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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Energy in Healthy Self and Relationships Amazingly, people often lack natural energy, which is our life force and the key essential body ingredient necessary for helping us continue through life. When this energy is weak, the body goes through changes, which ultimately affect our emotions and thinking. This can cause breakdowns in relationships and in our health. Thus, it is essential to keep our energy flowing naturally in order to maintain healthy relationships and a healthy self. We have three chief elements that promote natural energy. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are essentially needed in order to keep us healthy. The upside is that most of our natural foodstuff provides us the three ingredients our body needs to stay healthy. The downside is that many people suffer from malnutrition that robs them of that energy source. We can reach and understanding of what each of the constituents mean to our body to help you appreciate the necessity of keeping the body full of energy. Carbohydrates for example are complex compounds or sugars that come in starchy foods. It forms in unison with various sugar classes. Carbohydrates then make up carbon classes, including oxygen, hydrogen and hydrogen classes combine with oxygen to form the proportion of water that our body needs to stay hydrated.

Fats compose carbon also, which make up oxygen and hydrogen. However, fats provide us with constituents from molecules that make up alcohol, fatty acids and other necessities our body requires to remain healthy. Proteins helps to heat the body and provides us with the basic need of coagulates. We see that all three nutrients are needed to keep the body full of natural energy. However, we also need exercise and other nutrients to keep the self-healthy and enjoy healthier relationships. When the body has what it needs it works in harmony with the mind to provide us a happier future. When the entity is happy, he or she can enjoy prosperous relationships because this person will make wise choices in choosing his or her relationships. By providing your body, the nutrients you need it will keep the body and mind strong. Since, carbohydrates provide us with glucose, which is responsible for maintaining the sugar level we can control illnesses, such as diabetes. In fact, when you maintain your sugar glucose level you can live a happier life while enjoying good health in relationships. Moreover, providing your body with natural nutrients and exercise will improve your life and relationships. When you exercise the joints and muscles can contract and relax naturally. When the muscles are, doing their job it sends proper signals to various channels throughout your body to keep it active. One of the main areas triggered by healthy muscle responses is the brain. Still, once you provide your body and mind with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you must

also work on building your relationship. One of the most effective ways to build a relationship is by working on your communication skills. If you use effective communication, you will almost, in every instance overcome many obstacles that slow you down despite where these obstacles are coming from. You must build the inner self through self-talk, meditation, practicing yoga or through other natural ways. Meditation alone will strengthen the mind and your body will feel at ease. This is because meditation encourages relaxation, which is something else your mind and body needs to stay healthy. You have the power within you to improve your overall health and life. Take some time today to visit the Internet and learn some of the best ways to get started. It is important to start as soon as possible. Dont be like many people in the world that use excuses to avoid good health or to make good decisions that will lead them to a happier future.


Redemptive Self,Personal Transformation & Visualization  
Redemptive Self,Personal Transformation & Visualization  

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