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Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Albert Einstein

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars……… Out here we is stoned... Immaculate! Jim Morrison

These Dudes Opinion… What a crazy couple months we have experienced.. The Weed world is an ever changing roller coaster of a ride these days. Much like the wild west where the rules seem to be changing to suit the situation at hand. But the fact remains that as of today Marijuana is still illegal in most states and as far as the Federal Government is concerned. Out here in Los Angeles, The Marijuana Capital of the World, most of us have realized that we have the key to the Kingdom, the answer to all our problems right here and it is Marijuana LEGALIZED! And we are moving in that direction and we are not stopping until we get there. Have no fear, the genie is out of the bottle and no one can put it back in now. It‟s inevitable. Marijuana will be legalized eventually from sea to shining sea. Now we are attempting to change the game in the world of XXX by melding weed and porn together. Where once we were told it was completely out of the question, we see more and more everyday that philosophy is changing. Our latest XXX model Angelina Valentine has given us a big boost in credibility in the battle and you will be seeing a lot of her in the future working side by side with Cali Chronic X. We are forging new paths and people are paying attention. People like Johnny V from Skunk Magazine where the latest issue had a piece on US ~ Cali Chronic X and how we are providing a different kind of perspective on marijuana, porn and the people who love it. We are the Peterson brothers, and we have been activists almost as long as we have been stoners. And we are honored to be featured in the last issue Skunk Magazine, to be recognized by one of our peers as players in the worldwide movement but not to sound full of ourselves...It‟s about time. And to all those doubters, haters and late comers to the game who want to discount our contribution or call us pornographers we have been involved in this movement for a long time . We have worked side by side with the pioneers in the HEMP movement Richard Marsella, Buddy Duzy, MaGee, Richard Eastman and of course Jack Herer. So before you start putting your opinion in the mix do a little research on the history of this movement. And if you have not researched then you don‟t know Jack. So enjoy the latest issue and we send our congratulations to Sativa Grace who has been named the Cali Chronic X Official “Chronic Girl” for 2011. She has shown us her desire to be a active part of the move-

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Fashion Show At Playhouse In



Ziggy Marley was amazing as always


The 420 Comic entertains (above) Angelina Valentine was there with Cali Chronic X, Twista Jaye and Rasta enjoy the comedic styling of The 420 Comic

5642 Hollywood Blvd

323–798-4813 Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to hangout that you could not only medicate but drink a beer, see some entertainment and chill with some down ass peeps. A place where you can go after the clubs close. Well Marijuana Activist NJ Weedman has delivered just such a place and it is right next to The Temple for convenience. Open from 10pm to 4:20am 7 nights a week. And tell em we sent you!! Jah Bless


This Issue we have been blessed with the presence of our dear friend Gina Castro aka Green Goddess. She is a staunch supporter of the Legalization of Marijuana, an advocate for MMJ Patients and Caregivers relationships and to be frank with you a HUGE STONER with lungs of iron and last but not least a hot , sexy and vivacious woman who represents the movement with class and dignity. So smoke 2 for the Goddess and 2 more for the hell of it!!

Coming Next in Issue 19 Just in time for the Harvest Cup

Darling Darla “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs�

Albert Einstein

CDCR Ordered to Reduce Prison Population The Supreme Court has ruled the crowded conditions of the California penal system to be a direct result of overcrowding. That may not be news to you, however, what you may have not known is that the Supreme Court has now demanded that the California penal system reduce it's prisoner population by 200%. But will murderers and ill behaving gang bangers now be running the streets!? "Tough-on-crime policies have crowded prisons so severely with people convicted of nonviolent offenses, including drug possession, that they are not only unsafe and overly costly, but also a net negative for public safety." "By reducing the penalty for drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, for example, the state would save $450 million a year and reduce the prison population by more than 9,000. I can only imagine the impact this ruling will have on the state of California. A decrease in state spending and an increase in the amount of otherwise law abiding citizens being back home with their families and lives. Sometimes the Supreme Court does come in handy, eh?

Beverly Hills Woman Accused of Smuggling 7K Lbs of Marijuana on Family's Private Jet, Wants Leniency She's sorry. So sorry. Lisette Lee, the Beverly Hills woman who used her family's private jet to smuggle 7,000 pounds of weed to the non-medical state of Ohio pleaded for sentencing leniency this week, saying in a letter to a federal judge that she is ...... shocked and appalled at the devastation caused by drug usage, and cannot even begin to express how sick I feel inside for even having danced around the fringes of this world, ignorant as to its relentless destruction. We're going to guess the judge might not be enamored with the wording "danced around the fringes." Smoking a joint is dancing around the fringes. Being friends with Charlie Sheen is dancing around the fringes. Going to a Cypress Hill concert is dancing around the fringes. Flying $3 million worth of chronic is being a core part of "this world." Just sayin.' Lee could face 10 years to life for the smuggling operation, and she has already served about one. That time, she says, has opened her eyes to the "ruined victims of drugs." Her attorneys argue that the time she's already served is enough, especially in light of the fact that marijuana is quasi-legal in Lee's home state of California. They also allege that co-defendant David Garrett enlisted her in the smuggling scheme "because of her naivety and her access to her family's private jet," according to Associated Press' Naivety. Let's fly bricks of this federally outlawed, schedule 1 drug across state lines and claim naivety. Good luck with that, Lisette. [AP].

