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Max Happe, Assignment 7 Dialogue Three guys stand around in a dining hall.

Guy 1: I love talkin about myself

Guy 2: I can tell

Guy 1: Yep

Guy 2: Yep

Guy 3 Yup

Guy 2 I’m going to Marley’s so I gotta go

Guy 1 OK, see ya Chance… Oh! (sees another friend, laughs)

Guy 4 I saw someone earlier and they said, Hi Batman

Guys 1 and 3


Guy 1 This is the second time I’ve seen you this week with the same shirt as me

Guy 4 (laugh)

Guy 3 I like the time

Guy 1 Yeah

Guy 4 I did a double winsor

Guy 3 When’s that performance start?

Guy 4 I gotta go now actually

Guy 3 Oh

Guy 4 Nice seeing ya guys

Guy 1 See ya Spencer

Guy 3 That was funny

Guy 1 yeah (move to couch to sit and eat)

Guy 1 Have you talked to Lucy again?

Guy 3 Not yet, I need to get a hold of her to get that project finished

--Conversation is overridden by a louder conversation—

Girl 1 Oh. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Girl 2 All their songs are like equally good

G 1 Mmhmm

---- Back to original conversation ----

Guy 3 I’m going to have to talk to her somehow. or fa…..

I mean there’s always email

Guys 3 and 1 facebook (laughs)

Guy 3 Have you…… what is that?

Guy 1 An olive covered in hummis

Guy 3 Why would you do…

Guy 1 It rolled off my salad but it’s all good

Guy 3 Have… Did you ever figure out ( trails off into incoherence)

Guy 1 Huh? (Eating with food in mouth)

Guy 3 I dunno

----- Girls yell again----

Girl 1 Oh my God!

Girl 2 I know right, he’s so hot!

--- Back to original conversation---

Guy 1 Double (laugh) Double, Deuces! (sings deuces)

Guy 1 I’m keepin it real, that’s definitely not something she’s doing

Guy 3 She’s got excuses

Guy 1 That’s right she’s already got these excuses set out

Guy 3 Yeah, but I mean…

Guy 1 But it’s wrong

Guy 3 That’s just how it is though

Guy 1 Yeah but that’s like so wrong that that’s accepted in out society

Guy 3 Fucked up man

Guy 1 Yeah, It’s like you hurt my feelings and you don’t care (awkward laugh)

Guy 1 I’m so glad you know how it is. – Hey don’t you have a Korean neighbor?

Guy 3 Yeah

Guy 1 Maybe we could do some math

------- This part of conversation is inaudible-------

Guy 3 How’s your brother?

Guy 1 I don’t know, I didn’t see him much

Guy 3

When did he come down? Guy 1 I don’t remember. He said he came down to check out college life. Do you know what I told him? Imagine the most stress you’ve ever had and no one cares.

Guy 1 Want some more insightful shit? Love is a lesson in loss. I said that! Just made it up. Did you see that video I sent you (laughs). I watched it like 20 times.

Guy 3 Has the internet been fucking up for you today? It has for me and its pissed a lot of people off.

Guy 1 I love winter. I love winter fashion. I’m bout to fuck this campus up. I bet Amsterdam is pretty fashionable.

Guy 3 Yeah, lot of black- black coats

Guy 1 How cold does it get?

Guy 3 not really bad.

Guy 1 How hot?

Guy 3 90s

Guy 1 Tornados, earthquakes?

Guy 3 Sometimes

Guy 1 These quotes aren’t very insightful. Life without music is a journey through the desert? Duh, I mean life without music isn’t life.

Guy 3 Yeah

Guy 1 They might as well put one up that says you can’t spell vodka without V or don’t fart down wind.

Dialogue Assignment 7  

Guys talking in a cafe lounge

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