate of nursing practice, in addition to the online RnBSn completion Program and the Second Degree accelerated Program.

Mount Vernon nazarene University was founded in 1968, and is a co-educational liberal arts university with an evangelical christian foundation and mission, according to its website, though more than 40 christian denominations are represented on campus, and anyone’s encouraged to apply. Mount Vernon offers six different schools of training, including the School of arts and Humanities, the Jetter School of Business, the School of education and Professional Studies, the School of natural and Social Sciences, the School of nursing and Health Sciences and the School of theology and Philosophy.

ohio christian University 1476 Lancaster Pike Circleville • 877-762-8669 EnrollmEnt: 4,500 tuition: $9,445 (per

semester, undergraduate) $420 (per credit hour, adult/graduate program) AffiliAtion:

Churches of Christ in Christian Union Founded in 1948 as the circleville Bible college to educate the clergy for the churches of christ in christian Union, ohio christian University has since expanded its outreach. the school now


Methodist theological School in ohio

offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in disciplines like business and government, emergency management and business, psychology, substance abuse counseling and human services.

ohio Dominican University 1216 Sunbury Rd. Columbus • 614-251-4500 EnrollmEnt: 2,412

(fall 2016) tuition: $15,250 (per semester, undergraduate); $590 (per credit hour, graduate, most programs); $529 (per credit hour, education) AffiliAtion:

Catholic in the Dominican tradition Founded in 1911 as the allfemale college of St. Mary of the Springs, oDU has a rich, longstanding history of excellence. the liberal arts school became coed in 1964 and changed its name to ohio Dominican college in 1968. in 2002, the school became a university, and has since been named among U.S. News & World Report’s top tier of colleges & Universities in the Midwest; it’s also been named a military-friendly school by Victory Media for seven years in a row. the university offers 40 undergraduate majors and several master’s programs.

52 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 52

4/6/17 2:15 PM

Pontifical college Josephinum 7625 N. High St. Columbus • 614-885-5585 EnRollmEnt: 200

(2013-2014 school year)

ing on east Main and 17th streets in columbus, more than 1,900 catholic priests have trained there. today the school has two academic divisions: the college of liberal arts and the School of theology.

tuition: $31,942

ohio Dominican university

otterbein University 1 S. Grove St. Westerville • 614-823-1500 (undergraduate) 614-823-3210 (graduate) EnRollmEnt: 2,900 tuition: $31,424

(undergraduate); $564 (per credit hour, part-time undergraduate) AFFiliAtion:

United Methodist Church Founded by the church of the United Brethren in christ in 1847, otterbein was the first institution in the country to include women as faculty members and students. the university also admitted students of color before the civil War and welcomed Japaneseamerican students who had been sent to internment camps during World War ii. otterbein’s list of achievements have only grown since, with many rankings as one of the best in the country for veterans, regional universities and community service, among other distinctions. located on 140 acres in Westerville, otterbein offers a unique small-town atmosphere that’s only a short drive from one of the nation’s largest cities. the school offers more than 70 majors and 44 minors, five graduate programs and a doctorate of nursing practice degree.

(including room and board, College of Liberal Arts); $35,741 (School of Theology pre-theology program); $6,490 (Pastoral Year);

trinity lutheran Seminary


EnRollmEnt: 80 tuition: $560 (per hour) AFFiliAtion:

(commuter students) AFFiliAtion:

Roman Catholic the Pontifical college Josephinum has been preparing priests to serve the Roman catholic church since 1888. Since its found-

2199 E. Main St. Bexley • 614-235-4136

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America the trinity lutheran Seminary’s history begins in 1830, when the German theological Seminary

of the ohio Synod was founded in canton. the school soon moved to columbus, and for its first decade had but one professor. today, the school is located in the columbus suburb of Bexley and is associated with the evangelical lutheran church in america, though it was previously associated with the american lutheran church and the lutheran church in america. Major programs include master’s degrees of divinity, theological studies, arts in church music, arts in youth and family ministry, sacred theology and a doctorate of ministry. the school also offers a Spanish for ministry program.

Career and Technical Centers Adult and Community Education (through columbus city Schools) 270 e. State St., columbus 614-365-5000 SpECiAltiES: aBle/GeD/ eSol, practical nursing, stationary engineering, truck driver/cDl, industrial maintenance

Career and technology Education Centers of licking County 150 Price Rd., newark 740-364-2832 SpECiAltiES: Multi-craft maintenance, heavy truck equipment mechanics, welding, general and cnc machining, HVac, healthcare, it/computer technology

Delaware Area Career Center 4565 columbus Pike Delaware • 740-548-0708 1610 State Route 521 Delaware • 740-363-1993 SpECiAltiES: Public safety,

technical programs, fire-service training, law enforcement, digital design, nurse aid training

Eastland-Fairfield Career & technical Schools 4465 S. Hamilton Rd. Groveport • 614-836-5725 3985 coonpath Rd. nW carroll • 614-837-9443 SpECiAltiES: HVac, welding, dental and medical programs

Knox County Career Center 306 Martinsburg Rd. Mount Vernon 740-397-5820 SpECiAltiES: Healthcare (e.g., massage therapy, practical nursing), industrial (e.g., automotive technician, HVacR) and services (e.g., cosmetology, it—computer systems and networking)

pickaway-Ross Career & technology Center 895 crouse chapel Rd. chillicothe • 740-642-1200 SpECiAltiES: trade programs (e.g., carpentry, electrical automotive), engineering, computer programming, interactive digital art, early childhood education, medical, sports medicine

tri-Rivers Career Center & Center of Adult Education 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd. Marion • 740-389-4681 SpECiAltiES: agriculture, arts and communications, construction technologies, engineering and science technologies, healthcare, human services, industrial manufacturing, law and public safety, transportation systems

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 53

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 53

4/6/17 2:15 PM


Finding Child Care Whether your little one is a few months or a few years old, the Columbus Region has plenty of options and resources for finding a child care provider.

partner organizations in Fairfield, licking and Pickaway counties. the Ohio Child Care resource and referral association provides direct support to families in the form of information, a searchable database and other resources through its regional resource and referral agencies. is a great resource for finding care options, including babysitters, nannies and au pairs.

the site lets you post a request for service, request background checks from applicants and coordinate interviews. if you prefer to work through a professional placement service for your in-home care, the Columbus nanny agency is a quality resource. nannies are recruited and thoroughly vetted by the agency, and parents pay a one-time placement fee in addition to salary for each nanny they hire.

BY Emma Frankart HEntErly


hio’s child care programs are regulated by the ohio Department of Job and Family Services (oDJFS) or the ohio Department of education. the two agencies have a quality rating system called Step Up to Quality, or SUtQ, to help parents find the care options that best meet their children’s needs. there are three main types of care options licensed by oDJFS: child care centers, type a homes and type B homes. Most traditional daycares fall into the child care center category. they often consist of a dedicated building, though centers can be housed in a personal residence in some cases. in a type a home, the provider cares for seven to 12 children in his or her own residence. (this number is adjusted to four to 12 children if four or more of the children are 2 years old or younger.) type B homes serve

one to six children in the provider’s own home; no more than three of the children may be under 2 years old. Unlike the previous two options, type B homes may be licensed by oDJFS, but a license is not required. the ohio Department of education licenses schoolbased programs for preschool and school-age children. typically referred to as early care and education programs, they can include care before, during and after regular school hours. oDJFS offers a searchable database to help you find a provider based on location, SUtQ rating, child’s age and more. Find it at a number of other resources exist to help parents find the best care for their children: action for Children is a private, not-for-profit resource and referral agency that serves columbus and Delaware, Madison and Union counties. the agency also works with

©2017 ThinkSToCk.Com

Step Up To Quality What began as a voluntary rating system in 2006 now is a multifaceted requirement for all publicly funded child care programs. the system still is being phased in for certain care providers, with a July 2020 goal for full implementation. SUtQ evaluates child care programs based on four main criteria: learning and development, staff qualifications and professional development, administrative and leadership practices and family and community partnerships. the lowest rating of 1 star indicates that the program meets basic requirements, such as employing administrators and teachers who complete 20 hours of specialized training every two years and who are familiar with the state’s early learning and Development Standards. By contrast, a 5-star program meets additional benchmarks, such as utilizing lower staff/child ratios, employing teachers and administrators with bachelor’s or master’s degrees and developing lesson plans that support individual growth. For more information on SUtQ, visit

54 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

039-054_Relo_Education.indd 54

4/6/17 2:15 PM

HealtHcare Ground-breaking research and world-class treatment are available in the Columbus Region. If you’re a patient, you will be well cared for here. If you’re a healthcare professional, career opportunity abounds.” JeN KeaGY Delaware General Health District community health director

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2002 FROM: Girard, Ohio

055-058_Relo_Health.indd 55

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mary rutan Hospital 205 E. Palmer Rd. Bellefontaine • 937-592-4015 Full-service hospital


morrow County Hospital

Directory of Resources Your guide to the Columbus Region’s medical facilities. compiled by Emma Frankart HEntErly Berger Hospital 600 N. Pickaway St. Circleville • 740-474-2126 Full-service hospital

Berger medical Center 9085 Southern St. Orient • 614-277-4600 Providing oB/GYn, internal medicine, laboratory and radiology services

Fairfield medical Center 401 N. Ewing St. Lancaster • 740-687-8000 High-level medical center with emergency and urgent care departments, maternity care, outpatient

therapy services, surgical services and cancer care

knox Community Hospital 1330 Coshocton Rd. Mount Vernon 800-393-2922 • Full-service hospital

licking memorial Hospital 1320 W. Main St. Newark • 220-564-4000 Full-service hospital

madison Health Hospital 210 N. Main St. London • 740-845-7000 Full-service hospital nationwide Children’s Hospital

651 W. Marion Rd. Mount Gilead • 419-946-5015 morrowcountyhospital. com Hospital with emergency department, urgent care, surgical services, sleep lab and rehabilitation services; managed by ohioHealth

nationwide Children’s Hospital 700 Children’s Dr. Columbus • 614-722-2000 comprehensive, full-service pediatric hospital

nationwide Children’s Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center 700 Children’s Dr. Columbus • 614-722-2920 outpatient surgical center specializing in general, cardiothoracic, neuro, orthopedic and plastic surgeries, hematology and oncology services

nationwide Children’s Hospital Westerville Surgery Center 455 Executive Campus Dr. Westerville • 614-355-6100 outpatient surgical center specializing in orthopedic and plastic surgery and ent, gastroenterology and urology

mEmOrial HEaltH memorial City Gate medical Center

Courtesy COLuMBuS 2020

120 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd., Marysville 937-644-6115 Medical center with urgent care, laboratory and imaging; also offering physical and occupational therapy,

Simulation lab at OhioHealth

orthopedics and sports medicine

memorial Hospital 500 London Ave. Marysville • 937-644-6115 Full-service hospital

memorial morey medical Center 112 Morey Dr. Marysville • 937-578-4281 Medical center with medication therapy, management and education services

memorial Outpatient Surgery Center 122 Professional Pkwy. Marysville 937-578-7900 outpatient surgical center with pain management and general and colorectal surgical services

memorial Physical therapy & Sports medicine—mill Valley 17809 State Route 31 Marysville • 937-578-2362 Medical center with speech therapy and pediatric services

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therapy/cardiac rehabilitation services; fullservice hospital opening in 2018

Mount Carmel new albany 7333 Smith’s Mill Rd. New Albany • 614-775-6600 Specialty hospital focused on inpatient and outpatient care, with orthopedic, neurologic and musculoskeletal services

Mount Carmel St. ann’s 500 S. Cleveland Ave. Columbus • 614-898-4000 Full-service hospital ADAM CAiRNS

Memorial Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine—Plain City 900 Village Blvd. Plain City • 614-504-7145 Medical center with physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine and lab services

