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Chapter 1 Hello, I am Lord Canterville, Simon Canterville I am Lord Canterville’s ghost. I am a terrible ghost, everybody is afraid of me. I am waiting for a new family. They are moving to my palace; Canterville Manor They are from America… Now, I am going back to my room to be ready to meet them….

here they are!

Let me introduce the American family. Mr. Hiram Otis, American Prime Minister, his wife, Mrs. Otis, a beautiful middle-aged lady. And their four children‌

Washington Washington is their first son, a good looking boy, fair, sensible, a good dancer. Lover of aristocracy. His name is quite patriotic: it is the name of the First President of the U.S.A.


This beautiful girl is Virginia. She is 15 years old. She is nice, lovely, sensitive, very good at riding

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes are the twins: very lively, unrespectful. Their name is the name of the American flag…but it is because they are often hit with a whip as a punishment.

Canterville House Here we are at last. Canterville Manor. It is a beautiful palace. The garden‌is huge and full of flowers and plants. There is plenty of space to dance ‌and to run

Mrs. Umnhey This old woman is Mrs. Umney, the housekeeper, a silly gossiper. She is in black with a white, silk apron and a white cap. She is waiting for the Americans .

the blood stain This is the library. Mrs. Otis shouts: What is that red stain on the floor? Clean it, please. Mrs. Umney answers: It is the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville, last wife of Lord Canterville. Sir Simon Canterville is her murderer and his ghost haunts this house. It is impossible to clean it.

Pinkerton’s Champion Stain remover Nothing is impossible for Pinkerton’s Champion Stain Remover and Paragon detergent! Voilà, the floor is clean!

A flash appears in the sky, and the thunder follows. Be carefull! There are going to be troubles tonight!

Chapter 2 Here we are! Good morning…Oh that stain again!

The stain re-appears. ….It’s me , Lord Simon. I paint it every morning

a noisy ghost It’s night. It’s time to go to bed. I appear: I look frightening! My eyes are red, my hair is long and grey, my clothes are torn, dirty and old.

Mr Hiram Otis

What are these noises in the corridor? They seem rusty chains!?! Let’s go and see…oh you look ill…This is for your chains: it is the Tammariny Rising Sun Lubricator. Good night

the pillow

The twins see me on the stairs

Ohhhh, what’s this? Let’s go away…. That’s the ghost. Throw him a pillow!

a very sad ghost Here I am. Thanks good there is the fourth dimension so I can disappear… I am very upset…it is the first time…barons, duchesses, rectors everybody is afraid of me. My skeleton, my apparition…these Americans are making fun of me… It’s time for revenge

Chapter 3

Another day begins …. The family at breakfast comments: This ghost is very impolite. He This ghost is not veryaccept impolite. does myHe does not accept my suggestions… suggestions…

And that ugly stain every morning appears again

Yes but this morning the colour is different…it is emerald green Let’s bet on the colour

only Virginia Poor ghost, he is so alone in this castle. He looks so sad

On Sunday night‌.a crash in the hall The twins say: Look! The armour is on the floor Washington adds: And the ghost is sitting on the armchair Mr Otis cries with a pistol in his hands: Freeze!?!

An armour

Virginis exclaims: He is passing throgh us‌.

the ghost’s laughter My laughter always frightens everybody

Mrs Otis looks at me: There, he is on top of the chair ……….

I start laughing …..but I cough Ah, ah, ah Cough, cough cough….

You are not fine, my dear. Try this. It’s Dr Dobell’s Tincture, it is wonderful for cold and cough!

The ghost runs into his room again Back in my room I start thinking: Oh, here I am again. How do they dare??? And my armour: it is to heavy for me now. I am too thin But I swear…I’ll frighten you with my ugliest disguises

I’ll kill myself with a dagger in front of Washington, that stain remover! I’ll put my chilly hand On Mrs. Otis’s forehead I’ll tell Mr. Otis the secret of the tomb

Sir Simon’s revenge…. ….and those horrible twins…I’ll sit on their chests and remain between them like a corpse…and I’ll move around the room moving my bones.

Virginia…no she is too nice and kind…

At midnight, in a stormy night

I walk to the twins room but an ugly spirit appears in front of me: he has a white, round ad fat face, a bald head and is grinning at me…

I run away, crying: Oh, what’s that! Who are you? Ah…….

The twins’ trick

But when I get back ….

Then I stop…..

No, I’ll go and speak to him. Together we’ll frighten everybody

Ah ah, the ghost is frightened by our fake ghost… What a trick! A ball, some cotton, a brush and a sheet frightens Sir Simon, the terrible Canterville ghost

Sir Simon’s menace I am furious. This is my menace to You, Americans…..

