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Dear Friends,

While this year brought new challenges and unexpected outcomes for many, for CASA of Los Angeles, Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) was one of incredible growth and positive impact in the lives of the children we serve. Over the last several years, CASA/LA has made capital, technological and human investments in the hope of significantly impacting the lives of children in the child welfare system who have experienced abuse and neglect. In FY17, these investments paid off in a tremendous way! This year, we saw that investing in new recruitment and training staff, developing rigorous evaluation systems and enhancing our physical space and operations, not only led to more children served, but to greater impact in our community and on the child welfare system at large. For 39 years, CASA/LA has been the only organization in Los Angeles providing court-appointed advocates to children in foster care to help them navigate not only the trials of the courtroom, but also the trials of a challenged childhood. Being a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is unlike any other volunteer opportunity. CASA volunteers become a critical part of a young person’s life; a stable, steadfast adult who cares about the child over the long term without ever being paid to do so. Serving as a CASA is also a deeply rewarding and positive experience for the volunteer. CASA volunteers witness first-hand the consequences of poverty in our county’s most disadvantaged families and communities. They learn to recognize the challenges children face when they grow up facing trauma and neglect. By helping these extraordinary children succeed, CASA volunteers discover new purpose in their own lives. Last year, we set milestones in nearly every area: • We served more children than ever in CASA/LA history! A 17% increase from the previous year. • We trained 319 new volunteers and set a record for new volunteer recruitment! • As a result of our database and tracking, we were able to accurately measure the significant impact we make in the lives of the children and young adults we serve! • We ended the year in the black for the first time in three years without cutting staff!


The facts and figures looked great for CASA/LA in FY17, but the most important impact we made was in the lives of the children and youth served by our volunteers. CASA volunteers helped their children reunite with their families, helped them find permanent adoptive homes, helped them go to college and helped them receive the health care and education services they need. With over 30,000 children in Los Angeles County’s child welfare system, CASA/LA has much more work ahead of us. There are volunteers to recruit, train and support, and thousands more children, teens and young adults to serve. But we are off to a great start. With your help, we can work towards serving every child in foster care who needs a CASA volunteer. We thank for your support of our organization, and for your belief in the work we do. Sincerely,

Wende Nichols-Julien Chief Executive Officer

Louis Lucido Chair, Board of Directors



Children Served with Intensive One-on-One Advocacy


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Our Mission CASA of Los Angeles mobilizes community volunteers to advocate for children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Don’s Don’s Investigation Investigation Found Found aa Stable Stable and and Loving Loving Home Home for for Marcus Marcus Every time a CASA is assigned to a case, they are given Every a CASA assigned to awill case, they are given a courttime report aboutisthe child they soon serve. The areport courtincludes report about the child they will soon serve. The the entire history of the case at hand, report includes the entire history of the case at hand, including any initial allegations and the court’s attempts including any initial allegations and Don the court’s attempts at placement. But what new CASA Gustavson at what Don Gustavson didplacement. not expect But is that hisnew caseCASA file would also contain did not expect is that his case file would the key to changing one boy’s life. When also Doncontain first met the key to changing one boy’s life. When Donthe first met Marcus*, he wasn’t sure how he could help young Marcus*, he wasn’t sure how he could help the young boy. Marcus had been removed from his mother’s care boy. been removed his mother’s at theMarcus age of had 5 due to abuse andfrom neglect. His fathercare at the age of 5 due to abuse and neglect. father by was in custody, and his mother had been His consumed was in custody, and his mother had been consumed by addiction. By the time Marcus had reached seven years addiction. By the time Marcus had reached seven years old, he was in his sixth foster home, and after only six old, he was his foster sixth foster and after onlythat six months, his in then parenthome, had already asked months, his then foster parent had already asked that he be removed. he be removed. However, upon meeting the then 7-year old Marcus, However, upon meeting thenand 7-year oldboy. Marcus, Don discovered a sweet,the polite, bright Don discovereddue a sweet, andMarcus bright boy. Unfortunately, to pastpolite, trauma, had learned Unfortunately, due to past trauma, Marcus had learned to engage in certain emotional behaviors that impacted to engage in certain emotional behaviors that impacted him both at school and in his foster home. As Don him both at school and in in his his foster foster home home.atAsleast Donuntil fought to keep Marcus fought to keep Marcus in his foster home at least until after the holidays, he began to search for where Marcus after the holidays, he began to search for where Marcus might next make his home. And Don could only hope it might his home. And might next be a make more permanent one.Don could only hope it might be a more permanent one.

Don remembered seeing a name that was briefly Don remembered seeingfather a name was briefly mentioned by Marcus’s in athat court report – mentioned by Marcus’s father in a court report someone who was once alleged to be the boy’s –paternal someone who Don was immediately once allegedcalled to be the paternal grandmother. the boy’s woman who grandmother. Don immediately called the woman was known as Grandma Willis*. She told Don that who she was as Grandma She someone told Don that she had known been waiting years toWillis*. hear from about had been waiting years to hear from someone about Marcus, who she had only known as an infant. At that Marcus, shehad haddiscovered only known as an infant. that time, herwho family through a DNA At test time, her family had discovered through a DNA test that her son was not Marcus’s biological father. It was that her son wasthat notshe Marcus’s biological It was because of this was excluded asfather. a potential because of this that she was excluded as a potential placement. However, Grandma Willis didn’t care. As placement. However, Grandma care. and As she told Don, she loved Marcus Willis as herdidn’t grandson she told Don, she loved Marcus as her grandson and wanted to foster him. wanted to foster him. Don immediately began to advocate for Marcus to be Don immediately to advocate for Marcus to be reconnected with began his “grandmother” who was able reconnected with his “grandmother” who was able to provide a stable home for the young boy. Don also to providea alicensed stable home for the young boy. Don also secured and consistent therapist for Marcus secured a licensed therapist Marcus who started to help and with consistent his behavior issues.for Over the who started to help with his behavior issues. Over the next two years, Marcus found his home with Grandma next two years, Marcus found his home with Grandma Willis and began thriving. In November 2017, that home Willis andpermanent began thriving. November 2017, that home became whenIn Marcus was officially adopted became permanent when Marcus was officially adopted by Grandma Willis. Don never expected that a case file by Grandma Willis. Don never that aincase would save the young boy, but expected one lost name thatfile would save the young boy, but one lost name in overgrown file has forever changed Marcus’s life.that overgrown file has forever changed Marcus’s life. *names have been changed to protect parties involved *names have been changed to protect parties involved