Memorial Walnut Medical Center 773 S. Walnut St. Marysville • 937-578-4301 Medical center with psychiatry services for children age 5 through adults

Memorial Wound Care 483 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd., Marysville 937-578-4325 Medical center with wound care and hyperbaric treatment services

MounT CarMel HealTH SySTeM Diley ridge Medical Center 7911 Diley Rd., Canal Winchester • 614-838-7911 dileyridgemedicalcenter. com High-level medical

center with emergency department, newborn and pediatric care, urgent care and preventative health; affiliate of Mount carmel and Fairfield Medical center

Mount Carmel east 6001 E. Broad St. Columbus • 614-234-6000 Full-service hospital

Mount Carmel Fitness & Health 7100 Graphics Way Lewis Center 740-953-4444 mcfitnesshealth Fitness center with medically integrated approach, including emergency care, imaging, rehabilitation, laboratory, occupational health and women’s health

Mount Carmel Grove City 5300 N. Meadows Dr. Grove City • 614-663-5300 Health campus with emergency department, level ii trauma center, women’s health services and outpatient physical

Mount Carmel West 793 W. State St. Columbus • 614-234-5000 Full-service teaching hospital with level ii trauma center

oHioHealTH ohioHealth Doctors Hospital 5100 W. Broad St. Columbus • 614-544-1000 Full-service hospital

ohioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital 7500 Hospital Dr. Dublin • 614-544-8000 Full-service hospital

ohioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital 561 W. Central Ave. Delaware • 740-615-1000 Full-service hospital

ohioHealth Grant Medical Center 111 S. Grant Ave. Columbus • 614-566-9000 High-level medical center with emergency department, specialized

trauma care, level i trauma center, surgical services, Bone & Joint center, behavioral health services, brain and spine care, cancer care, fitness center, limb reconstruction services, maternity services, palliative and pastoral care and rehabilitation services

ohioHealth Knightsbridge Surgery Center 4845 Knightsbridge Blvd., Ste. 110, Columbus 614-273-0400 outpatient surgical center with general, colorectal and plastic surgery; neurosurgery; gastroenterologic, gynecologic and urologic services

ohioHealth Marion General Hospital 1000 McKinley Park Dr. Marion • 740-383-8400 Full-service hospital

ohioHealth Marion Medical Campus 1050 Delaware Ave. Marion 740-383-8000 outpatient medical center with anticoagulation clinic, imaging, physical and occupational therapy, laboratory services, surgical services, heart and vascular care and women’s health services

ohioHealth Pickerington Medical Campus 1010-1030 Refugee Rd. Pickerington 614-788-4000 outpatient medical center with emergency department, primary care, imaging, fitness classes, women’s health services, rehabilitation and occupational therapy

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physical therapy, surgical services, imaging and women’s health services


OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital 3535 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus • 614-566-5000 Full-service hospital

OhioHealth Riverside Outpatient Surgery Center 2240 North Bank Dr. Columbus • 614-442-6515 outpatient surgical center with general, orthopedic and plastic surgery and obstetric, gynecologic, ophthalmologic and urologic services

OhioHealth Westerville Medical Campus 300 Polaris Pkwy. Westerville • 614-533-3000 outpatient medical center with emergency department, primary care,

Pickerington Surgery Center 1030 Refugee Rd. Suite 160, Pickerington 614-604-7444 outpatient surgical center in the ohioHealth Pickerington Medical campus, with emergency department, surgical services, physical therapy and heart and vascular care

OHiO State univeRSity WexneR MediCal CenteR Brain and Spine Hospital 300 W. 10th Ave. Columbus • 614-293-4969 Specialty hospital focusing on neurological care

dodd Rehabilitation Hospital 480 Medical Center Drive Columbus • 614-293-8000 Specialty hospital with inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation care for stroke, brain and spinal cord

Finding a Provider a good place to start your medical provider search is the annual top Doctors list, compiled by castle connolly Medical ltd. and published in the august issue of Columbus Monthly. there you’ll find hundreds of doctors, organized by specialty, that have been identified as leaders in their fields. a similar list of dental care providers is published in the magazine’s March issue. also be sure to check out Columbus Monthly Health, the annual supplement that looks at all aspects of healthcare in central ohio. Beyond that, you can check the State Medical Board of ohio at to look up licenses of and any disciplinary actions taken against specific medical professionals. You can also review monthly formal action reports, which details license revocations, suspensions, citations and other actions against medical professionals. the board licenses and regulates physicians and physician assistants, massage therapists, genetic counselors, radiology and anesthesiology assistants, cosmetic therapists and acupuncturists.

Surgery at the Wexner Medical Center

Jameson Crane Sports Medicine institute 2835 Fred Taylor Drive Columbus 614-293-3600 Specialty medical facility focusing on sports medicine

Ohio State university Comprehensive Cancer Center—arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research institute 460 W. 10th Ave. Columbus 614-293-5066 Specialty hospital and research facility focusing on cancer care

central ohio’s only adult heart-transplantation program

university Hospital 410 W. 10th Ave. Columus 614-293-8000 Full-service hospital with level i trauma center, level iii neonatal icU

university Hospital east 181 Taylor Ave. Columbus • 614-257-3000 Full-service teaching hospital

SeleCt SPeCiality HOSPitalS

OSu eye and ear institute

Select Specialty Hospitals of Columbus

915 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus • 614-293-9431 Specialty medical facility with dermatology, ent, hand and upper extremity care, ophthalmology, plastic surgery services, cough clinic and kidney stone program

1087 Dennison Ave. Columbus • 614-458-9000

Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital 452 W. 10th Ave. Columbus • 614-293-7677 Specialty hospital focusing on cardiac care, with

1492 E. Broad St. Columbus • 614-685-1703 1430 S. High St. Columbus • 614-456-0320 793 W. State St., 5th Floor Columbus • 614-234-0950 2000 Tamarack Rd. 2nd Floor, Columbus 220-564-2600 selectspecialtyhospitals. com Full-service hospitals

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culture The city is thriving with things to do, both creative and intellectual. I’ve found art classes that rival and surpass those I’ve found even living in LA. … I love that there is so much to do, and it’s all just a short drive away.” lISA lOWMAN Hollister senior vice president of design

MOVED TO: Upper Arlington in 2015 FROM: Los Angeles, California

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the Wexner Center for the Arts

Arts in the Columbus Region From stage to screen and everything in between, the Columbus Region’s arts scene is top-notch. Visit for artist stories and the latest exhibition news. BY Peter tonGuette a comprehensive survey of the photographer, who uses herself as a model in a range of personas.

museums and Galleries Columbus museum of Art: Masterpieces from every era can be appreciated at the columbus Museum of art. over the course of its nearly 140year existence, the museum has built its permanent collection to include works by the likes of edward Hopper and Pablo Picasso. in 2015, the museum signaled a fresh commitment to the cutting-edge and contemporary with its new Margaret M. Walter Wing. Upcoming exhibits include a survey of works created in the Soviet Union during

the cold War years and beyond (June-September). Wexner Center for the Arts: the Wexner center for the arts brings engaging and provocative exhibitions to the ohio State University’s campus all year long. on tap for 2017 are Gray Matters (May 20-July 30), with works from 35 contemporary female artists practicing the “en grisaille” technique of using shades of gray, and Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life (Sept. 15-Dec. 31),

riffe GAllery: You have heard of art in public spaces, but what about art in government buildings? nestled on the first floor of the Vern Riffe center for Government & the Columbus museum of Art BARBARA J. PeRenIC

as the owner or manager of columbus’ leading performing arts venues— including the Davidson theatre, ohio theatre, lincoln theatre, Palace theatre and Southern theatre—the columbus association of the Performing arts (caPa) has long been a fixture in the area arts scene. together, the theaters play host to an array of visiting music and dance talent, including a recent Riverdance performance and icelandic group Sigur Rós (June 4, Palace theatre), as well as Broadway in columbus, soon to present “Beautiful — the carole King Musical” (June 6-11, ohio theatre). annual offerings include film classics and cult favorites in the Summer Movie Series (summer, ohio theatre) and Festival latino (aug. 12-13, Genoa Park). the organization has added to its plate in recent years, assuming responsibility for the operations of the columbus Symphony and opera columbus. When you take in an opera in the Southern, a toe-tapping act in the Palace or the cSo in the ohio, remember that the event was made possible, in whole or in part, by the team at caPa.

DoRAl Chenoweth III


60 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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like “Guilty Pleasures” (through June 3) and the annual “Holiday Hoopla,” an irreverent show that pays homage to the season every november and December.

ACTOrS’ TheATre Of COLumbuS: Since 1982, actors’ theatre of columbus has proven that Shakespeare in the Park is not just for new Yorkers. the company performs plays by the Bard—as well as other playwrights—on the amphitheatre Stage in German Village’s Schiller Park. Productions for the 2017 season include Shakespeare’s “Julius caesar” (May 25-June 18), an adaptation of Jane austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” (June 22-July 16) and the 17th-century comedy “the emperor of the Moon” (July 20-aug. 6).

ShOrT NOrTh STAge: the Short north is recognized as a visual arts hot spot, but the Short north Stage—performing in the Garden theater—aims to make it a theater district, too. in its six-year existence, the company has performed a wide variety of plays and musicals, including parts 1 and 2 of tony Kushner’s “angels in america,” a series of works by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright august Wilson, and Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George.” on tap for the

AvAiLAbLe LighT TheATre: available light theatre wants you to experience art regardless of how much cash is in your pocket. that is why the company offers “pay what you want” prices for a majority of its performances; while the troupe puts a value at more than $30 per seat for its productions, $5, $10 and $20 are all acceptable options. Regardless of the dollar amount, the theater presents productions not encountered elsewhere in columbus, including

Jerri shAfer

PizzuTi COLLeCTiON: the adventuresome art acquired by Ron and ann Pizzuti is displayed in the Short north’s Pizzuti collection. Making full use of an imposing 18,000-square-foot renovated commercial building, the gallery offers modern art in every shape and size. Recent exhibits include the collection’s second survey of art from cuba (concluded in December) and its first dedicated to works from india (ongoing through october).

Theater CATCO: central ohio has no shortage of theater troupes, but a company associated with actors’ equity is a much more uncommon entity: according to catco, it is the only such troupe in the city. Performing in space inside the Riffe center, the company presents both timetested and world- and local-premieres, including such recent offerings as Ken ludwig’s “Baskerville” (a humorous take on Sherlock Holmes) and terrence Mcnally’s “Mothers and Sons,” as well as producing director Steven c. anderson’s original “the Kabuki Sleeping Beauty.” catco is Kids—performing in the Riffe center as well as other spaces— brings the same quality and originality to shows for youngsters. Upcoming for catco is “Fun Home” (Sept. 13-oct. 1).

Courtesy PiZZuti ColleCtion

ShOrT NOrTh ArTS diSTriCT: Small and specialized galleries line the Short north arts District, including hammond harkins galleries (which represents the work of the late aminah Robinson, a 2004 Macarthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient and columbus native), Lindsay gallery (which offers “outsider art”) and Sherrie gallerie (which focuses on works in glass, ceramics and other materials). For those whose artistic tastes range far and wide, Gallery Hop—held the first Saturday of each month—offers extended viewing hours. Pizzuti Collection

2017-18 season is an equally eclectic lineup, including “Dreamgirls,” “Hair” and “the Glass Menagerie.”


ShAdOwbOx Live: the country’s largest resident theater company has gone through several venue changes in its nearly 30-year history, but now resides in the Brewery District. one constant has been the troupe’s accent on edgy fare, including its iconic sketch comedy and rock ’n’ roll shows

Actors’ Theatre of Columbus

Courtesy ACtors’ theAtre of Columbus

arts, the ohio arts council’s Riffe Gallery presents ohio-related exhibits throughout the year. Upcoming offerings include After Hours, a selection of art by state employees (May-July), and the Ohio Plein Air Society Curated Exhibition (July-october).

