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6 Ways to Make Your Home Magical this Holiday Season

By Carpet One Floor & Home

Make the most out of the holidays by focusing on a few simple ways to ensure that your home reflects the magic and joyfulness of the season.


1. Plan a Signature Cocktail

The holidays are full of friends, family, and hosting. Planning out a signature cocktail to serve throughout the season not only saves a little time when you entertain, but it also is a sure way to impress your guests. For an extra special feel, consider purchasing a set of decorative cocktail glasses or keep an eye out at local antique shops to mix and match a set of vintage selections. Pair your glassware with a beautiful serving tray, and don’t forget to keep fresh garnishes on hand for an added touch of splendor.

2. Invest in a Show-Stopping Wreath

Handmade or purchased, hung indoors or outside, wreaths are a must-have during the holiday season. A front door adorned with a statement wreath not only acts as a first point of welcome for guests, but can also be used to set the tone for your holiday décor within the home. Wreaths can also be used to accent interior spaces, such as window panes, mirrors, or the backs of your dining room chairs. Go traditional with greenery or opt for a hardier display of pine cones and faux snow.

3. Make Mantle Magic

Mantles offer endless options, a clean, symmetrical slate that you can decorate any which way your heart desires. Whether your preference is an impressive display or more of a minimal vibe, there are limitless ways to create a holiday mantel that will leave a lasting impression. Find inspiration in nature building a simple base with beautiful green garland or decorative berry branches. Then add in a little height and sparkle with a scattered arrangement of candles. The mantle is also the perfect place to display your prized collections from Santas to nutcrackers to village house displays.

4. Let It Glow

There’s something so serene and magical about the glow of a Christmas tree at night. Expand on that sense of serenity by incorporating other sources of light throughout your home. Decorative holiday houses glimmering by tea light make a great centerpiece for your dining table, or the perfect complement to your mantle. You can use a set of string lights to weave a little extra sparkle through garland or to frame interior windows. You can even consider just adding a few more candles to your everyday display.

5. Curate the Perfect Wrapping Scheme

A well-considered wrapping scheme goes a long way, and here’s the secret. First, devise your desired aesthetic for the year. Are you drawn to a particular color, texture or pattern? Whatever it may be, choose your look and stick to it. Second, purchase all your wrap, ribbons, boxes, and bows in one fell swoop to ensure that everything feels cohesive. Last, keep it balanced by making sure you use all materials in even manner. Following this method will guarantee that your assortment of gifts under the tree will be (almost) too pretty to open.

6. Get a Little Quirky

It’s always satisfying to piece together the perfect curation of holiday décor, but let’s not forget the joy and laughter that each holiday season should bring. It’s okay to add a touch (or more) of quirky to the mix! Incorporate a cheeky holiday print designed for a laugh, vintage Santa lights strung for all to see, or even that tacky lawn inflatable that your kids love if you dare.