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children continued children receivingcontinued advocacy from FY16 receiving advocacy from FY16




new children appointed new children appointed to CASA volunteers to CASA volunteers

of CASAs held educational rights of CASAs held educational rights

100% 100%

60% 60% 40% 40% 20% 20% 0% 0%



66% experienced experienced improved improved outcomes outcomes




+ 451 = 949


80% 80%

= =

75% experienced experienced improved improved outcomes outcomes



77% experienced experienced improved improved outcomes outcomes

served served

1.8 55%

years average time a CASA is on a years average time a CASA is on a case until closure case until closure

of all closed cases achieved of all closed cases achieved a stable home placement a stable home placement

adoptive home adoptive home home of parent home of parent home of relative home of relative legal guardian legal guardian independent living program independent living program college or collegehousing or university university housing

175 cases closed with baseline + closure data 175 cases closed with baseline + closure data

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Children Served Children Served with One-on-One Advocacy with One-on-One Advocacy

<1% <1%

52% 52%

20% 20%

48% 48%

21% 21% 47% 47%

5% 5%

42% 42%

41% 41% 11% 11%

52% 52% 48% 48% <1% <1%

Age Range of CASA Children Age AgesRange 0-5 of CASA Children13% 13% Ages 21% Ages 0-5 6-11 21% Ages 6-11 47% Ages 12-17 47% Ages 20% Ages 12-17 18+ 20% Ages 18+

13% 13%

<1% <1%

Gender of CASA Children Gender Male of CASA Children Male Female Female Transgender Transgender

<1% <1%


Race/Ethnicity of CASA Children Race/Ethnicity of CASA Children 42% African-American 42% African-American 41% Hispanic/Latino 41% Hispanic/Latino 11% Caucasian/Non-Latino 11% Caucasian/Non-Latino <1% Asian <1% Asian <1% Native American <1% Native 5% Other American 5% Other

Children Served

Children through Day Served of Court Assistance through Day of Court Assistance

For over twenty-five years, volunteer court assistants have provided “day-of court” advocacy for children and For over twenty-five years, volunteer provided “day-of court” aadvocacy youth who are experiencing their firstcourt time assistants in court, orhave are attending court without guardianfor or children escort. and youth who are experiencing their first time in court, or are attending court without a guardian or escort. The Shelter Care program helps to orient youth in foster care to courtroom procedures, with volunteers escorting The Care program helps orient youth in fosterfor care to courtroom volunteers escorting themShelter to court appointments and to hearings, and waiting them throughoutprocedures, the day. Forwith many youth, their time in them to court appointments and hearings, and waiting for them throughout the day. For many youth, their time in court is a terrifying experience. Having a court assistant with them can help alleviate their fears, and help them court is a terrifying experience. Having a court assistant with them can help alleviate their fears, and help them feel supported by an adult who has their best interests at heart. Last year, CASAs helped 4,097 children with this feel by an adult who has their best interests at heart. Last year, CASAs helped 4,097 children with this courtsupported assistance. court assistance.

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OUR CASA VOLUNTEERS In FY17, 744 people volunteered their time as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) for children in LA County’s child welfare system who have experienced abuse and neglect. They share a common belief: that every child deserves a chance to thrive in a permanent safe home and that CASA of Los Angeles can make a difference for the most vulnerable children in Los Angeles County. CASA/LA recruits, trains and supports CASA volunteers to work with each child individually to ensure the child gets the support and services they need. CASA creates a crucial connection—one caring adult to one child in need—that can be the turning point in a life that has been disrupted. Our most significant accomplishments happen every day—when an overlooked opportunity is found, a service is secured or an adult connection is made that will help to keep a child safe and give them an opportunity to succeed in life.

10% 6% 18%



Gender of CASA Volunteers Female 82% Male 18%




Race/Ethnicity of CASA Volunteers Caucasian 66% African-American 10% Hispanic 10% Asian 6% Other 8%



26% 18%

Age Range of CASA Volunteers 20% Ages 21 – 35 17% Ages 36 – 45 18% Ages 46 – 54 26% Ages 55 – 65 19% Ages 66+




Special Events











19% 24 % 10%








Special Events






EXPENSE Advocacy Volunteer Training and Services


Recruiting and Outreach


Management and General




4,567,968 5% 7%







Volunteer Training & Services

Management & General


Recruiting & Outreach

Our Vision A Los Angeles in which every child in the child welfare system has an advocate and the opportunity to thrive.

Ernie’s Ernie’s Advocacy Advocacy Turned Turned Crystal Crystal and and Shiloh’s Shiloh’s Lives Lives Around Around When CASA volunteer, Ernie Acosta met Crystal, she was When CASA volunteer, Erniewho Acosta Crystal, sheher was a shy and quiet 15-year-old wasmet removed from amother’s shy andcare quietalong 15-year-old who was removed from her with her baby brother Shiloh, who mother’s care along her baby Shiloh, who was 6 months old at with the time. Withbrother their father deported, was 6 months old at the time. With their father deported, their mother began to struggle with mental illness and was their began struggle withbeing mental illness and foundmother homeless withtoShiloh. After detained, bothwas found homeless with Shiloh. After being detained, both children were released to live with their grandmother on a children released “home ofwere parent” live with their grandmother on a “home of parent” order.  Ernie began to spend a lot of time with the children, in Ernie began to spend a lot of timetheir withsituation. the children, in particular Crystal, to get to know Crystal’s particular Crystal, to get to know their situation. Crystal’s grandmother only spoke Spanish and was unable to grandmother and washe unable to to read or write. only Sincespoke ErnieSpanish spoke Spanish, was able read or write. Since Ernie spoke Spanish, he was able translate all court documents for her. In addition, Ernieto translate allthat court documents for her. In addition, Ernie discovered the “home of parent” order prevented discovered that the “home of parent” order prevented their grandmother from receiving health care and financial their grandmother from receiving health financial services for the children so he asked thecare courtand to remove services for the children so he asked the court to remove the order so they would qualify for services. the   order so they would qualify for services.  Crystal was struggling with issues that were affecting Crystal was struggling withofissues thathad werenoaffecting her self-esteem. Because this, she desire to her of this, had noordesire to go toself-esteem. school and Because did not have anyshe interests any adult go to school and did not have any interests or any adult connections with anyone. She was attending continuation connections withmostly anyone. She was attending school and was absent. Some of thesecontinuation issues were school and was mostly absent. Some of these issuesErnie were attributed to the dental work that she badly needed. attributed to the dental work that she badly needed. Ernie found a dental clinic that provided all pro-bono services found dental clinic thatchanged providedCrystal’s all pro-bono for her.aThis completely life. Itservices boosted for her. This completely changed Crystal’s life. It boosted her confidence and gave her hope. her confidence and gave her hope.

