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by California CattleWomen, Inc., President Jeri Roen

As the much-needed rain, pours down upon the ranch I ponder whether our excessive prayers were a bit too tenacious! However, in the spring, when we all look pleasingly at our cows and calves in the lush green grass, we will all extend our gratitude, just as I do for the opportunity to represent the California CattleWomen for the next two years.

As I have expressed to many, I am humbled and honored, for this opportunity, because the California Cattlewomen, with a membership of 1,700 women and growing, is awe-inspiring! Comprised of 31 individual units, Northern Region, Southern Region and Central Region these women volunteer their time, enthusiasm, knowledge and funds to promote beef! If you were to take a glimpse of the 2022 Round Up Report compiled by Sally Strohn that compiled reports from a considerable number of units that highlighted their endeavors throughout the year, you too would likely be amazed. These women go above and beyond to get our message out to consumers, both young and old. Therefore, as individual, various units, state level officers and committee chairs all need to be appreciated by all that are involved in this industry.

As I send a call of action to appreciate the work these ladies do on behalf of our state’s beef producers, I would like to share my platform for this year. It entails all action words to: Appreciate, Deliberate, Anticipate and Radiate!

Appreciate. Whether through actual involvement in various unite endeavors or just financially supporting the work the cattlewomen do with donations and memberships, all of our efforts are needed and appreciated.

Deliberate. This second word of our theme for this year is that of taking the time and effort to really examine, reflect, seek professional guidance, consult, and do anything that will truly give a picture of needed changes, or even what will remain in place. A perfect example is the thought our past president Julie Barnett put in to elevate the work CCW does by actually cutting down on some of our previous work load. Her keen business acumen allowed some of our previous antiquated and time consuming methods to evolve. Julie was able to get our leadership team using Google Workspace so we are all able to work on live documents together, communicate and hold meetings via GoogleMeet, allowing us to be much more productive in a fraction of the time we used to spend. Another improvement was the ability to fill out all forms via the website. Julie’s deliberation has set us up to function like the nonprofit corporation 501(c)5 entity we are set up to be.

Realizing that the foregoing example is a state level change, for units it would be advantageous to look at bylaws, policies and procedures to see if they still apply in the new year and deliberate on the possibility that some things might need a change or fresh perspective. Through a simple process of deliberations, CCW members can improve their units, the state organization and the variety of ways we can reach the undecided consumer or reach the leftist population in California that still believes negative propaganda about beef.

Anticipate. By appreciating and deliberating we can more confidently anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We have a potential to be a propelling force. With more than 1,700 dedicated California CattleWomen we can accomplish limitless goals. With a social media portfolio of more than 5,000 followers we have been able to access more than 11,000 social media interactions in a month. This technology has proven both positively and negatively to show how people get their news. According to Elisa Shearer, more than eight in 10 Americans get news from their digital device. This holds true in the realm of gathering information, for understanding more fully the realities of the beef industry.

I see potential for the California CattleWomen and Cattlemen to pool their resources to reach a broader segment of our population via media ads and exposure. Yes, I am an optimistic person, that anticipates a future of cattle ranching for years to come, as in our CattleWomen’s creed, Alda Sobak and Joan Hemsted wrote, “Believing that the livestock industry is of basic importance to world existence.” There is no anticipating that now, because, as the population continues to exceed beyond imagination, we are able to provide the most nutritious protein there is, starting from infants to centenarians.

Radiate. All who live on a ranch or work on one can attest how powerful the sun is when it is radiating down on you when you are on horseback, or on-foot working cattle. Powerful, motivating, and at times extremely scorching, if yes to any of those descriptive situations, then you realize there is need to radiate our ideals and truths, and we are a tough breed that have chosen to dedicate our lives, our bodies and our entire families to work that is sometimes unendurable, but necessary to produce a product that feeds the world.

Relishing the positive aspects of working outdoors with horses and cattle, we are also able to radiate that feeling and love to the public in our messages, so that they in turn can appreciate the care and dedication we put into the product they purchase. Finally, in closing I wish to reiterate the theme of my first year, as president, “Appreciate, Deliberate, Anticipate and Radiate!” As our California CattleWomen Creed articulates, “The hope and faith in the future that is inherent in Cattlemen and CattleWomen!”