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What Does Professional and Personal Reinvention

have to do with Spirituality?

Helping businesswomen to transform themselves into their best version, Andrea GuZZi, tells us about the process of reinvention through spirituality in order to discover your truth and remember who you really are.


Spirituality as the key to your maximum potential

When I speak of spirituality, I mean a very personal and internal aspect: the connection with the most essential energy that all human beings have. What we usually call soul or spirit.

I believe we are spiritual beings living a human experience. If you don’t, ask yourself: what is there beyond your body? What is it and where does the energy that insufflates your life come from? What are you in this life for? What do things happen to you for?

This connection is invisible and impalpable, but absolutely present and powerful. And if you know how to listen and nurture it, it will give you all the answers for your journey to reach its full potential.

And the amazing thing about this process is, as you go through it, you realise the potential is enormous, almost infinite... and it goes far beyond your wildest dreams.

What is professional and personal reinvention from spirituality?

I want to tell you that my understanding of reinvention has been changing in recent years. I have gained perspective, depth and scope. And it amazes me to keep learning every day. Today, I understand reinventing yourself is generating high-impact changes in your life, in a holistic way: mind, body and soul. As a consequence, they also progressively cause changes in everything around you (or in almost everything). I can say this after going through a few reinventions.

The path of reinventing yourself and becoming your best version is what leads you to discover your truth, to get back to you, to reconnect with your most essential part. And therefore, to remember who you are.

Dare to come out of your closet and be who you really are

How my reinventions have been over the years.

As I understood reinvention before, I’ve gone through all kinds: some have been changing country or city, others work, home, partner... in 2012 it was all of them at once!

Oh my God, what a year! I left the corporate world because what I was doing no longer made sense to me. I was anxious going to the office and I felt very far from my colleagues. I have spent a long, long time with depression and anxiety; taking pills and not being able to cope with my life.

This is how I began my transition to the world of entrepreneurship. It was a hard road at the beginning and, although there are still many challenges, everything now flows more and more.

Since then, I have chosen to take care of my health, my body, my mind and my soul. I prioritised myself and continued to deepen within myself and heal wounds from the past.

That is why this reinvention is the most significant and the one I like the most. Also because:

• I am applying the knowledge and tools on personal, professional and spiritual growth in my day-to-day life.

• I am passing on these tools and knowledge to other women.

• I feel immense joy seeing how they evolve and shine.

• I feel I am providing a service, fulfilling my purpose.

What does it mean to reinvent yourself and become your best version?

This process involves daring to come out of your closet and be who you really are, to choose to do what really brings joy to your heart and to express what you really feel. To think, feel, say and do what you really want. And to make all these truths line up.

This is the best possible reinvention, because from it you will create your most genuine leadership. Allowing yourself to shine with your true light.

Once you shine with your own light, you are finally fulfilling your purpose, the mission you have come to do in this life. This radiates your light to others, expressing it through your gifts and putting them, together with your knowledge and tools, providing a service.

It is important to have lots of patience, love and compassion for yourself

For me, this is the true empowerment, because it comes from your inner alchemy, from turning your lead into gold. Transforming your life by doing your own magic. And this is available to you. Creating the life of your dreams is up to you.

And if this all sounds so good... why is it so hard to do?

We have been programmed for many years to believe certain things, which we inherit and integrate from our parents, ancestry and environment, and which are deeply ingrained within us.

So much so, they control and limit our lives; because they filter everything and give us partial vision, which has nothing to do with our true greatness. And so we survive, running on f*cking autopilot.

How to stop living on autopilot.

The reinvention process has four cyclical and interacting bases, always allowing new depth levels:


It is essential you observe the events of your life with the greatest objectivity and compassion for yourself and others as much as possible. Asking yourself, for example: who you are, what you want, if you are happy with your current life, what things happen to you for, what is it you no longer want in your life. Plus a lot of other questions which, quite possibly, do not occur in your dayto-day life.


It is important you get the knowledge and tools you need to expand your vision of life and, above all, that you know the rules of the game; because there are rules: all life which exists in this universe is governed by those rules. And you are not the exception.


It is also absolutely necessary to leave behind what no longer serves you, what you do not need anymore, if you want to take your life to a new level. When unlearning, you may need to detach from people, situations, patterns, emotions and the things you do not want in your life anymore, because they are pushing you back. This is one of the hardest steps because it takes you out of your comfort zone, and at the same time, it is crucial.


It is vital to take action, apply what you’ve learned and change your habits to those the person you want to become would have, in order to start creating your new reality. If you don’t know how to do it, having the guidance of someone who has already been there will be very helpful.

What to keep in mind during the process of reinventing yourself.

It is important you have lots of patience, love and compassion for yourself. You are learning new things and, at the same time, unlearning old ones. This job requires courage, confidence, focus, resilience, and faith. Lots of faith in life and in yourself.

So when you fall, whatever the cost, you can get back up and continue on your way. Remember there are no mistakes; just learning. Keep in mind how babies learn to walk. And do the same: baby steps, dear.

You will see, even if you stumble over the same stone, the fall will not be the same: you will be aware much earlier, you will get up with more enthusiasm and you will add what you have learned. And big changes will begin to come to your life.

The Good news: you can start any time!

Regardless of your age and circumstances, instead of blaming yourself, complaining, or victimising yourself, you can start right now: TAKE ACTION. As my grandmother Maria said: “it is never too late, if happiness is good.”

Based on her own life experience, Andrea GuZZi helps businesswomen to reinvent themselves, transforming themselves into their best version, so they can create the life they dream of. She believes true leadership, purpose, reinvention and empowerment come from the inner alchemy every woman produces. And that alchemy is always available to start doing magic. www.andreaguzzi.com

Andrea GuZZi

Andrea GuZZi