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“Let’s face it: kids in foster care have one of the worst deals out there.” Louis Lucido, Doubleline Capital LP Chair, Board of Directors

DE A R FRIENDS A ND SUPP ORTER S OF C A SA OF LOS A NG ELES, Let’s face it: kids in foster care have one of the worst deals out there. They come in abused and neglected, traumatized by parents and family members that aren’t able to care for them properly. A lot of them already struggle with steep medical challenges, and devastating mental health diagnoses. They are alone. They are abandoned. And they are slated for a future filled with disappointment and distress. These children belong to all of us. Nobody understands that fact better than a CASA. In the last year, we have watched our agency begin to track the impact of a CASA in a child’s life. We have learned that through CASA advocacy, our children are meeting more of their educational goals. They are experiencing lower degrees of risk around their mental health and medical wellbeing. They are achieving higher rates of permanency. But most importantly, every child served by CASA is connecting with a stable adult who is helping them without ever being paid. For the last six years, we have been led by our indefatigable Executive Director Dilys Tosteson Garcia. During her tenure, we more than doubled the numbers served, we deepened our programming in all areas, and we made significant staff, technological and capital investments that have forever transformed our agency from one who serves the worst cases in the system to an agency that will one day serve every case in the system. We are a long way from getting there, but because of Dilys we are on our way.

And now, we will be continuing on that mission with a new leader at our helm. In October, Dilys retired from her position, and we have hired a new Chief Executive Officer to continue and expand her important work. Wendelyn Nichols-Julien comes to CASA with impressive leadership and advocacy credentials, most recently at the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), where she oversaw over 250 volunteers delivering program services. In addition, Wende is a foster and adoptive parent herself, and knows the challenges and joys of our work from the inside. We couldn’t be more honored by her arrival, and look forward to how she will elevate our agency and goals. Finally, in the last year, CASA of Los Angeles approved our next six-year strategic plan. In the next six years, we intend on creating community collaborations to better recruit and train volunteers across our diverse (and impossibly large) county. We are working to expand and enhance our marketing so that everyone in LA knows what a CASA is (and how they can become one). And we are determined to serve 3,000 children (triple the current number) by FY2022, so that one day, we might serve every child. We look forward to your thoughts and questions. And we invite you to meet Wende. CASA of Los Angeles intends to create a Los Angeles where every child in foster care has an advocate and the opportunity to thrive. With your help, we will. ■ Sincerely,

Louis Lucido, Chair, Board of Directors


2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

“SKECHERS is proud to support such an incredible organization that brings hope, stability, and security to so many deserving children.” Stacey Held, SKECHERS

C AROL’S ADVOC AC Y PAVED THE WAY FOR ABDUL TO FINISH HIGH SCHOOL When Carol Truscott was assigned to Abdul just prior to his 18th birthday, it became clear that education would be Carol and Abdul’s first priority. Abdul is developmentally delayed and has spent 12 years of his life in the foster care system. Due to physical abuse and the incarceration of his mother, Abdul was removed from his home. He is currently enrolled in a non-public school that he loved. While Abdul was well connected with his teachers and friends, it became clear to Carol that Abdul had not received assistance in making a plan for completing high school. Although he was taking classes, the school did not have him on a course to graduate with any diploma or certificate. Carol, despite knowing Abdul for only a short while, dived in to meet with his social worker, school, teachers and Abdul’s residential team to amend his Individualized Education Program (IEP) to ensure that it stated (and the team understood that) he would be working towards a certificate of completion for high school. Unfortunately, just after the IEP, Abdul turned 18 and was unable to stay in his current group home. Abdul was transferred to an area outside of the school district that he felt so connected to. Carol recognized how important it was for Abdul to have continuity in this particular school and advocated for Abdul to be able to remain in his school of origin, negotiating with the districts to provide continued transportation for Abdul from his new home to his school. Abdul is currently doing well in school and his new home, and is set to complete high school in Spring of 2017. ■

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


Gender of CASA Children

Age Range of CASA Children

Male 431 / 53.1%

Transgender 2 / 0.2%

0-5 6-11 12-17 18+

127 176 325 183

/ / / /

15.7% 21.7% 40.1% 22.6%

Female 378 / 46.6%


Court Assistance For over twenty-five years, CASA volunteers have provided “day-of court� advocacy for children and youth who are experiencing their first time in court, or are attending court without a guardian or escort. The Shelter Care program helps to orient foster youth to courtroom procedures, with volunteers escorting them to court appointments and hearings, and waiting for them throughout the day. For many youth, their time in court is a terrifying and vulnerable experience. Having a CASA volunteer attend the appearance can help alleviate their fears, and help them feel supported by an adult who has their best interests at heart. Last year, CASAs helped 4,123 children with this court assistance.


