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Meet The Editors! Hey Readers, We want to welcome you to the first issue of “Enthroned” magazine. Enthroned is aimed at keeping the Youth and Young Adults of this City (Cairns) informed about activities relevant to them; as well as empowering them to walk in God’s purpose for them. We want to thank our Youth and Young Adults Pastors, Pastor John and Denise for initiating this. We also want to honour our Senior Pastors, Pastor Charlie and Jenny for giving us the go ahead. We hope this issue encourages you to be the Light and Salt of your world.


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Message from WOW,

Pastors John and Dee

we are so excited to see the release of the first magazine for Doing Life Together: Young Adults Activ 8 , “ENTHRONED” and to see yet another part of the Vision of our church come to fruition. 11 It is so exciting to see the Young Adults of Cairns City Church grow, mature and use their gifts for the Glory of God’s Kingdom. We are sure that you will be encouraged, excited and looking forward to future editions of this great magazine. In future editions of the magazine they will add some new segments that they are sure you will enjoy and that you will also love to have input into as well. The editors have done an amazing job and we are sure you will love to congratulate them on all they have done and for the creativity that is in this magazine which shows in the amazing magazine they have produced for you to enjoy. Congrats to The Editors and all those who were part of this first edition of “Enthroned” we will look forward to the future as you continue to add to that which GOD has given you .

John & Dee 2

LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO... By Mase “What am I going to do? Go to Gilligan’s with my friends and get drunk? I don’t like the taste of alcohol though plus I feel I am not meant to as a Christian... But, if I don’t go, then I’ll have to explain why not... I think God will understand that this is an exceptional situation.”


are I say it...Trying to justify In making any decision, turn to the doing the wrong thing is RUBBISH! bible and see what it says about that Sometimes, as a young adult, life particular situation. The bible is seems insanely difficult. If you are like God’s gift to us. The bible asks every most of us, you have non-Christian Christian (including Cairns City friends. These friends may be out Church youth and young adults) to partying night after night, getting be salt and light. What good is salt if drunk, or using derogatory language. it loses its saltiness? Not good for my steak, that’s for sure... Don’t get me wrong, not all Being the light or salt of the What good is a light non-Christians are world simply means think, covered by a blanket? Not after the things of speak and act differently to the very useful... the room the flesh. But, if world would remain dark. Being you do have those the light or salt of the world who are, you may feel like you need to make up an excuse every single time simply means think, speak and act there’s a get-together. This might differently to the world. If you give in to make you feel a little bit like a freak of peer pressure, how is that different to nature. Let’s face it, in this world; how the world acts? Will your actions pursuing pleasure is the accepted way. encourage non-Christians to accept Jesus Pursuing God and rejecting things of Christ as their Lord and Saviour? Have a the flesh, non-Christians call it being think about the way you speak, would that draw people to Christ? ‘religious’ and see it as ‘un-cool’.


I know I have given an example of some of the things that young adults may go through. If you are a youth, you would have similar pressures from the world. It might not be deciding on whether you go to Gilligan’s or not. It might be your friends like talking about other people behind their back. Do you join in or decide to leave and not be party to it. What about if your friends decide to wag school? Are you going to do the same? Or would you choose to be different and be part of God’s greater plan to bring everyone to the knowledge of Christ. I would like to encourage every single one of you, my fellow Cairns City Church youth and young adults, to choose to be salt and light today and be part of God’s great plan to give everyone an opportunity to know his Son, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. To make it even better, our Daddy God gives us rewards for being the light and salt in this world.

Choose to be salt and light today and be part of God’s great plan to give everyone an opportunity to know his Son, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Be These Matthew 5: 13-16


…“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. “ Mark 16:15


Thailand- Cairns City Church Y A Team O oung

n January 9th – 25th we sent a team of four over to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 17 days. During their time there, they were involved in many different missions such as teaching English in schools, visiting hospices, ministering in villages and running outreaches. The team had an amazing experience where they met amazing people, experienced new things and tasted new foods. They had the opportunity to visit homes, markets and even ride an elephant. While in Thailand some of the team member got adventurous and ate deep fried grass hoppers. The team were invited to eat at a village where they had no idea what would be served up for dinner. That night the team were told they had eaten dog, “Aroh Ma” (Very delicious).



The team had an awesome time while ministering and when asked what they got out of the trip this is what some of them replied:

“If I learnt one thing from this trip is that God is bigger than anything life can throw at us!” Josh

“You can’t live just part of your life by what you believe, but in every sphere of your world you have an \opportunity to make a difference if you choose to.” Rosalie

“God has always been with me though every moment in my life and He has met my every need.” I’m hoping that you all can understand me when I say that. Most of us are familiar with the ‘’Why me?’ line. When we grumble to God and say “Oh God why did this happen to me?”. That stuff is what I am referring to. Life deals us a raw deal sometimes. My testimony is that I know that God is bigger than whatever stuff comes our way. In my life I have been told that I would never walk. I have been told that I had a heart condition which meant that I should never have been born. I have been told that surgical complications I experienced mean that I would die and that I would have to accept that. I have been told that I was not supposed to be able to handle the subsequent limitations to my lifestyle and that I would need to see a physiologist for the rest of my life. I used to stutter whenever I spoke. I lived in fear all my life. Fear of people, fear of death and fear of the unknown.

And I watched my dad die from a disease which left me feeling emotionally broken and totally alone from a loving and caring God. God has always been with me though every moment in my life and He has met my every need. Even though He didn’t always move in the exact way I wanted Him to. I now understand and recognise the bondage that I used to live with because I no longer live with it. God has given me healing and made me whole in my body, in my thinking and in my emotions. In the last one to two years God has completed something very special in my life, and I now know what it feels like to live being me. My identity in the past used to be tied to sickness, fear and brokenness. Now my identity is in Christ Jesus, I am set free, and I know it. By Rosalie


“Prayer can always help you in your life, whether it’s for you, or for other people…” On my Mum’s Birthday, I was helping her to cook some noodles. (While we were cooking) I spilt boiling water all over me and I was screaming and crying!

My Mum called the doctors and we tried to get there really quickly. Once our visit to the doctors was over my Mum and Dad prayed for me.

The doctor said it would be painful all day but (after my parents prayed) it went away really quickly. I only had a few appointments after that, until I didn’t need bandages anymore. Prayer can always help you in your life, whether it’s for you, or for other people.

By Esther


A man dies and meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter says to the man, "Here's how it works. You need to have one hundred points to get into heaven. You tell me about all the good things you've done. They are all worth a certain number of points. If your total is one hundred or more, you can come in.“ "Well," says the man. "I was happily married to the same woman for 52 years. I never looked at another woman. I was attentive and loved her dearly.“ "That's great," says St. Peter. "That'll be two points.“ "Hmmm," says the man. "This is going to be harder than I thought. Well, I attended church regularly, volunteered my time and tithed faithfully.“ "Wonderful," says St. Peter, "That's worth another point.“

"One point!" says the man. "Okay, okay. I was involved with a prison ministry for twenty-five years. I went into the prison, at least monthly, and shared Jesus with them.“ "Wow!" says St. Peter. "That's another two points!“ "Only two points!" says the man. "At this rate, it'll be only by the grace of God that'll I'll ever get into this place.“ "Bingo!" says St. Peter. "That's one hundred points! Come on in."

“What does being the


mean to you?�


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Enthroned Magazine Issue 1  

Enthroned Magazine is aimed at empowering Youth and Young Adults with their purpose.

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