Porn And Condoms: Cal OSHA may be Requiring Condoms in Adult Video As the state of California seemed poised to hoist condoms upon every penis in the porn industry, the adult game has been kicking and fighting every step of the way. A major step came Tuesday when representatives of the state's Division of Occupational Health and Safety (Cal/OSHA) came to L.A. to discuss proposed changes to workplace contact rules with industry reps. The tan, buff and madeup faces of porn's red-carpet elite were in force and challenged Cal/OSHA officials on the possibility of mandatory condoms. The meeting at downtown's Caltrans building was packed with more than 150 people. Even with a new rule that would make condoms mandatory in porn, Cal/ OSHA chief counsel Amy Martin told the crowd having unprotected sex on-set "is not currently legal in California. It is not currently legal in the United States of America ... When you go to work and have unprotected sex" it "is not permitted.” "You are supposed to be sent to the doctor after the incident ... and that's not happening," Martin said. People in the crowd asked if, under law, they were supposed to have to see a doctor after each sex scene, and Martin said yes. A woman who identified herself as a performer said, "You guys are discussing what I need to do with my own body." Another brought up mixed martial arts fighting, legal in California, which exposes fighters to blood nearly every bout. Cal/OSHA has been interpreting federal workplace safety laws, which ban exposure to blood borne pathogens, as meaning that condoms are required in porn. In fact, Cal/OSHA has already cited companies as Larry Flynt's Hustler video for failing to use condoms. The division has been egged on by the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which has been lobbying the state, county and city to enforce rules that would protect workers from blood borne pathogens. In other words, the AHF is behind this move toward condoms in porn. The Valley-based industry, which generally requires regular STD testing for performers, says people won't buy condom porn, and that such a requirement would send production out-of-state and underground, where things would be less safe. As it is porn is claimed to be a $14 billion a year industry. The question today whether Cal/OSHA should come up with specific language mandating condoms in porn rather than relying on its interpretation of blood borne-pathogen rules. That question won't be answered for months. But this was a forum for the industry's workers to weigh in. As some in the audience noted, only major porn studios get monitored and cited as it is. (And they remain defiant, soaking up fines as the price of doing business). Underground shoots, which are often much less safe, and sometimes involve unknown performers, seem to skate. Performers asked questions like whether kissing and spitting would be covered by the new rule (no, Cal/OSHA officials said). Later, porn star Darryl Hanah XXX told a couple reporters gathered around her, "This is really a witch hunt against the state of California's porn production companies." According to an Associated Press account, performer Nicki Hunter said the new rule would mean that she and her porn star husband of 13 years couldn't have sex on-camera without using a condom. "If I wanted to have sex on camera with my husband without using a condom, I couldn't do that?" she asked. Hanah XXX, also in a 12-year marriage with a male porn star, said she planned to produce a messy, "splash" video involving lots of sperm, just to defy Cal/OSHA

“Give me liberty, or give me death”

Patrick Henry

Bath Salt is the New Cocaine Bath salt can be 'done' off mirrors too. Charlie Sheen can put this in his briefcase and not even have to worry about authorities: Bath salt. That's right, bath salt is the new cocaine and offers intense highs, hallucination and energy and feelings of anger. Yay! What's not to like? The bath tabs that contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) can be broken up and snorted just like coke, too. (Talk about killing two birds with one stone: Get your sexy salt bath on and party like a porn star at the same time). But ... (cue Debbie Downer), U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer wants to ban these particular products after poison control centers in California and elsewhere reported getting calls from bath-salt overdose victims. "These so-called bath salts contain ingredients that are nothing more than legally sanctioned narcotics, and they are being sold cheaply to all comers, with no questions asked, at store counters around the country." The DEA issued a warning about the salts last month. Because if you want to keep kids in the dark about hot new drugs, announce to the world that they're available legally. "It's appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet," toxicologist Dr. Josef Thundiyil of the Orlando Regional Medical Center told Time magazine. There you go. Now stay away (from Bed Bath & Beyond -- they don't have it). Morbid thought: The first celebrity to overdose on this is going to be really embarrassed. (What did he do? Bath salt, man).

Marijuana App Coming to an iPhone Near You It always amazed us that, in a world where marijuana is sup-

posed to be medicine, so little is known about what, exactly, different strains and types do to your membrane. Sure, there are buds named for Chuck Norris and Michael Phelps, and your friendly, neighborhood dispenser will tell you this or that weed is really for a head high (versus a body high). Hmm. Well, one tech company is promising that it can use facial-recognition-like technology to take a look at your bud, tell you what kind it is, and recommend similar strains you might like. It'll even direct you to a pot shop. Not exactly your local pharmacist, but pretty amazing. And the folks behind say it's coming to an app near you. CEO Jason Draizin: StrainBrain is breaking new ground for the medical marijuana industry. It combines the latest technology to give patients a new level of visibility into their medicine, letting them know exactly what strain they have, and helping them find a legal source to purchase it from. What's most interesting about the technology, which so far is web-based only (you go to their site and upload a pic of your favorite bud) is that there's also a feature that will let you input your ailments: It will spit out strains that could work for you.