Getting to school was also a struggle for Crystal. Ernie let her Getting to school was also a struggle forwas Crystal. Ernieiflet her know that taking public transportation an option she know that taking public transportation was an option if she wanted to go to school. To ensure she got there, for three days, wanted to school. Towith ensure for three days, he rode to thegobus to school hershe untilgot shethere, was comfortable he rode the bus to school with her until she was comfortable on her own. Ernie was also in contact with her teachers and on her own.toErnie also in contact with hertoteachers and counselors makewas sure Crystal was on track graduate. counselors to make sure Crystal was on track to graduate.     Gradually, Crystal’s grades improved and she began Gradually, improvedfrom and continuation she began earning A’sCrystal’s and B’s.grades She graduated earning A’s and B’s. She graduated from continuation school in her junior year and was awarded “Most school in her junior before year and was awarded Improved Student” transferring to a “Most traditional Improved Student” before transferring to a traditional high school for her senior year. high school for her senior year.    Last year, Ernie was nominated for the CASA of the Year Last year, was nominated forfor theturning CASA Crystal’s of the Year award by aErnie children’s court judge life award by a children’s court judge for turning Crystal’s around and keeping the family together. The case waslife around keeping 2017, the family Thecontinue case was closed inand November andtogether. the children closed in November 2017, and the children continue to thrive with their grandmother. Crystal told Ernie that to thrive grandmother. told Ernie that while shewith wastheir relieved to be withCrystal her family, she was while she was relieved to be with her family, she was concerned that she wouldn’t see him as much anymore. concerned that she wouldn’t see him as much anymore. Ernie reminded Crystal that he was blessed to have her Ernie Crystal that hewhat wastheir blessed to havewould her in his reminded life, and that no matter friendship in his life, and that no matter what their friendship would only continue to grow. only continue to grow.

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CASA VOLUNTEERS CASA VOLUNTEERS Ernie Acosta Valerie Addas Ernie Acosta Safiah ValerieAfify Addas Joseph Ahdoot Safiah Afify Jeffrey JosephAmes Ahdoot Sofia Ames Jeffrey Ames Elizabeth Anderson Sofia Ames Jim Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Minor Anderson Jim Anderson Scott MinorAnderson Anderson Tyrone Anderson Scott Anderson Eyonna Andreatte Tyrone Anderson Natalie Eyonna Andres Andreatte Marjorie Annapav* Natalie Andres May Arakaki* Marjorie Annapav* Anita Aratow May Arakaki* Robert Argo Anita Aratow Daniella Arias Robert Argo Talia Arica Daniella Arias Barbara Arlow Talia Arica Christine Armenta Barbara Arlow Trudy Armer* Christine Armenta Jacquelyn Armstrong Trudy Armer* Melissa Arnson Jacquelyn Armstrong Samia MelissaArslane Arnson Jennifer Arvidson Samia Arslane Heidi Ashcraft Jennifer Arvidson Paul HeidiAshmore Ashcraft Kimberley Askew Paul Ashmore Sarah Avalon Kimberley Askew Maida Sarah Aviad Avalon Galina Babadzhanyan Maida Aviad Bette Babcock* GalinaJo Babadzhanyan Ann BetteBailey Jo Babcock* Rebecca Bailey Ann Bailey Rachel RebeccaBaker Bailey Bobak Bakhtiari Rachel Baker Toni Balch Bobak Bakhtiari Cory Bales Toni Balch Polly Bamberger Cory Bales Eve PollyBanuelos Bamberger Kathy Barrett Johnson* Eve Banuelos Susan Barry Johnson* Kathy Barrett Lisa Baskin Susan Barry Sarah Baumann Lisa Baskin Gloria Sarah Bazis* Baumann Judy GloriaBeckmen* Bazis* Cadena Bedney Judy Beckmen* Christine Beilinson Cadena Bedney Mary AnnBeilinson Bell Christine Thomas Bell Mary Ann Bell Jane Belzberg Thomas Bell Jodi JaneBerman BelzbergLevine Erin Jodi Berman Berman Levine Keith Bernstein Erin Berman Samuel Bernstein Keith Bernstein William Samuel Betts Bernstein Gayatri WilliamBhasin Betts Aishwarya Bhave Gayatri Bhasin Louise Bieschke Aishwarya Bhave Renne Louise Bilson Bieschke Pamela Bingham* Renne Bilson Jan Black* Pamela Bingham* Janet Blair Jan Black* Christy Boardman* Janet Blair Meghan Boehman Christy Boardman* Neda Bolourchi Meghan Boehman Honor Boone Neda Bolourchi Caitlin Honor Bothwell Boone Karen Bowles Caitlin Bothwell Pamela Bowman Karen Bowles Catherine Boyd Pamela Bowman Harriet Boyd Catherine Boyd Tania HarrietBradkin Boyd Emily Branam Tania Bradkin Luciana Brancorsini Emily Branam Susan LucianaBrandler* Brancorsini Nancy Susan Brashears Brandler* Laurence Braude Nancy Brashears Maria Brenes Laurence Braude Irma MariaBreslauer* Brenes Jannette R. Brice* Irma Breslauer* Claudia JannetteBright R. Brice* Amy Brown Claudia Bright Dana Brown Amy Brown Rhonda Brown Dana Brown Samantha Browning Rhonda Brown Barbara Bruner Samantha Browning Lois Brunet Barbara Bruner Robyn Buecker Lois Brunet Betsy RobynBurch Buecker Rinarda Burnley Betsy Burch Paul Bustrum Rinarda Burnley Alexis Butler Paul Bustrum Jill Cady Alexis Butler William Jill Cady“Mark” Caffee Monica William Caldas “Mark” Caffee Monica Caldas

