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Carrot packaging operations


packaging operations

A Newtech multihead weigher and bagging system from Goldpack can play a central role in helping companies expand and improve the profitability of carrot packaging operations.

Carrots are an enormously versatile vegetable and extremely popular in the South African market. Sophisticated processing can help both farmers and retailers deliver high quality, accurately weighed and packaged carrots to market.

Goldpack can supply all stages of this processing line, from washers and polishers to graders, hoppers, weighers and final bagging options.

Carrots can be a challenging crop as they are sometimes broken when harvested and come in a wide variety of length and diameter. However, Newtech offers both length graders and the more sophisticated optical grader. Length graders will separate product based on size.

Optical graders will grade according to length and size and add an extra layer of quality control by repeatedly photographing the carrots, rejecting those that do not adhere to the required quality. Currently, graders can process between 10-15 tonnes per hour.

Hopper systems are used to ensure that the weighers are fed continuously. Newtec offers a vast range of weighers, from the small single head 1100 weigher to the 4014 14 head weigher and all sizes in between. These are firm favourites in the carrot industry, processing up to 75 portions a minute on some versions.

Bagging options for carrots include the handy Newtec

PB40, vertical wicketed, poly bagger, which will handle up to 2 kg packs. Horizontal bagging options are offered by Gillenkirch, using premade poly bags or bags supplied on a roll in either PP or Polyprop. Carrot packhouse systems can be designed for use with multiple crops, including sweet potatoes, swedes and potatoes. Goldpack will design, supply and install a system for the producer’s packhouse. All machines supplied by Goldpack are easy to use, reliable and easy to maintain.

They can achieve significant gains in efficiency and profitability while reducing the carbon footprint.