Medical Marijuana Nationwide? A Lawsuit Wants to Force Feds to Say Yes to Pot Marijuana advocates filed a suit in a U.S. Circuit Court today to force the Obama administration to answer a petition that seeks to have the federal government recognize cannabis as a drug with acceptable medical uses. The suit wants the court to order the administration to answer the original request within 60 days. This after nine years of stalling on the matter, according to California NORML, which is party to Monday's suit. If the coalition of pro-pot organizations is successful, marijuana would be taken out of the federal Schedule I category -- the group of outlaw drugs with no legitimate uses, to which cocaine doesn't even belong -- and, presumably, made available as a medicine from coast-to-cost. Wishful thinking? According to a statement, the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis says the administration (first Bush's, now Obama's) never responded to its 2002 petition to reschedule marijuana, "despite a formal recommendation in 2006 from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the final arbiter in the rescheduling process." The case has been going on so long that one of the patients named as a plaintiff has died, according to the coalition. Joe Elford, lead counsel on the writ and Americans for Safe Access' top attorney, says: The federal government's strategy has been delay, delay, delay. It is far past time for the government to answer our rescheduling petition, but unfortunately we've been forced to go to court in order to get resolution. Monday's filing accuses the government of "unreasonable delay." " ... Ample evidence of its [pot's] therapeutic value exists based on scientific studies in the US and around the world," states the coalition. It also notes that synthetic THC has already been classified as Schedule III. California NORML director Dale Gieringer: It is unacceptable for seriously ill Americans to wait a decade for their government to even respond to their petition for legal access to medicine to relieve their pain and suffering. The government's unreasonable delay seriously impugns its competence to oversee Americans' health care. The administration should act promptly to address its obsolete and bankrupt policy in accordance with President Obama's pledge to put science above politics.

We don't need to stinking app to tell us Chuck Norris kicks ass. Wow. Talk about playing doctor. If this involved anything but medical marijuana -- antidepressants, say -- and this might be asking for legal trouble. Anyway, the news here is that there will be an app for that. At least according to the folks behind BrainStrain, who state that a "mobile-based app ... will be available at the iTunes store later in 2011." Um. It's called the App Store. And we'll see.


Osama's Weed Garden Found

Osama Bin Blazin.'??

This could maybe explain Osama Bin Laden's pipe dreams of taking down the might United States: Turns out there was a marijuana garden growing next to his compound in Pakistan. CNN's Nic Robertson (via Huffington Post) came across it while touring the residential grounds with his camera crew. What gives? Could just be a neighbor's freelance grow. But there has been some conjecture that maybe bin Laden needed to toke because he had suffered from kidney failure. In any case, if it was some of that strong, Michael Phelps shit, it could explain why the terrorist had delusions of grandeur. (Or is that cocaine that gives you a big head and makes you talk too much?). Jeez, was bin Laden just the terrorist version of the stoned surfer at the party who really wants you to know about how he tore up all these secret spots south of Ensenada last summer and then almost got busted by the federales on the way back? (Snore). CBS News is reporting that Los Angeles was on a short list of cities Osama wanted to attack, according to leaked info that agents gathered from the compound. Wouldn't be ironic: He wanted to harm the original land of legal medical marijuana? (Well, to be fair, the Middle East is the birthplace of marijuana, but you get what we're saying). It's a strange scene, that terrorism. A guy like bin Laden was raised with the kind of wealth and resources that were made possible by American-style capitalism (and, in a way, Western cash), and he might have even smoked dope, all Golden State-like, but still, he hated us to the core.

Former Top 10 Pick Rodney White Arrested For Growing Marijuana Rodney White, the college star who put UNC Charlotte in the NCAA Tournament a decade ago then was the No. 9 pick of the Detroit Pistons in 2001, has been arrested, according to the Charlotte Observer (via SLAM). The charges are pretty serious — “managing what investigators called “an elaborate” marijuana-growing operation in Alexander and Iredell counties” according to the report. “During the search, an elaborate underground bunker was located, where detectives found a hidden marijuana grow room,” Redmond said. Based on that discovery, agents got a search warrant for a residence on Montibello Drive in Mooresville. Redmond said detectives found more than four pounds of marijuana; an assortment of firearms; grow lights; planting materials; and other items used to grow marijuana. White played four seasons in the NBA with the Pistons, Nuggets and Warriors, plus played some in Europe and Asia after his NBA career ended. He is being held on $50,000 bail

Colts Player Arrested On Marijuana Charge Javarris James Arrested In Florida INDIANAPOLIS -- A Colts running back has been arrested in Florida on a marijuana charge. Javarris James, 23, was pulled over Thursday night in Fort Myers, Fla., on suspicion of driving with car windows that were too darkly tinted, police said. According to a police report, officers smelled marijuana in the car and found a bud in the center console, along with several pieces of pot on the floor. James was arrested and preliminarily charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. James, who's from Florida, played in a total of 10 games last season, scoring six touchdowns. He's the cousin of former Colts star Edgerrin James

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Cop Testifies in Chris Simms Marijuana Case Unemployed quarterback Chris Simms was so high on marijuana when he was busted in New York City this summer, a police officer said his tongue went numb off the weed‟s aroma, according to testimony Thursday. In a Manhattan court Thursday, NFL free agent Simms pleaded not guilty to charges he drove his car while high on marijuana. Simms, the son of former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, was stopped at a Manhattan DWI checkpoint in July. Police say the quarterback slurred his speech and told them he had been smoking marijuana. Arresting officer, Francisco Acosta, said he smelled an extremely strong marijuana odor coming from Simms' 2009 Mercedes. „„My tongue got numb," Acosta testified in regard to the powerful nature of the smell. The Manhattan DA says it has evidence that includes arresting officers' claims that Simms refused to take breath, blood and coordination tests and made selfincriminating statements. "I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier. I took four puffs," Simms told cops when he was pulled over, according to court papers made public in August by the DA's office. Simms' driver's license has already been automatically revoked, pending the outcome of the case, because of his refusal to submit to a urine test. The 29-year-old has struggled to find a roster spot after being let go by the Tennessee Titans prior to the start of the 2010 season. Simms, a 2003 third-round pick out of Texas, has played in just 23 games in five NFL seasons compiling a meager 69.1 passer rating.

