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Ask the Expert: Babs Jamieson, CEO of Jamieson Law




Ask the Expert


Sometimes finding a business expert to work with can be a challenge. A recommendation helps verify the good qualities of goods and services or the dealings offered by the individual or the organization to a potential client who plans to hire them.

BWS have compiled their own listing of experts to recommend to BWS members. Welcome to Jamieson Law Ltd – legal experts.

Tell us a bit about you and your business?

From the start of our journey, we’ve done things differently. We know there are so many small businesses out there who can’t afford legal services, or feel out of their depth when asking for help. We’re on a mission to change that. We offer more of an ‘on-demand general counsel’ service, distinct from a regular law firm. This means we can build a long-term relationship, you can pick up the phone to us whenever you need it, and we can work together on the legal and commercial side of your work. Our focus is on building client relationships. This sounds cheesy but hear us out … we really love our clients and value their business. We don’t work with businesses we don’t really care about and don’t think we can help. Think about it from our perspective - we get to help lots of really cool, innovative, entrepreneurial businesses grow and scale in the right way. We’ve got a great job!

What inspired you start up on your own?

I wasn’t a fan of law firm culture. My view is that clients don’t receive the right level of support and transparency from traditional firms. I wanted to do something different that showed the world you can treat clients well, give good value for money and provide a really great service which means clients are well protected.

Do you have a mentor and if so do you find it valuable?

For business, I have in the past, but not currently. I really do believe in mentors/coaches – I think we’re always learning. And I think they’re really valuable in all walks of life. I will always have a mentor/coach for training and nutrition, for example, because I think these are things you have to get right to be a strong leader and run an effective business (it’s not just about turning up every day, it’s about turning up as the best version of yourself).

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

I get up at 5.30am most days and do a couple hours of work in peace and quiet, with no distractions. I then make breakfast for my fiancé and I, then train (I do CrossFit and Olympic Lifting). I finish around 8.45am, get myself ready and then chat to my team at 9.30am to check in with them and make sure we’re all up to date with everything going on in the company. I find it really keeps us feel motivated and connected, especially when everyone works remotely.

I take client calls until 11am, and then we take our two lovely dogs for a walk at our local beach. About 12.30pm, I’m back at my desk and I take client calls until 5pm. Then I catch up with emails and general admin, and I typically train again from 6-7pm. After that, I worked another few hours in the evening, and then head to bed.

What motivates you?

Quality of life. I’m very motivated by experiences with friends and family, travel (not currently!) and making the most of the time I have to create really great experiences. Sometimes work can get in the way of doing everything we want to do, but you also sometimes do have to play the long game.

What is your greatest challenge in business?

Stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. When you’re fully absorbed in your business, and especially when you’re working long hours, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees.

I do find that when I go for walks or step away from the business, that’s when I have the best ideas and am my most creative.

What are your top tips to encourage women to start a business?

Just start! People spend so long wanting everything to be just right – to have enough money, to have all their ducks in a row, to feel ready.

None of this ever happens and, in my opinion, it is normally a procrastination technique. Just start and see where it goes. You can grow it as slowly or as quickly as you like. Once you’ve started, keep the focus. Don’t let shiny new ideas distract you from your main goal. Keep organised, work to a to-do list every day and make your business a priority. It’s your baby.

No one will look after it like you will (at least for the first couple of years). The start-up phase can be rough from a work/ life perspective, so be prepared for that. And always keep in mind why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’ll keep you right on the rough days. Always remember that, although there are tough times, having your own business is extremely rewarding, and can very often give you freedom most people only dream of.

This is how we work Our initial consultations are free of charge. That’s 15 minutes to ask the burning questions. If you need more legal support, we’ll tell you. If we can help you during that call, then it’s a win for you and a win for us.

If you need extra legal support (for example, if you need a contract drafted or a trademark registered), we’ll give you a fixed quote for that. And ‘fixed’ really means fixed. We’ve all heard horror stories about asking a lawyer a question and two days later a bill for £500 drops into your inbox. Not cool, that doesn’t happen here.

All legal work is delivered to you in three business days. That’s not to say we can’t help out if it’s more urgent - we absolutely can. If you’re in that situation, just say.

BWS members will receive a 10% discount using the code ‘BWS21’ as a reference when contacting Jamieson Law.

Jamieson Law Ltd is a limited company, registered in Scotland. Registered no. SC588503. Registered office: G/2, 2 Milverton Grange, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 7AU. Tel: (+44)7703569279

Jamieson Law Ltd is a law firm regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. You may contact us by email on babs@jamiesonlaw.legal or info@jamiesonlaw.legal. We are authorised to practise law in Scotland, and we may also advise on commercial matters that arise under English law (that are not reserved activities), New York law and California law.