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Courtesy ExpEriEnCE Columbus

original works and recent shows like an adaptation of James Joyce’s “a Portrait of the artist as a Young Man” and a pair of plays by czech writer Vaclav Havel. red herrinG produCTions: Red Herring Productions offers cutting-edge theater— including Samuel Beckett’s “endgame” and edward albee’s “the Goat or, Who is Sylvia?”—in several venues, including the Franklinton Playhouse, a former warehouse now being used for a variety of arts-related activities.

called, the company offers productions sure to appeal to budding theatergoers, including the 2017 season’s finale, “James and the Giant Peach” (May 4-14). it’s a draw for rising stars, too—Bexley native Josh Radnor, of How I Met Your Mother fame, graced the stage in his youth, as did Broadway’s Jessica Grové.

CoLuMbus ChiLdren’s TheaTre: currently performing in the Park Street theatre and lincoln theatre, the columbus children’s theatre traces its roots to the columbus Junior theatre of the arts, which operated under that name from 1963 to 1998. no matter what it is

GaLLery pLayers: Dramas and comedies centering on Jewish life are brought to the boards by the Gallery Players, which is based at the Jewish community center of Greater columbus. Shows from the 201617 season included the musical “Ragtime” and Shakespeare’s “the Merchant of Venice.”

DaviD HEaslEy

Columbus Children’s Theatre

norThLand perForMinG arTs CenTer: You can throw a party and host a wedding at the northland Performing arts center—or you can perform in (or see) a show. the space, a converted store in northland Mall, offers options for shows of all sizes, from an 800-seat black box theater to a 50seat ensemble room.

MadLab TheaTre and GaLLery: it may be situated in a modest building on north third Street, but Madlab theatre and Gallery thinks big, offering productions of all-new plays. its current season concluded with an annual short-play roundup called theatre Roulette. More Troupes: central ohio is also home to a vibrant array of community theater groups, includ-

ing arena Fair Theatre in Delaware, Curtain players in Galena, Chillicothe Civic Theatre, Fairfield Footlighters, Garret players in lancaster, Lancaster players, Licking County players in newark, Mad river Theater Works in Zanesfield, Morrow Little Theatre in cardington, Mount Vernon players, pickerington Community Theatre, roundtown players in circleville and silver scene players in Marysville.

dance baLLeTMeT: Under the direction of fifth-season artistic director (and former new York city Ballet dancer) edwaard liang, BalletMet—a stalwart of the performing arts scene since its establishment in 1978—has taken twists and turns beyond the realm of traditional ballet. in recent years, the 31-dancer troupe, which performs in the ohio theatre and Davidson theatre inside the Riffe center, has tackled works by such leading contemporary choreographers as Gustavo Ramirez Sansano and christopher

Wheeldon. For balletomanes who prefer pointe shoes and tutus, however, the company still offers tried-and-true productions, including “the nutcracker” (throughout December). next season brings the ohio premiere of liang’s “Dorothy and the Prince of oZ,” presented in partnership with tulsa Ballet (May 2018). CoLuMbus danCe TheaTre: entering its 19th season, the columbus Dance theatre has carved out its own niche in the dance scene. led by

62 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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artistic director tim Veach (who contributes much of the choreography), the 14-member company focuses on incorporating storytelling and live music into its performances in the lincoln theatre and its own Fisher theatre in Downtown columbus. an

annual favorite is Veach’s adaptation of Hans christian andersen’s “Matchgirl” (December), while the 2016-17 season will close with the director’s spin on “the three Musketeers” (June), in which swordplay will mix with swaying bodies.

The king arts complex in 2017, the King arts complex marks 30 years of presenting arts programming focusing on africanamerican life and culture. a gala is on tap for May 20. Visual arts are represented in the elijah Pierce Gallery, named for the late columbus folk artist, with an exhibit dedicated to the sculptures of Woodrow nash on view through June 3. Musical offerings include the 19th edition of the annual Heritage concert Series, with six dates set from July 13 through aug. 17. Presentations by dance and theater groups are also featured throughout the year.

music Columbus symPhony: in 2015, Bulgarian-born Rossen Milanov stepped onto the podium as the new music director of the columbus Symphony, which was established in 1951 and performs in the ohio theatre and Southern theatre. the maestro has brought creativity to symphony programming,

presenting three festivals focused on Russian music and inviting such notable guest artists as prize-winning pianist Shai Wosner and soprano Dawn Upshaw (a veteran of the Metropolitan opera). annual offerings are casual and often family-friendly: in June and July, Picnic With the Pops at the

columbus commons features the symphony in collaboration with pop acts (including, last season, the indigo Girls and nelly), and in December, Holiday Pops boasts Santa and Mrs. claus among trumpeters and violinists.

Rick buchanan

Promusica Chamber orchestra

Randall l. SchiebeR

opera Columbus

Columbus Jazz orChestra: overseen by music director and trumpeter Byron Stripling, the 16-member columbus Jazz orchestra (part of the Jazz arts Group of columbus) brings boisterous beats and rousing rhythms to multiple venues, including the Southern theatre, lincoln theatre and even the columbus Zoo and aquarium, where the group performs summertime JazZoo concerts. the orchestra seeks to make jazz aficionados out of young audiences through an educational program, PBJ & Jazz. PromusiCa Chamber orChestra: a steady stream of impressive guest artists regularly team with the ProMusica chamber orchestra, led by music director David Danzmayr. in recent seasons, the orchestra has teamed

with violinist alexandra conunova, pianist Spencer Myer and cellist Joshua Roman—in addition to its creative partner, violinist Vadim Gluzman. although the Southern theatre is the setting of most of its concerts, the orchestra has been known to bring its music to surprising spots: Smaller ensembles of musicians have performed at the Pontifical college Josephinum and, for the past five summers, the orchestra has taken to the outdoors with free concerts in the Franklin Park conservatory or topiary Park (2017 performances are aug. 10, 12 and 13). oPera Columbus: to some, opera may evoke elaborate costumes and stuffy sopranos, but opera columbus artistic director Peggy Kriha Dye seeks to change minds about the form. Since Dye joined the organization in 2011, the company has gone big and bold: its unusual offerings have included a post-Hurricane Katrina reimagining of “la Boheme” and a James Bond version of “the abduction of the Seraglio.” the company rounds out the 2016-17 season with its take on Bizet’s “carmen” (May 3, 5, 7).

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The ohio State university School of Music

CoLuMBuS Gay MeN’S CHoRuS: this ensemble cares about more than just good singing: the vocal group, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015, also has a social mission “to foster increased recognition, understanding and acceptance of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons.” in doing so, the chorus offers lively concerts throughout the year, including those featuring illuminati (an ensemble focused on sacred songs), and those spotlighting pop music, including this season’s finale: an homage to Michael Jackson (June 23-25). CoNTeMPoRaRy TuNeS: national and regional musical talent in a variety of genres regularly streams through the city’s large venues, including the arena District’s express

Used with permission of The OhiO STATe UniverSiTy


Live—alice cooper (May 16) and the 1975 (June 3) are set for coming months. The Value City arena at the Jerome Schottenstein center boasts big-league college hoops, but also hosts a constellation of stars: the Red Hot chili Peppers return to perform May 14, and Bruno Mars

The Wexner Center for the Arts it says something about the Wexner center for the arts that its much-written-about building—a deconstructionist marvel designed by Peter eisenman and Richard trott—is the least of its wonders. the ohio State University arts center was unveiled in 1989; its name pays tribute to the father of major donor leslie H. Wexner of l Brands. Visual art, exhibits and performances at the Wex, as it’s called, tend toward the avant-garde. in performing arts, past guests have included the ahead-of-its-time theater troupe the Wooster Group and the one-of-a-kind Mark Morris Dance Group; the center also is known for its film/video space, where offbeat films are shown and maverick filmmakers are feted, and its jazz programming.

makes an appearance Sept. 20. on tap at the Newport Music Hall, known as the country’s longest continuallyrunning rock club, are acts including tech n9ne (May 18). For those who prefer more intimate settings, central ohio has plenty to choose from, including the Basement, a venue geared to upwardly mobile rockers; Notes, the underground performing adjunct to the restaurant

copious; Natalie’s CoalFired Pizza and Live Music, which has won fans both for its pies and its booking of musical acts; Skully’s Music-Diner, aiming to please the stomach and the ears; Woodlands Tavern and Rumba Café, both featuring good beers accompanied by musical talent; and Six String Concerts, which presents guitarists in a variety of venues, including the columbus Performing arts center.

Film GaTeWay FiLM CeNTeR: a stone’s throw from the campus of the ohio State University, the Gateway Film center is as hip as its neighborhood. Booking both offbeat and mainstream new releases, the center sets itself apart with its special series. the ongoing FilMM series offers 35 mm or 70 mm prints of classic films,

october’s Hitchcocktober features thrillers directed by the Master of Suspense and cult 101, to run through 2017, presents a gamut of cult favorites— from “the evil Dead” to “Stranger than Paradise.” WexNeR CeNTeR FoR THe aRTS: numerous visiting filmmakers have graced the film/

64 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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4/6/17 2:23 PM

tiM JohnSon

Dexel theatre

skully’s Music-Diner

video space at the Wexner center for the arts, including Jim Jarmusch, Philip Kaufman and terry Zwigoff. in between appearances by cinematic legends, the


Eric AlbrEcht

columbus college of art & Design

center regularly screens significant new releases and classics. annual events include the ever-popular Wex Drive-in (June 15, July 20 and aug. 17), in which the plaza is transformed into an outdoor theater environment where patrons enjoy movies on their lawn chairs and blankets. Drexel theatre: a fixture in Bexley since first turning on film projectors in 1937, the Drexel theatre recently spruced up its appearance: its lobby and marquee were included in a renovation. the revitalized art deco ambience is impressive, but audiences frequent the venue for what is shown on-screen: the most notable in art-house and foreign cinema. Uniplexes: Who knew that single-screen theaters could provide so many avenues for entertainment? studio 35 cinema & Drafthouse and its sister, Grandview theater & Drafthouse, may each show only one film at a time, but they supplement the onscreen happenings with off-screen libations: Both serve an assortment of beers, often pairing them with movies.

collegiate Urban arts space: in visual arts, the ohio State University’s Urban arts Space, located in Downtown’s RiverSouth neighborhood, provides programs and displays exhibits, including the upcoming, multi-venue Start at Home: Art from the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center Collection (aug. 22-nov. 4). Other Galleries: But oSU doesn’t corner the market on visual arts. columbus college of arts & Design’s beeler Gallery showcases works by widely recognized artists, including aaron Fowler and Roxy Paine. additionally, Denison Museum and Kenyon college’s Gund Gallery present exhibits throughout the year; ohio Wesleyan University’s ross art Museum most recently featured exhibits by carol Boram-Hays of ccaD and louise captein of otterbein University; and capital University’s schumacher Gallery presents local and traveling exhibits, including last fall’s survey of pieces from the animation Hall of Fame in celebration, Florida.

sOnG anD Dance: BalletMet and columbus Dance theatre are not the only groups in city who know how to spin, leap and pirouette. OsU’s Department of Dance also presents programs featuring student dancers and dance-makers, including a Dance collaborative event (oct. 20-21). theater departments at area schools put students on stages. OsU’s Department of theatre closed its season with “Heathers: the Musical;” Otterbein University’s Department of theatre & Dance will offer the neil Simon comedy “Rumors” and the musical “thoroughly Modern Millie” in its 2017-18 season; and Denison University’s Department of theatre recently baked the worst pies in london—er, Granville—with a production of “Sweeney todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Finally, music is made by faculty members, student ensembles and musicians outside academia during recitals and concerts at OsU’s school of Music and Otterbein University’s Department of Music.

the Ohio state University Department of theatre

arts collectives inDie arts spaces: creators of every kind can find work spaces in columbusarea arts collectives. artists and organizations can rent studios or administrative space at 400 West rich; blockfort and skylab allow artists to create and display their work; columbus idea Foundry makes available space and tools for entrepreneurs; Wild

Goose creative furnishes space for a wide span of endeavors, from exhibit openings to concerts. Wild Goose creative also hosts regular programs, including the #Wildartcolumbus instagram art Show twice a year, and 400 West Rich participates in monthly Franklinton Fridays with gallery exhibitions, open studios and more.