Timberwolves' Beasley Popped For Marijuana Michael Beasley is in hot water. Police say the Minnesota Timberwolves forward was stopped for speeding and possession of marijuana last week in a Minneapolis suburb. Beasley was stopped early on June 26 while driving on Interstate 394. Police say the 22-year-old was clocked at 84 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone, and that the officer on duty detected a strong odor of marijuana after Beasley was stopped. The report adds that the officer found more than 16 grams in the car, though Beasley contended the marijuana belonged to a friend. He drew a misdemeanor fine of $128 for the possession. The Timberwolves said they could not comment on the incident due to the ongoing lockout between NBA owners and the players' association.

There have been quite a few BAD GIRLS in the XXX Industry but none have been as wild as this native Kentucky Girl. With a brazen Attitude and a penchant for fun and adventure, She is a true party Girl!!

What do you get when you cross Angelina Jolie with the Notorious Gangster Nicky Valentine?

Photos by Dagwood Pictures by Dagwood

One Hot Sexy Ruthless Bitch Aka

Angelina Valentine

8 ~ ~ ~

“I’m really a rocker to the core, while I do like Drake and Miguel makes me wet, my favorite bands are Slipknot and Slayer”

Her Venezuelan blood and her Italian passion mixed with being born and raised in Kentucky makes Angelina an exotic temperamental fiery unpredictable bundle of 100% pure dynamite. She is just as happy in the hood as she is in an exclusive Rodeo Dr. shop. But make no mistake Angelina Reps the Dirty South like the rebel she is and she will always keep it gangster for her fans. She is Ride or Die!

Angelina Valentine

Angelina Valentine

An Exclusive Interview with Reggae Legend by Judah DENNIS ALCAPONE (aka Dennis Smith) is one of the foundation artists who helped launch a fledgling "Reggae" music movement in Jamaica in the early 1970's. Both Dennis Alcapone and U-Roy are the premier break-through deejay-toasters who helped to make the deejay genre an accepted style of reggae worldwide. In a business where the word 'legend' is trashed around quite easily, Dennis Alcapone is every bit a true legend. Dennis is well revered and respected by peers and fans. His sweet rhythmic catch-phrase lyrics always put audiences in a great mood and leave them wanting more. Dennis Alcapone's ska, rocksteady and reggae sound will pump freshness into the USA music/reggae scene. It is great this deejaytoaster legend has entered the arena. CCX: You are one of the early pioneers of the deejay style in reggae music. What are your proudest accomplishments? There are a number of things but winning DJ Of The Year in 1971 and 1972 plus bringing Bob Marley on stage at the Empire Ball Room, 1974 in London, UK are highlights in my musical career. CCX: How has the music scene changed throughout the years? DA: There are a lot of changes in the music since I started in the '60's. The rhythms have changed every decade. And so are the deejay and vocal styles. The music has changed over the years because people do and say anything on records. In my days of recording in Jamaica you could not do that. CCX: What was the music scene like in Jamaica when you were growing up? And what influenced you to start deejaying? DA: When I was growing up in Jamaica there was more love and more tolerance in the music. People had a great time in the dancehalls. U Roy and some influence. I deejayed on my sound system El Paso and that pushed me towards recording for Heith Hudson, Studio One, Due Reid, Treasure Isle and Bunny Lee on Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica. CCX: How did the name Dennis Alcapone come about? DA: I got the name Dennis Alcapone from my friends after watching an Al Capone movie starring Rod Steiger. On the way home from the movie we were acting out scenes. My friends called me Dennis Alcapone and it stuck from then. CCX: What are your views on the cannabis plant in general? DA: Weed is good for meditation and also medication. But like all things do it in moderation. Also keep it away from children.

Ev Ever eryth erything ything420 A Social Network For Us

CCX: What are currently working on? DA: I am working on compiling a CD set of some of my old tracks. There isn't an official release date. But hopefully it will be out for Fall Tour Barry D.I.A is working on for other USA markets... CCX: You are going to be playing a few Global Rovk Showcases in California mid-June 2011! What can we expect from your live performances? DA: People can expect the real ska, rocksteady and early reggae boss sounds from someone who was a prat of the scene. I am looking forward to my three shows in California: San Diego June 16 at Worldbeat Cultural Center; June 17 at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach and SNWMF June 19, 2011. They are going to be the Boom. Dennis Alcapone only performs one way and that is good. Veteran Lovers Rock star Winston Reedy will be doing vocals to my songs. We are bringing the real boss sound to California. CCX: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and the people of the world? DA: To my Fans come out in your thousands. And you don't want to miss this. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you do. A that Mi Say. The people will be asking for more. And these three shows are a prelude to more shows later in the Fall. Big-up Judah, Jeffrey Peterson, D.I.A and all who are supporting: Quinto Sol (backing band), Arise Roots, Amalgamated Ska, Kingston A-Go-Go, Reg-A-Matic crew, Deejay Carlos, Reggae Makossa, Janette Sotelo, Nancy Arteaga. It goes like that! One Love and thank you - Dennis Alcapone. Yea-yeaaah! Awaso El Paso! Global Rock In Effect!