2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

The youth served by CASA/LA have entered the Los Angeles County juvenile dependency system because of abuse and neglect by their parents or caregivers.


Count of Participants

African-American Asian Caucasian-Non-Latino Hispanic/Latino Multi-Racial Native American Other Unknown

313 4 84 278 28 5 5 94

38.6% 0.5% 10.4% 34.3% 3.5% 0.6% 0.6% 11.6%




Court Location

Count of Participants

Antelope Valley



Monterey Park



FY2016 Court Assistants Marjorie Annapav May M. Arakaki Trudy Armer Bette Jo Babcock Kathy B. Johnson Gloria Bazis Judith Beckmen Pamela Bingham Christy Boardman Susan Brandler Paulette Fiorina Chulack Alyssa Gjedsted Lynda Hadjian Jena Jones Sharon Krischer Joan Lee

Joan E. MacLaughlin Michele Marchand Richard Martin Elois McGehee Catherine McMahon Michael Melon Jan Miller John Neill Christopher Ortega Ronald Sparks Mayra Valencia Robert L. Weaver Ronald W. Stewart Jean Ann Wilson Marie Zondler

Cases Closed That Achieved Permanent Placement Ranked Moderate to High Risk (n=98) 50%

44.8% 37.6%

40% Higher Risk Lower Risk

■ Baseline ■ Outcome


35.2% 23.7% 18.2%

20% 10%






0% Risk for Lack of Permanency

Risk for Lack of Education and Learning Development

When a case is assigned, both the Senior Program Coordinator and the CASA volunteer examine the case and rate the status and level of risk of the child on a baseline scale along the three core dimensions of safety, permanency and wellbeing, including physical, mental health, and educational status. The CASA then documents the initial

Risk for Lack of Mental Health and Social/ Emotional Development

Risk for Lack of Physical Health and Development

Risk for Lack of Safety

assessment related to these dimensions; the advocacy goals and plans; the degree to which the plan is then implemented; and at the time of case closure, the SPC and CASA once again assess the safety, permanency, and wellbeing of the child, resulting in outcomes measurements along those dimensions.

A DVO C AC Y OUTCOMES A ND PL AC EMENT S 811 CHILDREN IN FOSTER C ARE SERVED 298 C A SES CLOSED 172 C A SES ENDED IN PER M ANENT PL ACEMENT 58% OF ALL CLOSED CASES ACHIEVED PERMANENT PLACEMENT » 13% ADOPTION » 22% HOME OF PARENT » 11% LEGAL GUARDIAN » 5% TRANSITION/SUPERVISED INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM » 7% RELATIVE In FY16, CASA provided one-on-one intensive advocacy to 811 children in foster care in Los Angeles County in the areas of permanency, physical health, mental health, education and safety. Out of all cases served, 298 of them

closed with 58% of those achieving permanent placement lowering their risk of homelessness and increasing their chances of finishing high school and receiving the medical care they may need. ■

CASAs do five main things for abused and neglected children in foster care: • They investigate the child’s situation • They report their findings to the judge and others working on the case • They make recommendations based on the child’s best interest or needs • They advocate for the child’s interests – and the child’s interests alone-making sure he/she gets the services they need • They provide emotional support and attention so the child knows someone cares about them.