Used with permission of thE ohio StAtE UnivErSity

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Courtesy ColumBuS CreW SC

ColumbuS CreW S C Coach: Gregg Berhalter Colors: Black, gold mascot: S.c., son of the crew cat 2016 record: 8-14-12 Website:

There is no offseason in Columbus. With men’s and women’s teams in major and minor leagues, you’ll find sports you can cheer for year-round in the center of the Buckeye State.

Black and gold fans unite to enjoy world-class soccer at MapFRe Stadium in columbus. Formerly known as the columbus crew Stadium, it was the first soccer-specific stadium built for a Major league Soccer team. the nearly 20,000 seats offer plenty of choice, but superengaged fans should head to the nordecke section for high-spirited fun. the team earned its first—and thus far, only—MlS cup in 2008. as of January, the team had seven players who had appeared in more than 100 regular-season games.

By Steph GreeGor BarBara J. PereniC

ColumbuS Cli ppe rS managers: chris tremie Colors: navy and light blue, gray, white mascots: lou Seal and Krash 2016 record: 82-62 Website: at Huntington park—also in the arena District—10,000 baseball fans enjoy the crack of the bat all season long. the state-of-the-art baseball stadium is one of central ohio’s most kid-friendly parks, with a variety of activities during the game, including Dime-a-Dog nights, when hot dogs are just 10 cents.the clippers took home triple-a national championships in 2010 and 2011; in its 40-year history, the team has made 19 playoff appearances and won 10 Governors’ cups, the most recent in 2015.

Columb uS b lue JaCketS

Founded in 1997, the Blue Jackets call the 18,500-seat nationwide arena—located in the epynomous arena District near Downtown columbus—their home. columbus’ national Hockey league team’s name pays homage to the city’s civil War contributions; many of the uniforms (blue jackets) worn by the Union soldiers were manufactured in columbus. the team enjoyed a 16-game winning streak this season and blew the lid off nationwide arena in november by scoring 10-0 against the Montreal canadiens. *as of april 5, 2017

JonaThan QuilTer

Coach: John tortorella Colors: Red, white, blue mascot: Stinger 2016-17 record: 49-22-8* Website:

66 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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4/6/17 5:27 PM

OHiO M ACHiNe Head Coach and General Manager: Bear Davis Colors: White, carolina blue, gray 2016 record: 8-6 Website: lacrosse fans will enjoy a competitive game at Fortress Field in obetz; the nation’s first professional lacrossefocused facility opened in May 2017, just five years after ohio Machine played its first game. there, 6,500 Major league lacrosse fans can enjoy a close-up and personal view of all the action, with unobstructed sidelines and state-of-the-art video boards.

Annual Events This list was compiled with the help of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission. For even more events throughout the year, visit Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon

Columbus Marathon

Oct. 15

Downtown columbus Ranked by Runner’s World as one of the top 20 marathons in the country, the nationwide children’s Hospital columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is the largest in ohio.

CO luMb uS eAGl eS Coach: Mark Wise Colors: Gray, gold Mascot: Goaldie 2016 record: 1-6-1 Website:

OSU Fandom in Central Ohio Sports at the ohio State University, currently overseen by athletic director Gene Smith, reign supreme with fans in central ohio. there’s a reason for that: the Buckeyes pride themselves on having top-notch ncaa Division i athletic programs in the Big ten conference. on the women’s side, the university boasts 19 teams, while men have 18 options. the legendary football program claims eight national championship titles and coaching greats such as Woody Hayes, John cooper, Jim tressel and current coach Urban Meyer. though the team’s ups and downs (though there tend to be more of the former), fans stay faithful thanks to the program’s storied history. During March Madness, oSU men’s and women’s basketball is top of mind for Buckeye fans. the men have made 31 ncaa tournament appearances, 11 Final Four appearances and one national championship title. the women do well for themselves, too, snagging 23 ncaa tournament appearances, including three in the elite eight and one in the Final Four.

The Arnold Sports Festival

Throughout the year

March 2018

throughout central ohio

Greater columbus convention center

columbus hosts 20 ohio High School athletic association state championships annually, one of the highest number of high school state championships for any single city in the country.

the largest multi-sport event in the world is held in columbus every year; the 2017 event saw an estimated 20,000 athletes from 80 nations compete in 70 sports and events.

The Memorial Tournament

OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon

May 29-June 4

April 2018

Muirfield Village Golf club

Downtown columbus a half marathon, quarter marathon and 5K run all rolled into one big party, with live music and a huge finish line celebration. capitalcityhalfmarathon. com

Since 1976, the Dublin golf course—designed by golf legend Jack nicklaus— has hosted this PGa tour event. thememorialtour

Pelotonia Aug. 4-6

throughout central ohio this massive, multi-city bike ride with the goal of ending cancer has raised more than $130 million for cancer research since its inception in 2008.

Eli HillEr

competitive sports aren’t just for the boys—columbus offers stellar female footie action when the columbus eagles hit the pitch. Since 2013, the family-friendly games have showcased the best women’s soccer has to offer at the 2,500-seat Memorial Stadium at otterbein University. the eagles were the first Women’s Premier Soccer league team to play a regular season match in an MlS stadium when they took the field at MaPFRe Stadium on June 18, 2016.

TylEr STAbilE

OHSAA State Championships


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Courtesy ExpERiEnCE Columbus


Retail Therapy Columbus and the surrounding cities and suburbs are full of shopping options, from luxury brands to locally owned boutiques. By Julie Bhusal sharma

easton Known for changing the shopping mall mold with its outdoor, small-town concept, easton is considered a shopping mecca by many locals and tourists. located northeast of downtown, just off i-270, easton is home to the columbus locations of nordstrom, Henri Bendel, louis Vuitton, Vineyard Vines and tiffany & co. in the city. However, easton’s not afraid to show some

ohio pride among these retail giants. celebrate local, housed in easton’s southwest quadrant, carries goods exclusively made in ohio, such as jewelry, décor, artisan soaps and honey. Homage, a columbusfounded clothier, specializes in t-shirts with a vintage aesthetic. the centrally located easton town center building houses more than enough stores for when the weather’s disagreeable. the center easton during the holidays

AdAm CAiRns

Thread in Grandview features the north Face, la Senza, Forever XXi, Fossil, Bath & Body Works and a 30-screen aMc to break up shopping outings. Bargain hunters can head to easton Market, just west of easton, for shops like nordstrom Rack, t.J. Maxx, DSW and World Market. on the northeast side of the main shopping center is easton Gateway, newly built out with retailers like Rei, Field & Stream and Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as Saks off Fifth and home goods store Z Gallerie.

Polaris Fashion Place Polaris is a hybrid indoor/ outdoor mall that features more than 150 retailers. it’s the only shopping destination in columbus that has the magic of Saks Fifth avenue, Von Maur and the Disney Store. the mall is located off of i-71, nestled in between Powell, Worthington and lewis center, and its interior resembles the halls of a luxury hotel. Polaris is home to J.crew, l’occitane, the art of Shaving, lUSH cosmetics, Swarovski, teavana and department stores Macy’s, JcPenney and Sears. one-of-a-kind stores

crop up throughout the mall as well, such as Jake’s toggery, a southern prep pit stop, cultural gift shop tropical trends and pampered pet goods store Moochie and co. While most of the mall is indoors, shoppers can get a breath of fresh air as they peruse new Balance, charming charlie, the cheesecake Factory and more from the mall’s outdoor corridor, which also includes a splash fountain for the little ones to play in.

Short north arts District Despite the brevity implied in its name, a shopping spree along this strip of High Street just north of downtown columbus will be anything but brief. ladybird, a Short north staple since 2008, is one of the district’s fashionforward women’s boutiques. Rowe is situated right next door, making no fashionista walk too far on the Short north strip. also nearby are artisan De luxe, Royal Factory atelier and tigertree, which sell styles for men and women alike. other options for guys include Samson Men’s emporium, Pursuit and Manhood+Home.

68 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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dinner and dessert. on the opposite side of Grandview avenue, women’s clothing shop Vernacular is a trendy must-see boutique. Shoppers buy time to see more of Grandview’s offerings during the last Saturday of the month from June to august during the Grandview Hop, when Grandview avenue’s shops on the main halfmile stretch stay open late. Grandview is also a perfect pit stop for the economical due to the variety of secondhand stores sprinkled on Fifth avenue. Second chance consignment Boutique, one More time, etc. and alternative Resale Shop are the big three.

Grandview Heights is not columbus’ typical suburb. its close proximity to downtown makes it a blend of urban and residential, and thus, an easy and natural shopping destination. Grandview’s prime shopping is concentrated on Grandview avenue, but intriguing shops can be found throughout the area. the Bank Block, one of the first shopping centers in the U.S., is a quaint section of Grandview avenue that is home to several shops. Women’s boutique thread is sandwiched between Spagio, a casual fine dining establishment, and Jeni’s Splendid ice creams, which makes it the perfect break between

Caterina Ltd. in German Village

Courtesy ColumBus 2020

shop local From on-trend apparel and accessories to acclaimed wine and spirits, columbus is known for its locally crafted goods. explore a sample of them with the Made in cBUS trail from experience columbus, which leads shoppers to 20 carefully curated stops. See the list of vendors (and the reward earned for following the trail to shop at any four of them) at

German Village

Tessa Berg

outside of apparel, on Paper carries unique paper goods and gifts, while Flower child Vintage and Grandview Mercantile offer a treasure trove of vintage finds. other home goods boutiques, like chunky armadillo and Jacob neal Home collection, sell wares ranging from funky to sophisticated. and of course there are the art galleries for which the district is named; more than a dozen display art for appreciation or sale. if you’re looking for more excuses to make a trip to the lively strip, Gallery Hop allows you to keep up with the city’s cultural scene. Held on the first Saturday every month, the hop runs from 4 to 10 p.m., with many stores staying open late to further the revelry.

the charming neighborhood features brick streets, hidden gardens, gaslit townhouses and unique shopping. caterina ltd. is right at home in the village, carrying a variety of european housewares. While the first floor functions as a charming storefront, the second and third act as galleries, featuring the work of photographers, painters, glass artists and sculptors. For usable, wearable art that’s handcrafted right here in the U.S., head to Helen Winnemore’s, which has been in continuous operation since 1938 and is considered the oldest store of its kind in the country. explore its eight rooms of american-made crafts to discover windows lined with blown glass, shelves of functional and decorative pottery, dozens of drawers of handmade jewelry, american-made toys and more. not to miss on any

Ikea a destination in its own right, the Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture giant will open in central ohio in summer 2017. its location at the corner of i-71 and Gemini Place and its 355,000 square feet will make it an accessible and practical stop—especially for the 210,000 central ohioans who are already ikea consumers. the store will feature approximately 10,000 exclusively designed items, 50 model rooms and three home interiors. With a supervised play area for kids and a restaurant serving Swedish and american specialties, ikea can sustain an entire day’s worth of shopping … without hunger pains or temper tantrums.

