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May 2011 News Letter WOW, the temperature keeps going up and gas prices are sky rocking. The only thing that is not going up in Braxton Village is the crime rate. Braxton Village remains a very low crime rate neighborhood. The reason criminal activity remains low is because of its residents embracing the community watch motto, “if you see something, say something.” During the pool key card hand out over the past three weeks in May, over 100 new watch members have joined our program. Current membership is now at 204 which means 1 in every 3 households are participating in community watch. My goal of 30 % membership has been met; however, there is always room to recruit more. I would like to welcome two additional Community Watch members who will be taking on a higher community watch role by assisting me with the program itself. Chris Dyke and Bill Buckley have stepped up to become block captains. Both live on the pool side of the neighborhood and I will be meeting with them shortly to discuss their additional responsibilities. The pool opening will take place on Saturday May 21, 2011. The pool celebration will begin at 11am. During the pool party, community watch will have a table for child fingerprinting. One of the key steps in ensuring your children’s security is maintaining complete and updated records on your child. Keep the fingerprint document in a safe place that is accessible 24/7 and update the photograph annually. In the event you child does go missing, you’ll be able to provide the police with accurate information on your child’s description within seconds. If you cannot attend the pool opening celebration for this fingerprinting event, you can download or request a kit at the Klaaskids Foundation. Additional information can be obtained at


Holly Springs Police (Non-Emergency)

557-9111 

Braxton Village Home Owners Association Web Site 


Facebook Group: Braxton Village Community Watch

Child Safety Discuss safety issues with your children. Just as they seek knowledge in the classroom, acquire athletic ability on the playground, and develop social skills with their friends and family, children want the information that arms them with knowledge and allows them to grow up to become safe and productive citizens. Sit down with your children and discuss the following safety tips.

Check list for Adults: Know your neighborhood. Show your children the safest places to play and areas to avoid Do not advertise your child’s name on clothing, school supplies or backpacks. Get a cell phone or pager for your child. This way you can be in contact with them at all times. Seek alternatives to leaving your children alone at home. Be a role model to your children. Listen and talk to your children, encourage them not to keep secrets.

Check list for Small Children: I will always check with my parents first. I will always play or go places with at least one other person – Not alone. I will walk and play in places my parents approve of. I will avoid talking to strangers. I will trust my feelings. If something feels wrong, it is wrong. I will put physical distance between myself and whatever is making me feel uneasy. I know that certain people that I don’t know, like police officers in uniforms, firemen, and clerks in stores can help me out of dangerous situations. I know that my body belongs to me. I will not talk, accept gifts, or rides from adults I do not know without my parent’s permission. I will not admit that I am home alone. I will learn to make emergency calls and dial 911. I will learn my address and phone number.

Check list for Teens: All above and; I will report suspicious vehicles and people to my parents. I will have alternate safe house I can go to if I feel threaten. I will report people attempting to sell me drugs, prescriptions, or other substances.

Braxton Village Community Watch News Letter 05-16-11

May 2011 News Letter  

Community watch news letter

May 2011 News Letter  

Community watch news letter