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


CASAs come from all walks of life with varying backgrounds that are not necessarily in education or child welfare. Many of our volunteers are working professionals while some are retirees who have committed themselves to CASA for at least two years to make an impact on a child’s life.

community members from Long Beach to Santa Monica, and Pasadena to Burbank, and Santa Clarita to Antelope Valley. In addition, CASA hosted more off-site trainings, while offering recruits weekend and evening online training options. CASA received and processed 514 volunteer applications that, once vetted, resulted in a total of 200 volunteers trained and sworn-in. In total, with the existing cases rolled over from previous years, 562 volunteers provided one-on-one advocacy to 811 foster children in LA County in FY16. â–

In FY2016, CASA held 139 information sessions throughout all parts of LA County in order to recruit as many volunteers as possible. With staff from the Outreach and Recruitment team assigned to segments of the county, we were able to reach





Count of CASAs

CASA Age Range













2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


Count of CASAs
















Caucasian NonLatino


55-65 66 and older








Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Latino/Hispanic






Native American












“The John Gogian Foundation has been supporting CASA of Los Angeles for nearly ten years because we not only believe in their impact on the foster care system, but also their work as champions for the most vulnerable children at its center.” Lindsey Stammerjohn, John Gogian Family Foundation

REGAN’S ADVOC AC Y HELPED JA M ARI REUNITE WITH HIS MOTHER When a CASA is first assigned to their child, they begin their work by getting to know the child and his or her situation. When Regan first met Jamari, who was five years old at the time, he had already been in foster care for several months and been part of a failed adoption. After he was removed from his mother’s care Jamari displayed extreme distress and violent behavior resulting in expulsion from several preschools. And even at such a young age, he had expressed suicidal thoughts. Regan promptly began advocating for a number of services regarding Jamari’s behavioral issues, secured his educational rights, and established placement stability for Jamari in a foster home. With his mother battling drug and alcohol addiction, it appeared Jamari would be permanently separated from his mother. However, Regan discovered that Jamari’s mother, Tera, was in fact seeking help for her addiction so that she could be reunited with her son. Tera was in a sober living facility and was actively making strides towards sobriety. Regan was so impressed with Tera’s resiliency that she asked the court to return Jamari to her care so that she could provide him with the emotional support he craved and to help him overcome his trauma. Jamari is now back living with his mother. His behavioral issues have vastly improved and he is currently thriving in first grade. ■

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T



FISC A L Y E A R 2 016

STATEMENT OF FIN A NC I A L P OSITION Assets Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable, current portion Grants receivable, current portion Contracts receivable Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total Current Assets Pledges and grants receivable, net of current portion Property and equipment, net Total Assets

2016 541,476 84,462 50,000 56,068 62,818 794,824

2015 710,664 157,735 25,000 26,441 50,099 969,939

50,000 668,505 1,513,329

50,000 711,779 1,731,718

LI A BILITIES A ND NE T A SSE T S Liabilities 2016 2015 Accounts payable and accrued expenses 144,470 128,655 Accrued wages and benefits 225,350 208,972 Total Current Liabilities 369,820 337,627 Net Assets Unrestricted 590,656 946,356 Temporarily restricted 552,853 447,735 Total Net Assets 1,143,509 1,394,091 Total Liabilities and Net Assets



2016 2015 STATEMENT OF AC TI V ITIES Unrestricted Temp Restrict Total Total Revenue Contributions 1,293,599 818,073 2,111,672 1,695,851 Government grants 212,746 212,746 205,541 Donated volunteer services 2,220,148 2,220,148 2,488,570 Donated rent and other 152,513 152,513 129,858 Gala event 1,222,872 1,222,872 1,192,262 Other special events 157,938 68,320 226,258 276,149 Other revenue 17,159 17,159 10,273 Total Support 5,276,975 886,393 6,163,368 5,998,504 Net Assets Released From Restrictions 781,275 (781,275) Total Revenue 6,058,250 105,118 6,163,368 5,998,504 Expenses Program services 4,759,290 4,759,290 4,754,585 Management and general 385,795 385,795 472,631 Fundraising 1,268,865 1,268,865 1,162,165 Total Expenses 6,413,950 6,413,950 6,389,381 Change in net assets (355,700) 105,118 (250,582) (390,877) Net assets, beginning of year 946,356 447,735 1,394,091 1,784,968 Net assets, end of year 590,656 552,853 1,143,509 1,394,091


2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

“CASA advocacy is an absolutely critical component to helping children in foster care receive the vital services they need and the attention they deserve.” Honorable Michael Levanas, Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles Dependency Court