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Joyce Campbell Claudia Cano Joyce Campbell Alice Cao Claudia Cano Mariangela Alice Cao Caraballo Linda Caravana Mariangela Caraballo Amy LindaCarbo Caravana Kamille Carruthers Amy Carbo Norman Carter Kamille Carruthers Rita Carton Norman Carter Yvette Casas Rita Carton Jennifer Caudillo Yvette Casas Andrea JenniferCavanaugh Caudillo Adele AndreaChadwick Cavanaugh Wrenn Chais Adele Chadwick Aaron WrennChan Chais Hana AaronChang Chan Stefanie Chin Hana Chang Talia-Farrah Stefanie ChinChism Paulette Chulack Talia-Farrah Chism Camrin PauletteChristensen Chulack Mary Cilic Camrin Christensen Sinead Clancy Mary Cilic Holly SineadClark Clancy Jane Holly Clausen Clark Cathleen Cobb Jane Clausen Virginia CathleenCoffin Cobb Edward Cohan Virginia Coffin Stacey EdwardCohan Cohan Julie StaceyCohen Cohan Christian Collins Julie Cohen Marie Connolly Christian Collins Kelly Cook Marie Connolly Deanna Cooke Kelly Cook Stephen Cooper Deanna Cooke Joel Cortez Stephen Cooper Lauren Costa Joel Cortez Denise Cote Lauren Costa Andrew Cox Denise Cote Carolyn Andrew Craddock Cox Michele Craig Carolyn Craddock Oona Cremata Michele Craig David Crocker Oona Cremata Adina Crow David Crocker Jason Cruze Adina Crow Patricia Cuocco Jason Cruze Charles Currey Patricia Cuocco Craig Curtis Charles Currey Krystine Curtis Craig Curtis Angelina Da Costa Krystine Curtis Erika Danko Angelina Da Costa Cindy Dardon Erika Danko Karen Darling Cindy Dardon William Davidson Karen Darling Cynthia Nuno William De Davidson Paul DelDe Rosario Cynthia Nuno Mandy Paul DelDenaux Rosario David Denning Mandy Denaux Robert DeRing David Denning Jessyca Dewey Robert DeRing Christie Jessyca Diaz Dewey Karen ChristieDiaz Diaz Marta Dimchenko Karen Diaz Sonum Dixit Marta Dimchenko Barbara Dixon Sonum Dixit Emily Dixon Barbara Dixon Erika Emily Dizon Dixon Alison Doherty Erika Dizon Kelly AlisonDollens Doherty Fang “Michelle” Dong Kelly Ming Dollens Candice Dottin Fang Ming “Michelle” Dong Susan Douglas Candice Dottin De Anna Dove Susan Douglas Melissa De AnnaDragge Dove Jan Drayer Melissa Dragge Gary Duboff Jan Drayer Monica Duke Gary Duboff Daniel MonicaDuncan Duke Charlotte Dunnam Daniel Duncan Mary Ellen Dunne Charlotte Dunnam Linda Dutcher Mary Ellen Dunne Julie LindaDwyer Dutcher Elsa Elbert Julie Dwyer Sharon R. Ellingsen Elsa Elbert Ronda SharonElsayed R. Ellingsen Beatrice Dale Emerman Ronda Elsayed Julie Engelman Beatrice Dale Emerman Rosemary Enzer Julie Engelman Azize Erim Enzer Rosemary Daisy Esqueda Azize Erim Karen Eyres Daisy Esqueda Stella KarenFabinyi Eyres Kathryn Fagerquist Stella Fabinyi Sheila KathrynFairley Fagerquist Beverly-Jo Farzin-Nia Sheila Fairley Kenneth Feick Beverly-Jo Farzin-Nia Harry Finkel Kenneth Feick Carolyn Finkenbeiner Harry Finkel Carolyn Finkenbeiner

Robbie Finnigan Virginia Fitzgerald Robbie Finnigan Susan VirginiaFitzpatrick FitzgeraldBehrens Christine FlemingBehrens Susan Fitzpatrick Anita Flores Christine Fleming Aurora Flores Anita Flores Abraham Flores-Rojo Aurora Flores Luyani Fong Abraham Flores-Rojo Roberto Fonseca Luyani Fong Shirley Ford Roberto Fonseca Kari Fortson Shirley Ford James Fossett Kari Fortson Catherine Foulkes-Sutton James Fossett Lisa Foux Foulkes-Sutton Catherine Dayra Frantela Lisa Foux Mary DayraFreedman Frantela Jesse Freeman Mary Freedman Betty Freitag Jesse Freeman Nancy Friedman Betty Freitag Susan Friedman Nancy Friedman Mary Ann Friedrich Susan Friedman Ranko Fukuda Mary Ann Friedrich Kammie Furman Ranko Fukuda Nelson KammieGalloway Furman Siyan NelsonGan Galloway Fernando Siyan Gan Garcia Regina Garcia Fernando Garcia Rocio ReginaGarcia Garcia Andres Garduno Rocio Garcia Allyson Gartside Andres Garduno Jennifer Anne Gerich Allyson Gartside Lisa Gerson Jennifer Anne Gerich Saina Ghandchi Lisa Gerson Linda Saina Ghazarian Ghandchi Robert Giffin Linda Ghazarian Melanie Gifford Robert Giffin Aimee MelanieGill Gifford Eneyew Girma Aimee Gill Phillip EneyewGisi Girma Alyssa Gjedsted* Phillip Gisi Janet AlyssaGleason Gjedsted* Betsy Gleijeses Janet Gleason Phyllis Elaine Glock Betsy Gleijeses Christine Goddard Phyllis Elaine Glock Beth Godfrey Christine Goddard Thomas Goff Beth Godfrey Edward ThomasGoldstein Goff Joyce Goldstein Edward Goldstein Marcy Goldstein Joyce Goldstein Sonia Marcy Gomez Goldstein Alba SoniaGonzalez Gomez Deisi Gonzalez Alba Gonzalez Dawn Goodman Deisi Gonzalez Sean DawnGrady Goodman Sheila Grady Sean Grady Victoria Grandsoult Sheila Grady Polly Grant Victoria Grandsoult Brandy Green Polly Grant Jennifer Green Brandy Green Glen Greenfield Jennifer Green Ariel Greenspun-Gale Glen Greenfield Cindy Greenwald Ariel Greenspun-Gale Joan CindyGriffith-Malloy Greenwald Michelle Grimaldi Joan Griffith-Malloy Ronald MichelleGrover Grimaldi Sandra Grunsell Ronald Grover Stefanie Guarino Sandra Grunsell Nastasha Guerrero Stefanie Guarino Sandra H. Guerrero Guerrero Nastasha Shari Gulian Sandra H. Guerrero Donald Gustavson Shari Gulian Cheryl DonaldGuy Gustavson Lisa Guzman Cheryl Guy Patty Guzman Lisa Guzman Lori PattyHaas Guzman Lynda Hadjian* Lori Haas Elizabeth Hagan Lynda Hadjian* Richard ElizabethHalke Hagan Patrice Hallman Richard Halke Alberta Hampton Smith Patrice Hallman Diana AlbertaHanbury Hampton Smith Audrey Handelman Diana Hanbury Danielle Hanne Audrey Handelman Ana Hanson Danielle Hanne Kari Hanson Ana Hanson Amanda Harris Kari Hanson Amber AmandaHartgens Harris Amos AmberHartston Hartgens Fiona AmosHarwich Hartston Maria Fagan Hassani Fiona Harwich Madison Hathaway Maria Fagan Hassani Virginia MadisonHatley Hathaway Tanya Hauer Virginia Hatley Marcellina Hawthorne Tanya Hauer Adis Hayrapetyan Marcellina Hawthorne Edvis Hayrapetyan Adis Hayrapetyan Sara EdvisHein Hayrapetyan Sara Hein