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Courtesy VERnACuLAR


Fashion Capital Vernacular in Worthington occasion is the Book loft, which consists of 32 maze-like rooms of books and even tables in the alley garden when the weather’s warm. You’ll certainly get lost in this book store, but that’s part of the fun.

and unique offerings like a Pottery Barn outlet and crocs outlet continue to set the destination apart.

tanger outlets columbus Still shiny and new from its grand opening in June 2016, tanger outlets columbus (located in Sunbury) is only about 15 minutes from Polaris Fashion Place via i-71, making it a convenient spot to scope

tanger outlets Jeffersonville tanger outlets Jeffersonville straddles the i-71 route between columbus and cincinnati, catering to savvy shoppers from the two metros and several smaller cities and towns. DSW, converse and adidas make the outlet mall footwear-friendly, and children’s apparel pops up at stores like the Justice Factory Store, the children’s Place and oshKosh B’gosh. though the outlet opened in 1993, it’s constantly changing. t.J. Maxx and H&M are newly open,

Tanger Outlets Columbus

out deals if you’re already shopping in the area. Under armour, columbia Sportswear company and the north Face are a triple threat for the savvy athlete, while the Polo Ralph lauren Factory Store, tommy Hilfiger and Robert Wayne Footwear bring more casual options. Vera Bradley, the cole Haan outlet and Ugg complete the center’s diversification with higher-end offerings. Specialty selections include Zales the Diamond Store outlet, lindt chocolate and Godiva.


often referred to as the Fashion capital of the Midwest, central ohio employs more fashion designers than any other city in the U.S. besides new York city and los angeles. the glamorous moniker and rank, however, are only possible thanks to brands and talent that call columbus home. abercrombie & Fitch, DSW, express and lane Bryant are headquartered in the city, as is l Brands, which encapsulates luxurious lifestyle standards such as Victoria’s Secret, Pink and Bath & Body Works. these columbus brands have impacted every corner of the city, from new albany’s development to columbus residents participating in hours of retail market research. couple those headquarters with the columbus college of art & Design, which year after year churns out new talent— which often finds its way into entry-level jobs at those companies—and you have a city that continues to be a force of nature in the fashion industry.

70 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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Columbus Classics

essential part of the experience to start with a martini and a shrimp cocktail. the regulars expect, and get, the same straightforward steakhouse classics year after year—and a piano bar to boot. Lindey’s Restaurant & Bar has been a German Village institution for 35 years. the food here ranges from good to excellent, from a perfect little house salad with hearts of palm and Gorgonzola, to the firm crab cakes that are about 85 percent sweet crab meat, to the expertly done béarnaise sauce on a soft filet mignon. Just as popular, but for very different reasons, is German Village’s The Thurman Cafe, where the thurman Burger is justly famous—and not only for its size, which is daunting to say the least. the thing is truly delicious. equally tasty is the cantonese food at Moy’s on oSU’s campus. Mrs. Moy has been the genial host for more than 20 years, and her husband does most of the cooking. Katzinger’s Deli is an institution, too. there’s just no arguing with these massive sandwiches, classic deli and otherwise. the extensive sandwich and prepared food menus have something for everyone. Akai Hana in Upper arlington may be the

A Columbus Monthly food critic dishes on the city’s longest-running establishments. By JoHn MARSHALL


have been writing about columbus restaurants on and off for 30 years and, in my view, any place that has been around at least 15 years and is beloved by its regulars is a classic. Here, roughly from oldest to youngest, are my favorites. Would anyone argue the Jumbo cream Puff or Bahama Mama at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant is exquisite cuisine? Probably not, but there’s

no arguing that people love the monstrous custard-filled pastry and spicy pork sausage. Schmidt’s has been around, first as a sausage company and a few decades later as a restaurant, for 125 years. a couple times a year i head to Bexley for steaks, sides, cocktails and, best of all, the old-school atmosphere at The Top Steakhouse, which has been pleasing customers since the 1950s. it’s almost an

What better way to familiarize yourself with a city than by eating and drinking your way through it? three companies offer a plethora of options based on neighborhood, cuisine style and more. Columbus Food Adventures provides locationbased tours in various neighborhoods, including the Short north and German Village. if you’d rather focus on a specific style of dining, sign up for a themed tour, like the dessert or brunch option. Feeling adventurous? Sign up for the alt eats tour, which focuses on the city’s best ethnic eateries. Founded by the columbus Food adventures folks, Columbus Brew Adventures gets even more niche with its craft brewery tours. Most are location-based tours, which take place in walkable neighborhoods (including, of course, the Brewery District). the popular Pitchers and Pizza tour sells out quickly, so be prepared to book weeks or months in advance. A La Carte Food Tours offers themed clinics in addition to its tours, which typically aren’t recurring events like those of the previous two companies. on tap for 2017: an international Food and culture tour (Sept. 10-16), an italian Pasta cucina clinic (aug. 19) and a Sugar Plum christmas clinic (Dec. 2). —Emma Frankart Henterly

Jodi MillEr

Food Tours

best sushi bar in town, and more. the extensive menu offers a plethora of wonderful Japanese dishes, from pickled vegetables to teriyaki to noodles in deeply flavored broths. it remains as busy as ever, even after more than 25 years in business. (it formerly was called Restaurant Japan.) likewise, The Worthington Inn has been serving comfort food in comfortable colonial surroundings for more than 30 years. the menu is chef-driven, seasonal and often locally sourced. at just past 21 years in the biz, the innovative and tasty tapas at German Village’s Barcelona Restaurant are the stars on a menu that also features quality paella and seasonal Spanish desserts. one of cameron Mitchell’s earliest ventures, Cap City Fine Diner, is a comparative youngster at about 20 years in operation. the upscale diner food here is reliably tasty. one of the best things is the caloric slab aptly called the Seriously Big chocolate cake. and Mitchell’s first foray in to fine dining, Cameron’s American Bistro in linworth, is as popular as ever after more than 23 years, and with good reason. the food and service are reliably good.

The Worthington Inn

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 71

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The North Market


Columbus’ Best Restaurants Our food scene is off the charts. Each year, Columbus Monthly ranks the top 10 restaurants in the area; here’s the list for 2016. By G.A. Benton, erin edwArds, John MArshAll and Jill MoorheAd Photos By tessA BerG, tiM Johnson, Jodi Miller and will shillinG

Founded in 1876, this historic market is anything but dated. Just about everything you need to cook dinner at home is available from vendors like little eater Produce and Provisions, the Fish Guys, north Market Poultry and Game, two Brothers Butcher shoppe, north Market cheese, omega artisan Baking and north Market spices. you can pick up cookware, flowers, wine and craft beers to complete the meal, too. not a home chef? not a problem. More than a dozen prepared food vendors serve up dishes from all over the globe—you can grab sushi, vegetarian fare, deli sandwiches, barbecue, or Mexican, indian, Vietnamese, Polish or italian cuisine. For dessert, hit up Destination Donuts, Jeni’s splendid ice creams or Pistacia Vera. Bon appétit! —Emma Frankart Henterly






Veritas tavern

the Guild house

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

the Refectory

la tavola

15 E. Winter St. Delaware 740-417-4074

624 N. High St. Columbus 614-280-9780

215 N. Fourth St. Columbus 614-429-3936

1092 Bethel Rd. Upper Arlington 614-451-9774

1664 W. First Ave. Grandview 614-914-5455

Much has been made about the molecular gastronomy in chef/ owner Josh Dalton’s casual establishment. the chef’s garden ingredients, serious wine list and marvelous cocktails make 4-year-old Veritas our top pick yet again. Dalton plans to relocate to downtown columbus in fall 2017.

arguably the best of cameron Mitchell’s restaurants, the Guild house thrives thanks in part to a menu that is chefdriven and seasonal. the Guild house serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. it’s hard to keep quality high under such conditions, but chef John Paul iacobucci and his team manage well.

in its third year, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing continues to impress, with its cerebral starters and expertly crafted, generously portioned mains. chef seth lassak is a vegetable whisperer in many of his courses, allowing them to take center-plate. house brews are equally good and pair well with dishes.

the Refectory has maintained its reputation as the place in columbus for French-inspired fine dining, an awardwinning wine list and highly knowlegable and professional servers. chef Richard Blondin’s artfully plated dishes are created through a hard-won proficiency in classical French techniques.

Rick lopez knows italian food. here, simplicity is key— take great, seasonal (often local) food and let it shine. lopez’s wife Krista bakes the restaurant’s excellent bread and desserts. another reason we can’t wait to return: the enthusiastic service, which was some of the finest we received all year.

72 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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4/6/17 2:29 PM

tiM JoHnSon

Drink Up tucked in, around and sometimes under columbus neighborhoods are the perfect spots to sip libations old and new. German Village’s Curio is

story bar overlooking High Street. Refresh yourself with the Day at the Spa, made with cucumber-infused vodka, mint, sage liqueur, vermouth and simple syrup. Downtown, M at Miranova sports views of the columbus skyline and riverfront. one of the city’s most accomplished bartenders, cris Dehlavi, crafts cocktails that attract customers in droves. Her signature Black orchid (pictured at left) has wild berry vodka, St. Germain elderflower, white cranberry and lemon juice, but is known as much for its taste as for the orchids frozen into its ice ball.

a modern speakeasy serving new creations like the Uncle Boons ii, a daiquiri with a thai twist. it infuses rum with kaffir lime leaves and mixes in coconut syrup, dehydrated pineapple and curry bitters. enjoy live music while you sip flights of mead crafted from ohio honey at Brothers Drake in the Short north, or see how the bartenders put it to work in cocktails like the courtland. named after the street the bar sits on, the drink mixes apple Pie mead with Middle West Spirits’ whiskey. also in the Short north, you can lounge near the front windows at Denmark on High, a second-

Powell’s Prohibition Gastro Lounge boasts more than 160 types of whiskey, creative eats and cocktails like the Kentucky Rain. it features Four Roses bourbon with jalapeno-infused agave, lime and fleur de sel. in the spirit of a true speakeasy, there’s no outside handle to the door at The Light of Seven Matchsticks beneath natalie’s coal-Fired Pizza in Worthington. You have to knock to get in, and once in, you must abide by house rules—like no cell phones and no kids. Find the secret menu to order food and drink! —Nicholas Dekker






G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

the Sycamore

Basi italia

Gallerie Bar & Bistro


595 S. Third St. Columbus 614-464-0575

262 Sycamore St. Columbus 614-754-1460

811 Highland St. Columbus 614-294-7387

401 N. High St. Columbus 614-484-5287

2667 Federated Blvd., Columbus 614-764-9040

casual dining is increasingly becoming the norm in the city, but G. Michael’s in German Village stays relevant thanks to chef and co-owner David tetzloff’s commitment to seasonality and the classic techniques— braising, roasting, grilling and sautéing—that he applies to his lowcountryinspired menu.

this neighborhood tavern’s consistently creative menu, top-of-the-line cocktails, knowledgeable service and lively vibe help it stay ahead of flashier larger establishments. chef and co-owner Bradley Balch changes the menu not based on traditional seasons, but on the quality of seasonal ingredients.

When husbandand-wife team John Dornback and trish Gentile opened this hole-in-thewall in 2003, the idea was to cook and serve italian and Mediterranean food simply, among friends. Basi’s food remains familiar, fresh and marketdriven, and the service is unfailingly warm.

executive chef Bill Glover sources proteins from ohio farms and triggers nostalgia with his strawberry-rhubarb float. located in the Hilton columbus Downtown, but far beyond average hotel fare, with attentive service and a creative drink menu. and here’s a tip: Valet is free when you visit the restaurant.

at Kihachi, every plate tells a story. chef Ryuki Kimura (also known as “chef Mike”) is calculating with every culinary decision he makes. Retirementminded Kimura has put the restaurant up for sale, so we must be as intentional with our limited time as Kimura is with every ingredient he touches.

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 73

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4/6/17 2:29 PM

Hollywood Casino Columbus: come for the 2,500 slots and dozens of table games, but stay to explore the five restaurants (including a vast buffet) and take in free live entertainment, often by national acts. 200 Georgesville Rd., columbus, 614-308-3333.


mad riVEr mountain: Ski, snowboard or snow tube the trails before enjoying live entertainment in the evenings at this resort. a summer concert series keeps the fun going year-round. 1000 Snow Valley Rd., Zanesfield, 800-231-7669.