“Until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned everywhere is War� Bob Marley

The Official “CHRONIC GIRL” of the YEAR

Check out me out on the Cali Chronic X Facebook Join our You Tube Channel

We haven’t met too many girls we can say “get us” but Northern Cali girl and Cali Chronic X loyal follower Sativa Grace surely does. She believes in the cause 100%, plus she is a chick magnet and we love her. She is our official 2011 Chronic Girl

Official “Chronic Girl” 2011

By Dagwood

PARTY LIKE A PORN STAR? San Diego got a little more than they bargained for from James Bartholet’s Galaxy Girls Daisy Marie, Jenna Presley and especially Angelina Valentine at “On Broadway” in downtown SD. DJ Quick was there to lay down his legendary string of old school hip hop rap but promoter Jamie Adler (brother of Ex Guns & Roses Drummer and Celebrity Rehab Bad Boy Steven Adler) had an atomic bomb in his arsenal when he tagged the event “Party Like a Pornstar”. As the night progressed and people started filling this huge multi roomed venue the girls were starting to loosen up in their exclusive VIP section. That yours truly was lucky enough to have full access. Daisy Marie and Jenna Presley were stunning, sexy and having a good time, Angelina Valentine on the other hand turned the heat up and showed us what it really means to party like a pornstar. Bottles of GreyGoose were flowing and Angelina did what she does best …gave people a show they will never forget, flashing, groping dancing grinding as all who watched were mesmerized. Then it came time for the main events as all the girls stepped up on stage to an elated audience… remember this is Dago we are talking about. They are a little more conservative than LA and not privy to the spectacle of a real life XXX Superstar letting it all hang out. And Angelina Valentine can’t help but let it all hang out and when she hit the stage the crowd went wild as she got straight KRUNK!!! Bouncing, bumping grinding and shaking her money maker all the while she is hitting that grey goose and sharing it with her fanatical fans giving the shots of GG off her buxom tits, spraying the audience with beer. She worked the crowd into a fever pitch. And when DJ Quick took the stage the crowd was almost in frenzy as Angelina continued to satisfy the thirsty with more liquor and a lot more sexy lusty maneuvers. The girls went back to the VIP area while DJ Quick carried on his legendary rhyming. Angelina Valentine, Daisy Marie, and Jenna Presley showed the lucky attendees what partying with a pornstar is really like. Much love for my buddy Jamie Adler, and we will be sure to keep our eye on his brother Steven Adler as he returns to Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab this season. But MAD MAD Respect for XXX Superstar Angelina Valentine who parties harder than any pornstar EVER ….and she doesn’t party like a pornstar she parties like a rock star…. Damn She is a Rock Star \m/ .. Gotta love this game!! The Warlock “Charlie Sheen’ is now officially Goddessless as the world already knows thanks to TMZ. Without scandal or hype and not a single comment from the last Goddess Standing, our very own, Natty Kenly. When I asked Natty why no word from her she just says it’s not the right thing to do and that’s that. Wow a California Girl with character and integrity. I hate to say it but Charlie let a dia-

Charlie Sheen Natty Kenly And Dagwood

Amy Winehouse Dead at 27 The 27 Club Sadly has a new member ~ Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London Apartment. A troubled soul who was a brilliant and talented artist. She sang the blues with all the pain that the blues represent. How tragic an ending to chaotic psychotic life fueled by addiction and self loathing. The pain is over now, the self destruction is put to rest with Amy's battered, neglected and abused body. This video is a sad documentation of her inability to overcome her demons. Maybe she couldn‟t, maybe she didn‟t want to (some people prefer to live life in an intoxicated state even if it kills them and who is anyone to say they shouldn‟t?) As a person who has attended 6 rehabs believe me I can relate. Was she a slave to her addictions? Probably. Did she want to die? Probably not. Should she be looked down upon because of her destructive drug and alcohol abuse that lead to her death. Definitely not. She was s human being that deserves at least compassion and sympathy. She suffered in the public eye as she spiraled in a self destructive free fall for more than 4 years now. It is extremely difficult to over come the demons of addiction even with support and solitude but as a public figure where every little slip is broadcast worldwide it is almost impossible. And for Amy it was impossible. When my brother, Ngaio Bealum and I started West Cannabis Coast Magazine in early 2008 , in the very first Issue I wrote about Amy‟s plight with drugs and her probable demise. Sadly I was correct. It was an easy call.

