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The Women of Cambria

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The Women of Cambria


Cambria celebrates the contributions of women in the workforce. Pictured: Women of Cambria, Belle Plaine, MN

Women have played an integral role in the manufacturing industry for centuries by bringing their perseverance, innovation, and problem-solving abilities to the workplace. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, women were the driving force behind the textile industry and were critical contributors to the war efforts in both WWI and WWII, providing vital prowess and dedication to the manufacturing functions at stateside factories throughout the war years!

Additionally, the women of both those wartime eras were critical to the advancement of the agricultural industries of the times. Over the years, women have continued to make significant contributions to manufacturing from operating machinery to making major contributions to agriculture industriousness, and really all critical aspects to the American work life.

Today, companies benefit enormously as women help create a robust and diverse workforce, foster creativity, and boost productivity. Research finds that many women, our moms and sisters, share their detail-oriented, organized, and natural multitasking nature to the great benefit of the workplace. Women in the workplace also greatly enhance desirable, team-building skills and are empathetic communicators and listeners.

It’s clear by the numbers that Cambria benefits from the many women we employ across all work functions throughout the company. Company-wide, women make up over a third of Cambria’s workforce. That’s quite remarkable when one recognizes that women remain still today the bedrocks of household culture in American life, often leading the critical child-rearing aspects of family, and as the family’s most celebrated caretaker in the nurturing paradigms of family life.

Even so, over 30 percent of Cambria operations—106 women at the Slab Manufacturing Facility, with over 60 percent of our sales field, and 50 percent of our corporate service employees are female. Cambria’s relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the adoption of technological advancements in engineering and manufacturing— and many of those critical roles are so aptly being filled by women.

For Quality Control Lead Rachel Braun, her background in the medical field helped refine her skill for detecting when something is off. “I discovered I don’t have the stomach for nursing,” says Braun. “But I’m really good at details and investigating product imperfections. I’m also a mom, so I’m used to being flexible and shifting gears when necessary.” As a mom, Braun appreciates Cambria’s block scheduling at the Slab Manufacturing Facility. She says, “I get to have full-day adventures with my son on weekdays when places we want to visit are open and less crowded.”

Lisa Martinez values Cambria’s support of her “main job” as a parent too. She’s on the Slab Manufacturing Facility’s custodial and maintenance team and says, “When my kids are sick, I’m told my kids should come first and I’m always asked how I’m doing.” That understanding and acceptance at Cambria go beyond employees’ family obligations. Martinez says, “People here don’t separate into racial groups. No matter what race you are, everyone is accepted.”

Senior Market Representative Jennifer Prins’ role in sales is characterized by daily interactions with fabricators, home builders, remodelers, kitchen and bath designers, pretty much any potential buyer of Cambria, many of whom work in mostly male-dominated industries. But Prins says, “All that matters is that I walk in with knowledge my customers need, or a willingness to learn. It makes my day when a customer calls me for a solution and then says, ‘I knew you’d be there for me.’ That’s the kind of thing that sets Cambria apart.”

Laura Lott, a Market Representative in Texas is expecting her first baby this summer. She says, “Cambria has given me the resources to achieve my goals, and the flexibility, support, and understanding a woman needs to feel confident about my ability to be successful as a new mom.” At Cambria, working Moms like Laura, raising kids with hardworking husbands alike, abound and flourish throughout Cambria.

Women of today in America successfully balance their career with family life like never before, leveraging both aspects of their lives for personal growth, family joy, and career fulfillment. And the women of Cambria are supported and encouraged to bring those unique experiences and skills to drive the company forward in so many ways.

Recent statistics indicate a job market shifting back toward women over these recent years—with kids back in school and “normalcy” returning to family life. Women’s ability to work and partner in leading families as grandma, mom, sister, wife, is a testament to their strength, knowledge, and passion and in doing so they remain unique and vital contributors in shaping the future of US manufacturing and the industriousness of American business in the 21st century. Increases of women in the American workforce has been a critical factor to ensuring a healthier economy, more diversity in industry, and ultimately a stronger America. Cambria is proud to participate in what has become the most diverse and productive workforce in the world, as the “good old USA” continues to thrive and flourish, largely as a result of our skilled, dedicated, and dynamic workforce. ✦

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