Area Attractions

tHE wilds: ever wanted to see a rhino, ostrich or cheetah up close? Here’s your chance. Head to the drivethrough safari park and conservation center to get a good look at a variety of exotic animals. 14000 international Rd., cumberland, 740-638-5030.

There’s plenty to see and do in the Columbus Region. We’ve rounded up local favorites among residents and visitors alike.

ZoombEZi bay: Water slides, lazy and action rivers, a wave pool and central ohio’s only water coaster are the perfect recipe for fun in the sun at this waterpark located adjacent to the columbus Zoo and aquarium. Rent a cabana for the day or stay late for the Dive-in movie series. 4850 Powell Rd., Powell, 614-724-3600.

By Emma Frankart HEntErly

Entertainment districts arEna distriCt: Stretching from Front Street to neil avenue between Spring and Vine streets, the arena District is so named for nationwide arena, which sits smack in the middle. if you’re not up for catching a national Hockey league game there, three nearby concert venues host acts of all sizes. (See more on page 64.) those looking to bar-hop have plenty of options along Park and Vine streets, while anyone who’d rather stay put for the night would do well to check out the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar—two lively entertainers take requests from the audience and battle it out on the ivories all night long.

Columbus Zoo and aquarium AdAm CAiRns

amusement, games and wildlife

brEwEry distriCt: Just east of German Village—from i-71 to Greenlawn avenue, sandwiched between the river and High Street—is the Brewery District. its name is a nod to the pre-Prohibition breweries that once were abundant in the area; today, you’ll find no shortage of friendly neighborhood bars and locally owned eateries. one of note is Rockmill tavern, named the best new restaurant of 2016 in Columbus Monthly’s annual survey

CHErry VallEy lodgE: enjoy the on-site arboretum and botanical garden, miles of walking and biking trails and more at this pet-friendly hotel. Splash around all year long at coco Key Water Resort, the lodge’s 50,000-square-foot indoor waterpark. 2299 cherry Valley Rd., newark, 740-788-1200.

Eldorado gaming sCioto downs: this “racino” features 2,200 video slot machine-style games, an outdoor track with live harness racing May through September, several restaurants and a variety of live entertainment options. 6000 S. High St., columbus, 614-295-4700.

JonAThAn QuilTeR

Columbus Zoo and aquarium: the enormous Heart of africa exhibit, where visitors can ride camels or feed giraffes, is wildly popular, but the entire zoo is worth exploring. See what “Jungle” Jack Hanna’s so proud of. 4850 Powell Rd., Powell, 614-645-3400.

Eldorado gaming scioto downs

74 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

059-078_Relo_Culture.indd 74

4/6/17 2:28 PM

of novel eateries. chef andrew Smith serves up elevated american bar fare that pair beautifully with the houselabel beers. short north Arts dIstrICt: With the highest concentration of bars, clubs and restaurants in the city— more than 80—the stretch of High Street from King avenue to nationwide Boulevard known as the Short north arts District is a destination unlike any other in the city. lGBt clubs like axis and Union cafe are great for cocktails, dancing and catching columbus’ favorite drag queen, nina West. local, regional and even national acts take the stage at Skully’s Music-Diner on the weekends, but the ladies ’80s dance party every thursday night is not to be missed, either. Sample flights at north High Brewing, enjoy craft cocktails at Denmark on High or settle in for a game (or three) at Kingmakers Board Game Parlour. the district is named for the dozen-plus independent galleries that call it home. they stay open late for Gallery Hop, when restaurants offer specials and street performers entertain the masses that gather to enjoy the revelry.

historical sites and museums


Courtesy COSI

franklin Park Conservatory and botanical gardens

ErIC AlbrECht

Parks, gardens and farms CentrAl ohIo metro PArks: this network of 19 natural areas, parks and preserves offers a variety of educational opportunities, naturalist-led events and hikes, camps and more. (See page 78.)

Columbus museum of Art: noteworthy permanent and traveling exhibitions—plus a remarkable children’s area—make cMa an icon in the city. See more on page 60. 480 e. Broad St., columbus, 614-221-6801.

Columbus Commons: city dwellers and suburbanites alike flock to this urban oasis for free concerts, festivals, the seasonal Food truck Food court and outdoor fitness classes. Downtown columbus, bordered by State, third, Rich and High streets.

CosI: this top-rated science museum has mind-expanding exhibitions for everyone, including a state-of-the-art planetarium. its new, one-of-a-kind partnership with the american Museum of natural History brings two new exhibition spaces to the center: the Dinosaur Gallery (opening fall 2017) will have loaned fossil specimens and interactive features, and the exhibition Gallery (opening February 2018) will host rotating curated exhibitions from the museum. 333 W. Broad St., columbus, 614-228-2674.

dAWes Arboretum: With nearly 2,000 acres, 12 miles of trails, and more than 15,000 living plants, everyone will find something to enjoy here. areas like the Japanese garden, Dawes lake and Glacier Ridge offer themed collections. 7770 Jacksontown Rd. Se, newark, 740-3232355.

ohIo hIstory Center And ohIo VIllAge: Reach way back into ohio history—like dinosaur-age way back— to discover our roots. this enormous building is home to the ohio History connection and adjacent to ohio Village, where visitors learn about life in the 19th century through historic interpreters. 800 e. 17th ave., columbus, 800-686-6124. ohIo stAtehouse: tours of the Statehouse are free and offered daily. ticketed seasonal tours—including the Halloween-appropriate Haunted Statehouse tours—are worth the price, too. a lower-level museum is a treasure trove of interactive exhibits that unlock the story of ohio’s legislature and of the building itself. 1 capitol Sq., columbus, 614-752-9777.

frAnklIn PArk ConserVAtory And botAnICAl gArdens: explore desert, mountain and tropical plant habitats in biomes bursting with color and life. in summer, watch butterflies hatch and fly away, and in winter, marvel at exotic, fragrant orchids. a permanent collection of Dale chihuly glass pieces adds another element of beauty to the gardens’ blooms. 1777 e. Broad St., columbus, 614-715-8000.

sCIoto mIle: this riverfront greenspace has been called the “jewel of the city.” at the south end, splash in the fountain or take in a concert at Bicentennial Park. enjoy the swings that line the walk north and admire the artful metalwork fountains. Seasonal programming ranges from movie series to holiday light displays, and a number of annual festival now call the Mile home. Downtown columbus, along the Scioto River.

toPIAry PArk: Step into a life-size recreation of the Works: Branded as the ohio center for History, art & technology, this Smithsonian affiliate features art galleries, a glassblowing studio, history exhibits and interactive science labs. 555 S. First St., newark, 740-349-9277.

George Seurat’s “a Sunday afternoon on the isle of la Grande Jatte,” sculpted entirely from hedges. Self-guided, virtual and docent-led tours offer plenty of options for exploration. 480 e. town St., columbus, 614-6450197. 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 75

059-078_Relo_Culture.indd 75

4/6/17 2:29 PM

Annual Events culture s pr in g Kick off fest season with rock on the range (May 19-21) at columbus’ MapfRe Stadium. this year’s show—featuring Metallica, Soundgarden, Korn and many more—sold out months in advance. plan early for 2018, or snag some tickets from third-party sellers to get your rock on. columbus also features a multitude of fantastic cultural festivals that showcase heritage. a Memorial Day weekend favorite is the Asian Festival (May 27-28) and its annual Dragon Boat Race. the 100,000plus festival-goers can further get in the action with other asian games, authentic food, martial arts demonstrations, performances and more.

s u M Me r the Columbus Arts Festival (June 9-11) along the Scioto riverfront is ranked in the top 25 best festivals in the nation by Sunshine Artist magazine and features hundreds of artists from around the area and country. for the third year, ohio Stadium will be full of country’s biggest names during Buckeye Country superfest (June 10-11). Headlining this year are Kenny chesney, Zac Brown Band, Miranda lambert, Keith Urban and more. lovers of love and all things inclusive head to the stonewall Columbus

Visit for more to see and do. By CheLseA CAsTLe pride Festival (June 16-18) each year. it includes musical performances, comedy and more. the weekend’s main feature, though, is the massive Saturday parade celebrating the lGBtQ community. Want 90 hours of ohio’s best blues and jazz? Head to Gahanna for the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival (June 16-18), which is a great primer for the Columbus Jazz & rib Fest (July 21-23). twenty-three award-winning barbeque teams compete for “Best Ribs” bragging rights, and three stages are full of the best jazz musicians from around the world. Venture to historic downtown london to enjoy the annual strawberry Festival (June 22-24), where families can enjoy rides, a car show, games and food, and every vendor features, of course, something strawberry. if there’s one festival known for a good time, it’s Comfest (June 23-25). Short for community festival, comfest is a free, non-corporate annual festival held in Goodale park featuring music, art, food and a message of being “a party with a purpose.” the fourth of July is the one holiday where you can find the vast majority of columbus citizens doing the same thing: enjoying red, White and Boom! (July 3). Whether you watch downtown, on a rooftop or from a couch via the televised broadcast, this epic display of fireworks perfectly synced

to patriotic music is always a crowd-pleaser. celebrate the first amendment and freedom of expression at the Doo Dah parade (July 4), which is accompanied by a block party in the Short north. the wacky costumes and good-natured revelry are a perfect nod to independence Day. Get a taste of the irish at the Dublin irish Festival (Aug. 4-6) in coffman park, with authentic food, Gaelic dances, celtic cooking, whiskey tents and more. the following weekend is your chance to get a taste for all things latin at the Festival Latino (Aug. 12-13). this free family festival in columbus’ Genoa park includes authentic food, music and children’s activities, as well as a health and wellness area, seven ohio-based visual artists and two ohio-based folkloric dance groups.

the indecisive can venture to the Columbus Food Truck Festival (Aug. 18-19) in its new location at downtown columbus’ Bicentennial park and the Scioto Mile. Dozens of food trucks rally for two days alongside fantastic local music and artisan vendors. there’s no sweeter way to enjoy the last days of summer than the sweet Corn Festival (Aug. 20sept. 2) in Millersport. the day is about enjoying locally grown corn, but don’t cut yourself short. enjoy rides, music, parades, contests, a 5K, a tractor pull and more.

FAL L Spend labor Day weekend at the greek Festival (sept. 1-4), a celebration of heritage and traditions. Held at the annunciation Greek orthodox cathedral in the Short north arts

76 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

059-078_Relo_Culture.indd 76

4/6/17 2:45 PM


Courtesy ExPERiENCE CoLuMbuS

County and State Fairs Find fair food, rides, unique attractions and more at these events.

Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival

Festival Latino


Courtesy ExPERiENCE CoLuMbuS

District, the festival features inspiring cathedral tours, authentic food and drink, traditional hospitality, music, shopping, dancing and more. after strawberries, food trucks and sweet corn, let the Marion Popcorn Festival (Sept. 8-10) be the cherry on top of your food adventures. there are more rides to be had and popcorn to be enjoyed, but this festival—which draws crowds of 250,000 annually—is known for its free entertainment, parade and title of the largest popcorn festival in the world. equestrian fans will flock to the New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix &

Family Day (Sept. 24), the primary fundraiser for the center for Family Safety and Healing. the equestrian competition is bookended by family activities, a concert and a festive parade. For a change of pace, head to Mount Vernon for the Ohiolina Music Festival (Sept. 15-16). it’s a newer fest celebrating folk and bluegrass music and culture from ohio to north carolina. the 2017 lineup has yet to be announced, but last year the festival featured artists such as erika Hughes & the Well Mannered, the Howlin’ Brothers and Willie Watson. Independents’ Day (Sept. 16-17) in columbus’ vibrant Franklinton neighborhood is a two-day event that is independently hosted by a group of passionate, creative folks. the 2017 festival will be the 10th and final event, so you won’t want to miss this celebration of the city’s arts scene. the Columbus Italian Festival (Oct. 6-8) in the city’s italian Village neighborhood features some of the city and state’s best italian food, as well as local and traditional music, a parade, a bocce ball competition, cultural events (think

Pickaway County Fair June 17-24 415 Lancaster Pike Circleville cooking demonstrations, language lessons and more) and kids’ rides. Fall doesn’t get any bigger—literally—than the annual Circleville Pumpkin Show (Oct. 18-21), known for its delicious pumpkin treats, the largest pumpkin pie (14 feet!) and a competition for the largest pumpkin (last year’s topped 1,550 pounds). after delighting in copious amounts of pumpkin doughnuts, dress up with 30,000 friends in the Short north for the hauntingly fun HighBall Halloween (Oct. 20-21). it’s two days of live local music, food trucks, costume competitions, a costume fashion show and other ghastly festivities. oh, and don’t forget the pre- and after-parties. that’s where the real fun begins (and continues).

