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CAPTURING BUDA FROM THE TURKS The painting was made in order to show the war scene of 38 thousand men marching into the city of Buda trying to free it from the Turks. Whilst analysing the painting, I managed to come up with connotations that reflected on war, grief, social class and sadness. I felt that the perfect concept for the painting would reflect on these connotations and create a narrative of an ongoing war scene. The animation is structured by the camera movement. The camera guides the viewer through the different sections of the animation and then ends the animation by panning out until the whole canvas is shown. Throughout the animation you see what is expected in most cases; men on horses that are animated to move the way a horse

moves, a woman cooking, people fleeing, smoke drifting, bombs being shot and even workers doing their job. However I decided to add something that you wouldn’t expect which is at the end of the animation where the church lifts off into the sky: representing a rocket. This decision was made in order to engage the viewer leaving them to question the decision made. I could have improved the animation in several ways; making sure that the figures were cut out accurately, adding more action to the painting such as a herd of horses in the middle running towards the town, making figures move more realistically and in general- adding more action. Overall I feel that I performed well considering the effort I put in but if I had more time

then I would definitely approach the improvement points that I have stated above in order to improve the animation to a better standard. Script TITLE: Capturing Buda from the Turks 00:00 Men on horses talking whilst horses move. Man blowing horn. 00:05 Camera pans up. 00:08 Minions running. 00:10 Camera pans up. Bombs being shot into the city of Buda: some slow, fast high and low. 00:14 Camera pans to the left. Fire animating. 00:16 Camera pans down. Men doing their job. Bombs being shot into the city of Buda. Woman cooking. Civilians trying to escape. Decisions being made.


00:26 Camera pans up. Bombs being shot. Bombs blowing up in the smoke. 00:28 Camera pans out to show full canvas. Smoke drifting across top of the canvas. 00:36 Church lifts off into the sky. 00:40 Sources title. END.