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Residential Lettings

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Step into Lettings At Finn’s, our Lettings Agents are among the most exper t and professional in the UK . From our offices in Canterbur y and Sandwich we manage more than 500 proper ties across East K ent for Landlords and see many tenants choosing us as their preferred managing agent. We k now that being an effec tive landlord is a challenging proposition. There are obligations and responsibilities at ever y stage of a successful ongoing tenanc y. Our lettings agents manage ever y aspec t of the rental process, from valuation and inventories to tenant referencing, check-ins, rent collec tion and check- outs. I n the process, we accumulate a deep understanding of your proper t y and will help you to generate income and value from your asset. I n this brochure, we will guide you through the features of a fully managed ser vice so that you can see what mak es Finn’s the right choice for managing your rental proper t y. Valuing your Proper ty

you. We aim to respond with a written mark et appraisal within 24 hours of our valuation and if instruc ted we will prepare draft letting par ticulars (incorporating colour photographs) for your approval in order that mark eting can commence. Meeting and Exceeding Market Expec tations

Our lettings valuers have an ex tensive k nowledge of the rental mark et across East K ent. They will listen closely to your needs and expec tations in order that they can give you clear and direc t feedback on how your proper t y will be received on the mark et.

At our valuation visit, we will discuss the pros and cons of letting your proper t y furnished or unfurnished and whether your tenanc y preferences might limit your proper t y ’s full potential. We will identify where cer tification or maintenance may be required before your proper t y can be successfully let.

When you call us to ask us to value your rental proper t y, we understand that you want to tak e prompt and decisive steps towards letting. That ’s why we move quick ly to visit your proper t y and discuss mark eting strategies with

We are happy to discuss refurbishment proposals (potentially managing these on your behalf ) in order to secure the maximise the rental value your proper t y can command in the rental mark et.

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Our 24-hour Marketing Strategy

Finn’s Network of Tenants

Finn’s distinc tive yellow and black To Let boards regularly capture the attention of passing tenants. I t ’s a mark eting device that works around the clock to generate online searches and telephone requests for viewings from tenants who just happen to be passing your proper t y. We also liaise direc tly with local employers and relocation agents to target potential tenants.

We have an exceptional reputation among tenants in East K ent with many returning to us as their preferred lettings agent. We regard tenants as custodians of our landlords’ proper ties with many of them tak ing exceptional care of their rental proper ties. We have repeated success in matching tenants to landlords’ proper ties.

Online Promotion We will list your proper t y (photographs, location maps and tenanc y information) on our website, , R ightmove and On The Mark et. Your proper t y will be found by the largest mark et possible as soon as it goes live, and because we have a strong reputation across East K ent, our listings generate prompt and genuine interest.

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Tenant Selec tion


We register all applicants prior to viewing your proper t y and accompany suitable applicants on their viewings. We under tak e a comprehensive referencing procedure including financial, employment, previous landlord references, R ight to Rent and identit y checks including money laundering.

We will inform all utilities and ser vices (not telephone and broadband) regarding changes at the star t and end of a tenanc y. We read gas and elec tric meters including oil and LPG gas levels (if applicable).

We request a holding deposit from prospec tive tenants prior to referencing. This is usually equivalent to a maximum of one week ’s rent and will be used to offset against the first month’s rent. Should the landlord withdraw from a tenanc y for any reason (apar t from unsatisfac tor y tenant references), the holding deposit will be refunded.

We aim to achieve zero rent arrears ever y quar ter. We achieve this through good communication with tenants, employing a friendly, approachable manner along with a robust commitment to achieving a successful rental stream for our landlords. We collec t rent monthly and account to all landlords with a quar terly statement in March, June, September and December. Rents are paid to Landlords on a monthly or quar terly basis depending on Landlord’s preferences. As members of the Royal I nstitution of Char tered Sur veyors (RICS) we are regulated in the way we handle our clients’ money.

Inventories and Schedules of Condition We use leading soft ware to compile comprehensive inventories and schedules of condition prior to ever y new tenanc y. This includes detailed photography covering ever y aspec t of your proper t y. We always recommend that any maintenance or cleaning work is under tak en before we tak e the inventor y so that it reflec ts an accurate pic ture of your asset.