Marion County Fair July 3-8 220 E. Fairground St. Marion

Madison County Fair July 8-15 205 Elm St., London

Franklin County Fair July 15-22 4100 Columbia St., Hilliard

Knox County Fair July 22-29 601 Fairgrounds Road Mount Vernon

Union County Fair July 23-29 845 N. Main St., Marysville

Ohio State Fair July 26-Aug. 6 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus

Licking County Fair Aug. 5-12 14028 Fairgrounds Road Croton

Morrow County Fair

wI Nter Wrap up the year with wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (Nov. 17-Jan. 1). enjoy a family-friendly evening of ice skating, tubing, camel rides, reindeer petting and more. oh, and there are millions of leD christmas lights set to holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season, too.

Aug. 28-Sept. 4 195 S. Main St. Mount Gilead

Logan County Fair Sept. 11-16 100 N. Homer Ave., Logan

Delaware County Fair Sept. 16-23 236 Pennsylvania Ave. Delaware

Fairfield County Fair Oct. 8-14 157 E. Fair Ave., Lancaster

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 77

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4/6/17 2:30 PM

area, as well as a wildlife observation tower.

lewis center


Get Outside! The Metro Parks System aims to encourage enjoyment of nature and conservation of open spaces. By Emma Frankart HEntErly



the Scioto audubon is nestled along the Scioto River south of downtown. it features a free rock climbing wall, a dog park, an obstacle course and an audubon nature center.

named for the confluence of alum, Big Walnut and Blacklick creeks, three Creeks is home to wildlife ranging from great blue herons to mink. to the southeast, Walnut Woods offers restored wetlands and a stunning display of foliage in autumn.

Westerville this sprawling suburb is home to four Metro Parks, each with distinct personalities. look for wild turkeys at Blendon Woods, sniff the wildflowers at Inniswood metro Gardens, go for a horseback ride on rocky Fork’s bridle trail or enjoy the children’s fishing pond at Sharon Woods.

Hilliard the Heritage Rail trail (see sidebar) connects Hilliard’s Heritage trail and Homestead parks. a bridle trail runs parallel, and leashed pets are welcomed at both. Homestead features a replica train station, outdoor amphitheater and playground equipment.

canal Winchester More than 260 bird species have been spotted among Pickerington Ponds’ wetlands, woodlands and meadows. Just south is Slate Run, with habitats that include forested areas.

the 100-foot-high ravinestudded shale bluff gives Highbanks its name; the park’s nature centers offer plenty of activities, and winter visitors can enjoy sledding and cross-country skiing.

West Jefferson nearly 500 acres of restored prairies give Prairie

Oaks its name; Big Darby creek and several deep lakes provide opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Visitors can also fish and cross-country ski.

Grove city Scioto Grove, the newest Metro Park, opened in May 2016 and features seven miles of trails, plus five backpacking sites for those who want to get in touch with nature without venturing too far from home.

Olentangy trail

Galloway at more than 7,000 acres, Battelle Darby Creek is the largest Metro Park. Reintroduced bison roam two enclosed pastures.

Reynoldsburg Blacklick Woods features a golf course and a beechmaple forest—one of the best in the area and a buttonbush swamp.

carroll nestled in the appalachian foothills, the ridge for which Chestnut ridge is named rises more than 1,000 feet and stretches about 4,500 feet. Mountain biking and fishing both are popular here.

Plain city Glacier ridge is named for the glacial debris deposited more than 12,000 years ago; it has a boardwalk trail through a wetland


Greenway Trails There’s no shortage of multi-use trails in Central Ohio. For more information, visit alum Creek: 22 miles, paved, from Westerville to three creeks Blacklick Creek: 19 miles, paved, from Blacklick Woods to three creeks Camp Chase: 12.5 miles, paved, from Madison county through columbus; part of the ohio to erie trail and U.S. Bicycle Route 50 Darby Creek: 8 miles, gravel, from Prairie oaks to Battelle Darby creek Heritage: 6.1 miles, paved, from old Hilliard to Plain city I-670: 8 miles, paved, along i-670 from Fort Hayes to alum creek trail Olentangy: 14 miles, paved, from Worthington to downtown columbus Scioto: 9 miles, paved, along the Scioto River from Grandview to the Brewery District

78 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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Whether you’re a young professional, an aspiring retiree or looking for a great place to raise a family, the openness of our community is unmatched.� mIchael a. Bukach CoverMyMeds communications manager

stories BY emma Frankart henterly

079-082_Relo_Involvement.indd 79

Moved to: Grandview in 2008 froM: Cleveland by way of New York City

4/6/17 4:02 PM

20 Ways to Give Back


Countless organizations let individuals give back to their communities; here are just a few.


Reading buddies at the Columbus Metropolitan Library Courtesy ColuMBus MeTropoliTaN liBrary

New Kid in Town Moving to a new city can be intimidating, and meeting new people in an unfamiliar city even more so. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fit in. Finding a social circle can be tough when you’ve relocated to a new city. luckily, you moved to the columbus Region. the area’s metropolitan vibrancy combines with good old-fashioned Midwest friendliness to create an atmosphere that makes it easy to find a network of like-minded individuals. to start, there’s the columbus Young Professionals club. (Fewer

than half of its 20,000 members are between the ages of 25 and 29, and another third are between 30 and 34.) it was founded by Derek Grosso after he moved to columbus in 2005 and faced the struggle of building social connections firsthand. “Starting cYP club was a way to create a coordinated effort to bring people together, but also to create a way

improve literacy and math skills in general.

every branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library has a homework help center for students from kindergarten to 12th grade, staffed by library employees and volunteers. calculus not your thing? Sign up to be a reading buddy to help kids from kindergarten through third grade practice their skills.

Style and makeup mavens can help women in need of support at Dress for Success. educate women on workplaceappropriate makeup and wardrobe or act as a personal shopper. columbus.


Grown-ups need educational help, too. the Columbus Literacy Council recruits and trains volunteers to help adult students study for the GeD, learn english as a second language or


to give them access to each other and access to the city,” says Grosso. the organization uses happy hours, volunteer opportunities and sports leagues to facilitate conversations and networking opportunities among city newcomers and those who have lived here for years. if you’d prefer to join a special interest group instead of a general one, options abound. Visit to start your search; it aggregates information on hundreds of meetup groups of all sizes covering just about every interest imaginable. into sports? the city of columbus hosts a number

of recreational sports leagues, including ones for seniors. the YMca of central ohio and Sports Monster columbus both offer leagues as well, including sillier sports like dodgeball and kickball. You can sign up to be a free agent in one of columbus’ many soccer leagues, which range from recreational to highly competitive. there are also sand volleyball leagues throughout columbus and its suburbs—Flannagan’s in Dublin accepts four- or six-person teams and free agents. if you’d rather be a sports spectator, you have plenty of options as well. columbus Blue Jackets fan


Help support those living with or at risk for contracting HiV/aiDS at Equitas Health. answer hotline phone calls, get trained to provide counseling to those taking HiV tests, help out at events

80 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

079-082_Relo_Involvement.indd 80

4/6/17 2:34 PM

and more. equitashealth. com


if woodworking is your thing, you can head to the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio to help repair and assemble furniture or load and unload trucks. if you’re not much for physical strength, you can help in the office or thrift store, assist clients choosing pieces to take home or aid in planning and executing special events.


Houses of Worship

9,000 volunteers work on more than 500 projects to support beautification and education programs in the city.

the columbus Region is religiously diverse, and houses of worship dedicated to virtually every faith are wellrepresented throughout the area. the three religions most represented in the columbus Metropolitan Statistical area are christian: the catholic church, the United Methodist church and non-denominational evangelical Protestant.* among non-christian religions, islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism all have strong followings and local congregations. newer religions with universal messages—


Whether you’re an only child or from a huge family, it’s never too late to gain a sibling through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio. Get matched with a little and work one-on-one to motivate and encourage him or her through positive mentorship.

advocate on behalf of child victims of abuse or neglect through CASA of Franklin County. as a court-appointed special advocate (caSa), you’ll help make sure that the child in your case has a voice in our legal and social service systems.

Give back to those who have served by helping out at the Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center. Volunteers help with transportation, mail, meal, patient escort and clinic services for veterans.


improve your community with Keep Columbus Beautiful, led by the columbus Department of Public Service. More than


Use your skills in the kitchen with Freedom a la Cart, a group dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking

groups include the arch city army and the cBJ artillery. Soccer fans have even more variety: there’s crew Union, the Hudson Street Hooligans, la turbina amarilla, Murderers’ Row and the Yellow nation army. is the arts scene your

thing? You could join GenWex, a young professional patrons group for the Wexner center for the arts, and gain access to special events like behindthe-scenes tours and


including the Bahá’í Faith and Unitarian Universalism—also have local centers of worship. You can find more statistical information on area religious representation at equality ohio, an advocacy and education group focusing on lGBtQ equality, offers a searchable database of welcoming faith communities. their database includes congregations from a range of religions, including Roman catholic, Quaker, Methodist, United church of christ and more Find it at find-your-faith.

*Data from the 2010 “U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study,” which is collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies and distributed by the Association of Religion Data Archives. The ASARB census collects data for the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Morrow, Pickaway and Union counties, as well as two other counties (Hocking and Perry) not in the Columbus Region. Visit for more information.

RacHel Joy BaRansi

Cooking class at The Commissary

exclusive curator events. the columbus Society for communicating arts is a professional group for the visual arts, while Wild Goose creative in old north columbus and 400 West Rich in Franklinton both provide studio space and networking opportunities for artists. the columbus Museum of art offers an art Book club, or aBc, to discuss art-related literature with museum director nannette Maciejunes. another way to make social connections is by learning a new skill. the area has multiple toastmasters clubs to help you perfect your public speaking, or take a themed

cooking class at the commissary in Marble cliff. Head to the columbus idea Foundry for classes in a wide variety of skills, including jewelry making, woodworking, glass fusing, blacksmithing, welding, 3D printing and more. Grosso also recommends checking out experience columbus, a city tourism organization, and local block parties like Gallery Hop (Short north, first Saturday of the month), Grandview Hop (along Grandview avenue, last Saturday of the month, June-august) and Moonlight Market (along Gay Street downtown, second Saturday of the month, april-october).

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 81

079-082_Relo_Involvement.indd 81

4/6/17 2:34 PM

fine art in columbus. For a less-intense option, look into frontline volunteer options.

involvement rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient. lend a hand preparing meals for the organization’s shelter or catering services.


Make sure the show really does go on at the Jewish Community Center’s Gallery Players theater company. they’ll train you how to run light and sound boards, or you can join the props, scenery or dressing crews. Prefer to stay in the front of the house? Ushers are key players, too.


Flying Horse Farms gives kids with serious illnesses a magical summer camp experience, and you can be part of that transformation. the camp needs counselors, lifeguards, kitchen staff, family sidekicks and more to make each season a reality.