Elizabeth Hely Sarah Henderson Elizabeth Hely Kathleen Hennessey Sarah Henderson Naomi Hentschel Kathleen Hennessey Candice Herman Naomi Hentschel Samuel Herod Candice Herman Lainie Herrera Samuel Herod Michael Bruce Herron Lainie Herrera Susan MichaelHerron Bruce Herron Lynne Bernstein Susan Hill Herron Beverly HillBernstein Lynne Hill Katherine Hill Beverly Hill Joyce Hobbs Katherine Hill Robert Hofland Joyce Hobbs Abbe Hofstein Robert Hofland Paula Rene Hollins Abbe Hofstein Robin Hollis Hollins Paula Rene Mary Holmes Robin Hollis Tammy Hong Mary Holmes Christine Hood Tammy Hong Ricki-Beth Horowitz Christine Hood Mary Jane Horowitz Horton Ricki-Beth Mona Houghton Mary Jane Horton Joel Howard Mona Houghton Kristie Hubbard Joel Howard Vanessa Hubert Kristie Hubbard Cynthia VanessaHudley Hubert Athena Cynthia Hunter Hudley Nikki Hunt-Hicks Athena Hunter Claudia Huntington Nikki Hunt-Hicks Robert ClaudiaHurley Huntington Karen Ide Robert Hurley Grace Karen Imamura Ide Jasmine Irons-Anokute Grace Imamura Larry IrvinIrons-Anokute Jasmine Patriece Isaac Larry Irvin Rachel PatrieceIverson Isaac Amy Jacobs Rachel Iverson Lindsey Jacobs Amy Jacobs Lynette Lindsey Jacobson Jacobs Danica LynetteJaimeson Jacobson Lynn DanicaJames Jaimeson Janet Jan Lynn James Ardelle Jarvis Janet Jan Florence “Flo” Jeanes Ardelle Jarvis Dona Jeffery Florence “Flo” Jeanes Sarah Jesse Dona Jeffery Beverly Johnson Sarah Jesse Elisa Johnson Beverly Johnson Kathy Barrett Johnson Elisa Johnson Nina KathyJohnson Barrett Johnson Pamela Johnson Nina Johnson Porscha Johnson Pamela Johnson Margaret “Peggy” Johnston Porscha Johnson Tiffany Joiner Margaret “Peggy” Johnston Ashley Jones Tiffany Joiner Delphia Jones Ashley Jones Frances Jones Delphia Jones Jena Jones* Frances Jones Sallie Jones Jena Jones* Susan Kandel Sallie Jones Wynn SusanKaneshiro Kandel Joan WynnKaplan Kaneshiro Margaret Kaplan Joan Kaplan Patricia MargaretKaplan Kaplan Nirja Kapoor Patricia Kaplan Jenny Karns Nirja Kapoor Melissa Kasek Jenny Karns Brooke Melissa Kassap-Ritter Kasek Harvinder Kaur Brooke Kassap-Ritter Daniel Keatinge Harvinder Kaur Linda DanielKeefer Keatinge Amanda Keenan Linda Keefer Diana Keeney Amanda Keenan Lisa DianaKelton Keeney Martha Kennedy Lisa Kelton Barbara Kernochan Martha Kennedy Patricia BarbaraKey Kernochan Mana Khafaf Patricia Key Fonda Khuu Mana Khafaf Angie Fonda Kim Khuu Brian Angie Kim Kim Faith Brian(Young) Kim Kim Nayeon Kim Kim Faith (Young) Edward King Nayeon “Cameron” Kim Llonald Edward King “Cameron” King Karin Kingsley Llonald King Serena Kirk Karin Kingsley Karen SerenaKlein Kirk Linda KarenKlein Klein Linda Linda Koch Klein Ashley Koester Linda Koch Courtney Koester Ashley Koester Mary Korsan Courtney Koester Genese KouaKoua Mary Korsan Cynthia Koudsi Genese KouaKoua Susan CynthiaKowalski Koudsi Susan Kowalski

