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I am vicious and raw My edges are as sharp as samurai knife. The Singes and Sizzles on the grill are like beauty to my ears. I cut and slice through everything like a possessed murderer. I lay on the tablet, Waiting for my next victim. My blood shiny blade twinkles in the light, But after my cuts I'm stained in blood red I am vicious and raw I smell of flesh and blood, As many victims have seen my sharp side And my edges never dull. Always ready to cut through something And I always make the greatest cuts. I am vicious and raw And cutting will never end, And my blade will never dull I am the greatest chef's steak knife

They stare and stare at me, Their mouths watering as my body sizzles With a hard hit onto their plates. They greedily grab my sides And violently fold me in half! Their dirty eyes twinkle as a piece of me falls down Into the black hole of death. Another bite, and my pepperoni is gone! My greasy body lays on the white plate, Begging for survival. Their mouths are stuffed with my body parts And still they are ready to eat. But they don’t expect my secret weapon, A powerful explosion of jalapeno pepper! Victory is mine this time! The gaping jaw nears closer As my body is viciously grabbed. My peppers shine brightly Luring those gullible kids closer My last piece is thrusts into a greedy mouth And explodes with a fiery hot pepper! I have won! The remains of my body is thrown onto a plate with frustration. I have won.

The game is down to the wire. There is sweat pouring down my face And my opponent is gasping for air. The clock is stopped, frozen like an ice cube at the magic number 1. All we need is 1 Just 1 simple yard Just 1 simple yard to win the game of a lifetime. The Super bowl The crowd is dead silent like a lion waiting to pounce on its prey. The ball is snapped and hiked into the Qb's hands, I run away from the defender like a squirrel trying to get an acorn And the defender chases me like a cop running after the bad guy. While my body quivers and shakes as I make the biggest jump ever, And it seems if I am frozen in midair as the crowd stairs at me, Waiting to see if I will make the catch. My defender is just under me as the ball levitates toward me like a frizz bee. The ball nears closer as my hand reach out to catch it. It zips into my hands like a magnet. My defender smashes me hard into the chest and I flip upside down. We come down hard crashing like the twin towers. Everything is dead silent until the referee calls it, A touchdown The crowd explodes with applause and screams as if I have cured cancer I have won the Super bowl And now‌ I am officially the best videogame player in my house.

The costumes start selling The air starts to cool And candy shines heavily in everyone's eyes The ideas start blooming The candy stores blow up in business The houses are covered in bats and monsters And the trees pop in beautiful orange and red Pumpkins are out and look scarier than ever And everything is dark as if the world is dead School is crazy as the night nears closer Pumpkin paintings, Monster drawings, and orange and black cover the world Yes, it is almost time for thanksgiving

The way I watch you when your in the gardens Its like I'm mesmerized by something magical I'm wisped away in a daydream of staring The air is still and everything is calm as I watch you The way I watch you in when your asleep Its like a magnetic pulling my eyes closer My mind is stunned and there's happiness everywhere The earth feels still and everything is quiet as I watch you The way I watch you when you play with me Everything is peaceful, the earth even is Your high energy calms the earth somehow And everything is filled with happiness as I watch you   

Sam K  

I am vicious and raw I smell of flesh and blood, As many victims have seen my sharp side And my edges never dull. Always ready to cut throug...