Facilitate creativity at Open Door Art Studio, which empowers adults with disabilities to develop their artistic voices. Prepare gallery exhibitions, assist in the studio or help out behind the scenes.


not afraid of commitment? Sign up to become a docent at the Columbus Museum of Art. after a six-month training period, you’ll sign on for at least two years of providing museum tours and spreading your love of

Courtesy BesA

Besa volunteers at Highland Youth Garden


Work with families who need stable, permanent housing through the Homeless Families Foundation. HFF relies on volunteers to provide its services, from reading to children to working at its holiday store. homelessfamilies


Prepare companion animals for a rewarding life of service by raising one of Canine Companions for Independence’s puppies to young adulthood. From there, professional trainers take over so the pup can go on to help those with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities.


When sick children have to stay at nationwide children’s Hospital long-term, their families often stay at the Ronald McDonald House to be close at hand. Help them feel at home by preparing meals, baking snacks, hosting activities, joining a housewarming team and more.


For those families of patients who are too old for nationwide children’s Hospital (and by extension, the Ronald McDonald House), there’s Unverferth House at the ohio State University Wexner Medical center. Volunteers help with housekeeping, landscaping and meal preparation to make families feel comfortable at their home away from home while loved ones are

A Perfect Match overwhelmed by the plethora of volunteer options and don’t know where to start? Fear not; these organizations will help match you with the volunteer opportunity that works best for you.

Besa Besa specializes in direct-impact projects, meaning volunteers interact directly with the people benefiting from their service. Popular projects include serving meals at shelters, cleaning and baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House and providing manpower at food pantries.

Columbus Gives Back emphasizing service with a social twist, columbus Gives Back hosts monthly happy hours for volunteers (benefiting various charities, of course) and specializes in evening and weekend opportunities. Partners include lifecare alliance, community kitchens, the clintonville-Beechwold community Resource center and more.

HandsOn Central Ohio this organization boasts one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation. it partners with nonprofit, school, faith-based and community organizations; opportunities range from working with the homeless to board memberships. hospitalized. suicidepreventionservices. org


Save a life, just by picking up the phone. Suicide Prevention Services trains and enlists volunteers to staff its 24hour crisis hotline, listening to those in need and connecting them to vital mental health services.


Support major columbus institutions and events through Join Us Columbus, the organization headed by experience columbus, the city’s tourism group. Get involved in everything from programming at places like the north Market and columbus commons to major events like concerts, festivals and races.

82 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

079-082_Relo_Involvement.indd 82

4/6/17 2:34 PM


It’s easier to get where you want to be than in other cities of our size. And I’m not just talking about geography.” AcAcIA DuNcAN Articulation, Inc. professional coach

MOVED TO: Grandview Heights in 2003 FROM: Lansing, Michigan, by way of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

083-088_Relo_Resources.indd 83

4/6/17 4:36 PM

Resident Services Golden Buckeye Senior Discounts 800-422-1976


Office of Ohio Consumers’ Counsel 877-742-5622

The Roundup

Ohio Association of Free Clinics 614-914-6458

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles 614-752-7500

One of the most tedious aspects about moving to a new area is finding information on day-to-day services and resources. We’ve compiled some of the most common resources in the area to simplify the process for you.

Ohio Civil Rights Commission 30 E. Broad St., Fifth Floor, Columbus 614-466-2785

Ohio Department of Health




Ohio Department of Insurance



City Divisions of Police columbus








Grove city








Ohio Housing Finance Agency





888-362-6432 or 614-466-7970



Ohio Voter Registration




Upper arlington






Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Ohio Department of Taxation

Severe Weather Resources

The Supreme Court of Ohio & the Ohio Judicial System 614-387-9000

84 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

083-088_Relo_Resources.indd 84

4/6/17 2:37 PM

Banks and credit Unions

dORal ChenOWeTh III

Relo Thoughts Who better to give advice on moving to Central Ohio than the people who have already done it? We talked to people who have relocated to the area from other cities, states and countries to see what surprised them about the transition, what advice they want to give and what they love about their new home.

Bank of america



Columbus First Credit Union of Ohio

Delaware County Bank

Utilities a unit of american electric Power 800-672-2231

Fifth third

Columbia Gas of Ohio

First Financial


First Merchants



Department of Public Utilities (PUCO) 800-686-7826 or 614-466-3292


kemba Financial Credit Union

Internet, television (dIReCTv and U-verse) and phone service provider 800-288-2020


Park National


telhio Credit Union

MiChael a. BUkaCh CoverMyMeds communications manager

“i’ve never experienced a more receptive community that so aggressively supports progress and creativity. it’s a refreshing concept that is quickly becoming the identity of [columbus].”

aeP Ohio

Megan leIgh BaRnaRd

MOved TO: Grandview in 2008 FROM: cleveland by way of new York city

“columbus is a place that makes you feel very comfortable. People are very welcoming, the quality of life is very high, there’s very low traffic, which makes for a great living environment.” GreGG Berhalter Columbus Crew SC sporting director and head coach

MOved TO: Westerville in 2013 FROM: Stockholm, Sweden

Spectrum Formerly time Warner cable Internet, cable and phone service provider 866-513-4900

U.S. Bank



Internet, cable and phone service provider 800-343-2076

TeSSa BeRg

2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 85

083-088_Relo_Resources.indd 85

4/6/17 2:37 PM


Courtesy COluMbuS 2020

“Diversity—in food, music, art, culture and neighborhoods.” Sean Grant Columbus 2020 CFO, on his favorite aspect of the Columbus Region

tiM JOhnSOn

MOved tO: Pickerington in 2000 FROM: erie, Pennsylvania

“We were very impressed with the culture, the community engagement, the kindness and the vision of so many who love the city and want to ensure a high quality of life for all.”

leenAbee PhOtOGRAPhy

DouG ulman, Pelotonia president/CeO MOved tO: columbus in 2014 FROM: austin, texas

“i think columbus is the perfect mix of big-city living and small-town charm. Within a short drive, you can go from walking at a Metro Park without a building in sight to downtown at a clippers game or concert.” amy Harman, Fahlgren Mortine account supervisor MOved tO: columbus in 2008 (now resides in Dublin) FROM: chicago

Columbus metropolitan library System 96 S. Grant Ave., Columbus (main branch) 614-645-2275 •

loCal BranCHe S 115 Franklin St. canal Winchester

1113 Parsons ave. columbus

1422 e. livingston ave. columbus

850 n. nelson Rd. columbus

1061 W. town St. columbus

3540 S. High St. columbus

511 S. Hague ave. columbus

3909 n. High St. columbus

5590 Karl Rd. columbus

75 n. High St. Dublin

2223 cleveland ave. columbus

310 Granville St. Gahanna

3434 livingston ave. columbus

3980 S. Hamilton Rd. Groveport

2740 lockbourne Rd. columbus

4772 cemetery Rd. Hilliard

1600 e. long St. columbus

200 Market St. new albany

4093 cleveland ave. columbus

1402 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg

1350 n. High St. columbus

4445 e. Broad St. Whitehall



locally owned and international/ethnic grocers abound in addition to these large chains found throughout the columbus Region.


Giant eagle



Whole Foods Courtesy COluMbuS 2020


columbus’ library system serves the city and surrounding suburbs with 22 branches. Partner libraries in the suburbs and rural cities (see listings on next page) extend the reach even further.

86 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

083-088_Relo_Resources.indd 86

4/6/17 2:38 PM

Courtesy ClaiRe Cason

BaRBaRa J. PeReniC

“columbus has so much in store for its future, and i feel lucky to be a part of where it will go.”

Columbus Metropolitan Library Main Branch

CLaire Cason student at the ohio state University

Moved to: columbus in 2013 FRoM: Schaumburg, illinois

Pa rtn e r B r a n C Hes alexandria Public Library

Pickerington Public Library

10 Maple dr., alexandria 740-924-3561

201 opportunity Way Pickerington 614-837-4104 2411 e. Main st., Bexley 614-231-2793

Fairfield County District Library 219 n. Broad st., lancaster 740-653-2745

Grandview Heights Public Library 1685 W. First ave. Columbus • 614-486-2954

Plain City Public Library 305 W. Main st. Plain City 614-873-4912

southwest Public Libraries 3959 Broadway grove City 614-875-6716

upper arlington Public Library

London Public Library

2800 tremont Rd. Upper arlington 614-486-9621

Marysville Public Library 231 s. Plum st., Marysville 937-642-1876

Pickaway County District Library 1160 n. Court st., Circleville • 740-477-1644

“We love how much columbus participates. columbusites show support for new projects and events more than any other city we’ve lived in. … columbusites are passionate about their city and are committed to making it better and letting others know how great it already is.” Lauren CuLLey

20 e. First st., london 740-852-9543

Megan Ralston

Bexley Public Library

Wagnalls Memorial Library 150 e. Columbus st. lithopolis 614-837-4765

Worthington Libraries 820 High st. Worthington 614-807-2626

Fox in the snow co-owner with husband Jeff excell

Moved to: columbus in 2014 FRoM: Brooklyn tessa BeRg

“if you’re considering a move from ‘the coast,’ you’ll welcome the low cost of living, the easy commutes and the warmth and generosity of this Midwestern gem, but you won’t have to sacrifice your beloved foodie culture, diversity, progressive ideals, fantastic art scene or even hipsters.” Dr. MeLanie Corn Columbus College of art & design president

Moved to: columbus in 2016 FRoM: oakland, california 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 • R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e 87

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Gyms and Fitness centers

resources “How to properly pronounce olentangy.” AcAciA DuncAn

sTUdIo PoLArIs PHoTo


Articulation, Inc. professional coach, on what she wishes she’d known before moving to the area (for those wondering, it’s “oh-len-TAN-gee”)

Moved To: Grandview Heights in 2003 froM: lansing, Michigan, via Miami University in oxford, ohio

Life time Fitness

LA Fitness

• Columbus • dublin • Pickerington

• • • •

crunch Fitness • Hilliard • reynoldsburg

Anytime Fitness

Akiko MiyAMoto

Planet Fitness

Moved To: columbus in 2010 froM: tokyo, by way of la, Boston, new York and north carolina

“if you are young and eager, you have a real fighting chance at making your dreams a reality here. our city is exceptional because we are a huge population, but still a very close-knit community. everyone is willing to help support someone else’s dream—because it benefits all of as a collective.”

Columbus Grove City Hilliard Powell

“as you live here, you learn to love columbus, because columbus is very friendly to people who come from outside the area. So you forget you’re not actually from here. You can adjust that much, because of the people here. Which is very unique. Which doesn’t exist anywhere i’ve lived so far.” re/MAX 24/7 real estate agent

Courtesy BrooKe WojdyNsKI

central ohio is home to hundreds of locally owned gyms, fitness centers and specialty fitness studios for yoga, crossFit, rock climbing, parkour, barre and more. listed below are “big box” centers that are well-represented with multiple locations in the area.

• • • • • • • • •

Bellefontaine delaware London Marion Marysville Mount vernon Westerville Worthington fairfield (coming soon) • Grove City

• • • • • • • • •

Canal Winchester Columbus Gahanna Hilliard Newark Marion Pickerington Whitehall Worthington

yMcA • • • • • • • • •

Canal Winchester Circleville Columbus delaware Gahanna Grove City Hilliard Powell Urbancrest

• Newark • Pataskala • Bellefontaine • Lancaster • Marion • Marysville • Mount vernon

KyLe roBerTsoN

Brooke WojDynski, verve Creative founder Moved To: columbus in 2010 froM: San Diego 88 R e l o c a t i o n G u i d e • 2 0 1 7 - 1 8

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I think this is a jewel that is just beginning to be discovered.�

Columbus is a place where you can make a difference, where you can make a contribution and have a real impact, and the city embraces that.�



Drive Capital co-founder and managing partner

The Ohio State University president

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2011 FROM: Silicon Valley

MOVED TO: Columbus in 2014 FROM: Irvine, California

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Phone: +1 614-225-6063 •

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Columbus Region Relocation Guide  

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