Regardless of her failures She has blessed us with some painfully insightful music that will live forever. And after a few decades they won't remember the battered, haggard, scared young lady who somehow couldn't find her way back, who played out her addictions in public for all the world to see, (maybe this was her cry for help) who was a slave to her self destruction. In a few decades her music will be there resonating the pain and despair that the blues requires to be legit and that small but powerful body of work will live forever. Her talent has been overshadowed by her self destruction but the facts remain she won 5 Grammys for her album “Back to Black” in 2008. Although she was not even allowed to attended the ceremony because she could not get a VISA because of her drug arrests. Sadly she has now been rocketed to the status as Legendary because of her death. But Amy‟s music was worthy of a legend. I choose to remember the artist for the art they shared with me rather than the path that her self destruction took. Now Amy Winehouse joins Janis, Jimi, Jim Morrison Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, and Otis Redding in the unenviable 27 Club ~ Rockstars Dead at 27 sounds glamorous and romantic but it‟s just really sad R.I.P. AMY WINEHOUSE dw

This is the place where we showcase the “POT� art Tattoos we find on the few, the brave, the dedicated stoners. Representing the Green with a commitment for life so RECOGNIZE FOOL! We seem to find these stoners everywhere and anywhere, Bus Stations, Conventions and of Course Facebook!! The 1st Tat (below left) is from Andrea Blaze , the center top image is from Shawn Werner both of which are friends of ours on facebook. The remaining tats are from the facebook group WEED TATTOOS. Tell the world!! See you next Issue!

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The Official 2011 Chronic Girl


Many Comedians scheduled only 1 comedian dared goa onstage Living proof thatwere dreams canbut manifest into reality, local legend from South Central LA who has “The 420 Comic Jeffrey Peterson”. By afternoon tensions rose and it risen above adversity to make a name for himself in the cut throat world of Rap. He has worked wasn’t conducive with laughter. We are hearing rumors of some stage with the best and performing his good friend Ice T July 30 in Texas. He is the Organthugging and we willwill keepbe you in informed ifwith we verify anything izing force behind the Million Marijuana March, pushing the legalization movement forward. And very few can match his claim of smoking “in excess of” $20,000 worth of bud per month.

CCX: You were the Organizer of The Million Marijuana March Los Angeles for 2011. How did you get to be the Man in Charge for this all too important event? DITCH: Curt from Canna Care and Moori Bay brought me on board to headline this years event. They also made me executive producer of talent for the event, so we built a huge thing surrounding that. They have now told me this is the biggest it has ever even been close to being. People stayed the whole day and stayed for the music, that is something special. I'm proud of myself for being able to pull off such a successful event in South Central Los Angeles. There's not many, if any white rappers that can say that. And headlining both days I gave people a real showcase of my catalog and other artists I feel to be very talented.

CCX: There were a lot of performers on the line up. How did you go about choosing the right Artists for The Million Marijuana March Los Angeles 2011? DITCH: Bottom line I went with people I knew had talent and I knew had a draw. We wanted to make sure to maximize attendance for this years event, so all the talent had to be established bands in their communities. They also had to be supportive of the legalization movement which is what the event was all about. So I drew upon the thousands of bands I know and narrowed them down to 30. It turned out great, as you know I called on some of my celebrity friends to come down like Bruce Jingles and RBX. So that was cool, RBX came out on my set on Saturday and just 100% killed it! Great to have an icon on my stage like that. CCX: After all was said and done, what was the Feedback from the Community of South Central Los Angeles about having The Million Marijuana March Los Angeles at their neighborhood park? DITCH: What's funny is there was a small amount of opposition and aggression from the local people there at first. They gradually became comfortable with what we were doing and received us well. Days after the event now I have gotten calls from all kinds of people who have said that the neighborhood appreciated it and that we did a good thing for the community. One of my main goals was to bring money into the community and bring a message of unity and that's what we did at this event .Day 2 of the

Million Marijuana March CCX: On Day #2 you received a special phone call from The Rev Eddy Lepp from Prison, which you shared was a diverse gathering of with the crowd. When did you first meet Eddy Lepp? Marijuana Activists, DITCH: I met Eddy Lepp years ago, he was always a positive person. I had the Stoners, honor to perform at his going Rastafarians, Bloods, Musicians, in party before he went to prison at his home in Upper Lake, Ca. It was an awesome 4th of July party with everyThugs, Hip Hop time. Bands andis Ditch. thing you can imagine in the weed category being smoked! It was a great Eddy a good guy its sad that he

is locked up for growing weed for cancer patients. It was an honor to get that live call in from prison from him. As you all know I presented Eddy Lepp with the freedom award at the event, so his wife Linda came to receive it and she surprised us with a special call in to the crowd. It made me feel really good that he could hear all those people chanting his name while he is locked up. It shows that his movement is still alive while he is inside. CCX: The Event has really put you on the radar of those in the Marijuana Movement. Are you a daily Cannabis user? DITCH: Yes as I've said for a long time my weed habit is in excess of $20,000 a month. So I have been in this for a long time. I use it medicinally. It really just takes the edge off, its fun, I enjoy it. If I didn’t I’d stop. I have been recording since 1999 so many people know of me in the weed community, as well as the mainstream community. Recording with Shock G, Eek-A-Mouse, Hot Dollar, Cashis, Omar Cruz, Dirt Nasty, Bishop Don Juan, Chali 2na are nothing to laugh at.

CCX: How has Cannabis played a part in your songwriting and performance? DITCH:I use it to relax and get really in tune with the beats and the lyrics I write. It’s a way to fill time in the studio too, we just kick back smoking while stuff is being mixed. I have to have my buzz right when I'm in the studio so there’s a lot of herb smoke when I'm recording. There’s usually always one going. When I recorded Public Intoxication back in 2007, 2008, we went through so many actual boxes of swishers we could have built a shed out of them. CCX: What Events do you have coming up ? DITCH: I have a few events coming up this summer. Another concert festival beachside is in the works this is my first actual marijuana festival, aside from my annual Halloweed events. I do all kinds of stuff my focus is not strictly weed. So people who pay attention will see a few major events I'm throwing this summer as well as new music and more shows from me. I just performed with Badfooters at Coach house In San Juan Capistrano, Badfish at House Of Blues Hollywood, Mad Tab at House Of Blues Hollywood. In 2011 alone ive: Headlined the 2011 Million Marijuana March Los Angeles, Opened for Yealawolf, Kurupt, Suga Free, 40 Glocc and others. In February 2011, I was the cover story in Hollywood Music Magazine. So things are always getting bigger and better for me. You can find Ditch at : * * search; Ditch.