Rent Collec tion & Accounting

Finn’s is also a member of the Tenanc y Deposit Scheme, which provides an agreed framework for managing and returning tenant deposits.

We will update your inventor y and schedule of condition at the end of each tenanc y. O verseas landlords, in par ticular, find this to be a ver y useful way of reviewing the condition of their proper t y.

Red Oast COttage Brickfield Road, Barha

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Landlord Obligations Our exper t lettings team will work with you and guide you to meet all necessar y legal obligations, such as notifying your mor tgage company (if applicable), insurance providers, and complying with money laundering requirements. I n addition, there are numerous statutor y regulations designed to protec t your proper t y and your tenants, in respec t of gas and elec trical safet y, energy per formance regulations (MEES), furniture and furnishings (fire & safet y), smok e and carbon monoxide alarms. We will identify any issues during our valuation and inventor y visits and guide you on cost effec tive resolutions in order for your proper t y to be compliant. O verseas Landlords & Tenants Landlords must obtain non-resident status if they wish to receive rental income in the UK without paying a tax. Where no exemption cer tificate is available, we are legally bound to deduc t tax at the basic rate before remitting rents each quar ter.

Oast COttage Brickfield Road, Barham, Canterbury, Kent

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Under the I mmigration Ac t 2014, before allowing a tenant to live in a rental proper t y, it is required by law that necessar y checks are carried out to ensure prospec tive tenants are allowed to rent in the UK . I n most cases we simply require a copy of a UK passpor t, EU passpor t or a valid work ing visa. Energy Per formance Cer tificates Since 1 April 2018, it has been unlawful to rent out proper ties that do not reach the minimum energy efficienc y standard (E rating). This can be a challenging requirement in respec t of Listed proper ties. We have ex tensive experience of advising landlords on cost effec tive routes to achieving either compliance or exemption. Proper ty Management We provide our tenants with a Fix-Flo app to suppor t them in repor ting and resolving a wide range of maintenance, repairs and emergenc y scenarios, helping tenants to repor t maintenance issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week translated in multi languages. This easy to use app, enables us to guide tenants through simple repairs and ensures that costly issues are properly addressed in accordance with the landlord’s approval and minor issues which can sometimes be the tenants responsibilit y are mitigated or resolved without contrac tor inter vention.

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We will visit your proper t y periodically (usually ever y six months) in order to monitor the progress of the tenanc y and repor t to you accordingly if there are any maintenance issues which may require attention. Subjec t to agreement with you, we would use monies held in the Landlord’s rent account to pay for emergenc y repair or proposed works at under £200. Tenanc y Renewals & Check Outs As the end of a tenanc y comes into sight, we will initiate the relevant discussion and negotiation regarding any possible tenanc y renewal bet ween you and your tenant. I n the event that a tenanc y terminates, we will complete all the necessar y formalities. This includes advising the tenants in advance of the check out procedure and reminding them of their obligations under the tenanc y to return the proper t y to the original condition, check ing the inventor y and schedule of condition, collec ting k eys, ensuring the proper t y is secured and contac ting utilit y providers. We will negotiate the return of the deposit and obtain quotes for dilapidations if required (*where the proper t y is fully managed).

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ASHWOOD FARMHOUSE, Mill Lane, Preston, Canterbury, CT3 1HG

Peace of M ind Ever y landlord and tenant is different. Each member of our team is committed to providing the ser vice that you need. When you appoint Finn’s as your lettings agent, you can be confident that you have an exper t on your side, look ing after both your proper t y and your interests. Disclaimer : The information contained in this brochure is intended solely to provide general guidance on our Fully Managed Lettings Ser vice. I t should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultation with a competent adviser. Before mak ing any decision or tak ing any ac tion, the reader should always consult a professional proper t y or legal adviser.

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anterbury, CT3 1HG

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Finn’s Canterbur y Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm Sat: 9am – 4pm Sun: 10am – 4pm Finn’s Sandwich Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm Sat: 9am – 1pm Finn’s St N icholas At Wade Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm

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