*FY2017 Court Assistants *FY2017 Court Assistants

Jane Krantz Suzanne Kraus Jane Krantz Rebecca Suzanne Krause Kraus Kathryn Krenz Rebecca Krause Gail Krieger Kathryn Krenz Sharon Krischer* Gail Krieger Tina Kuah Sharon Krischer* Lisa Kwon Tina Kuah Ming-huei Lisa Kwon Lam Kali Lamarine Ming-huei Lam Lisa L’Anson Kali Lamarine Robert Lassiter Lisa L’Anson Louise Latham Robert Lassiter Susan Louise Latigay Latham Jennifer Laughlin Susan Latigay Farah Lavassani Jennifer Laughlin Carolyn Leach Farah Lavassani Yaneli CarolynLeal Leach Francesca Yaneli LealLeardini Jenny Lee Leardini Francesca Joan JennyLee* Lee Lai JoanLydia Lee*Lee Marvin Lee Lai Lydia Lee Mindy MarvinLees Lee Ariella Lehrer Mindy Lees Marsha Leibovici Ariella Lehrer Jane Lerum Marsha Leibovici Linda Levine Jane Lerum Maya Linda Levinson Levine Julie MayaLevy Levinson Margaret Julie LevyLewis Tiffany Lewis Margaret Lewis Matthew Lifschultz Tiffany Lewis Laura Liguori Matthew Lifschultz Marysabel Linares van Denker Laura Liguori Jennifer Linck Marysabel Linares van Denker Lauren JenniferLinde Linck Nicole Linkletter Lauren Linde Rachel Lipp Nicole Linkletter Anhjia Rachel Lisbey Lipp Paul Lister Anhjia Lisbey Meghan Loftin Paul Lister Mark Logan Meghan Loftin Roy MarkLongman Logan Diana Lopez Roy Longman Fred DianaLopez Lopez Irma Lopez Fred Lopez Andrica Love Irma Lopez Katrina Andrica Love Love Fred Lowe Katrina Love Heather Lucas Fred Lowe Tracy Lynn Cambron Heather Lucas Barbara Macbeth Tracy Lynn Cambron Pam Macdonald Barbara Macbeth Joan MacLaughlin* Pam Macdonald Shanon Madrigal Joan MacLaughlin* Melanie Makaiwi Shanon Madrigal Dorothy Melanie Maki Makaiwi Kathleen Malaske-Samu Dorothy Maki Kathleen Kathleen Malone-Biener Malaske-Samu Teri Marias Kathleen Malone-Biener Tisha Marinella Teri Marias Cheryl Marino Tisha Marinella Julie CherylMarkowitz Marino Richard Martin* Julie Markowitz Enrique Martinez Richard Martin* Robin Martinez Enrique Martinez Solalie Martinez Robin Martinez Courtney Massie Solalie Martinez Janet Mata Courtney Massie Mary Matzke Janet Mata Leora Mauck Mary Matzke Catherine McAfee Leora Mauck Chelsea CatherineMcBride McAfee Deborah McCall Chelsea McBride Dawn McClendon Deborah McCall Taylor McCormick Dawn McClendon Nina TaylorMcCullaugh McCormick Jane McCullough Nina McCullaugh Elois McGehee Jane McCullough Rhonda McGonigle Elois McGehee Sandy RhondaMcGorty McGonigle Lindsay McHugh Sandy McGorty Pamela McKniff Lindsay McHugh Wendy McLaren Pamela McKniff Catherine McMahon Wendy McLaren Tritia Medrano Catherine McMahon Shivani Mehta Tritia Medrano Anthony Mejia Shivani Mehta Michael AnthonyMelon Mejia Jessy Melowicz Michael Melon Jamie Melzer Jessy Melowicz Elsie JamieMendoza Melzer Lucy Elsie Mendoza Mendoza Brianna Mercado Lucy Mendoza Georgia Brianna Mercer Mercado Mareline Merlan Georgia Mercer Mareline Merlan

*FY2017 Court Assistants *FY2017 Court Assistants

Jamarcia Merritt Jose MariaMerritt Mesa Jamarcia John MeyerMesa Jose Maria Judith Meyers John Meyer Carol JudithMeylan Meyers Jan Miller* CarolMcCoy Meylan Joseph Miller Jan McCoy Miller* Nancy JosephMiller Miller Anne NancyMirisch Miller Donald Mixon Anne Mirisch MaryAnn Mogab Donald Mixon Deborah MaryAnnMoisio Mogab Leticia Mojarro Deborah Moisio Linda LeticiaMokler Mojarro Michael Monte Linda Mokler Jane Monterroso Michael Monte Lizbet Montoya Juarez Jane Monterroso Catherine MoonJuarez Lizbet Montoya Dianne Moonves* Catherine Moon Kristianna Moralls Dianne Moonves* Jaclyn Moran Kristianna Moralls Mary Jaclyn“Molly” MoranMoran Lauren Moylan Mary “Molly” Moran Elizabeth Mozilo Lauren Moylan Mark Mrotek Elizabeth Mozilo Rubaina Mumtaz Mark Mrotek Molly Murray Rubaina Mumtaz Peter Musso Molly Murray Abby Myerson Peter Musso Judy Abby Nagy Myerson Suzanne Judy Nagy“Suzy” Nastaskin Iryna Naumova Suzanne “Suzy” Nastaskin Sherlan Neblett* Iryna Naumova Martha SherlanNeedelman Neblett* John Neill* Martha Needelman Regina Nelson John Neill* Margaret “Margo” Neufeld Regina Nelson Sarah Neusch Margaret “Margo” Neufeld Natalie Nevin Sarah Neusch Phillip Nevin Natalie Nevin Jeff Newman Phillip Nevin Diem Ngo Jeff Newman Christine Diem NgoNguyen Vy Nguyen Christine Nguyen Steven Novak Vy Nguyen Cinthya Nurik Steven Novak Johanne Oakley Cinthya Nurik Stella Ocampo Johanne Oakley Timothy O’Donnell Stella Ocampo Alexis Olbrei Timothy O’Donnell Carolyn Olsen Alexis Olbrei Ellen O’Neill Carolyn Olsen Justine O’Neill Ellen O’Neill Zoya Orgiyvsky Justine O’Neill Alicia Orozco Zoya Orgiyvsky Christopher Alicia OrozcoOrtega* Jill Paider Christopher Ortega* Carmen Jill PaiderPaparella Diana Park Carmen Paparella Jill Parker Diana Park Hethie Parmesano Jill Parker Lauren Pasternak Hethie Parmesano Deborah Patrick Lauren Pasternak Patricia DeborahPeach Patrick Toni Peck Patricia Peach Dana Pehrson Toni Peck Kelli DanaPenner Pehrson Emily Peraza Kelli Penner Diana Perez Emily Peraza Marilyn Perez-Garcia Diana Perez Robert MarilynPerkins Perez-Garcia Siddharth Pershad Robert Perkins Dawn Peterson Siddharth Pershad Marcy Pettitt Dawn Peterson Debra Marcy Phillips Pettitt Melinda Pike Debra Phillips Lynn Pittenger Melinda Pike Amanda Plisner Lynn Pittenger Leslie Podolsky Amanda Plisner Laurel Polson Leslie Podolsky Marci LaurelPool Polson Anthony Porter Marci Pool Lisa Pound-Sciupac Anthony Porter Tina Lisa Powell Pound-Sciupac Patricia Preston Tina Powell Wesley Patricia Procino Preston Alma Puente Wesley Procino Ann Radow Alma Puente Manuel Ramirez Ann Radow Sheila ManuelRamirez Ramirez Ellen SheilaRand* Ramirez Marlene Rapkin Ellen Rand* Richard MarleneSaintcroix Rapkin Redman Ellen Rehak Richard Saintcroix Redman Amira Resnick Ellen Rehak Patricia Restrepo Amira Resnick Elva Reyes Patricia Restrepo Elva Reyes