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is a self proclaimed Kottonmouth Kween. Which is another way of stating her love for the group Kottonmouth Kings. She reps the KMK with a passion only overshadowed by her love for what else… Marijuana. This SFV girl loves to blaze all day everyday. She is a stoner for life. We love Stoner Chix!! We also noticed that she looks a little like Miley Cyrus or is it Hanah Montana! And we love her name … who doesn’t love Summer and Rainbows? ***

“I think as long as you are not going

to bore me with boring stories you can smoke til your eyes bleed.“

He has appeared on Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy Show. He has a new Sitcom this fall on NBC’s classic Thursday Night line up and although he looks like a stoner, he has never smoked pot in his life CCX: When was your first experience doing stand up comedy and where was it? CD: It was at the HaHa Cafe in North Hollywood. Jan 2nd, 2006. CCX: You have a Reserved yet Rock-n-Roll vibe, do you party or did you used to? CD: I have literally never partied one time. At all. Seriously. CCX: Do you smoke Pot or at least support the right for other's to use it? CD: I've never smoked pot. I know it's hard to believe. I think as long as you are not going to bore me with boring stories you can smoke til your eyes bleed. CCX: Did having a TV Producer Father help you get laid? CD: No, I got laid because of my mom. She's an interior decorator. CCX: You were on Showtime's Live Nude Comedy Show, have you ever been intimate with a Porn Star? CD: Yes but it was before she got into porn. I must have done a real number on her. CCX: You have a new Sitcom coming out this fall on NBC on the classic Thursday night line-up, is there pressure to do good? CD: I just pretty much do what I do. If people like it... good. If they don't... I just usually think they're wrong. It's very cool to be on the line-up though. CCX: Your Girlfriend is the Sexy and Funny Whitney Cummings, how does it feel to be cast with your Girlfriend on a TV show named after Her? CD: Okay wait... she's not my real girlfriend. Let's get that straight. She's a friend and a very close one. I think she's the real deal though. I know if she wants me to be a part of something than it's a pretty good bet that it's going to be something great. I'm happy for her and I'm happy she likes me enough to hire me. CCX: You are really into Pot Icon Tupac, what do You like about him so much? CD: I don't think there's anyone that I've never met that I think about more. That dude was truly the most talented rapper there ever was. Everything about Tupac was so interesting to me. My favorite was when Tupac walked outside of a court house once after beating a case. The press was hounding him, in his face for a comment. He stopped and told them this... "Don’t take one part of my life and twist it and make it my life - look at the whole thing, I am a businessman and you know that because you find me at my place of business." ...That's truthfully the best thing I've ever heard anyone say. CCX: Besides "Whitney" Thursdays on NBC this fall, what's coming up for Chris D'Elia? More stand-up. I'm working on getting the material together to shoot my hour. I've got some feature ideas I'm developing as well with my brother.

