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Cannon Pharmacies "Treating" Public to Free Education Sessions

Cannon Pharmacies “Treating” the Public to Free Educational Sessions


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, more knowledge a person has, the “Knowledge is when you learn easier it will be to take care of something new every day! themselves and their loved ones. It is Wisdom is when you let something go time to let go of procrastination set a every day.” Knowledge is powerful, particularly when it comes to health topics. This is why it is so important for those who want to take charge of their health to: 1) let go of the belief that learning is just for kids, and 2) learn something new to improve their health for the new year.

In the community, there are educational sessions on answers to questions such as: • Can someone really live well with a chronic health condition? If so, how? • Is laughter really the best medicine? Is there really a way to teach laughter? • Are there ways to manage stress? • Are all medications safe to take together? • Are over-the-counters and herbal supplements safe to take with other prescriptions? • What is CBD oil? Is that safe? • If someone is a caregiver to a child with special needs -or- to an adult with health conditions, are there tools to help them take better care of themsleves? • Are there are groups that those with dementia and their loved one can meet with so they do not feel alone in the journey? • If someone has a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, or pain, are there groups or agencies that can provide information and support? • How can professionals become more versed in how to care for or interact with those with dementia?

Some businesses, including Cannon Pharmacy, are willing to provide educational sessions to the FAQ’s about health and that can help those during their health journey. The questions below are some of the more commonly requested, but there may be others that could be helpful. The key is to ask! The goal to learn something new. For more information, please email arin.jackling@cannonpharmacies.com or call 704-886-0840, option 2.