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Amber Laris

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How Osteopathy Can Help Restore Your Sense Of Well-Being


erhaps the single most important benefit to be derived from receiving osteopathic treatment is that it will improve your overall health and sense of wellness. While it is highly effective at treating specific complaints and conditions, osteopathic therapy is holistic and seeks to address your general well-being as well as treating particular illnesses, injuries or discomfort. A programme of osteopathic therapy requires you to examine your life/work balance, your diet and the exercise you take because it is centred on the idea that all the parts of your body should function together in a balanced state. An osteopath will encourage you to increase your awareness of how your body

“Osteopathy is not only beneficial in the treatment of injury or illness, it also provides a path to a greater sense of overall well-being.�

moves and how to treat it more carefully, as well as showing you how you can help yourself to reduce the risk of future problems. Osteopathic therapy seeks to remove the underlying causes of pain and discomfort rather than only treating the symptoms. It is non-invasive and helps the body to heal itself by restoring its natural balance and enabling it to function properly once more. A sore back, for instance, may also require treatment for other parts of the body to which it is related and connected. An osteopath treats structures in the body (e.g. joints, muscles, tendons) that, through injury, misuse or deterioration, are not functioning effectively and are causing pain, discomfort or stress. This is done through manual manipulation of the affected area - applying gentle pressure in the right place - which in turn improves the blood flow, relaxes muscles and frees up joints. An osteopath will also use tech-

niques such as stretching and massage to treat soft tissue problems.

find osteopathic therapy greatly beneficial as means of reducing back pain.

Similarly, osteopathic therapy will help your recovery from an injury as well. Working with an osteopath after a knee injury, for instance, will help the damaged structures to recover and then become stronger so as to prevent further injury. Your osteopath will also devise a treatment plan so that you don’t favour or compensate for an area that causes discomfort, thus avoiding storing up problems for the future.

“Osteopathy is non-invasive and encompasses a wholebody approach to health that seeks to restore your body’s natural sense of balance.”

Alternatively, if you haven’t had a specific injury but you are involved in activity that places undue stress on your body (e.g. high impact sports, or a job that involves a lot of manual labour), osteopathic treatment can help to prevent you from developing a problem. Pregnant women also

Osteopathic therapy encompasses a whole-body approach to health and wellness that involves analysis and treatment not only of joints and soft tissues, but also the nerve system, blood flow and circulation, and the lymphatic system. It is drug free, non-invasive and treats pain and discomfort by returning the body to balance and seeking to improve your overall feeling of health and well-being.

Amber Laris has been treating patients in the heart of the Adelaide CBD for over 30 years. She is a member of both the COCA – Chiropractic and Osteopathic Association of Australia and the CAA – Chiropractic Association of Australia. Level 2 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA, 5000 Telephone: (08) 8221 6100 This article was written and distributed by Cadogan and Hall, a freelance writing agency based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in producing online content, websites, blogs, articles and press releases for small- and medium-sized buisnesses.

Amber Laris - How Osteopathy Can Restore Your Sense of Well-Being  
Amber Laris - How Osteopathy Can Restore Your Sense of Well-Being  

Osteopathy is not only beneficial in the treatment of injury or illness, it also provides a path to a greater sense of overall well-being an...