SH A RON’S A DVO C AC Y TURNED JA ZZMIN’S LIFE A ROUND When Sharon first met Jazzmin, she was demonstrating extreme mood swings and was prone to intense outbursts, which had led to psychiatric hospitalizations, psychotropic medications, and physical altercations with peers and staff at her group home. Jazzmin also AWOL’ed frequently and performed poorly in school, and had been enrolled in special education due to her emotional disturbances. At the time, Jazzmin was 15 years old, and had spent her last five years in foster care after being removed from her home due to her mother’s substance abuse. Sharon began to spend a lot of time with Jazzmin. Though at first Sharon was unsure how she could help the young girl, slowly, as Sharon and Jazzmin began to build trust between one another, Sharon realized that Jazzmin’s behavior was changing and that her mental state had begun to stabilize. When Jazzmin agreed to go to a oneweek camp away from her group home, Sharon admits she was fearful everyday that the camp would call her to pick up Jazzmin. But that didn’t happen. Instead, when Sharon picked her up from camp, the counselors could not stop praising Jazzmin. Sharon realized that at camp, Jazzmin was not experiencing the triggers she had in her group home. Soon after, Jazzmin’s grades began to vastly improve, and Sharon was able to talk to her school to get her enrolled in general education classes. Jazzmin thrived and earned A’s in all her general education classes, graduating with a 3.8 GPA and earning the President’s Gold Seal academic award. She was also nominated by her teachers for the Pasadena Woman’s Civic League “Progress Award” given to one 8th grade student at each of Pasadena’s middle schools, and was recruited by the JV Basketball coach, who believes Jazzmin has the potential to receive a basketball scholarship. Now, Jazzmin is no longer on medication and hasn’t been for two years. She is beginning to look at colleges, something she had never thought would be part of her life. ■

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


F Y 2016 AC TI V E C A SA S Ernie Acosta Valerie Addas Matilde Aguilera Joseph Ahdoot Donnie Alexander Teo Alexander Kimberlyn Allen Sofia Ames Elizabeth Anderson Jim Anderson Minor Anderson Scott Anderson Tyrone Anderson May Arakaki Anita Aratow Manuel Arciniega Rosa Arevalo Robert “ Bert� Argo Barbara Arlow Christine Armenta Valerie Arribeno Samia Arslane Jennifer Arvidson Heidi Ashcraft Kimberley Askew Sarah Avalon Maida Aviad Bette Jo Babcock Ann Bailey Rebecca Bailey Bobak Bakhtiari Toni Balch Cory Bales Polly Bamberger Eve Banuelos Susan Barry Elizabeth Baxter Michelle Becker Cadena Bedney Christine Beilinson Mary Ann Bell Thomas Bell Jane Belzberg Erin Berman Jodi Berman Levine Jamie Bernards William Betts Aishwarya Bhave Louise Bieschke Renne Bilson Jan Black Janet Blair Roberta Bloom Neda Bolourchi Honor Boone Caitlin Bothwell Nichonda Boudreaux Karen Bowles Pamela Bowman Catherine Boyd Tania Bradkin Elsie Brain Nancy Brashears Kathleen Brennan Claudia Bright Amy Brown Barbara Bruner Sandra Buchholz Betsy Burch Paul Bustrum Karen Olson Butler


Leslie Button Nahtahna Cabanes Monica Caldas Jamie Camarena Joyce Campbell Robert Cannon Claudia Cano Linda Caravana Rosa Carreon Kamille Carruthers Jennifer Caudillo Andrea Cavanaugh Rita Cazares Summer Cervantez Wrenn Chais Joan Chlebowski Camrin Christensen Mary Cilic Sinead Clancy Cathleen Cobb Virginia Coffin Edward Cohan Stacey Cohan Julie Cohen Natalie Cohen Pablo Colmenares Kathy Compton Stephen Cooper Denise Cortes Joel Cortez Lauren Costa Kristy Cox Carolyn Craddock Michele Craig Adina Crow Jason Cruze Laura Cruz Patricia Cuocco Charles Currey Craig Curtis Angelina Da Costa Karen Darling Marion Darling Angela Daughtry Meghan Daum Janice Dautremont Mandy Denaux David Denning Cynthia De Nuno Robert DeRing Christie Diaz Karen Diaz Lucia Diaz Barbara Dixon Emily Dixon Charles Dodson Candice Dottin Susan Douglas De Anna Dove Melissa Dragge Gary Duboff Monica Duke Daniel Duncan Lesley Dunlap Mary Ellen Dunne Tashea Dunn-Stevenson Danielle Duran Linda Dutcher Julie Dwyer Sandra Edwards Sharon R. Ellingsen