I’ll kill you before the cock sings twice

But the night the cock does not sing

Chapter 4 Here I am , alone in my room… I am so tired. I don’t paint the stain, I move around once a week without making any noise, I only appear at the window twice a month….But those twins continue with their tricks. OK, this is my decision: I’ll appear without my head in front of them

Hi, I’m Rupert the Headless I am going into the corridor, …here I am ,that’s the twins’ room….ahh…..what a cold ….. A bucket of cold water waters me completely And the twins laugh

Here I am in my room again…..and with a bad cold Fortunately my head was not with me….

The last trick Look at me….I am walking around in slippers , looking at the pictures of those Americans…how funny they are! Oh no those terrible boys again


Stars and stripes: BOOOOH

That’s Washington…what’s he doing? With that garden pump….Oh no, water again. Let me take the fourth dimension and disappear ….

The ghost gives up Stop, stop with the apparition. Let them have parties, and play hockey, and have picnics on the beach. Let the GREAT PRIME MINISTER work for the Democratic Party. Look! Virginia is horse riding with the young Duke of Cheshire‌. I know his grand-grandfather


Chapter 5 Oh, that’s strange. Why is Virginia going to this back side of the castle? Oh, her dresses are torn. Maybe she is looking for her mother’s maid… Virginia sees the ghost in his room Oh, it’s you, sir Simon. Don’t be depressed. Stars and stripes are leaving for the college tomorrow. So, your life will be peaceful.

I want to rest I: My job is going round and frighten everybody. Virginia: You are bad, a murder of your poor wife. I: My wife, ugly…and a bad cook too. Virginia: What about my colours? You paint the stain with my colours I: I have no blood….my blood is blue Virginia: Come with us to America. It’s fantastic. You can find a job there. My father can help you…

I: No. No I am too tired. I don’t sleep… Virginia: You have not a bed I: Yes, there is a place where I can sleep. In a garden, the garden of death. You can help me Virginia, because you are good. I want to find peace. A prophecy says that if an innocent child cries and prays for my soul, I can be free and rest in peace.

I’ll help you Virginia: I’ll help you Sir Simon: But it is not easy…you will see strange creature and hear terrible sounds… Virginia: I’ll come with you. Sir Simon: So, give me your hand and let’s go beyond the wall.

Virginia closes her eyes and their journey starts…

Chapter 6 It is teatime. In the sitting room the Otises are waiting for Virginia

I’ll come with you The Duke of Cheshire shouts and follows the Prime Minister.

Mrs. Otis: Where is Virginia, my dear? Mr. Otis: I don’t know. Mrs. Otis: Boys, do you know where Virginia is? Twins: No, mum Washington: That’s strange. She is always on time. Mr. Otis: I’ll go and look for her in the country

Mr. Otis: The gypsies are no longer here. Let’s send telegrams to the stations We can go to Ascot….


back at home The twins and Washington are waiting at the gate Stars and Stripes: Mum is on the sofa, she feels sickMrs. Umney asks : May I serve dinner, Milord? The Duke and Mr. Otis: We are not hungry, thank you. It is better to go to bed. Tomorrow morning we can start again to look for our dear Virginia. The clock strikes Midnight ‌ Suddenly‌.

The gift

Mrs. Otis: Oh dear…where are you coming from? Virginia….what have you got Virginia: I am sorry…. don’t worry…The ghost rests in peace now. This is his gift for me: a box of jewels. I’ll show you his room.

A tree in the garden of death Virginia leads her family through the corridor to the ghost’s room: there is a skeleton. Outside , in the garden, they see a tree full of leaves and flowers. Virginia: This is the room…poor ghost…without food and drink, without peace in his soul….

Mrs. Otis suggests: Let’s organize a funeral for poor Sir Simon Of course, he will rest here in our churchyard. Virginia: These are for you, Sir Simon, Virginia puts some flowers on the tomb. The Prime Minister says: We will give the box of jewels to the last Lord Cantervill. But the last Lord Canterville does not accept them: They are Virginia’ jewels, the Ghost ‘s gift for her….

Chapter 7

And Virginia now is wearing them. It is her wedding day. She is getting Married to the Duke of Cheshire. She is very elegant with Sir Simon's jewels. She is in front of the Queen. Virginia: Let’s go to Sir Simon tomb before Leaving for our honeymoon. I have some flowers for Him. The Duke: Virginia, what can you tell me about that night? Virginia: I can’t tell you anything my dear. Maybe I’ll tell out children…..

The wedding

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde  

a fairy tale for adults retold for children

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