The World of Pot Comedy with Jeffrey Peterson

Incredible Chronic Edibles

Well, my Stoney Friends, 420 Comedy has finally arrived. The 420 Comedy scene has exploded in Los Angeles and it will never be the same. Years ago, when I started out as a “Pot” comic there were two 420 comedy shows to be part of, Howard Dover’s ExtravaGANJA and Ngaio Bealum’s Cannabis Comedy Fest. When Tere Joyce and I started The Dope Show in 2006 at The Ice House Comedy Club, 420 comedy was still a novelty. Those days are gone. Now, there are 3 to 4 comedy shows a week devoted to the 420 theme in L.A. From the Get Up Stand Up Show* at The Joint to the LA Confidential Comedy Show, 420 comedy shows are popping up all over the place. Those of Us that paved the way deserve at least a nod, but that’s not happening. Instead, The 420 Comic is being pushed aside for Comedians that are not even Stoners! Let me tell you folks as someone who has been doing 420 comedy for almost a decade, it is not as easy as it looks, especially when you are Stoned. I recently watched comic after comic fall apart before my eyes because they were too stoned to perform. I have faced some tough crowds, including The Million Marijuana March and The Free NJ Weedman Fundraiser, sometimes the crowd just doesn’t want to laugh. My fellow Comedians are finding out that the 420 Comedy Crowd is one of the toughest demographics to deal with as a Comic. I should know it’s my specialty. My friend and Dope Show Co-Host Dinah Leffert and Comedy Store regular Rusty Dooley are kicking ass with La Con Comedy at LA Confidential MMJ Dispensary on Melrose. Telling pot jokes at a Hash Bar, this is Cheech & Chong’s dream come true. This place has great hash and the Top Comics in LA. It’s like The Original Room inside a cannabis club. I saw comics there that I thought I’d never see at a dispensary. They have had such talent as Jeff Richards, Jay Davis, Charles Fleisher, Jay London, Sean Rouse, Joey Coco Diaz and even the 420 Comic on stage. This show has a variety of comedians including a 420 Ventriloquist, a 420 prop comic and even a musical comic. Get there early, this show get packed like a fat bowl of Kush! My buddy Dante from Last Comic Standing put together 6 themed comedy shows at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and the finale was The 420 Comedy Explosion….see what I mean? The cannabis community was there in force including The 420 Nurses, Adamacadocious from The PotCast, Brad Lane from Cannabis Planet, Kushed Out, The Commish from 420FL, Graffixgirl and OG Dankster. The show was a huge hit, pun intended. There were memorable sets by Anthony Ramos, JC Morgan, Jason Hadley, Zhivago, Ngaio Bealum and yours truly. We boldly blazed on the patio after the show. I am bummed that the Hot Cougar that hit on me never called. Tease! Five years strong, The Dopest Show On Earth is hitting the road. We started off the summer tour back at the Cat Club on The Sunset Strip for Memorial Daze featuring the talents of Jeff Richards from SNL, Perry Kurtz, Jen Murphy, Leaf The Comedian and my Co-Host Kato Kaelin. Kato and I had a nice chat about our connection to tabloid stars. It was so Hollywood. The Dope Show started off with hip hop artist E420 doing a killer version of “Everything 420”. The 420 Nurses arrived mid-show and cause quite a stir. My buddy Jeff Duncan Lead Guitarist from Armored Saint and Hollywood Legends Odin was hanging in the back, nice to catch up with him. Such a Good Time. We blazed and had a BBQ on the patio. Big thanks to Slim Jim Phantom. Next I took The Dope Show up to Sacramento where we rocked The State Capital at Shenanigans for Jokes On J. Sac Town Stoner Hero Ngaio Bealum Headlined and we had some stoney sets from Leaf The Comedian, host OJ Young and little old Me. We played a spirited game of “Know Your Porn Star” with guest Sativa Grace from Cali Chronic X magazine. Rev Eddy Lepp’s wife Linda spoke to the crowd about her husband’s 10 year incarceration for Cultivation. DJ Selekta Lou took care of the Dope Beats and got me Vaped during my stay. What a wonderful evening in Sacramento.

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With Rachie Bake

Stuffed Artichokes For 1000's of years the Artichoke has been considered an aphrodisiac. This month I will show you how my husband and I like to enjoy these sexy little Veggies!!! 4 globe artichokes 2 lemons 3 cups Breadcrumbs 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/3 cup minced prosciutto (or ham) 3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 2 Tablespoons chopped parsley 1/2 teaspoon red chili flakes 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 cup Cannabis Infused Olive Oil, plus extra on the side Chicken stock Chunk parmesan PREPARATION: Prepare the artichokes: Trim the stem off the bottom so artichokes can stand flat. Peel attached stem. Place artichoke on its side and cut off the top inch or so to remove top thorns. With scissors, snip thorny tips from remaining leaves. With a spoon, scoop out the choke in the center of the artichokes. Cut one lemon in half and squeeze into a large bowl of cold water. Toss in the squeezed halves and artichokes to prevent discoloration while you make the stuffing. In a bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, Parmesan, prosciutto, garlic, herbs, chili flakes, pepper, zest from remaining lemon and Cannabis Infused Olive Oil. Taste for salt -- may not need any; adjust accordingly. Drain artichokes. Working with one choke at a time, set in the bowl of crumbs and opening one leaf at a time, push about a teaspoonful of crumbing in each. Fill cavity with crumbs, or alternately, pat crumbs over top. Set the chokes in a pot fitted with a tight lid large enough to accommodate snugly. Pour stock in approximately 1/3 up the sides of the chokes. Bring stock to a boil, cover pot, and reduce heat to a low simmer. Cook, 30-35 minutes until a center leaf pulls out with ease and flesh is tender. Remove chokes from pot, garnish with a few slices of fresh grated Parmesan and serve warm or at room temperature.


I had "The Get Up Stand Up Comedy Show" at Arnie's Coffee House in the Summer of 2008.....Something is fishy in Amsterdam! Visit the 420 Comic on Facebook also Check out his Video Clips

Rachie Bake

Sativa Grace with Cha Cha Vavoom

Mike Pace

Frazer Smith

Jonny B with The Digger

Natty Kenly 420 Nurses & Kassi

The Greg Wilson

Ngaio Bealum, & Linda Lepp (Top Left)

Jeff Richards Leaf The Comedian (Top Right)

Megabyte Natty Kenly (Left )

At The Comedy Spot In Scottsdale (Right Center)

Indica Greenly & Sadie in Scottsdale AZ (Left)

In Dago Smoking Out With OG Dankster & Donna Lambert (Bottom R)

At HaHa CafĂŠ In NoHo With the 420 Nurses (Top Left)

Shawn Duncan Of Odin & Armored Saint At The Cat Club (top right)

Perry Kurtz Enjoying The Presence of The 420 Nurses (left)

Laura from Venezuela

In Anaheim ~

Yes Cannabis is a dog but to those who know him he is a friend, companion, an enforcer, a pimp, a stud and a father. In fact Cannabis is such a prolific breeder he has more offspring than Bob Marley. Having grown up in the weed world makes him a chill dude but having NJ Weedman as his Master makes him a true legend in his own time. You can usually find Cannabis at our fav spot in LA ~ ~ ~ Liberty Bell Temple!! Of Course

Issue 18 July 2011