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

Ronda Elsayed Beatrice Dale (Bebe) Emerman Julie Engelman Rosemary Enzer Beverly-Jo Farzin-Nia Ana Ferman Harry Finkel Carolyn Finkenbeiner Robbie Finnigan Paulette Fiorina Francine Fitzgerald Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens Anita Flores Aurora Flores Maureen Follingstad Luyani Fong Shirley Ford Catherine Foulkes-Sutton Linda Fredrickson Mary Freedman Betty Freitag Kathleen Fujiki Ranko Fukuda Kammie Furman Brian Gadinsky Dana Galen Nelson Galloway Siyan Gan Jan Garber Fernando Garcia Regina Garcia Rocio Garcia JoAnn Gardner Marc Garlett Allyson Gartside Jennifer Anne Gerich Lisa Gerson Robert Giffin Lindsay Gilchrist Sarah Girling Judy Gish Janet Gleason Betsy Gleijeses Phyllis Elaine Glock Christine Goddard Sherry Goddard Joyce Goldstein Deisi Gonzalez Dawn Goodman Judith Graham-Johnson Victoria Grandsoult Ariel Greenspun-Gale Cindy Greenwald Connie Grose Catherine Grosz Ronald Grover Sandra H. Guerrero Shari Gulian Donald Gustavson Cheryl Guy Lisa Guzman Patty Guzman Lori Haas Richard Halke Audrey Handelman Danielle Hanne Ana Hanson Kristin Haro Elton Harps Amber Hartgens Fiona Harwich

Maria Hassani Virginia Hatley Marcellina Hawthorne Andrea Hein Elizabeth Hely Sarah Henderson Kathleen Hennessey Karen Henry Naomi Hentschel Samuel Herod Michael Herron Susan Herron Laura Hertz Monica Hicks-Jenkins Katherine Hill Robert Hofland Abbe Hofstein Paula Rene Hollins Tammy Hong Christine Hood Elizabeth Hook Alice Horevitz Ricki-Beth Horowitz Mary Jane Horton Joel Howard Kristie Hubbard Vanessa Hubert Cynthia Hudley Ella Marie Hudson Robert Hurley Karen Ide Karen Ilich Grace Imamura Patriece Isaac Amy Jacobs Lynn James Ardelle Jarvis Dona Jeffery Sarah Jesse Anita Johnson Beverly Johnson Cymona Johnson Elisa Johnson Erin Johnson Kathy Barrett Johnson Nina Johnson Margaret Peggy Johnston Tiffany Joiner Delphia Jones Frances Jones Sallie Jones Susan Kandel Margaret Kaplan Patricia Kaplan Jenny Karns Melissa Kasek Brooke Kassap-Ritter Amanda Keenan Sherry Kelley Lisa Kelton Barbara Kernochan Patricia Key Angie Kim Faith (Young) Kim Edward Cameron King Karin Kingsley Linda Klein Linda Koch Ashley Koester Courtney Koester Mary Korsan

F Y 2016 AC TI V E C A SA S Cynthia Koudsi Susan Kowalski Jane Krantz Rebecca Krause Kathryn Krenz Gail Krieger Tina Kuah Maureen Kubli Daniel Kubrin Lori Kupfer Kali Lamarine Ming-huei Lam Sylvia Lardiere Jennifer Laughlin Lydia Lee Carol Legge Marsha Leibovici Maya Levinson Jennifer Linck Nicole Linkletter Rachel Lipp Stephanie Lira Paul Lister Roy Longman Karina Lopez Diana Love Fred Lowe Francis Loy Maureen Lucas Deepti Madan Melanie Makaiwi Kathleen Malaske-Samu Kathleen Malone-Biener Rebecca Mansdorf Melissa Maramba Teri Marias Cheryl Marino Jean Markarian Julie Markowitz Carol L. Marlowe Enrique Martinez Maria Martinez Richard Martin Chelsea McBride Jeanne McCollum Shannon McCone Taylor McCormick Nina McCullaugh Carolyn McGee Elois McGehee Rhonda McGonigle Sandy McGorty Carol McKee Pamela McKniff Wendy McLaren Catherine McMahon Anissa McNeil Shivani Mehta Jessy Melowicz Jamie Melzer Stacy Mengel Brianna Mercado Georgia Mercer Mareline Merlan Jose Maria Mesa John Meyer Judith Meyers Carol Meylan Samantha Millen Jan Miller Joseph Miller