Neil Reynolds Sondra Reynolds Neil Reynolds Judy Rezvani Sondra Reynolds Amy Ricafranca Judy Rezvani Debbie Richardson Amy Ricafranca Tab Richmond Dyer Debbie Richardson Morgan Ricketts Tab Richmond Dyer Roger Ridlehoover MorganAlan Ricketts Gerald RiggsRidlehoover Roger Alan Liuska Rincon Ordonez Gerald Riggs Renee Liuska Rivera Rincon Ordonez Jason Roach Renee Rivera Elise JasonRoberts Roach Michael Rochmes Elise Roberts Angeles Rodas Michael Rochmes Courtney Rodgers Angeles Rodas Dayna Rodriguez Courtney Rodgers Laura Rodriguez Dayna Rodriguez Shelly Rosekelly Laura Rodriguez Judith Shelly Rosen Rosekelly Norma Rosen Judith Rosen Marcia Norma Rosenberg Rosen Ken Rosenblatt Marcia Rosenberg Darren Rosenzweig Ken Rosenblatt Thelma Rosiak Darren Rosenzweig Charlotte Ross Thelma Rosiak Mark RossRoss Charlotte Melanie Ross Mark Ross Petrina MelanieRoss Ross Andrea Rothschild Petrina Ross Barbara Roy Andrea Rothschild Britteny Barbara Rudd Roy Howard Rumjahn Britteny Rudd Karen HowardSachs Rumjahn Jerri KarenSafron Sachs Leticia Sanchez-Perez Jerri Safron Carl Sanders Leticia Sanchez-Perez Shannon Sandhu Carl Sanders Helen Satorius Shannon Sandhu Amanda Sattler Helen Satorius Jim Scheinberg Amanda Sattler JoAnn Schiff Jim Scheinberg Vincent Schodolski JoAnn Schiff Janice VincentSchultz Schodolski Helen JaniceLouise SchultzSchwartz Linda Schwartz Helen Louise Schwartz Donna Scott Linda Schwartz Paula DonnaScott Scott Lia Seabold Paula Scott Abby Segall Lia Seabold Allison Segan Abby Segall Nicholas Seitz Allison Segan Erika Sellin Nicholas Seitz Jason Sellnow Erika Sellin Rebecca Sellnow Jason Sellnow Deena Semler Rebecca Sellnow Jenny Deena Seyfried Semler Shameka Shaheed Jenny Seyfried Maya Shalev Shameka Shaheed Julie MayaShamash Shalev Irene Shandell Julie Shamash Gail Hawkins IreneShaw Shandell Lisa Ann Sheasgreen-Hall Gail Shaw Hawkins Eileen Sheiniuk Lisa Ann Sheasgreen-Hall Miriam Shenfeld Eileen Sheiniuk Alfred MiriamSicard Shenfeld Carol AlfredSida Sicard Nicholas Carol Sida“Nick” Sidney Susan Siegmund Nicholas “Nick” Sidney Joanne Silva Susan Siegmund Lisa-Marie Silver Joanne Silva Sandra Sims Lisa-Marie Silver Gary Skinner Sandra Sims Paul Gary Slavich* Skinner Alexander Smith Paul Slavich* Leslie Smith Alexander Smith Roxann Smith Leslie Smith Cibennie Snaer Roxann Smith Patricia Flournoy CibennieSoto Snaer Julie Spacht Patricia Soto Flournoy Ron JulieSparks* Spacht Doreen Spencer Ron Sparks* Carol Spiegel Doreen Spencer Grannetta Springer Carol Spiegel Sharon Stacey Grannetta Springer Glenn SharonStanford Stacey Jennifer Stanley Glenn Stanford Barbara Jennifer Steelman Stanley Lisa Steen Proctor Barbara Steelman Aliza “Lee” Stein Lisa Steen Proctor David SteinStein Aliza “Lee” Drew David Steinberg Stein Julie DrewStockton Steinberg James Stoecker Julie Stockton Jonathan Stoeckly James Stoecker Zac Stone Jonathan Stoeckly Stephanie Zac Stone Stricklin Stephanie Stricklin

