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The Assassination

John Patron was a 13 year old boy from Dallas, Texas. He lived with his mom because his parents split up when he was four. He didn’t mind it a whole lot because his parents were still friends.   It was 8:00 a.m when John woke up. He was happy because he had the day off. When he walked downstairs his mom, who was sitting on the couch, said, “John why up so early?...” “I don’t know, I just woke up,” John said running down the stairs. “Ok, There is cereal in the cabinet if you want something,.” his mom said. John ran into the kitchen to get his bowl and cereal. . Just as he was getting the milk out of the refrigerator, the phone rang. So, he answered it. “Hey John how is it going?” His dad said on the other line. “Hey dad it’s going good.” he replied. “That’s great, well I called because I have a question.” said his dad. “Ok what?” John inquired. “Do you want to go see the president in Dallas?” dad asked. So John yelled to his mom. “Dad wants to know if I can stay over. Please can I?” “Well fine , go pack” his mom yelled right back. So then he got back on the phone and he said to his dad, “I can go I’ll be over in like an hour.” “Ok see you later. Bye.” So John hung up the phone and sprinted up stairs. Then he jumped in the shower five minute. He thought he was ready, but he had to pack, so he grabbed a bag, threw everything in it and he was gone out the door waiting for his mom. His mom came out and they were ready to go. He was so excited to see the president. He had always wanted to see a president because he

had never seen a president and J.F.K was his favorite.. How neat it would be to actually see the president! This was his chance. They got to his dad's and he jumped out the car and ran to the door where his dad was waiting. He ran in the house and plopped his stuff down on the ground. His dad walked in the house and they were both excited about it. They both wanted to pass time so they sat in the living room playing cards and talking. They also played some board games and watched some television. They had so much fun. Before they knew it, it was time to go to bed. Even though it was only 9:00, they wanted to wake up early to go to Dealey Plaza , where J.F.K was supposed to be going. They woke up right before sunshine at 5:00 A.M and both jumped right in the shower and got dressed so they could get there early. John was so happy that it was the day he got to see his favorite president, J.F.K. By the time it was 5:30 they were already in the car driving to Dealey Plaza. They were in the car for around 15 minutes thinking about what it was going to be like. When they got there , there was already about 700 people there waiting. They couldn’t believe that that many people were there. They waited for a couple more hours but nothing, just more people coming and coming. Then John saw these cars driving in a brigade and all the cars had tinted windows with very serious men driving and sitting in them. John’s face got all red when he saw a convertible with J.F.K in it. He was so excited he was jumping up and down and shaking his head. But while he was shaking his head he saw a guy in a book depository building. He seemed suspicious to him. When he kept watching he saw the guy look through the scope and looked where he was aiming. It was at J.F.K. He got shot right in front of him. John’s dad grabbed John’s hand and started to run off. While they were running ,John saw the guy he saw earlier sneak into a theater without paying .So, John sprinted over to the ticket salesman and told him. Right away the ticket salesman called the cops . Soon the cops came and got into the theatre. Lee Harvey Oswald was there and pulled out his gun and tried to fire at the cop. The hammer fell on his thumb, so it didn’t shoot. Then the cop disarmed him, but Oswald still fought back bare handed. The cop got him down and arrested him. Later that day the cops found out Oswald worked in the book depository building and he was absent, so they accused him of the assassination of the president.

Author’s Note J.F.K was assassinated on November 22nd 1963 at 12:30 central time. He was the 35th president of the United States. He was sworn in on January 20th, 1961 at noon. J.F.K was not only the president of the United States ,he was also in the navy. J.F.K was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29th, 1917. When he was a little older his family moved to New York. They lived in Riverdale, Bronx. Then a little later in his life his family moved again. They stayed in New York, but moved neighborhoods, now he lived in Bronxville, New York. J.F.K was in the navy for four years. He served from 1941-1945. He fought in World War II. He has won several awards. He won the navy and marines corp medal , the purple heart. He also won the American defence service medal, American campaign medal, asiatic-pacific campaign medal, and he got a World War II victory medal. In the navy J.F.K was a Lieutenant. He was the navigator of the pt-109.

After the war he was part of the Congress. J.F.K. was in the congress for 6 years before he went to the senate. He was in the senate for 2 years. After he was in the senate. He came up with an idea to go run for president. He did run and he won. He was the 25th president of the U.S. During J.F.K’s presidency he made some big decisions one is he decided to let NASA go to the moon. Also, he sent troops to Vietnam. Because he sent troops into Vietnam , it isis one conspiracy theory why he was assassinated. Most theorists do not believe Roy Harvey Oswald was responsible for Kennedy's murder, and those that do believe, thought he had help. Alleged participants involved in the assassination range from the American Mafia to the FBI and KGB. J.F.K was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from a book depository building on the 6th floor. He used a Carcano rifle 6.5mm. After J.F.K was assassinated , Lee Harvey Oswald was also killed. He was killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald while on live T.V. J.F.K was considered one the best presidents of all time. He served from January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963. He was only president for two years.He was assassinated while in office , then Lyndon B. Johnson took his place as president.


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The Assassination  

A little kid named John Patron is an ordinary kid, but something will happen and wont be ordinary to his family anymore.