(C O N T I N U E D)

Meagan Miller Nancy Miller Simon Miller Anne Mirisch Donald Mixon Deborah Moisio Leticia Mojarro Linda Mokler Michael Monte Canyon Moody Kate Moon Dianne Moonves Kristianna Moralls Lauren Moylan Molly Murray Peter Musso Judy Nagy Kathy Nauman Iryna Naumova Sherlan Neblett Martha Needelman Jeff Newman Kimberly Nguyen Vy Nguyen Steven Novak Johanne Oakley Timothy O’Donnell Judith Olson Justine O’Neill Christopher Ortega Carmen Paparella Noushin Parham Jill Parker Hethie Parmesano Toni Peck Dana Pehrson Emily Peraza Marilyn Perez-Garcia Robert Perkins John Peterson Marcy Pettitt Debra Phillips Melinda Pike Lynn Pittenger Leslie Podolsky Marci Pool Anthony Porter Susan Porter Tina Powell Patricia Preston Catherine Purse Mirit Rabinovitz Sheila Ramirez Marlene Rapkin Jessica Read Richard Saintcroix Redman Ellen Rehak Neil Reynolds Sondra Reynolds Judy Rezvani Amy Ricafranca Debbie Richardson Virginia Richie Mary Lynn Richmond Morgan Ricketts Roger Alan Ridlehoover Melissa Rios Edith Rivas Joshua Rivas Renee Rivera Jason Roach

Barbara Robertson Michael Rochmes Dayna Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez Adria Romero Jack Rosenbaum Marcia Rosenberg Ken Rosenblatt Judith Rosen Thelma Rosiak Charlotte Ross Petrina Ross Alissa Okuneff Roston Andrea Rothschild Barbara Roy Howard Rumjahn Rebekah Ruswick Karen Sachs Jerri Safron Alayne Sampson Helen Satorius Amanda Sattler JoAnn Schiff Vincent Schodolski Janice Schultz Helen Louise Schwartz Linda Schwartz Mary Beth Schwartz Paula Scott Abby Segall Erika Sellin Jason Sellnow Rebecca Sellnow Deena Semler Shameka Shaheed Julie Shamash Irene Shandell Gail Shaw Hawkins Lisa Ann Sheasgreen-Hall Eileen Sheiniuk Miriam Shenfeld Alfred Sicard Carol Sida Susan Siegmund Joanne Silva Lisa-Marie Silver Alisha Simms Paul Slavich Kiley Smith Leslie Smith Liza Smith Roxann Smith Cibennie Snaer Marion Snedeker Sandra Solis Ronald Sparks Carol Spiegel Sharon Stacey Glenn Stanford Liz Stauffer Ferrell Drew Steinberg David Stein Katheryn Steward John Stewart Kira Stiglich Julie Stockton James Stoecker Jonathan Stoeckly Stephanie Stricklin Virginia Stringer Michal Sudit