Virginia Stringer Michal VirginiaSudit Stringer Suellen Symons Michal Sudit Farinaz Taidi Suellen Symons Courtney Tallman Farinaz Taidi Isabella CourtneyTan Tallman Kim Tashman Isabella Tan Stephanie Tassart Kim Tashman David Taylor Stephanie Tassart William “Arnold” Taylor David Taylor Circe Tejada-Flores William “Arnold” Taylor Vera Terrell Circe Tejada-Flores Laura Thede Vera Terrell Jenna Thelemaque Laura Thede Sandra Thomas Jenna Thelemaque Miyoko Sandra Thompson Thomas Vanessa Thornton Miyoko Thompson Jamie Tierney Vanessa Thornton Lisa Tobias Jamie Tierney Cassandra Lisa Tobias Tomlin Brittany Tracy Cassandra Tomlin Karen Travis BrittanyJoan Tracy Kathleen Tremblay Karen Joan Travis Lauren KathleenTrenor Tremblay Carol Truscott Lauren Trenor Brad Carol Tsai Truscott Michael Brad TsaiTucker Kimberly Turner Michael Tucker Toi TurnerTurner Kimberly Edith Tyler Toi Turner Sarah Ullman Edith Tyler Rosa SarahValdes Ullman Kay Horn RosaVan Valdes Ida KayVanderPoorte Van Horn Jaime Vane Ida VanderPoorte Elizabeth “Beth” Varner Jaime Vane Michelle Vasquez ElizabethEstrada “Beth” Varner Sandra MichelleVega Estrada Vasquez Matthew Villasenor Sandra Vega James MatthewVincini Villasenor Roumiana Voutchkova James Vincini Renee Wachter Roumiana Voutchkova Theresa Waid Renee Wachter Lesley TheresaWake Waid Rebecca Waldera Lesley Wake Jodi Walker-Lowe Rebecca Waldera Katherine Wallace Jodi Walker-Lowe Terri Walters Katherine Wallace Lisa Mather Terri Ward Walters Douglas Ware Lisa Ward Mather Rebecca Wareham Douglas Ware J. Alan Warfield Rebecca Wareham Gilmara Washington J. Alan Warfield Julie Wason Gilmara Washington Robert Weaver* Julie Wason Alanna Weisberg Robert Weaver* Ilana Weiss Alanna Weisberg Jennifer Weissmuller Ilana Weiss Ronald Stewart* JenniferWendell Weissmuller Jessica West Ronald Wendell Stewart* Maureen Wharton Jessica West Gina Whisenant Maureen Wharton Ann Gina Whitbeck Whisenant Erika White Ann Whitbeck Victoria White Erika White Barbara Whitman Victoria White Barbara Barbara Whittenburg Whitman Christine Wicksell Barbara Whittenburg Polly Widen Christine Wicksell Alison S. Wilcox Polly Widen Anita Williams Alison S. Wilcox Darnell Williams Anita Williams Doug Williams Darnell Williams Francee Williams Doug Williams Melanie Francee Williams Williams Regan Williams Melanie Williams Sonjia Regan Williams Williams Jean Wilson* SonjiaAnn Williams Jennifer Jean AnnWinkler Wilson* Leina Wong Jennifer Winkler May-Ann Woolsey Leina Wong Andrea Worrall May-Ann Woolsey Eric Worthington Andrea Worrall Denise Wright Eric Worthington Deborah Wyle Denise Wright Madeline Yarbrough Deborah Wyle Denise Yeh Madeline Yarbrough Andrea Yochim Denise Yeh Jean Youngquist Andrea Yochim Agnes Zamir Jean Youngquist David AgnesZaro Zamir Yvonne Zaro David Zaro Molly Zbojniewicz Yvonne Zaro Liliya Molly Zherebnenko Zbojniewicz Marie Zondler* Liliya Zherebnenko Harold Zuckerman Marie Zondler* Tami HaroldZussman Zuckerman Tami Zussman

13 13

Lainie’s Lainie’s Advocacy Advocacy Brought Brought Mia’s Mia’s Family Family Back Back Together Together Again Again Mia* was just 3-years-old when she was removed from her parent’s care and sent to live with her great Mia* was justand 3-years-old when she was removed care andher sent to liveindefinitely with her great grandmother great aunt. It appeared that Mia from wouldher beparent’s separated from parents until grandmother and great aunt. It appeared that Mia would be separated from her parents indefinitely untilout in they took the necessary measures to be reunited with her. It was during this time that Mia began to act they took the necessary measures to be reunited with her. It was during this time that Mia began to act out in preschool, which was very unlike her, causing her to be sent home multiple times. preschool, which was very unlike her, causing her to be sent home multiple times. When CASA volunteer Lainie first met Mia, she When CASA volunteer firstwith metmental Mia, she was able to connect theLainie toddler health was able to connect the toddler with mental health programs to help address the classroom behavior. programs to help address the classroom behavior. Meanwhile, Mia’s parents were going through the Meanwhile, Mia’s parents going through the process of seeking serviceswere for themselves so they process of seeking services for themselves so they could be reunited with her which was the most could be reunited important thing to with them.her which was the most important thing to them. They had one goal in mind – to do everything they They one goal in mindHowever, – to do everything couldhad to bring Mia home. they often they found could to bring Mia home. However, they often found it stressful to have to manage everything with the itdependency stressful to court. have toInmanage everything with the addition to maintaining full-time dependency addition to under maintaining full-time employment,court. Mia’s In parents were court order employment, Mia’s parents were under court order to complete counseling and parenting programs. to complete counseling and parenting programs. They also continued daily visits with Mia to maintain They also continued daily visits with Mia normalcy in her life as much as maintain normalcy in her life as much as possible.

14 14

By having Lainie there, they were reassured of the By having Lainie there, theythat werea reassured the to process and found comfort CASA was of there process and found comfort that a CASA was there provide an unbiased opinion in the best interest of to their provide an unbiased the best interest of their child. Lainie was alsoopinion able to in create an open dialogue child. Lainie was also able create open between Mia’s parents andtoher greatan aunt so dialogue Mia could between Mia’s parents and her great aunt so Mia could benefit from similar parenting styles. benefit from similar parenting styles. Mia is now back at home with her parents and the Mia nowclosed back in at August home with her parents and the caseiswas 2017. case was closed in August 2017.

*child’s name has been changed to protect her identity *child’s name has been changed to protect her identity

Court Court Appointed Appointed Special Special Advocates Advocates support support children children in in LA LA County’s County’s child child welfare welfare system system who who have have experienced experienced abuse abuse and and neglect neglect You can impact the life of a child who needs a CASA You can impact thethem life ofthe a child CASA volunteer and give hopewho of a needs better afuture. volunteer and give them the hope of a better future. The first step in becoming a CASA volunteer is The first step in becomingsession. a CASASessions volunteerare is held attending an information attending an information session. Sessions are held throughout LA County. Register online at throughout LA County. Register online at or learn more by emailing or learn more by emailing

Don’t have the time to volunteer? Don’t have the time to volunteer? Make a gift to support someone Make a gift to support someone who does. who does. If you would like to support the work of our volunteers, If you would like making to support the work of our volunteers, please consider a tax-deductible contribution. please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. You can also make gifts in honor of friends or loved You also make gifts honor of friendsmatching or loved ones,can gifts of stocks and in other securities, ones, gifts of stocks and other securities, matching gifts, and bequests and other planned gifts. CASA/LA gifts, and bequests other to planned CASA/LA also hosts an annualand Evening Foster gifts. Dreams gala, also hosts an annual Evening to Foster Dreams gala, Wine+Art event, Help Us Hold Their Hands Antelope Wine+Art event, Help Us Hold Their Hands Antelope Valley Benefit and other fundraising events throughout Valley Benefit and other fundraising events throughout the year. the year. For more information, email For more information, email or call 323.859.2888. or call 323.859.2888.

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