Suellen Symons Courtney Tallman Msgana Tamrat Isabella Tan Kim Tashman David Taylor Lynn Temple Laura Thede Jenna Thelemaque Sandy Thomas Vanessa Thornton Christa Toro Karen Joan Travis Carol Truscott Brad Tsai Kimberly Turner Toi Turner Sarah Ullman Rosa Valdes Ida VanderPoorte Kay Van Horn Michelle Estrada Vasquez Franco Vega Matthew Villasenor Roumiana Voutchkova Renee Wachter Mary Lou Walbergh Rebecca Waldera Jodi Walker-Lowe Istimah Wallace Phil Ward Douglas Ware J. Alan Warfield Gilmara Washington Robert Weaver Ilana Weiss Maureen Wharton Gina Whisenant Erika White Barbara Whitman Barbara Whittenburg Christine Wicksell Polly Widen Alison S. Wilcox Bill Willen Anita Williams Darnell Williams Doug Williams Francee Williams Melanie Williams Regan Williams Sonjia Williams Dawn Witte Leina Wong Andrea Worrall Danielle Wright Denise Wright Deborah Wyle Nancy Yadav Madeline Yarbrough Denise Yeh Carol Younger-Lewis Jean Youngquist Agnes Zamir David Zaro Molly Zbojniewicz Harold Zuckerman Betty J. Zupancic Tami Zussman

2 0 16 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


C A SA OF LOS ANGELES BOA RD OF DIREC TOR S F Y 2 016 James M. Rishwain, Jr. Chairman

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Frank Addante

Founding President Jacqueline Dolan

Rubicon Project Judy Beckmen Court Appointed Special Advocate Steve Bloom Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, L.C. Greg Collins PricewaterhouseCoopers Jeremy Davies, OBE – Retired Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers Brent Giddens Carothers, DiSante & Freudenberger LLP Deborah Greaves Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP Bruce Herron Retired Executive Jennifer Hinman Capital Group Companies Lynn James Wells Fargo Bank and Court Appointed Special Advocate Lynn McKenzie KPMG LLP Dan Nabel Riot Games Allyson Pfeifer Doubleline Capital LP Ray Randall Retired Executive Cristine Reynaert Rubicon Project Frances Ridlehoover Jensen + Partners AJ Safavi Morgan Stanley Wealth Management George Sapp U.S. Bancorp Fund Services Thomas Smith Oaktree Capital Management Anneli Stone W.M. Keck Foundation Thomas Turner Grandpoint Bank Ralph Walter Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors NanLan Ye Trust Company of the West

Rosa Arevalo Senior Program Coordinator Jasmine Bass Volunteer Services Coordinator Robert Berman Chief Financial Officer Melanie Berringer Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator Paul Blount Senior Program Coordinator Lesley Bois Antelope Valley Regional Director Marie Carpenter Individual Giving Manager Kerry Chow Accounting Assistant Camrin Christensen  Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach Director Caryn Cortez Senior Program Coordinator Tammy Dietrich Senior Program Coordinator Jesse Freeman Volunteer Services Assistant Lynne Gabriel Volunteer Services Director Tara Grand Special Events Manager Lauri Halderman Senior Program Coordinator Dan Hanley Chief Development Officer Linda Jones Senior Program Coordinator

Gabriella Lacayo Development Associate Sylvia LaMalfa Chief Operations Officer Aimee Leonard Senior Program Coordinator Adriana Lopez Senior Program Coordinator Maegan Mattock Senior Program Coordinator Carolyn McGee Senior Program Coordinator Kristen McGuiness  Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager Eleni Polakoff Senior Program Coordinator Natalie Poveda Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator Jeremy Remy Volunteer Services Coordinator Lauren Rodriguez Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator Joshua Saxelby-Valle ETO Help Desk Assistant Kendra Singer Senior Program Coordinator Simone Sterling Special Events Coordinator Michelle Struthers Quality Assurance Manager Josh Saxelby-Valle ETO Help Desk Jessica Vallejo Data and Reporting Manager

Louis Lucido Vice Chairman Edward Nahmias Treasurer

Doubleline Capital LP The Capital Group Companies (retired)

Lori Kozak Secretary Steve Carlston At Large Executive Committee

Fox Rothschild LLP NBC4 Southern California

Jean Youngquist Retired Principal, CASA Volunteer At Large Executive Committee

Chief Executive Officer Wende Nichols-Julien


For our list of 2016 funders, please visit:

casala.org/major-donors/ casala.org 201 Centre Plaza Dr #1100 Monterey Park, CA 91754

1040 West Avenue J, Room 1153 Lancaster, CA 93534-3329

(323) 859-2888

(661) 723-CASA (2272)

Profile for CASA of Los Angeles

2016 CASA/LA Impact Report  

2016 CASA/LA Impact Report